Nothronychus evolved from the Coelurosauria clade, which included Tyrannosaurus, to the family of Therizinosauridae. Therizinosauridae (Reaping lizard) was named this way because their claws were as sharp as sickles. Nothronychus was the largest species in the family of Therizinosauridae.

Although Nothronychus evolved from the same clade as Tyrannosaurus, it had long changed to an herbivore, but its size was still very large. It could stand up with its strong hind legs. Its front claws were also longer than those of the Tyrannosaurus family and had sharp sickle-like shape. These claws were used for extreme defense and aggression.

The whole body of Nothronychus looked like a huge kettle from a distance. Its bottom portion was huge and stable. It's really fierce when standing up to fight.

Not long after, Gulu saw a Tyrannosaurus rex fell to the ground by the Nothronychus.

The rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex was shocked and didn't dare to fight again. After the Nothronychus left, these Tyrannosaurus rex returned and began eating the body of their dead companion.

Tyrannosaurus rex had always eaten the same kind. When food was scarce in the dry season, female Tyrannosaurus rex would even eat their own cubs. What's more, their dead companion shouldn't be left as food to other carnivorous dinosaurs.

Of course Gulu, as a human being, had a really hard time accepting such things as eating one's companion, but he now got used to it. Many carnivorous dinosaurs would eat their own kind, not just Tyrannosaurus rex.

At this time, the sky in the desert area where the Gigantoraptors were located quickly darkened. The wind was blowing hard, throwing up yellow sand all over the sky.

Although the swamp and the desert with the Gigantoraptors were very close, only separated by a small stone hill and both sides could still see each other, their weather was quite different.

This side of the swamp was still sunny and unaffected by the desert.

What's more, Gulu and Mungo who were at the edge of the forest couldn't even feel a little of the strong wind.

The weather was very strange. To me more precise, the landform here was very strange. These two places, the swamp and the desert, were so close to one another, yet appeared vastly different. It's really unusual.

Unfortunately, Gulu was a paleontologist, not a geologist or a climatologist. In a short period of time, he couldn't find the reason for this strange phenomenon.

He saw that the sandstorm was getting bigger. Yet, the Gigantoraptor parents were still lying on the nest. They were lying face to face with each other, with their wings covered to protect the nest.

Gulu noticed that the sandstorm was extremely strong. If those eggs hadn't been protected by the Gigantoraptor parents, they would have been blown away.

One didn't know how long the sandstorm continued. Gulu saw that the sand had buried half of the Gigantoraptors parents' bodies.

If they didn't leave here by this time, they wouldn't be able to walk away and would be buried alive in the sand.

Gulu's eyes filled with tears. In the dinosaur world, there're parents who ate their cubs because of hunger, but there're also parents who dared to be buried alive to protect the eggs that had not yet hatched.

In fact, the Gigantoraptors parents could easily escape. They could escape to the swamp, the fern plains or forest nearby. Where could they not go? With their strength, they could survive anywhere and laid eggs again, after these ones were gone.

Yet, they laid motionless on the nest.

In the evening, the sandstorm finally stopped. The Gigantoraptor parents were buried alive in the sand. One couldn't even see a piece of their feathers.

Gulu sighed. In fact, nature was the real killer. What if the Gigantoraptors parents won against the Tyrannosaurus rex, didn't they still get buried alive?

Although Gulu felt sorry for two Gigantoraptor parents, he recognized that this was normal in the dinosaur world.

What he should consider now was why there was such a different surface environment around here.

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According to Gulu's observation of this era, he was very sure that the planet was now in the early Cretaceous period of the earth.

The Cretaceous period was the heyday of dinosaurs and the most suitable time period for their survival.

Dinosaurs lived on the earth for 150 million years from Triassic to Jurassic to Cretaceous period.

The Cretaceous period was the longest of all eras on Earth, with 80 million years (and an error margin of 300,000 years, give or take). This was now early Cretaceous period, which meant that there're at least 79 million years before dinosaurs became extinct.

These 79 million years were the heyday of dinosaurs. Even if various natural disasters frequently occurred, dinosaurs could still live well.

Dinosaurs had strong adaptability and survival ability. Across the span of three eras while experiencing the rupture of the mainland, rising sea level and complex climate changes that led to the diversification and evolution of dinosaurs, they still ruled over Earth for 150 million years.

It could be said that dinosaurs were the most successful animals in history. To surpass dinosaurs, human beings must first survive on earth for more than 150 million years.

