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Gulu felt that there was another way. He laid on his back. Four stout but short legs waved in the air. He wanted to touch Pado's stomach with his feet, but he couldn't reach it. He still had a long way to go. He knew that as he grew up, the distance would become shorter and shorter.

Pado squatted down a little on his own initiative. Gulu rubbed his belly with his feet and he was extremely happy. He made several rolls on the ground. Pado sank down and rubbed Gulu's big head. Gulu also rubbed against him.

Mungo felt that he was a bit redundant here. He spoke, "Pado, Gulu, I'll go back first."

Gulu rolled over and stood up. He rushed to Mungo's front and rubbed Mungo's stout hind legs and said, "Mungo, Mungo, I'll miss you very much. Come and pick me up early tomorrow and go out to play."

Mungo thought that Gulu didn't like to play with him. He's always worried that the longer Gulu lived with the Triceratops, the more he would look like a "normal Triceratops". A normal Triceratops wouldn't like to be with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

He hoped that Gulu would become a normal Triceratops. But at the same time, he also wished that that Gulu would never become a normal Triceratops.

Mungo was very happy to hear Gulu say this and vigorously nodded.

Gulu: "Mungo, you hug me. Sit down and hug me. You haven't hugged me for a long time."

It's not that Mungo didn't want to hold Gulu, but that he really "couldn't hold" him. When Gulu was still young, he could directly jump onto Mungo's belly and lie on it. Mungo would then hold Gulu with his short hands.

Now, with a weight of more than 3,000 Jin, Mungo could no longer take the weight. He was really a little upset.

Nevertheless, Mungo sat down immediately. Gulu flung himself on Mungo's belly. Mungo was thrown to the ground before he could sit tight.

Gulu laid beside Mungo, rubbing his head on Mungo's belly and said, "Mungo, you are a soft and cushy Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo, you are so cute."

Pado reminded Gulu: "Gulu, you are too big now. You're very heavy. Don't hurt Mungo."

Mungo hurriedly denied: "I didn't feel any pain. I didn't feel any pain. Gulu is still a young cub. He can bump me as he likes. I didn't sit tight just now."

When Gulu attacked Mungo, he used his head shield and made sure to avoid his horns. Although his horns weren't lethal, he was afraid of hurting Mungo.


Gulu also knew that he was already very heavy. He's already very careful but didn't expect to still throw down Mungo.

Mungo's appearance was like saying: Who can withstand the coquetry of a few thousand Jin? Who can withstand it?!

Gulu: "I know. It won't be like this in the future. I'll throw down Mungo gently. We'll all lie on the ground and Mungo will be able to hold me."

Pado: Good, my cub is really smart.

Tyrannosaurus rex had a very large body. When lying on its side, Gulu looked very small when lying beside it. Although Gulu could no longer stand on Mungo's belly now, it's also very cool to lie beside him and rub his back and head against Mungo's belly.

Gulu leaned back tightly against Mungo, rubbing his back against Mungo's belly, then rubbing his head. Mungo's short hands could hold Gulu's large head shield.

Mungo could also lower his head slightly and rub Gulu's head shield with his nose and mouth. Gulu felt very comfortable.

Gulu: "Mungo, remember to hug me every day."

Mungo vigorously nodded: "Mmm."

Gulu was brought back to the ethnic group by Pado. Along the way, Gulu said, "Pado, you must hug me every day in the future. Please love me more and don't beat me so hard, okay?…"

In the world of Triceratops, it's safest for small Triceratops to stand under the body of big Triceratops, which was also Gulu's "embracing hug" that was full of love from a small Triceratops to a big Triceratops.

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Pado: "If you obey, you won't be beaten…"

Gulu knew that Pado would say this. This tyrant always had the same routine. But he also had a way: "Can you love me more?" If Pado said yes, he would continue to stir things up.

Pado didn't know what happened to Gulu today, but he liked Gulu to play with him like this. As long as the cubs didn't make mistakes and were not in danger, anything was acceptable as long as they were happy.

Mungo stood outside the group and watched for a long while. He didn't leave until Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were tired of playing and Babana coaxed them to sleep.

For a period of time afterwards, Gulu followed Mungo out to play every day. On the surface, he seemed to still looked at all kinds of dinosaurs. When in fact, he was observing the landform, plants, weather, water quality and so on nearby.

Gulu could tread over all of land around here under Mungo's protection. No matter what kind of natural disasters threatened them, if it's just detected half a day in advance, their survival probability could be increased by 80%.

