When he got the result that he wanted, Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, his heart gradually became uneasy. This was indeed the result he wanted, but it would definitely not be the result that the He family wanted. There would be another hard fight going back.

Since he was alone, he wasn't in the mood to wander around City B. Once he came out of the hospital, he found a supermarket to buy bread and milk, then set foot directly back to City A. The closer he got to City A, the more nervous Su Fu became. He could guess what he's going to face.

Back at the He family, mother He was very excited to ask about Su Fu's research. Su Fu didn't conceal it. Based on facts, he told her that he was unqualified. Mother He's face instantly sank down.

"Did you really go to sign up for the study? You came back so early? Did you even go at all! And not just say a few words to satisfy me! It's just a study. Why does taking part needs you to be fit or not? Just say so earlier if you don't want to. Some people are willing to do it for our Shaoqi."

Mother He's aggressive attitude was expected by Su Fu. Over the past few years, he had become accustomed to this kind of her. In fact, he had the physical exam form from City B, which would prove that he really went there. But at this moment, Su Fu suddenly didn't want to clarify. He felt quite tired. Mother He just wanted to take out her anger on him. But what did he do wrong? Why should he beg for mercy?

Seeing that Su Fu didn't speak, mother He became even more angry. Pointing at Su Fu's nose, she scolded: "I don't think you love Shaoqi at all. You aren't willing to do such a small thing for him. What are you even doing in our family? Marrying a woman can at least give me a grandson. What about you? You can't have children and you don't know how to serve at home. What's the use of having you? Shaoqi is now a Duan's manager with an annual salary of 300,000 yuan. What about you? Just a useless training teacher. You aren't worthy of Shaoqi at all. I think you just want to rely on our family's money just like you did with your family!"

Mother He's scolding became sharper, stinging Su Fu's ears with pain. Yes, if you wanted a grandson so much, why didn't you have He Shaoqi marry a woman? Oh, because your son was bent. You should have long accepted this fact. Su Fu felt quite funny but couldn't laugh.

If he was just here for money, why endure mother He's supercilious look for so many years in the He family. Mother He always felt that He Shaoqi's current job position made her feel superior and she wanted to show off everywhere. Yes, Duan Group, one of the biggest companies in City A, was indeed a place many people yearn for, but He Shaoqi was only working in a branch office.

He didn't know if Mother He had watched too many family drama. She always felt that Su Fu had a crush on He Shaoqi's money. As a matter of fact, Su Fu was also doing well in the educational institution, with a guaranteed annual salary of 200,000 yuan plus bonus, which was no worse than He Shaoqi. Over the years, Su Fu had never used He Shaoqi's money. He wasn't a spendthrift. He could save a lot of his salary every year. Was it worthwhile to take others' money?

He didn't know how long the one-sided scolding lasted. When mother He didn't get a response, she felt very embarrassed and flustered. She stopped talking and broke a glass on the tea table.  

"Pa!" The noise resounded through the living room.

"Get out! Get out of our house! Our house does not welcome you this kind of shameless free-loader!" Mother He's scream became sharper. She pushed Su Fu.

Su Fu didn't speak from beginning to end. He just listened quietly. He didn't know what it felt like in his heart. Maybe it was a little painful and a little uncomfortable, but he became numb after getting used to it and didn't feel much.

"Ah! Little dad! Wu wu!"

Juan Juan slept in the small room but was woken up by the noise in the living room. When he opened the door and stuck out his head, he happened to see mother He giving Su Fu a hard push amidst the broken glasses on the ground while swearing.

Juan Juan, who was often beaten and scolded by mother He, subconsciously felt that she was going to hit his little dad. He immediately started to cry in fright, dragging his slippers to Su Fu and running while crying.

The ground was covered with pieces of glass. Su Fu was afraid that he might run too fast and hurt himself. He hurriedly stepped over and took Juan Juan into his arms. He rubbed his little head and comforted him, "Nothing, don't be afraid."

Mother He was even more upset when she saw Juan Juan. Pointing to the head of Juan Juan, she said, "You too, roll out for me. One useless, two useless. Shameless!"

As he watched mother He's fingers almost poking Juan Juan head, Su Fu frowned. He held Juan Juan and took a step back to dodge mother He's hand.

Just then, the door opened. He Shaoqi came in. He looked at the mess and frowned. "I come back to get a file. What's the matter? When did you come back?"

He Shaoqi asked Su Fu, but Su Fu was soothing Juan Juan and didn't speak. He also knew that what he said was useless. Whenever this happened, mother He would definitely get in front of him and say it first.

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Sure enough, He Shaoqi hardly finished asking when mother He pulled him to her and said calmly, "Shaoqi, listen to mother. He didn't go to City B at all. I don't know where he went. When he came back, he said that his body isn't suitable for the study. What is it, if not a lie? I haven't heard of a study that depends on the fitness of the body! This man doesn't love you at all. He won't even give you a baby. Let's find another one."

