It was already dark at this time, but the sea was the busiest time in these days.

Because the reiki is released outside, the sea is constantly surging and very rough, and the ship parked in the same place is constantly swaying, with great amplitude, giving people the feeling of being toppled at any time. The representatives of the two sides on the ship are cleaning up their ships. Some personnel who cannot enter the space array must evacuate with the ships to avoid being injured by the sea animals that follow the aura.

Jing Lin they swam to the halfway and were almost directly pushed up by the surging sea water. they had just boarded the ship for a while and were changing their diving equipment at this time.

The depth of their previous dive has exceeded 1,000 meters. The impact strength of Reiki is offset by the pressure of seawater but the impact is still large. Fortunately, the diving equipment on their bodies is specially made, so it has not caused any harm to them. However, this also proves that the entrance of the space array is not far from them.

On board the ship, the woman named Jiao Er was pestering Wu men to play coquetry and insisted on going down with them.

The man surnamed Wu had a bad attitude towards Jing Lin, but he was very tolerant of this charming son. he was also very angry and explained to her: "the aura inside is too strong. if you go in as an ordinary person, you will not be able to bear it. please behave yourself and stop making fun of it. just leave with them and wait for me to come back."

Jiaoer pestered several times, and when the man with the surname of Wu became impatient, it was enough at last. She said with great grievance that she was waiting for the other person to come back.

Before long, reverse waves began to appear on the sea surface, which indicated that the sea animals were coming in the distance and Jiao Er was reluctant to board their boat and follow them away.

On the other side of Fusang, their boat has already left. all the monks on board have passed on diving equipment and are floating beside them, waiting to go in with them.

For the resources in this spiritual vein, the tablet can only depend on personal luck, and the carvers of other resources have joined Fusang this time. they have only got 10% of the shares. in the future, both countries will have to send people to garrison here, but the wooden tablets entering the city can only be collected here in Jing Lin. Because of this, even if it is divided into one layer by Fusang, the resource sharing of Jialin county will remain unchanged.

When the wave became more and more turbulent and even the roar of sea animals could be heard from afar, Jing Lin once again entered the deep sea.

The seeker has been collected and taken away. At this time, the reiki at the bottom of the sea feels obvious, so now they can directly explore the past along the reiki. There are three arrays on the outside of this vein. One is formed by the track of sea water, the other is the damaged lock array, and the last is the space array.

Jing Lin skillfully cut off the trajectory of the space array, and the familiar suction came. He relaxed his body and let the array suck himself in.

After entering, he was stunned by the impact of reiki. Almost everyone has a unique array of spirits. So everyone who went in was awake.

One moment they were still wearing diving suits in the dark sea water, and the next moment they changed the venue. Although they were still in the water, they were warm and bright, like they came to the legendary Dragon Palace.

All the animals that came in with them did not wear diving equipment. They were just animals with water properties like chasing the wind. Naturally, they felt that they came to heaven. As soon as they entered the array, they fell into a deep sleep. Simply, they were not heavy, and they could be taken away directly by circling around Jing Lin's wrist.

Su Zhen, however, did not adapt himself to the lake water around him and put on the unique array of spirits prepared by Jing Lin.

This space is still very vast, but they found that at the bright border, the surrounding is still dark, like wrapped in a thick black curtain. Jing Lin noticed that the "curtain" was shaking gently all the time. he reached out curiously and looked into it. he found that the tentacles were cold, like a layer of flexible film with toughness, which can extend along with the extension of your hand.

"This should be the sea outside." Yan Fei made the same test as Jing Lin and finally expressed his guess.

As for the "film", there is no doubt that it is a space barrier.

At this time, all the people came in. It was the first time that the Friar Fusang saw such a magical scene. His expression was surprised and exaggerated. His mouth kept repeating several words, which translated into nothing more than "God" and "God" to express his shock.

The spiritual vein in city I is a wood spiritual vein, and the spiritual plants in it are almost all biased towards and act on the wood attribute. the gold and earth spiritual veins are almost full of various spiritual mines, and there are few plants, but none of those plants are not the spiritual plants that are hard to find and cherish. Watery pulse was only buried in a small lake at the beginning, but the sea has changed greatly. The position of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas has changed greatly. The former small lake sank directly to the bottom of the sea, and it didn't appear in front of the world until today.

Jing Lin they began to look at this space, curious about this watery pulse can nourish what genius treasure.

