When Jing Lin was about to come out of the space array, the second group of people from the capital and Jialin who were searching for the spiritual pulse were already on their way.

None of the six people who entered Fusang's side had been handed down. naturally, they were unwilling. when Jing Lin was preparing to enter the array for a second time, Fusang said, "since we are cooperating, we must wait until all the people from our side have arrived."

In the end, on someone else's territory, the Chinese side naturally agreed.

Fusang's side kept sending people back again, this time they wanted to find some people who were proficient in Chinese characters, and the spirit tablet was passed on, which definitely could not be cheaper to China.

While waiting for Fusang, the second group finally joined them. There are basically low-ranking monks to pick spiritual plants or dig mines, and there are also sampling researchers.

Jing Lin didn't come again. Every time they divided the resources well, Jing Lin would protect their Jialin resources because of the arrangement. Therefore, they were not afraid of anyone who wanted to break in and steal or dig. Officials and associations have bought this array from him. There is no need to worry about the safety of the inside. The reason why we have to repair the base outside is because we are afraid of some hidden experts sneaking in.

On the night before the arrival of the staff from Fusang, near midnight, the originally sleeping wind suddenly woke up and rushed out of their room without saying anything.

Jing Lin several already chatting, see it immediately all follow out, see by the wind ran to the deck, busy chasing the past. The sound of their running alarmed the monks in other rooms, and they immediately opened the door and followed.

In the nearby sea area, except for the lights of some of their ships, the whole sea surface is dark, accompanied by the sound of the sea breeze and the howling of unknown sea animals in the distance. The wind was moving so fast that Jing Lin almost couldn't keep up with them.

When they finally caught up with the chase, the chase stopped.

At this time it stood upright, in front of it, a skinny mummy lay there.

The monks who followed immediately exclaimed, looking horrified, looking at the mummy and then at Jing Lin. "What's going on?"

Jing Lin said, "We just came out."

The call alarmed the other monks. Soon, the whole deck was full of people, and people who were not sure asked what had happened to others.

At this point, the scene in the they are also asking by the wind.

"I don't know, I suddenly felt a familiar sense of threat, similar to the black air released by those black lotus flowers in the fishpond."

A mummy was suddenly found on one of the boats on China's side. The movement was not small. Fusang naturally knew about it. After confirmation, the mummy was a member of Fusang. The death form is exactly the same as those in Q city and Wu Jianxiong in Jialin before. The blood and accomplishments in the body are completely sucked.

The bodies of the Fusang personnel appeared on the Chinese ship. Fusang angrily pointed the spearhead directly at the Chinese side, saying that they had bad intentions and wanted to kill them to monopolize the space array.

Two representatives from China explained: "If we want to monopolize, will we let your people go back?"

However, no matter how the Chinese side explained it, what speculation it made, it was such an obvious frame-up, Fusang side did not say investigation, believed it directly, and only asserted that it was the Chinese side. when their Fusang main force came, we would talk about compensation with them.

In the dispute between the two parties, Jing Lin's face was not good-looking.

Before they left, they deliberately released the news of their trip to the sea to attract the magic repair. When the second wave of personnel came, the Jialin personnel who came also told them that the magic repair did not continue to do evil after they left, so they came with them.

On the day when they boarded the ship, Jing Lin arranged a miniature version of the array. In the array, all spiritual attacks of the monks were under their supervision. On the day they arrived, when representatives of both sides went to negotiate with Fusang, the array of Fu Zhuan was secretly activated on Fusang's ship. I thought everyone was under the control of the array. I didn't think the magic repair had mysteriously hidden from the control.

Before chasing the wind, he fought with the black lotus for some time, but even so, when it came out, he only saw a mummy, not even the shadow of the murderer.

This situation is more difficult than they imagined.

On this day, Fusang side has refused to communicate with China, is very alert. When their main personnel arrived the next day, knowing this, they were even more aggressive, demanding that China hand over the murderer and compensate him.