He Shaoqi looked helpless. "Mom, this is fine. Why did you mention it again? Xiao Fu is good."

"Good what good! He isn't willing to do the research! If the doctor really said no, then forget it, but he's lying to us! Playing us like monkey!"

"Mom, today is my fault. I should have gone with Xiao Fu. He must be afraid. I'll go with him again in a few days. I'll tell you the result for real. Is this alright?"

Hearing this, Su Fu felt a chill in his heart. What He Shaoqi meant was that he believed mother He and thought that he cheated them?

Mother He finally seemed to have cooled down a little. She patted her son's hand with a face full of dissatisfaction and helpless spoiling. "Why don't you listen to mother's advice, son? What's good about him? He's almost 30 years old. In a few years, people will become old. Isn't it better for you to find a younger man now? Find a young and considerate one. Mother will feel more comfortable."

Su Fu held Juan Juan and lowered his eyes while listening. Mother He looked like she wouldn't give up today. He was also tired. He didn't have the strength to deal with her. He went back to the room to take the materials needed for class, then held Juan Juan to open the door.

Mother and son were still talking. He Shaoqi hurriedly grabbed Su Fu when he saw him going out.

"Xiao Fu, where are you going?"

Su Fu didn't look at him and said lightly, "I'm a little tired. I'm going out to stay at a hotel tonight. Please stay with your mother."

Mother He didn't speak. She couldn't wait for Su Fu to never come back.

He Shaoqi glanced at mother He and sighed. He pulled Su Fu out of the door.

"Xiao Fu, don't you already know my mother's temper? Why dispute with her? Isn't it better to rest at home since you're tired instead of going outside?" He Shaoqi gently touched Su Fu's face. His eyes revealed his love and helplessness.

"Can I have a good rest here?" Su Fu laughed in his heart and asked.

He Shaoqi couldn't say a word. With mother He like this, if Su Fu stayed, he really wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully.

"I'm sorry, Xiao Fu, you've been wronged again."

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi's distressed expression. He didn't know why, it no longer held the feeling of apology. Because this kind of thing happened too many times. This sentence, he had also heard too much. It's boring.

There's no denying the fact that He Shaoqi may really feel distressed for him, but it's only 'feel'. Every time after he finished this sentence, it seemed that everything was over. He Shaoqi wouldn't find any way to compensate him. In his eyes, Su Fu could only be wronged by mother He. There's no other way.

Su Fu felt that he had tried so hard to cater to mother He's temper, to cater to the He family's requirements, and to build the harmonious family life depicted by He Shaoqi. However, Su Fu gradually discovered that he was the only one who tried. As a result, everything remained just a faraway dream.

"Shaoqi, I met a man today and he said a sentence."

He Shaoqi looked at him and asked, "What is it?"

Su Fu touched Juan Juan's little head who was resting quietly in his arms. He thought of the father and son he met today. They were all children. But that child lived a much happier life, while Juan Juan, like himself, lived a depressed and miserable life.

"He said, Don't force yourself if you're unhappy."

Hearing Su Fu's recollection, he felt that the content of this sentence was too strong. He Shaoqi suddenly had a surge of hostility in his heart for no reason.

"Who told you that?"

"It's just a stranger," Su Fu smiled. He looked at He Shaoqi and asked, "Shaoqi, when can I live like this?"

He Shaoqi suddenly became stunned. He looked at Su Fu and didn't react for a long time. Then the expression on his face changed to love dearly, then to guilt. Across from Juan Juan, he pulled Su Fu into his arms.  

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"I'm sorry, Xiao Fu, I know you're not happy. Give me a little more time. I promise. It won't be long before our family gets better."

What guarantee do you have, He Shaoqi, what guarantee do you have? Su Fu had neither the strength nor the confidence to respond to He Shaoqi's words. Su Fu leaned silently on his shoulder and suddenly felt very tired.

The two hugged quietly for a while. He Shaoqi said, "I'll take you there."

Su Fu shook his head. "No, you came back to pick things up. Go back to work. We'll go."

Su Fu found a hotel close to the educational institution. He opened a room, put things in it, then remembered that Juan Juan's milk powder bottle wasn't with him. He took Juan Juan's hands and went to the supermarket together.

Towards evening, the large and small one found a restaurant for dinner. He liked eating at the western restaurant very much. The little guy thought that it was very interesting. Su Fu was too busy at ordinary times and didn't have time to take him there. Today was just right. The two enjoyed it once and went home.

He didn't know if it was because he got out of the prison-like He family. Su Fu and Juan Juan felt that this dinner was very comfortable and relaxing.

At this time, the Tang family's mansion in City B was also brightly lit. The family sat around the sofa in the living room, eating dessert and fruits, while chatting.

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