After tossing and turning all night, Su Fu finally agreed to do the research. When he told the He family of his decision, everyone's faces were filled with smiles. Mother He even poured a cup of tea for Su Fu herself for the first time. Su Fu was somewhat flattered. He thought that if he could really give birth to a child for He Shaoqi, his future life would be as harmonious and happy as it was now.

On the same day, Su Fu took a leave of absence from the educational institution. The next day, mother He offered to help him take care of Juan Juan in order to let him go to the hospital at ease. Su Fu was actually very uneasy about leaving the child to mother He, but he couldn't take the child to the hospital and participate in the research. He finally had to leave Juan Juan at home.

Juan Juan was very good. He didn't cry or make any noise, but Su Fu could see the loss and sadness on his little face. At that moment, Su Fu thought, if he really gave birth to a child as they wished, what about Juan Juan? What would the He family do to him?

Filled with worries, Su Fu set foot on the road to City B with a heavy heart.

He drove to City B by himself. He Shaoqi said that he had work and couldn't accompany him. Su Fu said nothing. Anyway, City B wasn't far from City A. It only took him slightly more than two hours to drive. Nevertheless, Su Fu felt at loss. This was like saying that they were the ones who wanted to harvest food the most. But Su Fu was the only one working hard in the end, while the rest of them just sat back and waited for the harvest. No one was worried about whether he would be afraid, whether the research would be dangerous, or whether it would hurt his body.

Su Fu reluctantly found that even though he had made the decision and even though the He family's parents looked a little better at him, he still hadn't integrated into the He family from beginning to end. He wasn't really accepted by them. Could a child really change this situation?

When he arrived at the hospital in City B, there was a poster in the lobby to publicize the research. Many people who came here went to read it. Some people were talking while others were scolding it.

Su Fu stood there awkwardly. He didn't dare to look at it. But without looking at the poster, he wouldn't know where to go. It would be even more embarrassing to ask someone.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally thickened his skin and went to look. The crowd of onlookers squeezed out a very beautiful young man. He wasn't tall, about 170 cm, which was shorter than Su Fu by a small height. His figure was quite thin. With his delicate and beautiful face, if he put on a wig, no one could tell if he was male or female.  

Su Fu noticed that the young man's face was a little red when he came out. He looked around for a few times. Obviously, there was a feeling of embarrassment and struggle. Then he went to the elevator.

This was probably not a mere onlooker. Su Fu guessed that he came to be a volunteer for the research just like him, so he stopped looking at the poster and followed directly behind the young man.

They entered the elevator together. The young man's cell phone rang. He took it out to take a look. After a long struggle, he still didn't answer it.

The elevator door opened. Su Fu followed the young man to the deepest part of the corridor. This place was just for research recruitment. There's no department. They might have just set up a temporary base here. Seeing such a remote location, Su Fu didn't have a good feeling in my heart.

After entering the door, they saw a lot of equipment inside. There're also a lot of people lined up.

Of course, they were all men.

Su Fu watched each of them got their blood drawn one by one then went through various equipment. Since he wasn't sure, he couldn't help patting the young man in front of him.

"What are they doing?"

The young man looked back at Su Fu. Once someone talked to him, he seemed to relax a lot. He smiled and said, "It takes a lot of steps to join the study. You have to do a physical exam here first. Only after you pass the physical exam will they further check if you're suitable for this study."

"So that's how it is, thank you." It didn't seem that you could just join if you wanted to. Su Fu felt relaxed somehow.

"You're welcome." The young man smiled and opened his mouth to say something to Su Fu. However, he finally realized that everyone was in the same boat, so he didn't say anything. Once they quieted down, the two men began to feel nervous again.

After doing various exams and tests, they waited for a long time for the medical form to come out. The doctor who gave the medical form said that they would be sent to Dr. Tang's office on the sixth floor. Dr. Tang would judge whether they were suitable volunteers.

The young man from before had left. Su Fu held the medical exam form in his hand. He went to the sixth floor with his heart pounding. Was he suitable or not? Su Fu couldn't give himself an answer.

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When he arrived at the door of Dr. Tang's office, he saw that the scene was completely different from that of the exam room just now.

There were about seven or eight men in the exam room before, all of whom went to get the exam alone. Su Fu thought that they all came to the hospital by themselves. So, he was glad that he wasn't the only poor man who came alone. Now, he found out that they didn't come alone. Their families were waiting here.

They entered Dr. Tang's office one by one to have a face-to-face discussion with Dr. Tang, while the rest waited in the corridor by the door. The waiting volunteers either had their men holding their hands and comforting them, or they had their parents or in-laws waiting with them. This showed that these people were valued at home. Being surrounded and loved by so many people, even if a man had to participate in a research to give birth, he wouldn't feel wronged or scared.  

Su Fu envied them but he was also happy for them.

The young man from before also came alone. He looked more nervous than Su Fu. He stood in line and tiptoed from time to time to see when it would be his turn.