China said that it was also very unjust. A dead body suddenly appeared on the ship in the evening. They were also very scared, ok?

The man with the surname of Wu was very dismissive of Fusang's various behaviors and said, "what's the motive? I think you just want to use the corpses of your companions to make us compromise on resources!"

Although he was dissatisfied with the fact that Jialin County always took the lion's share of the resources of the spiritual pulse space, he would rather give them directly to Jialin if he wanted to give them to Fusang.

All negotiations with Fusang were handled by representatives of the Chinese state, while the rest of the monks stayed on the ship to practice quietly. Some monks did not know about the existence of the magic repair. After the popularization of science by some monks who had experienced the cruel methods of magic repair in Jialin County and Q City. Moreover, they experienced the silence of magic repair, and never dared to stay alone in the room. No matter where they went or even slept, three to five people crowded in a room. At that time, the atmosphere on the ship became tense.

This was deliberately led by Jing Lin after consulting with the Association. Once these people are nervous and scared, they will only want to shrink in their own rooms. Moreover, many people gather together, and Moxiu wants to start work again. The movement must be hidden.

However, only the day before yesterday when they were thieves, there was no one who could prevent them for a thousand days. If magic repair did not show up, they would not be able to catch them. Since the wind has been awakened, it is no good to continue sleeping and practicing for a short period of time. Jing Lin will let it find the breath of magic repair, and they can only use the most stupid exclusion method to find-dig the origin of the monks on board.

All this was done in secret, and the action was extremely secretive. With the efforts of the three parties, they spent two days to understand the identity and origin of the monks one by one. During this period, the negotiation between China and Fusang was also deadlocked.

Another day early in the morning, after breakfast, the monks gathered at the deck to relax and watch the ships of Fusang country discuss in a low voice.

Jing Lin they also came out, by the wind on his shoulder.

At this time, the man surnamed Wu also came out and walked past them like no one was watching and walked to the other side of the deck.

"There seems to be a smell of blood," the wind-driven small voice said.

Scene in a fiercely, with Yan Lu they with the wave. Yan Fei several got the message, immediately back, soon dispersed to do layout.

At this time, the man with the surname Wu looks like a ruler, holding a cigar in one hand and holding his own charming son in the other hand, making some contemptuous remarks to the Fusang people across the street. Jiao Er naturally echoed, amused Wu man Chang Xiao unceasingly.

Jing went over to say with a gentle smile, "Mr Wu is in a good mood today?"

The man surnamed Wu snorted coldly: "It was good originally, but it was not good after seeing you."

Jing Lin paid no attention to his sarcasm. he continued with an expression that I still wanted to talk to you: "what kind of person does Mr Wu think this magic order is?"

The man surnamed Wu scoffed, "Naturally, he is not a good man." He just said, his face changed, eyes looked at Jing Lin color is not good, "what do you mean? Maybe you suspect that I was disguised by magic repair?"

Jing Lin said, "Mr. Wu thinks a lot, but Jing mou just asked casually." He turned his eyes and looked at Jiao Er. "I haven't seen miss Jiao Er for a few days. she is much more beautiful."

Jiao Er smiled with a charming smile: "No matter how much you praise me, I won't give you a second look."

The man surnamed Wu gave Jing Lin a look of disgust and quipped: "Jing Tianshi is a good-looking man. I never thought he would be interested in other people's women, so I'm not afraid of the unhappy one in your family."

Said, and took the Jiao Er to go.

When Jiao Er left, he just passed Jing Lin. Jing Lin listened to the wind and muttered, "it stinks."

Jing Lin said, "Mr Wu, king wants to ask, where were you five minutes before the incident that night?"

Wu man immediately stopped, turned around was furious, "you still doubt me! After stabbing you a few times before, you can slander me at will."

Jing Lin's face remained unchanged and he said, "Please tell Mr. Wu truthfully that not only you, but also other people on board, I have already asked."