The buoyancy inside is very small, they will not feel tired in diving suits, and they can just walk inside by the power of water. Under the soles of the feet are all white sand as fine and soft as rice grains. This sand is very pure and white. It looks crystal clear under the reflection of water and light. Even if you just look at it like this, you can't help it.

Because there is no need to worry about dangerous animals inside, so we walked relatively safely. During this period, we found many good things, such as those aquatic plants that have completely evolved into spiritual plants, most of which are taller than people, in various colors, in pieces, hanging around with the current. The scene was really spectacular.

However, the contents here cannot be moved casually when they are not divided down. Now, the big guy is looking for a tablet of spirit, and then rubbing on the reiki inside to break through and fix for something.

Because found three space array, the inside of the spirit tablet is basically placed in the same position, scene near they walked in the direction of the established, really found rows of spirit tablet there, under the count found more than one hundred pieces.

In the past, the real world was really full of flowers. There were so many sects left behind. In the four spatial arrays, there were more than 1,000.

Although they can see the tablet, not everyone can. The identity of any of these people who came was not simple, either relatives or disciples could follow them on the strength of their relationship, or people from the association's official side who asked for help. Behind each quota was a huge network of contacts and a huge amount of materials.

At present, there are still some spirit tablets left in the three space arrays in China and no suitable inheritors have been found. In this case, the three of them will open an array from Jing Lin every once in a while, releasing some places for people to enter, but only letting you in. Whether they can get the inheritance or not depends on luck. Many people have paid a large amount of materials but made a free trip. However, even so, these expensive places are still popular.

Jing Lin was the one who started the battle this time. the people who followed him in were all pure people who came to rub reiki. when they reached the boundary of the monument, they began to meditate and practice. Jing Lin and Yan Lu were no exception. Since there are people guarding the tablet, they don't have to worry about it.

It took nearly half a year for those people to read all the tablets. Funny thing is, among the six people who came in this time, none had to be handed down. It's not that they are not qualified, but that they are Fusang people and do not know Chinese characters.

In fact, there have been several secret places in Fusang country over the past few years. it is easy to say that rare treasures can be distinguished from precious ones by people who can feel the spiritual power slightly. However, if they encounter some inscriptions or other things described in strange languages, they will have no idea. Finally, people who know the business will come forward and say that it is Chinese. Therefore, the treasures described in the secret realm are basically obtained by people who know Chinese characters.

Without inheritance, the six Fusang people were angry and anxious at first. I want to pull the people on their side to explain the meaning to them, but who has the skill to manage them? I am too busy to practice. The six men wanted to go back to find native speakers who could understand the language quickly, but they could not leave because the sea animals might have blocked the door outside, so they had to watch.

They are anxious, but they are very comfortable in sight.

At first, they planned to replace diving equipment on a regular basis. Unexpectedly, Lele gave it a try and found that even if they took off their equipment, they could breathe and walk normally. All of them avoided the trouble upstream and stayed inside directly. They lived in the water for half a year by relying on a lot of food in the storage bag. Because the repairer's constitution was different from that of ordinary people, even after soaking for half a year, they did not suffer from skin wrinkles and blisters. Besides the floating feeling of water, there was almost no difference between them and their life on land.

Although this spiritual vein is watery, the plant ores nourished by it are not all inclined to the water attribute. There are other five elements of reiki, only slightly less, but it is completely enough to provide them with cultivation. Through this six months of penance, most people have made considerable progress in their accomplishments.

Jing Lin's previous accomplishments were in a bottleneck state. He was given some relief when breaking the array. Six months passed and he had already broken through two more layers.

After reading the tablet, it was time to leave for a while. After these people leave, their Jialin people will stay and discuss the division of resources with other three parties.

During this period, when they stayed in the array, the outside of the array was also bloody. In order to ensure their safety when they came out, the Chinese side and Fusang had already sent their personnel to join forces, hunting and driving the ferocious sea animals with new weapons. it took them more than two months to calm down, and they began to try their best to build defensive bases in this area.

When Jing Lin came out of the sea, they were surrounded by boats with countless busy workers.

Most of the workers were ordinary people. They had heard earlier that a group of powerful monks had gone down in the past few months. At the moment, seeing these heads that looked like gourd, they cried out excitedly.

Even they know that every time there is a new discovery in the country, it means that ordinary people like them can go to explore opportunities they haven't encountered before, which is good for them.

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