It seemed that there would be a long wait time. Su Fu sat down on the chair beside the wall and looked at the physical exam report in his hand. He felt uneasy.

He looked up at the young man who was alone like him and suddenly felt a little sad. Did the young man also have a bad time at home? Was he disliked by his parents-in-law because of his S*x, yet still hoped to be recognized by his parents-in-law through this opportunity? He came here alone. Didn't his man pay any attention to him

Just when Su Fu felt sad for himself and the young man, just when he thought that the young man was in the same situation as him, a tall and handsome man in straight military uniform came up with a sullen face. The sound of heavy military boots on the floor showed the man's anger.

Su Fu saw that the young man was shocked by the man's arrival and turned white.

The man, with a sullen face, pulled the young man out of the line. He took the medical form from his hand. Without looking at it, he violently tore it up and threw it on the ground.

"Who let you come here? You still didn't answer my phone? Didn't Lao Zi tell you not to participate in this shitty research?! Men are men! What nonsense about giving birth to children! The doctor in this hospital was kicked in the brain by a donkey. Are you also stupid?!"

The man's voice was very loud. It was the terrible kind with momentum and authority. The group of people in the corridor were frightened by him in an instant. Su Fu couldn't help but sit further to the side. The young man was so handsome and beautiful. He was a gentle and good-natured person at first sight. How could such a violent man come to find him at the hospital?

Obviously, the young man also realized that everyone was scared by his own man. He hurriedly pulled the man's hand and said helplessly, "This is a hospital. You have to keep your voice down or you'll disturb others."

The man sneered and glared at the people around them. His face was still smelly. His eyes still looked tough. He didn't care if other people were afraid. Then he took the young man by his hand and put him in his arms then grumpily said, "Don't have any more brain-dead thoughts about having children. Don't worry about what my mother said. You don't have to care about her. I'm here. I'll see who dares to touch your finger!"

The door of the office suddenly opened. A beautiful woman dressed in doctor's uniform came out. She pointed at the angry man and said, "Li Chao, what are you crazy about? This is a hospital. Go home and shout!"

They obviously knew each other. The young man was trying to apologize to the female doctor for his man's violent behavior. The violent man threw his arms around the young man and said to the female doctor, "Don't let Lao Zi see Liu An's name in your stupid brain-dead research, or else don't blame Lao Zi for shooting your Tang family and not look at the face of your two older brothers!"

At this point, Li Chao, the man with the violent temper, left with his beloved lover in his arms. Li Chao was tall and big, with a height of 190 cm. Liu An was a head shorter. He looked just like a little sheep being dragged away in his arms. Although there were some helplessness, Su Fu could see that Liu An's heart was happy.

After Li Chao left, Tang Sining made a ferocious expression. She kicked the air hard and swore with her mouth: "You're stupid brain-dead, your entire family is stupid brain-dead!"

Then she quickly changed back to the look of an angel in white and smiled at the others: "Ignore him. He is mentally ill. Let's continue ~"

The rest of the people who were staring blankly came back to themselves and returned Tang Sining's warm greeting with a perfunctory smile.

"Wife, let's think it over again." A man who was stimulated by Li Chao left with his lover in his arms.

Another pair looked between them and the doctor, then left holding hands.

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Although the others didn't leave, their faces showed hesitation. Tang Sining was trembling with anger. Her great research would contribute to women and men. Why was she so unpopular?

When the scene quieted down, only 5 of the 10 volunteers who had their exam with Liu An and Su Fu were left.

Su Fu watched a man enter Tang Sining's office accompanied by his man and several elders. He sat in his chair and looked absently at the medical exam form in his hand.

Just now, when Li Chao harshly scolded Liu An, Su Fu was sweating for Liu An. When Li Chao pulled Liu An into his arms and said those words, Su Fu's heart naturally gave birth to a warm current. He was happy for Liu An. Li Chao looked tough on this man, but he took good care of Liu An.

He was happy for Liu An, but his heart was also very bitter. He envied Liu An, envied him for being guarded. Su Fu didn't know how other people's families were doing, but he knew that between him and mother He, He Shaoqi would never prioritize him. He would say that why did he have to compare himself with an old woman. As the result, he had been treated as an outsider for so many years.

The question in his heart came back. Could a child really change his position in the He family? Even aside from gay couples, it wasn't uncommon between normal couples for the mother-in-law to like her grandchild but still dislike her daughter-in-law. In addition, after he gave birth to a child, what about Juan Juan? Once Juan Juan was no longer liked by the He family, all of his holiday gifts were forgotten. If Su Fu gave birth to a child as a man, might the He parents hate him even more?

Su Fu testily grabbed his hair. His mind flashed the bite marks on He Shaoqi's shoulder. Just look at the current situation where he was sitting here alone facing unknown risks, but nobody cared. Suddenly, Su Fu's nose became very sour. Why on earth should he abandon his dignity as a man to have a child just to meet the requirements of the He family?

Su Fu found that he couldn't find a reason to continue.

The more he thought, the more emotional he became. Su Fu finally couldn't stay in this place and left in a hurry.

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