The man surnamed Wu took a few deep breaths and suppressed his raging anger. he said with a smile on his face and no smile on his face: "just after enjoying the fish and water, he was just tired. when he heard the noise outside, he was too lazy to get up and went straight to sleep."

Hearing the private affairs of others, Jing Lin's face did not dance with hearts. as soon as the Wu man finished speaking, he turned his eyes to Jiao Er.

When it comes to privacy, Jiao Er is blushing with shame. seeing Jing Lin and asking her what she meant, she stamped her foot in shame and anger. "I went to lie down in the toilet. it took me only three minutes to go back and forth."

The man surnamed Wu was about to scold Jing Lin for being shameless. He even had to ask a clear question about such intimate matters.

However, he did not want Jing Lin to laugh suddenly. He looked at Jiaoer with fixed eyes: "A large living person was sucked into a human body for only half a minute. Three minutes is short, but it is enough for you."

Jiao Er face a change.

"Grab her!" With a loud shout, Jing Lin thrust out a divine attack.

"Damn!" Jiao Er has completely changed a person, charming and charming is spruce, yin evil, the whole people suddenly covered with a layer of black fog, yin evil incomparably wrapped her completely inside, if it is night, that is the most perfect protective color.

She escaped Jing Lin's attack and grabbed a man surnamed Wu who was still confused. her arm rested on his shoulder. she was very slim, but she seemed to have great strength and could not move the man surnamed Wu.

Although the man surnamed Wu did not go out that night, he had stayed in q city for a period of time, and the horror of those mummies was clear enough. His legs were weak and his face turned pale. He felt that his strength was losing rapidly. The fear in his heart finally made him lose his old arrogance and calm, and his mouth gave out shrieks.

Fortunately, he was not sucked into a mummy, and was promptly stopped by the wind.

After fighting with the black lotus flowers for a long time, Zhufeng was even able to overcome them. Finally, he even took advantage of the huge power of the black air to carry the lightning of yue longmen and was more than enough to deal with a charming child.

Jiao Er only felt that the power drawn from the man's body was suddenly interrupted, just like the straw was blocked up. No matter how hard she sucked, it was useless.

Jiao Er could only throw away the man who had half his life left and had become a bad old man and turned to jump into the sea.

However, it was too late. Jing Lin had already prepared for it.

When the exclusion method was applied, only Jo's identity was unknown on the ship. When asked about the followers of the martial arts family, they all said that Jiao Er met the man surnamed Wu only after the end of the day. they didn't know the specific identity, but Jiao Er's previous knowledge should be very good, and many people were stranded at home and abroad. among them, there were naturally fuso people. they had seen Jiao Er talk with a fuso person in fuso language a few years ago.

As soon as they continue to understand, they will know that in q city six months ago, most of the fighters were there, including men surnamed Wu. Over the past few years, he has only doted on Jiao Er. In addition to exploring the secret environment, he basically takes Jiao Er with him whenever and wherever he goes. When Wei Zhen went to Q city, the man surnamed Wu was in the secret territory, so they had no intersection. Wei Zhen didn't know him and could only identify him by the marks on his clothes.

However, the man surnamed Wu has been in secret for a long time, and Jiao Er can only wait outside, which just gives her time to commit crimes.

In the inheritance, it is said that magic repair, which increases strength by sucking the blood of others, cannot hide the blood smell of the body even though the magic Qi can be masked by secret methods as monks or ordinary people during the few days after sucking the living.

Two times before, Jing Lin only smelled a strong perfume smell on Jiao's body, but the scent was sensitive to the wind and smelled a little, but he was not sure. He could only pretend to talk with a man surnamed Wu and try again. At that time, although there was interference from the smell of cigars on the other hand, it was very close at that time, and the scent of blood that seemed to be absent was finally confirmed by the wind.

And Jiao Er, she knew her disguise had been exposed. she didn't want to continue pretending and never admit it. However, since the other party recognized her as soon as she arrived, it must have long been suspected that instead of taking risks in their hands, it would be better to break out of here and take a long-term view.

