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Because Moer knew that Moyi wasn't far away, he didn't want Gulu, Guji and Gudong to come to him. It's too dangerous. So, he quickly ran over and fell down a few times because he moved too fast.

Moer didn't understand why. But he felt as if he was running towards his real Mom and brothers. In front of him was endless warmth. There was no hunger, pain, helplessness, death, fear, or darkness.

Gaya also didn't know why. She wanted to rush over to protect this poor little cub and never let him suffer any injustice again.

Moer reached Gaya out of breath. Since he was too thin and ran too fast, he couldn't speak a word and was panting hard.

Guji and Gudong had no idea why. When they heard about Moyi and Moer before and found out that Moer was a young cub of Moke, they both hated Moer and wanted to kill him and Moyi immediately.

However, when they really saw this little Tyrannosaurus rex Moer, they didn't hate him at all. They felt that this little Tyrannosaurus rex was so pitiful and thin. He must have suffered a lot.

In fact, even if Moer wasn't Moke's cub, Tyrannosaurus rex was born with very exclusive nature. When the cubs of other ethnic groups appeared on their territory, they couldn't help but want to bite them to death once they saw them. How could they pity another small Tyrannosaurus rex? This never happened.

It's already evening. But the golden sun had not completely set. Half of the nest was lit by the sunset and half wasn't. Moer was standing right on the dividing line.

Gulu looked over. Half of Moer's body was basked in the warm glistening sunshine, while the other half was plunged into endless darkness and struggled desperately for help.

Moer had a lot of injuries. However, these injuries made him appear strong and powerful in the sunlight while in the dark, they looked ferocious and terrible.

Gaya couldn't help rubbing on Moer and said, "You look hungry, little cub. We still have some meat from yesterday. I'll go and get it for you."

Moer looked at Gaya and couldn't return to absolute being for a long time. He didn't have a mother. He had been living in the ethnic group of Moyi ever since he broke his shell. He never knew what it's like to be taken care of by a mother as a cub.

Soon Gaya brought a large piece of Triceratops meat, which was large for Moer, but not enough for an adult Tyrannosaurus rex. It was Gaya's snack for Guji and Gudong.

Only "wealthy family" such as Mungo's group had snacks to eat. This was the so-called "the family of landlord has surplus food".

Other carnivorous dinosaurs, no matter how fierce, could barely ensure their daily intake even with diligent hunting. There would be no situation where yesterday's meat wasn't eaten.

Gaya learned how to store meat so that it's not easy to deteriorate. She had dug a deep nest, with air vent on the shading side. The meat wouldn't rot easily once placed inside and covered with thick Cycad leaves, leaving only a small hole for air outlet.

Of course, Gaya didn't have any other idea. With her mother's instinct and driven by maternal love, she just didn't want her cubs to eat rotten meat.

Gulu often thought that maternal love was amazing. Even a Tyrannosaurus rex could come up with all kinds of ways to make her cub eat better.

Gaya placed the meat in front of Moer and urged, "Eat it quickly, little cub. The meat doesn't stink."

Not only did the meat not stink, it also carried the fragrance of soil from the nest. Even if Gulu didn't eat meat, he still thought that the meat hidden by Gaya tasted more delicious than the freshest meat just hunted back from outside. Her meat had the taste of home and was full of warmth and love.

In the past, when Gulu was still in the group and Gaya thought that he was a Tyrannosaurus rex, he often ate snacks prepared by Gaya with Guji and Gudong. Anyway, he thought that it was delicious.

Moer looked at the meat on the ground. He had never eaten such fresh meat before. In Moyi's group, he could only eat rotten meat. Even if the group couldn't eat all of the meat it hunted, he wasn't allowed to eat until the meat became rotten.

The only female Tyrannosaurus rex in the ethnic group who was good to him was a little female named Yaya. She occasionally hid meat for him. Since Yaya was very small, if Moyi discovered it, she would be beaten. He didn't want Yaya to be beaten. Most of the time when he ate, he still ate the rotten meat.

In Moer's dinosaur life thus far, only Yaya and Gulu had given him light. Now, there was Gaya. He felt really happy.

Gaya didn't understand why. This Moer was really like Moke's cub judging from his eyes. However, his little gestures were very similar to Guji and Gudong. She couldn't help but want to dote on the little cub, which was out of her control.

Moer quickly gulped down the meat. It's really delicious. He had never eaten such delicious Triceratops meat.

Before, he often heard other dinosaurs say that Triceratops meat was the best to eat, but he never felt that way since rotten meat tasted equally bad regardless of which dinosaur type. There wasn't much different.

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But now, the meat of Triceratops tasted really delicious. It's so delicious!

After eating the meat, Moer was almost full. He felt that he was extremely happy.

Although this meat could only be regarded as snacks, Moer was too thin and weak due to long-term hunger. His intestines and stomach had become very small. He's full after eating this much.