It's only been 3 million years since the earliest human appeared. Compared with 150 million years, 3 million years was just too short.

Of course, there may be people who think that dinosaurs lived longer but what's the use of them. They had no evolved civilization. Yes, humans had evolved advanced civilization, but how long could it last?

Using the whole history of the earth as comparison, Gulu now lived in a time when dinosaurs were at their peak, which could last for 80 million years.

Therefore, Gulu wasn't afraid of catastrophes such as the end of the world or the extinction of dinosaurs. What danger did exist was that the mainland was splitting up and natural disasters would become more frequent.

Mungo: "Gulu, let's go home quickly. It's getting dark."

Gulu looked at Mungo and felt very happy. He's reborn to the heyday of dinosaurs. He met such a good Tyrannosaurus rex as Mungo and met so many other lovely dinosaurs. These dinosaurs still had 80 million years to multiply and live.

Of course, Gulu also recognized that he might experience many, many natural disasters in his dinosaur life. He may also witness the division of the mainland, the formation of new continents and oceans, in addition to the formation of mountains as tall as the Himalayas.

No matter how many natural disasters he would encounter, no matter how many ups and downs he would experience in the future, as long as Mungo was with him, together with Gaya, Guji, Gudong, Pado, Babana, Pachi, Dudu…as long as he had these many loving dinosaurs going through them with him, he would only feel happiness.

Gulu: Ah, this is the best dinosaur era. Ah, my future dinosaur life must be dazzling and thrilling.

Thinking about it, Gulu couldn't help but feel a boiling passion. He ran faster and faster. It seemed that as long as he ran fast enough, he could overcome all terrible natural disasters and protect every dinosaur that he wanted to protect.

Mungo: "Gulu, slow down. Don't run too fast."

Gulu slowed down and said, "Mungo, do you know that dinosaurs could still live for 80 million years? Do you know how long 80 million years is? It's super long ah

Along the way, Gulu popularized the basic common sense of the dinosaur era to Mungo. Although Mungo didn't understand, he liked Gulu to talk to him about it.

Gulu felt that his state of mind was really good. He knew that natural disasters were terrible, but what's the use of being afraid? The days still had to go by. Happiness was the most important thing.

And Gulu thought that he could protect every dinosaur he wanted to protect!

Mungo and Gulu soon returned to the vicinity of Pado's ethnic group.

Pado immediately came out to pick up Gulu.

It's because he had seen strange changes on the surface of the environment today and thought a lot, for example, about how to protect Pado's and Mungo's ethnic group in the future when encountering various natural disasters, that Gulu felt a bit sentimental.

He ran towards Pado and slammed into him. He kept rubbing his head against Pado and said, "Dad, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?…"

To be honest, Gulu was no longer a small cub now. Although he was still a cub according to his age, he weighed over 3,000 Jin. It still hurt when he run fast and cannoned onto Pado's legs.

Gulu's current height was only up to Pado's belly. Because of his action, the food in Pado's belly was swinging up and down and going from left to right, which wasn't very comfortable.

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Although Pado was now very strict with Gulu, as a Dad, he still hoped that his cub was very close to him. He's very happy that Gulu played coquetry with him like this. Gulu had not played coquetry with him like this for a long time.

So, although his son's huge horn shield was rubbing uncomfortable on his belly, Pado still replied, "Yes, of course I do. Dad also misses Gulu."

Mungo was a little puzzling. Even when Gulu went to his Tyrannosaurus rex group to live for a few days before, he didn't come back like this.

Gulu stretched out his big head from between Pado's thick forelimbs. they could just squeeze out Gulu's big head.

Under a giant male Triceratops stood a small Triceratops. Mungo didn't know why, but he felt that it's very cute. One big and one small. Not to mention, Gulu was always cute.

Gulu stood on tiptoe. His back still couldn't touch Pado's belly. Just now it's his head under Pado's body that rubbed against Pado's belly.

Pado knew that Gulu always liked to compare to him like this. He just wanted to know when he would grow up to his height.

Gulu was a little disappointed: "Dad, I think I'm growing too slowly. When will I grow as big as you? Look, my legs are still half as long as yours…"

Pado: "You are now growing sideways. You see, your head is almost unable to squeeze out from under me. Haven't you grown up a lot? You are already the fastest growing cub in the whole ethnic group, faster than when I was a child…"

When Pado said these things, his eyes were full of stars and his head held high up. He's very proud.

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