Jiao Er threw herself into the sea. As soon as she was empty, she felt a tight waist. A green vine caught her and dragged her back directly.

Jiao Er's hand condensed magic Qi and grabbed at the vine. However, the magic Qi was frozen by something and did not play any role.

Jiao Er was thrown on the deck, and suddenly the thick tail of a white python came down from the air, pressing Jiao Er to death there.

Fix for the magic gas are frozen, Jiao Er exhausted, can only see angrily came over to the scene in them.

As early as before, the other monks on the deck had already retracted into the room, and they didn't come out again until the outside noise was over.

The people looked at the woman wrapped in black gas and saw that the magic repair was the concubine who had nothing but beauty, which was beyond all their expectations.

Jing Lin stood in front of Jiao Er, looked at Jiao Er from a high position and said slowly: "half a minute is enough for you to suck a living person, but the Fusang is not an ordinary person. he is a ninja, and wants to take him off the Fusang boat and suck him into a mummy without showing any movement in three minutes. normally, three minutes is not enough. However, everything that night can only show that the ninja was not captured by you, but sent to you on his own initiative."Jing Lin looked at the Fusang people standing on the deck at this time on the boat opposite her eyes."or, you, who are already Fusang people, just took advantage of the fact that we went down to the bottom of the sea to recognize them, and exposed your cards to them to cooperate with them. As for remuneration, I think it is exactly as pointed out by Mr. Wu, just to force us to make concessions on resources."

Yan Fei said, "I'm afraid there is more." He looked at Jiao Er with cold eyes."after we have divided the resource areas, we will issue the wooden boards into the array. maybe this magic repair will take the wooden boards into the array and continue to do harm."

With every word they said, Jiao Er became angry. However, Su Zhen's body is huge, her weight is not small, and she intends to suppress it. No matter how angry she is or how she struggles, she cannot move for half a minute.

And every time Jing Lin said a word, someone in China translated it into Fusang and said it to the other side.

Opposite the new Fusang leaders carry a pot for no reason, nature is very angry, sentence by sentence Fusang language thrown out toward them.

Jing Lin, who listened to the translation, simply said, "Don't talk nonsense."  "The woman is clearly a Chinese, but she is your scapegoat for shirking responsibilities."  "You have to give us an account and compensate us for the loss of our brave men on your ship without cause."

On China's side, some people have asked what they have said countless times over the past few days: "Then why did your brave men run into our ship without permission and without permission? You have to explain this first."

The two sides have been at loggerheads for several days before they started to start over again.

Jing Lin smiled at the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were extremely cold. he looked pityingly at Jiao Er, who was still struggling in vain: "look, your ally gave up you easily."

Jiao Er's face became more hostile. She suddenly gave a loud chuckle, raised her head to her side, and said to the opposite Fusang, "You made me do this, Sichuan Zuojun. If I don't agree with you, you won't let me go home with your boat. Now, you have to save me!"

A middle-aged man standing opposite the new leader immediately raised his slightly bowed head and his face was visibly flustered. Because of his guilty conscience, his rebuttal seemed to lack energy and stammer: "No . . . I don't know you!"

Jiao Er is now dying and needs to be given a cushion: "You were not like this before. You said that if you want to monopolize a share of resources, China is too strong to allow them to get so many resources, then you should seize them. You also said that there must be a reasonable reason for this matter. It happens that Kenichi Jun is a subordinate of your political opponents and has always disagreed with you. I have been honest with you about my abilities, and you have tricked Kenichi into coming to me and saying that there are plans to tell him. When the time comes, I'll just smoke him, throw down the body and frame the Chinese, and you'll take care of the follow-up."

There has been quite a stir here in China. One by one, either in the Chinese language, or in the Fusang language, or in one's own dialect, one by one, one keeps throwing out rebukes.

Jiao Er gave a vicious laugh twice and kept on saying: "By the way, you also told me that if China is unwilling, then you will also give Zheng Xiong Jun to me, let me take it and continue to frame it to China so as to exert pressure on them to make concessions and compensate."

