Su Fu went out of the hospital door and looked at the sunshine outside in a daze. The sunny sky seemed to be inconsistent with his mood at this time. His heart was still very chaotic. He didn't know what to do.

After sitting beside the big flower bed at the entrance of the hospital, Su Fu took another look at the physical exam report in his hand. If he refused to take part in this study according to the wishes of the He family, his life after returning would be as depressing as before. He was looking forward to the wonderful life depicted by He Shaoqi. However, the reality was that even if he successfully participated in the study and gave birth to a child, mother He might still not accept him.

Su Fu felt that he was really too tired to face all this alone. He wanted someone to share it with him, even if it was just to give him advice. However, he sadly discovered that he had spent too many years with He Shaoqi and used all of his energy on him that he had no close friends around. Although he had good relationship with his colleagues, they were far from being familiar enough for him to talk about such topics. As for He Shaoqi's friends, Su Fu knew several of them, but he only knew them and not familiar with them.

At this time, Su Fu discovered that his life over the years had indeed become more and more like a woman, as He Shaoqi said.

Amidst his helplessness and bitter self-mockery, Su Fu took out his mobile phone to call He Shaoqi. He knew that He Shaoqi must be on the side of mother He, but at least he could give him some courage to face it.

Looking back at Linshi Hospital, Su Fu tightened his hand on his mobile phone and waited for the phone to connect.

"Hey, Xiao Fu, what's the matter? I'm busy here." He Shaoqi on the other end seemed to be impatient after he picked up the phone.

I went to the hospital."

"You there? Then go and do the research. I have a meeting right now. I can't say much. I'll wait for your good news." He Shaoqi said, then hung up the phone.

Su Fu listened to the beep from his mobile phone. He felt cold and weak. Sitting by the flower bed, his hand holding the phone slipped down from his ear.

Then go and do the research. Was it as simple as hens laying eggs? What unknown risks did he have to face when doing this research? Mother He doesn't care. Did He Shaoqi even think about it for him? He Shaoqi, who used to stay up all night to take care of him when he only had a fever, seemed to disappear with time.

Su Fu recalled their past and compared them with their present. It turned out that there had been so many changes. Living numbly all day for so long almost made him ignore all these changes.

"Men can bleed but can't shed tears."

Suddenly, there came a serious child's voice near him. Su Fu paused, then found out that he actually cried. He didn't know when there was a serious little boy standing beside him.

"After wiping away tears, you'll still be a man." The little boy coolly took out a small handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Su Fu.

Su Fu looked at him. The little boy had a serious expression of 'I'm educating you'. He couldn't help laughing through his tears and took the handkerchief to wipe his face.

"Thank you."

"Xiao Ke."

A man looking for this child came along. Only then did Su Fu recognize that they were the father and son that he crashed into that day. He stood up and greeted the man politely.

"How do you do, sir?"

The man also seemed to recall their brief meeting and smiled, "Tang Sibo. This is my son Tang Luoke. Are you Mr. Su from that day?"

Su Fu nodded, "Yes, Mr. Tang. I was really embarrassed that day. I didn't receive your text message for the car repair fee. Did I write the wrong phone number?"

"No, it's a small matter. Don't take it to heart." Tang Sibo smiled, thinking that this man was really sincere.

Since the other said so, Su Fu stopped being melodramatic and touched the child's head. "Is the child's hand okay?"

"Don't touch my head. I can't grow tall." Tang Luoke pushed Su Fu's hand away. His two small hands were fiddling with his hairstyle.

Su Fu thought that his serious and small appearance was really cute. He smiled: "Don't worry, your father is so tall, you won't be short."

Tang Sibo also smiled. His hand, which had reached out to touch his son's head, lowered mid-air. "It's all right. A little injury is nothing for my little man."

Tang Luoke proudly held up his small head.

"All right, go home. Grandma is waiting for us to eat."

