When I arrived at the residential property guard post, Jing Lin asked when the call would come. the property said that I did not know for the time being. it seemed that a large area of their house was out of power. they said that unfortunately the generator was out of order and they were looking for someone to repair it today.

Several owners came to inquire one after another. Jing Lin had to take Lele by the hand to eat breakfast at the breakfast stand next to the community and then wait for the bus at the nearby bus stop.

It took Jing Lin more than half an hour to take the bus from the residential area to the company site. He felt that there were especially many people today. Before, the bus was full only on the way. Today, the second stop was full. We chatted with each other and talked about how hard it was to lose power last night.

Lele sat on Jing Lin. Jing Lin guarded him from being hit by the crowd around him and went to the company in silence.

When I arrived at the company, I found that there was no electricity. The company in which Jing Lin works is on the 12th floor of the building. Without electricity, he can only climb the stairs. People from other companies saw Jing Lin holding a child along the way. However, everyone was unfamiliar with him and looked at him with curiosity.

Jing Lin people are more curtilage, sit in the office all the year round, seldom exercise, rest all the way up to the 12th floor, have a heart is going to jump out of the chest.

The company clocks in at 9 o'clock every day. It's just over 8: 40 now. There are not many people coming to the company. Most of them lie prone on their positions to sleep. They hear the noise and open their eyes to see that the scene is coming. They are still holding a child in their hands. Those who know him well know that he is his nephew.

Several female colleagues of Jing Lin Company saw Lele's curly hair, delicate face and clever appearance. They immediately took their snacks from the company to amuse Lele. However, Lele was shy and shy and hid in Jing Lin's arms. Jing Lin took the snacks from the female colleague, said thank you and patted Lele on the back to let him not be afraid.

Female colleague asked Jing Lin, "did you have a power outage last night?"

Jing Lin nodded.

He has always been a taciturn figure in the company, but because of his height, he still looks good-looking, and although his attitude looks cool, his female colleagues are quite willing to talk to him."the place I rented had a power outage last night and no water supply this morning. the water in the water dispenser used for washing in the morning was also cut off."

Jing Lin frowned. Although there was no water cut off this morning, if he did not call tonight, I wonder if the water will also be cut off. If the blackout in summer is over, it will be really hard to stop the water supply.

One after another, colleagues climbed up, mostly like fish out of water, sitting in their positions panting.

The number of people slowly increased, and the people who were still mending their sleep also rose. Everyone gathered to discuss the power failure. It is probably rare to encounter such a large-scale blackout. When everyone complained about the inconvenience of the blackout, they were strangely excited, saying that they should not have to go to work today. Late comers saw the notice of the property management hanging at the gate of the building. The reason for the blackout is unknown, the generator is broken and still under repair, and the call time is unknown.

There were a lot of people late today, so Jing Lin's supervisor was late. It was past 10 o'clock when he arrived at the company, and many colleagues had already gone back when they saw that they had not called. The supervisor said that the cell phone had no electricity last night, the alarm didn't ring, and because it was too hot last night, I didn't sleep well until dawn. I overslept.

After the supervisor arrived at the company, because it happened to be Friday today, he directly allowed them to rest for three consecutive days. On Monday, they would definitely have electricity and then go to work normally.

After leaving the company, Jing Lin took Lele directly to take the bus home. The first thing to do when I got home was to see if there was no water supply in the community. When I found that there was no water supply, I was relieved. However, he was still not at ease and quickly filled the two plastic buckets normally used for washing clothes in the home with water and put them in the kitchen. The two buckets were not big. The two buckets of water were only enough for him and Lele to take a bath, so they decided to go out and buy a bigger one.

Jing Lin first went to the vegetable market to buy food for noon and night, then went to the grocery store near the neighborhood to buy buckets. He chose a super large 150L stainless steel soup bucket to fill the water, and bought two candles and two fans when he left. Because the bucket was too large, it was still a little far from the community and it was not easy to take it back, so I called a taxi.

After arriving at the gate of the village, Jing Lin threw the vegetables and candles into the barrel, and let Lele pull his skirt and slowly move the barrel upstairs by himself.

The kitchen was relatively small, so Jing Lin put the bucket in the corner of the living room and poured water into the soup bucket with the original two small buckets. In the July weather, there is no fan or air conditioner. Even if you sit there without doing anything, you will be covered in sweat. Jing Lin's hair was wet when she moved the bucket to her home. At the moment, he poured water beside her. Lele stood in a place that did not interfere with her. Holding the newly bought fan in her hand, she fanned Jing Lin sensibly.

After finally filling up the three buckets of water, Jing Lin felt that he was too hot. He spent a few minutes burning a pot of bath water, took off his clothes and Lele's, and took a good bath. It was almost 12 o'clock. At this time, Jing Lin's cell phone had no electricity and was turned off.

Jing Lin didn't want to stir-fry for lunch. He took out the meat that he bought and put it in the water and cut it. Two kitchen knives took turns to chop it into stuffing, beat egg white and starch, and then washed the bought water spinach. He simply made a meatball soup for the two to eat at lunch. Jing Lin took the sleeping mat they usually slept on to the floor of the living room, took the book to read by himself, showed Lele the picture book, and lay down on the mat when they were tired.

In the afternoon, the time was so wasted. In the evening, Jing Lin went out and bought some spareribs. Although the electricity was dead, the spareribs were still fresh.

Rice was cooked for dinner, ribs were stewed with a balsam pear bought during the day, and balsam pear was used to reduce the fire in summer. Perhaps my nephew, Uncle Xiao, likes eating bitter melon. Lele likes eating bitter melon very much. It is completely different from the way other children hate bitter melon. Before dinner, Jing Lin also fished some pickled cowpeas from the glass jar. It is very hot in summer and it is easy for people to lose appetite. Such sour things are actually very appetizing.

After eating dinner and taking a bath, it turned dark. The temperature is not as high as during the day, and there is a breeze. Jing Lin took a fan he bought during the day, led Lele downstairs, and walked to the park near the community like walking after dinner.

There are no lights on the road, only lights that go back and forth. There were many people walking out after dinner in the park, including children, dogs, and a group of grandparents singing and dancing.

It's quite entertaining.

Jing Lin and Lele sat on the bench beside the park and looked at the crowd around them. The fan in his hand shook slowly.

After resting outside for almost two hours, Lele fell asleep on Jing Lin's leg. There were not many people around. Jing Lin held Lele in her arms and was ready to go back.

Climbing all the way to the sixth floor, just opened the door, and a hot air hit, but also not how uncomfortable. Pulling out the lighter that had been in his pocket, Jing Lin found the candle that had been placed on the porch cabinet before going out and lit it. Holding the candle, he entered the room.

Before going out, Jing Lin had already lit the mosquito repellent incense. There must be no mosquitoes in the room at the moment. He covered Lele's stomach with a thin blanket and Jing Lin himself climbed into bed in his pajamas.

I still don't sleep very well at night. I am always woken up by heat. In the morning, when Jing Lin was still asleep, I was suddenly woken up by Lele.

Jing Lin opened his eyes and looked at Lele. Lele was sitting beside him. He kept grabbing at him with both hands. He saw his arms and legs exposed outside his pajamas. They were all red bumps with mung beans, even on his face and neck.

Obviously, these pimples are very itchy. Lele said to him with crying while grasping, "uncle, I feel itchy."

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