The named Zhengxiong Jun, another small leader, probably did not think that he was also a member of the calculation. At this time, he was shocked to see Chuanzuo.

"That's enough." The new leader of Fusang snapped at him. his cold eyes slipped over chuan zuo, glanced at Jiao Er and said to Jing Lin, "this woman is not from Fusang. as a Chinese, we have no right to deal with her. Although you can't catch the culprit now, we can't solve the problem if we continue to spend so much. It is better to divide the resources first and then try our best to track down the perpetrators."

Under this change China quit, Fusang has the final say over everything. what have we become, the younger brother whom you call at will?

Now, you say this woman is Chinese, let's just consider her. So, before tracing the real culprit, how can you also reasonably explain what you, a dead warrior, mean by sneaking into a Chinese ship? What is your intention?

It doesn't matter if you don't explain, it's a big deal. anyway, their daily time is either on the way to struggle for cultivation or on the way to practice. you Fusang are different. the monks who have counted with one hand must be very anxious to find out what happened to those spirit tablets in the array.

In the next few days, the Chinese side really did as they said, practicing calmly every day.

As for Jiao Er, Fusang there is certainly not ignore her, is another accident, scene in them directly to her disposal.

Jiao Er probably did not expect that her magic training career would be so short, but it took more than half a year. At the beginning in Q city, I got a magic repair skill by chance. Although this skill has no bottom line, it can be rapidly strengthened as long as I suck blood. Even if several monks tracked her down, they could do nothing but watch her escape.

She succeeded many times and gradually became complacent. She is from Fusang and used to work in China, so she is proficient in the Chinese language and speaks mandarin very well, so no one ever doubted her identity. After arriving here, she saw the flag of Fusang, and she wanted to go home, even when she became strong and no longer had to depend on men, she also lived in not fade away. However, she is obviously more inclined to Chinese people than to suck the people of her own country. She also wants to go into the array to have a look and have a share of her own resources for her to use at any time.

So she found Chuanzuo, only mentioned it slightly, and easily moved the intended participation of Chuanzuo. After that, things basically developed as Jing Lin said. Moreover, she does intend to seize the wooden boards that enter the array to suck others and rob resources after Jing Lin and these people leave.

Jiao Er has harmed more than a hundred people, and death is not worth cherishing. However, the man surnamed Wu, who has been sucked away by Jiao Er for most of his accomplishments, has become old and has difficulty walking at present. he has kept such a poisonous scorpion by his side and does not know it. he has come to this end and can only consider himself unlucky.

A few days later, China's side became calm and Fusang's side became worried.

Not two days later, the new leader on their ship, in front of the Chinese, disposed of chuan zuo on the spot, and did not ask for any compensation from the Chinese. everything went according to the original.

So the people who had been idle for many days finally got down to business. The monks were all ready to go into battle and explore. Representatives of various forces began to draw up a draft wrangling over the division of resources.

The resources in the space array are good or bad, which are related to their own interests. Each force wants to get the best resources, so dividing resources is a very complicated and complicated matter. When several parties are ready, everyone will join the array and begin to explore the entire space array, marking out different kinds of resource areas for division.

After the area was marked, several parties formally wrangled on board the ship and fought for each other. Even Fusang, who had just been exposed to the plot, refused to budge. A few days later, under the established interests, we finally got a division of resources that satisfied everyone.

After that, Jing Lin began to take some resources that could be picked and dug out to the outside. With the joint efforts of the two countries, the defensive post was soon completed. Jing Lin arranged a large array of guards to surround the post, leaving some personnel to defend here and returning with full harvest.

A year later, Jing Lin was invited again by the capital and the Association to the city of Phil in Hot Island, where lava has flooded and is extremely hot due to volcanic eruptions. If it is true, it will be the last fire-attribute vein in the Five Elements.

A new spiritual vein is about to be discovered. Jing Lin and his party are once again embarking on the journey of truth-fixing.

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