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At 5: 30 p. m. , the office colleagues left work one after another. after finishing the final work, Jing Lin also turned off the computer and went off work. he also rented a nearby residential nursery to pick up his little nephew Lele.

Lele is five years old this year and is the child of his dead sister.

Last August, there was an earthquake in X province. Only Lele was rescued from her sister's family living in X province. The parents of the two siblings went early, their elderly grandfather died when Jing Lin was in college, and Lele's father had no relatives, so the custody of Lele fell to Jing Lin. The two were the only relatives of each other.

At this time, it was the summer vacation of the student party in July, and the kindergarten where Lele was located was also closed. But Jing Lin often has to go to work, so he can only put Lele in a nearby nursery in the morning and pick him up at night after work.

When we arrived at the nursery, the teacher was waiting at the door with Lele.

When Lele, who was carrying a little duck bag, saw his uncle, her eyes suddenly lit up. She turned to say goodbye to the teacher and threw herself on Jing Lin like a small shell. She hugged his leg and looked up at him: "Uncle!"

Jing Lin smiled and touched his head, then took his small hand and said goodbye to the teacher before walking to the bus stop.

Lele had been trapped under the collapsed building for more than three days. He was not very lively. He was even more silent. At first, he cried for his parents. After he finally realized that there were no more parents, he became more dependent on Jing Lin. However, Jing Lin could not accompany him at any time because he had to work, so he felt very guilty about Lele.

The two men took a bus to the vegetable market not far from their residence and bought some fresh vegetables before they went home.

Jing Lin is now 27 years old and has been working for several years. He has also been saving money to buy a house, but he has saved a few years' salary. Even a down payment is not enough in his city, so he used to rent his own house and now he has added a happy one.

The residential area is an elevator apartment built only a few years ago. Jing Lin rented a floor on the sixth floor. He took Lele by the hand to take the elevator. However, he saw the sign "under repair" in front of the elevator and had to take Lele to climb the stairs.

The sun sank in the west, the evening temperature has dropped down, but it is still hot, when they climbed to the sixth floor was already full head big sweat. Open the door and enter the room. Jing Lin turned on the air conditioner and went into the kitchen to unfreeze the meat left in the refrigerator yesterday. Then Lele took a bath, changed his clothes, turned on the TV and tuned to the animation channel, then turned around and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the two.

Although he is a single young man, Jing Lin has good cooking skills. Take out the tender corn that I bought in the market and peel half of it. Wash the rice and put it in the pan. Open fire and cook it. By the way, draw an eggplant and put it on the steamed rice. Another cucumber was pickled, and finally the thawed lean meat was cut well, and several green peppers were taken out, ready to fry a simple green pepper to fry the meat.

In the evening, it is corn porridge, steamed eggplant, crisp cucumber with cold sauce and a small fry of green pepper.

After eating dinner and tidying up the kitchen, Jing Lin went to the bathroom to wash away the tiredness of the day, washed his own and Lele's clothes, then entered the room, opened his notebook and enjoyed his few entertainment hours every day.

In fact, Jing Lin's previous life was very dull and boring. Apart from going to work, he would go out to have a meal with his colleagues at most once in a while after work, and then go back home to brush his microblog and watch movies. Now it is just an additional responsibility to raise Lele, and there is no much change.

When Jing Lin entered the room, Lele turned off the TV and climbed up the bed behind him. When Jing Lin leaned against the bed to play with the computer, he sat beside Jing Lin playing with his little duck toy. When tired of playing, he would sleep.

Jing Lin was brushing his microblog when he saw a microblog with aftershocks in X province this afternoon. His eyes were darkened. In the 27th year of his life, because his parents went early, he was accompanied most by his grandfather and his sister. Now both of them are gone, and my sister left him in that miserable way.

I'm not in the mood to use microblog again. Jing Lin is going to turn off the computer and sleep.

But just a moment before he turned off the computer, the light in the room suddenly dimmed. Lele, who was playing with the duckling beside him, whispered "ah" all over. then he pulled the duckling toward Jing Lin, grabbed one corner of his nightgown, and called him "uncle!" in fear.

Jing Lin hurriedly reached out to placate patted him on the back. Lele was buried below for three days and was very afraid of the dark after being rescued. Therefore, Jing Lin specially bought a floor lamp to put in the room and never turned it off at night.

The power went out and the computer lost its network. Jing Lin left his computer on the bedside table and took the phone beside him to call the property phone, but even the phone number was displayed several times during the call, presumably other owners were also asking. Jing Lin used his mobile phone to micro blog, refreshed his page and found that several concerned cat pet bloggers said they had a power outage and were extremely hot.

Jing Linxin said it wouldn't be so smart, wouldn't everyone live in a community?

Think so, Jing Lin down from the bed and looked out of the window, a look, Jing Lin suddenly stood on the spot.

Although he is not a city center here, the night will not be as bright as day, but it should not be so dark. Apart from the occasional flashing lights, there are no other lights, even the street lamps are black.

Is the power system of the whole city paralyzed?

Also don't know is the reason why there is no air conditioning or other what, such as scene during the time, only to find himself broke out in a sweat, busy to open the window.

Fortunately, although the electricity was cut off, it was still windy at night. It was not unbearably hot. Jing Lin took out a plate of mosquito-repellent incense from the drawer and lit it. He wanted to brush his microblog again to see what was going on, but when he saw the cell phone electricity, he turned off the cell phone because he needed an alarm in the morning.

The computer scene is not going to shut down, there is no light, even if there are people around with Lele will feel afraid.

In the middle of the night, Jing Lin woke up covered in sweat. his notebook had no electricity and was turned off. the room was dark. he touched the mobile phone on the bedside and looked at it. it was only after 2 a. m. He waved the light of his cell phone to Lele and saw that Lele was also covered in sweat, with small frown and uncomfortable sleep.

Seeing the light of his mobile phone, Jing Lin found a magazine to hold in his hand as a fan, leaned against the head of the bed and fanned Lele gently, while he drifted off to sleep.

Because of the heat, Jing Lin did not sleep very well this evening. After waking up, he slept and woke up, and stayed up until the sky turned white. Jing Lin pressed the bedside lamp and found that there was still no call. His alarm was turned off in advance and he got up tired to wash.

When he washed well, Lele woke up, his forehead hair was wet with sweat, and he was sitting on the bed rubbing his eyes.

Jing Lin called the property with his mobile phone, which had little power when he got up. He wanted to ask when he called today. By the way, he opened the wardrobe to find out what Lele was going to wear today. He took Lele, who was still in a daze, to the bathroom to drain the water and wash his hair.

The phone did not respond. Jing Lin took his phone away and hung up. He called again and found no signal.

Jing Lin frowned, stood at the window and opened the phone book to call his colleagues in the company. The situation was the same. The call was cut off within two seconds.

Jing Lin felt like beating drums at the moment. He felt a little nervous somehow. He looked at Lele in the bathtub and decided not to send Lele to the nursery today.

Dry Lele's hair. Jing Lin took his briefcase and led Lele out of the house by the hand.

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