Whether it's human or animal, their intestines and stomach were very flexible. The more they ate, the bigger their stomach would be. They needed to eat more to satisfy their satiety. Basically, the more they ate, the more they needed to eat.

However, it's a good thing for dinosaurs to eat more. Only by eating more could they grow into the largest size.

Tyrannosaurus rex, like Moer, ate too little and couldn't meet the needs of his body at all. He's lucky to not directly starve, let alone grow into a large size.

After Moer finished eating, Gaya asked, "Young cub, what are you doing here?"

Moer didn't know how to answer. He's not willing to cheat Gaya, but Moyi threatened him before he came. If he didn't follow Moyi's request, Moyi would bite Yaya to death.

Yaya was not Moyi's cubs. Moyi could bite her to death at any time without scruples. Moreover, Yaya was also very thin. Even if Moyi didn't bite her to death, she may be bitten to death by her own Mom.

Although Yaya didn't give Moer a lot of help and only a few hidden meat since she couldn't even save them for herself, she was still the faint ray of light that supported him to survive in his dinosaur life.

Moer had fantasized countless times that when he grew up, he would hunt and protect Yaya. No more dinosaurs would dare to bully them.

Therefore, even if he didn't want to hurt Guji and Gudong, it was on the premise of Yaya being safe. He couldn't bear to have Yaya be bitten to death because of him.

Moer failed to find any other way. He couldn't directly tell Gaya that Moyi wanted to kill Guji and Gudong. He also couldn't leave immediately. If he left too quickly, Moyi would surely think that Gaya didn't take him in. Then, he would come and bite Guji and Gudong to death.

If Gaya took him in, he must kill Guji and Gudong within 10 days according to Moyi's order. Otherwise, Moyi would bite Yaya to death. Moyi only gave him 10 days.

Therefore, he couldn't let Gaya take him in.

Now the only way was to drag on and wait for Mungo to come back, then he would run away. At that time, even if Moyi wanted to come over and kill Guji and Gudong, he wouldn't be able to since he couldn't beat Mungo.

After making such a decision, Moer stood there without saying anything.

Gaya was very worried: "What do you want, little cub, say it…"

Gulu looked around and asked in a low voice, "Moer, is Moyi around here? So, you dare not speak? If you whisper, he can't hear you."

Moer didn't dare to say anything. He's very afraid of Moyi. He's extremely scared. Even if he knew that Moyi couldn't hear him, he still didn't dare to say anything.

He looked at Gulu, with his eyes full of tears and his body trembling uncontrollably. He could only pray in his heart: Mungo, please come back quickly. Please, come back quickly…

For a while, no matter how much Gulu and Gaya asked, Moer said nothing. He didn't even dare to make a sound. Gaya almost doubted whether Moer could speak.

Gulu told Gaya that Moer could talk. He heard what Moer said before with his own ears.

However, Gulu soon realized that if Moyi was near here, they must be in danger. Now Mungo and his brothers were out hunting. Gaya couldn't beat Moyi at all.

Therefore, Gulu pretended not to know anything without asking Moer anymore.

Fortunately, Mungo and his brothers came back with their prey at this time. Mungo immediately saw Moer and ran towards this side. At the same time, Munroe and Moluo were ordered to take their brothers and immediately check whether there was any sign of Moyi nearby.

After seeing Mungo from afar, Moer finally summoned up his courage and whispered: "Gaya, Gulu, you must not trust me in the future. Remember, you must not trust me!"

With that Moer turned and ran back. Gaya told the cubs to stay where they were while she immediately ran after him.

By this time, it's already dark. Gulu saw Moer completely integrated with the night, moving towards the endless abyss.

Gulu remembered how Moer stumbled across the setting sun, just as if he was rushing toward light and warmth. However, these light and warmth were fleeting. Once he thought to here, Gulu's tears became a little uncontrollable.

Mungo continued to chase Moer, while Gaya returned to the cubs. This place was now full of carnivorous dinosaurs. Young cubs must always be guarded by adult Tyrannosaurus rex.

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Moer had strong survival skills, especially in terms of hiding and evading.

Moyi often threw him far away and let him run back. If he didn't learn how to hide, he would have been eaten by other carnivorous dinosaurs.

Soon, Moer ran far away and Mungo couldn't find him.

Mungo also took his brothers to search together for a long time but failed to find Moer and Moyi. They finally had to give up.

Gulu didn't know what Moer meant. If Moer wanted to harm them, there was absolutely no need for him to say such a word after so much trouble.

With Gulu's human IQ, he felt that Moer must have been threatened by Moyi. He must be.

There're so many schemes in the human world. These low-level schemes played by dinosaurs were really too shallow. However, the brain circuits of dinosaurs were sometimes very bright. He couldn't be sure.

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