Tang Sibo took his son's hand and nodded to Su Fu. He turned and walked away, then paused. He turned and looked back at Su Fu's red eyes then at the physical exam report in his hand.

Su Fu didn't want others to know about his own affairs. He hid the medical exam form behind his back awkwardly, but his face still looked a little at a loss.

However, it was also his action of 'there's no silver in this place with 300 taels' that made Tang Sibo confirm his conjecture.

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Tang Sibo had no heart for gossip. He only said: "Don't force yourself if you're unhappy. It's hot. Don't bask outside."

Su Fu felt his heart moved and looked at the large and small figure leaving. He tightened the medical exam form in his hand. He didn't think that it would two strangers who brought him smile and comfort after being suppressed for so long today. It's ironic, but there's still a trace of warmth in his heart.

Looking up at the sky, there was a scorching sun. Only then did Su Fu notice that he had been basking in the scorching sun for a long time. Because his heart was cold, he didn't even notice the hot weather.

Remembering the sentence 'Don't force yourself if you're unhappy', Su Fu thought to himself, he didn't want to force himself either, but there're always too many pressures in life. His pressures were all given by the He family. But thinking about it, he hadn't done anything for himself for so many years. Perhaps, he could indulge himself this one time?  

After thinking it over, Su Fu's mouth turned up a faint smile. Since he didn't know what to do, let's just follow fate.

With a sigh, Su Fu squeezed the medical exam form tightly and walked to the hospital entrance. He suddenly realized that he was still holding a small handkerchief in his other hand. He paused for a moment, looked at the handkerchief in his hand, and tried to chase after the little boy to give it back. However, when he turned around, the father and son had disappeared.

Su Fu took deep breath and suddenly smiled. He folded the handkerchief and put it in his pocket. He continued to walk to the hospital.

At this time, the Tang father and his son had already gotten into the car. After Tang Sibo got on the car, he fastened his son's seat belt, then picked up his cell phone and made a call.

"Hello, second brother?"

"Yes, if a person named Su Fu wants to be a volunteer for your research later, you will tell him that his physical exam is unqualified. His body isn't suitable for this research, do you understand?"

"What Su Fu? Who? Why? What's the matter with you two? Just now Li Chao came and lost his temper at me then took Liu An away. Now you're going to take another one. All of you want to mess with my research, don't you? There're already so few volunteers coming to participate!"

"Don't worry about who he is, just do it. By the way, eldest brother is looking for a blind date for you these days according to mother's orders."

At the other end of the phone, Tang Sining breathed deeply and immediately softened her tone. "All right, second brother, whatever you say. What about the blind date?"

"I'll take care of it for you." Tang Sibo said, then resolutely hung up the phone.

Sitting in the back seat, the little boy Tang Luoke glanced at Tang Sibo. "How did Dad know that uncle is going to participate in aunt's research?"

As he took a bottle of water and handed it to his son, Tang Sibo smiled, "The medical exam form that he held was specially designed by your aunt for this research. I recognize it at a glance."

Tang Luoke unscrewed the bottle cap. He took a sip of water, shook his head and said, "Pity."

Tang Sibo's attempt to start the car stopped. He turned to look at his son. "What do you mean?"

"When I saw that uncle, he was crying. There's no one to accompany him. This shows that he didn't voluntarily participate in the study. He must have been forced by his husband's family. His husband didn't come to accompany him, thus showing that he didn't attach much importance to him. Isn't it pitiful to live in such a miserable family and have to take part in this research to give birth as a man?"

"It makes sense, so Dad drew out his sword to help when he saw that his road was rough." Tang Sibo said, then sat straight up with a serious expression. "Tang Luoke, don't you think that you know too much as a 5-year-old child?"

"Tang family's gene is so. If I know less, I'll be looked down by others."

Tang Sibo was in a distress situation. He touched his son's forehead and drove home. The father and son chatted happily along the way.

