Fortunately, the natural gas in the community has not stopped. Jing Lin cooked breakfast well and let it cool. When he saw Lele still asleep, he felt something was wrong.

Children are sleepy, but Lele is strange. Usually Jing Lin wakes up soon after he gets up. But now Jing Lin is still asleep almost an hour after he gets up. At most, Jing Lin thinks Lele wants to get out of bed once in a while, but because of the special situation these two days, Jing Lin's heart is lifted again.

Hurriedly walked to the bed and saw Lele's belly falling with her breath. Jing Lin gently pushed her: "Lele?"

No response, Jing Lin's men suddenly increased their strength and continued to push him: "Lele? Get up."

Lele's eyelids moved, but did not open, only weakly called "uncle".

Jing Lin: "Lele, did my uncle wipe the ointment for you?"

Lele "eh" for a while, but he didn't even open his eyes. He didn't understand what Jing Lin was talking about. He just answered subconsciously.

Jing Lin's heart was in a state of anxiety. Lele's condition was definitely not sleepiness, but now the situation in the hospital is such that it is impossible to treat people well and he has no money.

Jing Lin poured some hot water into the washbasin. He just wanted to add cold water to it. After thinking about it, he stopped and fanned the hot water with a fan for a long time. When the temperature could be reached, he moistened the towel and wiped Lele's body. During this period, Lele called Lele from time to time. Although his eyes were not open, there was always an answer. Asked if he was feeling well, he didn't answer for a long time. He just said he was sleepy and wanted to sleep.

Lele's red pimples still didn't fade. Jing Lin looked at them carefully. Although they didn't fade, they didn't come up with new ones either. Everything seems normal except that I want to sleep.

Lele can't feed him like this. Jing Lin began to pack after breakfast.

Because it is a rented house, home appliances or something, Jing Lin only needs to tidy up their clothes and other things. Not far from home, Jing Lin will go back to his hometown once a month to take care of his house, so there are not many things left in the city. He has just finished loading two suitcases with Lele's clothes.

When he packed up his clothes and looked at the two suitcases in the middle of the sitting room, he suddenly felt a little ironic. He asked himself if he was too alarmist. After listening to the man say a few words, he also thought about the end of the world. Then he comforted himself. It's all right. It's just as good as going home normally. It's just that he brought back a little more. Then he stopped thinking and packed up the food he bought yesterday. Finally he looked at the big soup bucket in the corner. Because of his growing environment, he is not the kind of person who wastes at will. This soup bucket was bought only two days ago, and was put here. It was a pure waste, but there was still more than half of the water left in it. It was a waste.

Wanted to think, king left to the bedroom, neurotic stretched out his hand to explore Lele snorts, feel his breath, Jing Lin took all the money and went out.

Jing Lin did not know where there was a second-hand market around here. He was going to ask someone casually at the gate of the community. It was such a coincidence that he met the young slightly fat man again. The man was carrying several bags, large and small, and his family members were like him. Through the bags, they could see each other buying a lot of salt.

This is Jing Lin's third meeting with each other. Before King could speak, the other party greeted him first: "Brother, go out?"

Jing Lin nodded and said, "Speaking, I was looking for you."

The man was surprised: "Looking for me? What is it?"

Jing Lin said about his intention to go home, and then said, "I also released the water from the water pipe the night before yesterday. it is draught and very clean."

When the man heard that Jing Lin was going to send him a lot of water, he was immediately overjoyed. He thanked Jing Lin assiduously. Men now believe that the end of the world is coming. As city workers, the only water source is tap water. Once tap water stops, they have to buy water. If they can buy water, they also have room to sell water. Therefore, the most water in their family is water, and then salt.

The man himself bought several large barrels and kept them at home. He lived on a floor next to his house. After leaving Jing Lin in place for a while, he quickly came with his family carrying several 20-liter barrels. His family was helpless and did not believe in the last days of men's talk, but they also followed him.

The man also handed Jing Lin two packets of salt in his hand. His wife could not help but smile when she saw them. She probably did not see the honoraria and the salt. But Jing Lin did not smile. He now felt that he was dazed. You know, if the end of the world really came, these two packets of humble salt could save lives, so he thanked her very seriously.

After the men's family took away all the water from Jing Lin Village, Jing Lin tilted the soup bucket down so that the water left in it could evaporate quickly, and then went out of the door again.

Just now he asked the man's family, but he did know the address of the second-hand market, which is a little far away. It usually takes about 20 minutes by car, and it takes at least one hour to walk. In such a big sun, Jing Lin took the newly-bought sunshade in his hand.

In the morning, Jing Lin only looked at the situation outside his window and the gate of the community. As soon as he came out of the gate of the community, he saw that the road was full of cars, littered with people pushing carts. Besides, there were also many people holding the paper brand of the cart, which was marked with the price of how many miles and how much money, including the traffic police in command. Coming and going, the voices are noisy, and there are many people who pass by like men carrying things in their hands.

Jing Lin watched for two minutes and then walked toward the second-hand market with an umbrella.

After walking for more than an hour, Jing Lin found the second-hand market. He asked the way to the place where he bought bicycles and saw that besides two-wheeled bicycles, there were several new-looking tricycles with human pedals.

Jing Lin went up and asked for the price. All the calls were more expensive, more than 200. Jing Lin asked several more, mostly at about the same price. Jing Lin had a total of less than 200 yuan, and only bought it for 150 yuan when he was worn out.

Riding a pedal tricycle is not the same as riding a two-wheeled bicycle. You can't ride a bicycle. You can ride a tricycle when you sit on it, but usually many people can ride a bicycle. Once you ride a tricycle, you can't grasp the front of the bicycle and go sideways without paying attention. This problem does not exist in Jing Lin. When Grandpa was still in the house, there was a tricycle used to pull goods. Jing Lin could always ride it.

After paying the money, Jing Lin rode a tricycle back. The road was not very easy because of a traffic jam. It took him longer to ride back than to walk. He parked his car at the sentry box and asked the security guard to watch him. He quickly went upstairs.

In the bedroom, Lele is still asleep. Jing Lin shook him and waited for a while to see him close his eyes and shout "uncle" before he breathed a sigh of relief. he was really afraid of Lele's doing something.

Jing Lin carried the suitcase down, then went upstairs to put the two buckets into the soup bucket, carried it down into the car, and finally went upstairs carrying Lele under an umbrella.

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