That night, Su Fu slept with Juan Juan in his bed. In the morning, the little fellow woke up and saw his favorite little dad sleeping beside him. He was happy for a long time.

Su Fu was used to getting up early. He usually got up at 6 o'clock. At this time, other people in the family were still asleep except for the child who didn't have a strong concept of time. Then there's the daily breakfast that he couldn't avoid doing.

In fact, cooking breakfast for the family should have been a very enjoyable and happy process, but it wasn't long after entering the He family that Su Fu gradually discovered that everything was his own wishful thinking. In the eyes of the He family, this was of course what he should do. No one had ever shown a happy smile because of his breakfast. At most, mother He sometimes criticized his breakfast for being salty or cold.

But even so, Su Fu had become accustomed to getting up early to make breakfast. He was a person who yearned for a harmonious life. Perhaps he subconsciously did have some expectations.

After making breakfast, he ate a little with Juan Juan, washed the used bowls and chopsticks then put them away.

Su Fu went out with Juan Juan.

After yesterday's incident, regardless of whether mother He minded him bringing out Juan Juan or not, Su Fu couldn't rest assured leaving him at home. So, he took him to the educational institution where he worked.

Educational institutions on holidays were very busy, not to mention long holidays like summer and winter vacations. This summer vacation, Su Fu had classes all morning and afternoon. He taught a group of junior high school students in the morning and a group of senior high school students in the afternoon. He didn't go back to eat at noon.

Both junior and senior high school students were older children. They often didn't like to play with other older children. However, this child was brought by the teacher. These students inevitably had some curiosity. Juan Juan had been at home most of the time since he was adopted. He seldom saw children of the same age. He was still very happy to see so many older brothers and sisters, evne though he was a little shy and felt a little strange.

In class, he would sit quietly with a pen and paper to draw pictures. He would then play with a group of big brothers and sisters during their break. Juan Juan seldom enjoyed playing with people for a whole day.

The man who was hit by Su Fu hadn't sent a text message to ask for compensation so far. So, his life wasn't too bad. After that night, Su Fu had been sleeping in Juan Juan's room. Although Su Fu was always reluctant to part with this love of nearly ten years, he couldn't pretend that nothing had happened despite his good temper and forbearance.

The atmosphere of the He family these days was a bit strange. Although Su Fu went out early in the morning with Juan Juan and didn't come back until evening, he still felt this kind of strangeness, especially when he saw that mother He recently no longer gave him a dirty look.

Today, everyone celebrated the birthday of the boss of the educational institution. Su Fu went to have a lively party together with Juan Juan. He didn't go home until after dinner.

When he got home, father He, mother He and He Shaoqi were all sitting on the sofa watching TV in the living room. When they came back, mother He turned off the TV. Seeing several people sitting on the sofa made Su Fu uncomfortable.

Juan Juan, who was in his arms, was already drowsy. As Su Fu was struggling to decide whether to wait for them to speak or hold Juan Juan to go to bed first, mother He spoke.

"Su Fu, come here. Aunt wants to say something to you."

Mother He's tone of voice today was very good. She had no intention of putting on air. Su Fu subconsciously looked at He Shaoqi, who was sitting on a single person sofa. He nodded at him before answering.

"Ok, wait a minute. Juan Juan is asleep. I'll hold him back to the room first."

Mother He didn't even bother to talk to him at ordinary times. Today's good temper made Su Fu feel very uncertain. Holding Juan Juan back to his small room, he rushed a bottle of milk to let him lie on the bed drinking. He watched him gradually falling asleep before he got up and went out.

At the living room sofa, Su Fu didn't dare to sit down and stood. He Shaoqi pulled him to sit before he sat down.

"Aunt, what can I do for you?"

Mother He smiled faintly and handed him the bankcard in her hand. "Did Shaoqi tell you about the study of a man giving birth at Linshi Hospital?"

Su Fu's hand quivered with the bankcard that had been stuffed to him. His heart shook. He Shaoqi didn't look at him. He could only nod helplessly.

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"Society has developed and opened up. Aunt isn't a stubborn person. There's nothing wrong with two men living together, but Aunt just has a small request. Your uncle and I are very old and want to have a blood-related grandson. There're more than 500,000 yuan in here. It's our old couple's pension money. As long as you promise to take part in the study and give us a grandson, aunt will give you these money to maintain your health and have a baby. What do you think?"

After so many days, the family still hadn't given up the idea. Su Fu's heart was heavy. Mother He really spoke to him so humbly, not to mention taking out all of her pension money. But how could he accept giving birth to a baby as a man?