Of course, Gulu didn't intend to save all dinosaurs. He couldn't save them and there was no need to do so. No matter how many dinosaurs died, the fittest would survive. New continents or oceans may be formed. But dinosaurs could still live happily in these places and there would be no end to them. Only in order to adapt to the environment, some carnivorous dinosaurs might become herbivores and some terrestrial dinosaurs might become marine creatures, etc…

Gulu felt that as long as he could save the dinosaurs he cared about, he would be satisfied.

On this day, Gulu, Guji and Gudong played together near the nest. He had not played with his two Tyrannosaurus rex brothers for a long time.

Gaya was watching them. Mungo and his brothers went hunting.

Because no carnivorous dinosaur dared to come near the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex, Gaya let the cubs run around playing wildly.

Not far away, a tiny Tyrannosaurus rex cub was staring at them.

This Tyrannosaurus rex cub was Moer. He looked at the Tyrannosaurus rex family and was stunned.

He had countless fantasies about what it would be like if he had many brothers and sisters.

In fact, he knew that Tyrannosaurus rex was very competitive from infancy. Weak cubs might be chased away by their mother and siblings, or even eaten alive.

However, he didn't know why. He felt that if he had siblings, his Mom must be the best Mom who was good to every little cub. His brothers and sisters would also be the best brothers and sisters. They wouldn't bully him.

He knew that Gaya's two little cubs were called Guji and Gudong. Guji and Gudong had grown very big. He understood that he should be about the same size as them, but he looked like a Tyrannosaurus rex who had just broken his shell.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong were fighting. The fighting between Triceratops cubs and Tyrannosaurus rex cubs was also very fierce.

Moer saw that Guji and Gudong were biting Gulu's neck and hind leg respectively. He's very nervous. He's very afraid that Gulu would be hurt by them. Gulu was the only dinosaur who had protected him. He didn't want Gulu to get hurt, not at all.

But he was too young. Even if he wanted to rush in to protect Gulu, he couldn't beat Guji and Gudong. However, he had already thought it over. No matter what, even if he couldn't beat Guji and Gudong, he must protect Gulu just like Gulu protected him in the beginning. It didn't matter if he was bitten to death.

Just as he was trying to rush in, Guji and Gudong loosened their bite. Even a single tooth mark wasn't left on Gulu.

In fact, Moer was unable to understand the relationship between Gulu, Guji and Gudong. Tyrannosaurus rex was born to eat Triceratops. He only knew that Mungo was good to Gulu, but he didn't know that Guji and Gudong were also good to him.

He thought that as small Tyrannosaurus rex, Guji and Gudong must be unable to control themselves and hurt Gulu. After all, they were too young. They may not want to bite Gulu, but they may not be able to control their strength.

After looking at it for a moment, he found that he was thinking too much. Guji and Gudong would never hurt Gulu.

He saw Gaya walking towards the three cubs. Gaya rubbed them very gently and seemed to be even gentler with Gulu. Gulu was very happy to eat his favorite berries.

Moer also didn't know why. He felt that Gaya was like his Mom. In his countless fantasies, his Mom was such a gentle female Tyrannosaurus rex and wasn't the same as other female Tyrannosaurus rex at all.

Gaya was so good to a Triceratops cub. She must be the best Mom. Even if he was a thin or dying cub, she wouldn't be willing to drive him away or eat him. Moer thought so.

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This time, Moyi asked him to come. Moyi asked him to gain Gaya's sympathy, let Gaya raise him, let Guji and Gudong trust him, then he would take Guji and Gudong to a Triceratops's group and let them be trampled on.

Moyi said that if he did this, he could avenge his Dad Moke.

But Moer didn't want this.

However, if Gaya refused to raise him, Moyi would rush out and eat Guji and Gudong. Moyi would hide with some very strong Tyrannosaurus rex nearby. He would come out when Mungo wasn't by the nest.

He summoned up his courage and went to Gaya.

Gaya was the first to find the Tyrannosaurus rex cub near the nest, then Gulu saw him, followed by Guji and Gudong.

Gulu immediately called out, "Gaya! This is the little Tyrannosaurus rex raised by Moyi. He's said to be Moke's little cub, called Moer."

Gaya froze. She also didn't know why. At the first sight of this young cub, she felt that he was definitely not Moke's.

Maybe it's the mother-child relationship. She was very sad and distressed to see this little cub so thin and couldn't wait to hunt for him.

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