Jing Lin startled the whole people and woke up instantly. He picked up Lele's pajamas and looked at his stomach and back. He found that there were also places covered by pajamas.

Jing Lin pressed Lele's hand and told him not to catch it. Although it was very itchy, Jing Lin told him not to catch Lele and he really refrained from moving. He just started to shed tears and didn't cry out. He just kept his mouth flat and silently shed tears. Jing Lin went into the bathroom and washed hastily. He came out to see how distressed he was. He quickly changed Lele's long-sleeved trousers and coaxed him out of the door with silver, silver and cardboard.

When I got to the hospital, Jing Lin found that the situation like Lele was not unique. Many parents registered in the outpatient department with crying children covered in red pimples all over their bodies. Some adults also had it. Moreover, many systems were out of order because the hospital had no electricity. Many patients' families were quarrelling in the registration place alone.

Moreover, only now did Jing Lin find out a very important problem. His cash is running out. It seems that there is a power outage in the whole city now, and there has been no notice when the electricity is called. The money he has in the bank cannot be taken out.

Seeing the chaos in the hospital, Jing Lin had to leave here with Lele. He turned around and found a clinic for children. The clinic was also full of people. Half of them came to show their children red pimples.

It took half a day before it was Lele's turn. The diagnosis was the same as that of the previous child. It was not bitten by mosquitoes. It was classified as caused by allergy. I took the western medicine and ointment for two days and went back to use them first. I will return to the clinic after two days.

Jing Lin still has less than 500 yuan in cash. After more than 100 yuan in medicine, there are still more than 300 yuan left. He turned his eyebrows and found the nearest bank. As he guessed, the bank was not open because of no electricity. There were many people wandering in front of the bank, holding cards and looking sad. Obviously, they also want to withdraw money and cannot do so.

The sun is very big outside. Jing Lin found a shop and bought a sunshade. It was so hot outside that Lele lay on his shoulder with his eyes closed. He had no spirit. He wanted to stretch out his hand to catch him from time to time but was stopped by Jing Lin in time.

Jing Lin wanted to take a taxi, but looked at the cash in his hand and finally took Lele to the bus. Looking at the cars coming and going, I don't know what's going on in other places except this city because there is no electricity or network. Jing Lin is considering going to the next city tomorrow to see what's going on.

When returning to the community, Jing Lin saw several people moving mineral water out of the car. he walked towards a young man with a slightly fat figure and politely asked, "hello, I just came back from the outside. is the community without water?"

When the man heard this, he immediately complained to Jing Lin whether he knew her or not: "No, it was not long before the water supply was cut off. It was not the end of the world, and it made people not live well." This was a casual complaint, but it surprised both of them.

The man paused and said, "No, I have to go and buy more water and come back for storage. I want to drink anyway."

After saying that, she did not care about the scene nearby. After talking to the people who should be his family, she drove out again.

Scene in holding Lele look dignified turned and out of the village. When it comes to the end of the world, of course, he has not never heard of a novel lover before. There was a foreign blockbuster about the end of the world that once caused many people to panic. Under such circumstances, Jing Lin felt that no matter whether he believed it or not, it would be no problem for him to buy more things and put them at home. Fortunately, I bought a big soup bucket, plus the water in two small buckets, eating and bathing, saving enough for the two of them to use for three or four days. He is going to stay here for another three days. If he doesn't call for water by then, he must go back to his hometown.

Because there is not much money, Jing Lin did not go to the nearest supermarket to buy things, but went to the far-away wholesale department. Although things are not much cheaper than a few cents, but on the premise of not getting money, it can save a little. He selectively picked out food that was resistant to starvation, bought some food that was easy to digest for Lele alone, and bought several bottles of mineral water and ten candles to settle the bill. Now it cost more than 100 yuan. Now Jing Lin has less than 200 yuan in cash left in his pocket.

He came home with a sweat. Jing Lin bathed Lele in hot water and applied ointment. He watched him fall asleep and then went to sort out the things he had bought.

In the afternoon, Jing Lin saw that Lele's red pimples showed no signs of abating, but he wanted to catch them less often and his heart relaxed a lot.

Jing Lin didn't take Lele out for a cool walk at night. It should be because he slept too much during the day. Lele was quite energetic at night. Jing Lin watched him unable to sleep and told him stories of ducklings' jungle adventures.

In the middle of the conversation, I suddenly heard voices outside. Jing Lin leaned over to the window to look. Because it was too dark, he could barely see the vehicles and several figures parked on the road by the dim moonlight. He did not know exactly what had happened.

The noise lasted for a long time, so long as Jing Lin did not know when he fell asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, Jing Lin remembered the noise of last night and went to the window again to look. he saw a long queue of cars parked on the road with seven or eight twists and turns. some cars collided with each other, and the 3322 people gathered together to push the car to the side by manpower.

Lele was still asleep, and Jing Lin went to throw the garbage. On the way down the stairs, he saw the man he asked about yesterday sitting on the doorstep of the community, stripped to the waist and panting with sweat. There are still many cars being pushed slowly from the outside.

Jing Lin went to ask him again, "what is the matter? Why are all these cars stuck in the road, are they broken?"

The man looked at the scene and was still impressed by it. he sighed and said, "it's broken. my car was driving well last night, and suddenly it stalled. This is what happened to everyone else's cars on the road." The man looked very upset and asked Jing Lin, "Brother, do you think the end of the world is really coming? Otherwise, how is it going to be all right? How is it going to be all power and water cut off? If the car is driving well, there will be no response."

Jing Lin frowned and caught the key point in his words: "Du?"

"Yes!" The man was worried and said, "My wife's brother, who went to college in the next city, just came back from the next city this morning. He said that they also had a power outage in the whole city. The car I took also broke halfway in the middle of the night. When I walked home, my sandals were worn out. At present, there is no electricity, no internet, and relatives and friends cannot contact each other. this is still close and far away. who knows if they are like ours. You said this world is really like the movie, the end came, landslides . . ."

Men should belong to the category of people with a heavy sense of crisis. They are under great pressure because of worries and talk a lot. Even if Jing Lin didn't ask any more questions, they told Jing Lin all their guesses about the last days.

Jing Lin politely listened to him for a few minutes, comforted him a few words and then went home.

At home, Lele was still asleep. Jing Lin looked at the red pimples on his body, the color is still not pale. After chatting with the man, Jing Lin decided to go home early, because his home was not far from here, and it was only nearly three hours by bus. Then he counted all the cash he had, worried that if he could not get home by car, he would not know if the money was enough to buy a second-hand ordinary human tricycles.

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