"Su Fu ah, you know, since there's such a study, it means that men having children is a common thing in the culture. There's nothing embarrassing. Aunt didn't want to force you, but who let's Shaoqi only want you? Aunt will say something that you don't want to hear. If I could, I naturally hope that Shaoqi would marry a woman and give me a grandson. If another man is with Shaoqi, he wouldn't refuse such a small request, wouldn't you say so?"

Su Fu squeezed his hand with the bankcard tightly and looked at it with his head down. In fact, nothing entered into his sight. Mother He's words seemed to enlighten, but they sounded more like threats to Su Fu. If he didn't promise, would mother He start to obstruct feelings between him and He Shaoqi? Would she force him to leave, then marry a woman for He Shaoqi, or find another man for him? He and He Shaoqi had already have problems in their relationship. They couldn't afford to add fuel to the fire.

Su Fu wasn't a doormat, but he really loathed to give up this love of nearly ten years. Until the last moment, he was unwilling to loosen his grip on this love.

After a long silence, Su Fu stood up and smiled reluctantly. He returned the bankcard to mother He.

"I'll think about this matter. Aunt better keeps this money for your own use. I don't know how a younger generation can use an elder's pension money."

Mother He tightly held the bankcard and didn't push it back. It's obvious that if Su Fu really took the money, her heart would be extremely reluctant.

"Then do you agree or not?"

"Alright, Mom, Xiao Fu said that he would think it over. He's been tired all day. Let him go back to rest first."

He Shaoqi who didn't speak for a long time finally stood up and hugged the silent Su Fu back to their room.

After they returned to their room and closed the door, mother He snorted softly and clasped her hands on the bankcard. She said to father He, "Fortunately, he didn't take it. There're more than 500,000 yuan."

Father He shook his head helplessly. "We did what we wanted to do. It's getting late. Go to bed."

In the room, He Shaoqi pulled Su Fu to the bed and sat down while smiling, "Don't go back to Juan Juan room tonight? You had neglected me for so many days."

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi's smiling face. Without the impatience from that day, He Shaoqi felt a lot kinder. He couldn't help relaxing all over and nodded lightly. Their cold war for many days seemed to end with such a smile.

Seeing Su Fu nodded, He Shaoqi felt better. He sat beside him and held him in his arms. He sighed and said, "Xiao Fu, I know that for so many years that we've been together, you've suffered a lot, especially after you moved in. My mother didn't give you face."

After their passionate love period, it was rare to be comforted by He Shaoqi in his arms again. Su Fu had some nostalgia. His heart became soft. His nose was also a little sour. He couldn't help but want to stretch out his hand and embrace He Shaoqi. However, after hearing what He Shaoqi said next, the hand that stretched out paused.

"But after all, she's my mother. In front of elders, the younger generation can only endure. You see, she's a very old woman. There're only a few more years to live happily. I don't want to make my parents unhappy in their old age."

"Well, I know." Su Fu nodded lightly in response.

"Xiao Fu, you asked me a question last time. I'll give you the answer now. I still love you. If I don't love you, I would have found someone else, even a woman to give birth to a child to satisfy my mother, but I didn't do that, because I still have you in my heart. I don't want to leave you. I also don't want to wronged you. After all, a child born to another person and me is not related to you by blood. My mother will still pick on you. Only when we have a child together will my mother really accept you. When we have our own child, the family will be tied together. My mother will naturally like you, so our life would get better and better."

He Shaoqi's words were undoubtedly like the warmness that recovered his heart from the coldness from before. For Su Fu, he didn't care whether he felt bitter or wronged. What he cared about was He Shaoqi. Just like before, he wasn't accepted by mother He, so they had to rent a small apartment to live together. Although life was a little bitter and tired, their hearts were together. They weren't afraid of anything.

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As long as He Shaoqi still loved him, he could endure mother He's supercilious look and consider doing the research. Su Fu's eyes turned red. He finally reached out and encircled He Shaoqi's waist.

He Shaoqi smiled and patted Su Fu on the back.

Su Fu's eyes rested on He Shaoqi's shoulder, his heart quivered. The bite mark
In the end, Su Fu closed his eyes and chose to ignore it. He had to admit that he was a coward in this regard. He didn't dare to uncover the mystery. He was afraid that the picture of the good life that He Shaoqi had just painted for him would be gone forever because of his investigation of that bite mark.

If what He Shaoqi said was true, if he went to participate in the study and gave birth to a child successfully, and mother He would gradually accept him because of her grandson and allowed the entire family to become close, Su Fu was willing to give it a try because it was truly so beautiful. After all, having a family being at peace and harmony, this was the life that he once dreamed of and the reason why he endured for so many years.

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