"I think you've been with your big uncle for too long. You didn't learn anything else but learned his facial paralysis."

"Little uncle said that father's smiling tiger is more terrible than big uncle's facial paralysis."

"Oh? Did he? Your little uncle isn't good at studying in college but picks up girls every day. We'll talk to grandpa and grandma later."

Tang Luoke was silent and lamented in his heart: Little uncle is indeed right.

In order to help the little uncle who was usually nice to him, Tang Luoke abruptly changed the subject: "My little uncle said that my spoken English is very good. I can learn some grammar to improve myself."

"Son, you're only 5 years old. Don't worry. At this age, you should play with other children without a care."

"But I want to be an excellent successor to the Tang family. I must be strict with myself. I don't like to play with those small fart children who only know how to cry. The eldest son of third great uncle, Tang Simeng, is 9 years old. But he still cries every day. He makes me sick to death. How can he bear the responsibility of the Tang family?"

Tang Sibo looked in the rearview mirror at his son's serious indignant appearance. He shook his head helplessly and wanted to cry. What did his eldest brother teach his son? He didn't want his son to grow up to be a facial paralysis like his eldest brother.

"Well, it's good for my son to have ambition. Dad will help you find an English teacher to teach you grammar."

Su Fu came to Tang Sining's office door with the idea of resignation. At this time, only one volunteer was waiting outside. Su Fu looked at the physical exam form in his hand. If he passed the physical exam, he would have a try. If he failed, he would never give in to the He family again.

After closing his eyes, Su Fu was a little nervous. He knew that the result that he hoped from the bottom of his heart was 'unqualified'.

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Before long, the last person came out with the company of his family. The expression of that person and his man seemed relaxed, while the expression of several elders looked somewhat regretful. Su Fu guessed that this person didn't pass the physical exam. This person and his man didn't particularly want to participate in the study. They were all forced here by the pressure of their elders. Now that the doctor said that they weren't suitable for the study, the elders also couldn't help it. Their two husbands were both relieved.

Sure enough, as a good man, if it wasn't for pressure, who would be willing to join this kind of research to birth a child? Su Fu smiled wryly and went in with the medical exam form.

Tang Sining's face was tired. But when seeing another volunteer coming in, she immediately smiled. "Hello, please sit down and show me the medical exam form."

Su Fu nodded and handed her his physical exam form. His heart beat faster. He was so nervous that even his nerves were tense.

Tang Sining's smile froze when she saw the name on the medical form.

Su Fu's heart immediately reached his throat. His voice trembled slightly. "Dr. Tang, what's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing." Tang Sining smiled wryly and looked at Su Fu's physical exam results gloomily. The physical indicators were all very good. He was quite suitable for her research. However, her second brother already ordered. She didn't dare to pluck hairs from the tiger's head. It was really unpleasant!

But who was this person? Why did her second brother interfere? Was he her future sister-in-law? Both her second brother and eldest brother had been single for so many years. She thought that they were both asexual. But was second brother actually bent? He must have been infected by Li Chao! But this Su Fu looked clear and quiet, not bad.

Tang Sining's eyes looked up and down at Su Fu from time to time. She looked at Su Fu until his hairs raised. After enduring for a long time, he finally asked again, "Dr. Tang, is there anything wrong with me?"

"Uh, nothing." Tang Sining withdrew her eyes awkwardly. She glanced at his medical chart, leaned back and said, "Some of your indicators aren't quite in line. You're in good health, but not suitable for this research. Sorry."

Su Fu was stunned. He could hear his heart beating faster, then gradually returned to normal.

"It doesn't matter. Thank you, Dr. Tang." Su Fu's tight face finally had a natural smile. After getting up and nodding to Tang Sining, Su Fu opened the door and left the office.

Tang Sining raised her eyebrows and helplessly found that another one hadn't come here voluntarily. It seems that regardless of what relationship he had with second brother, second brother did a good deed.

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