Jing Lin turned to look at them and saw a young woman dressed in a red cheongsam. The other side was painting a delicate makeup and her gorgeous lips drew a radian of disdain. At this time, they were squinting at them, and a face of disdain. The woman was not alone, she was still standing beside several people, following the posture. However, this woman is not the person they follow, but a tall man cuddled up to by the woman.

The man was of extraordinary physique and was very tall. He showed no restraint in the imposing manner when facing the scene. His body was full of vigor and energy. He could see that he was a fighter with high accomplishments. The man looks perfectly normal. The only fly in the ointment is that his head is against the Mediterranean Sea.

Noting that Jing Lin was in their sight, the man turned a blind eye and said, "alas, how can Jiao Er talk like that? what if people don't like it? are you not offending people?"

The woman named Jiao Er smiled twice when she heard this and said in pettish general terms: "the other people just don't say it."

The two men's discussion was justified and completely ignored Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen said coolly, "er, why is the bald man so ugly and so good for himself?"

Guan Shuangshuang followed suit: "Why do you talk like that? What if people don't like it? You are offending people."

The man and Jo immediately stopped and turned around with a cold face. Because of his self-reliance, the man did not speak. Jiao Er pointed angrily at Guan Shuangshuang: "Who are you talking about?"

Guan Shuangshuang spread out his hands, "it's not like you, are you bald? In such a hurry to be seated!"As she said this, she brought in a disciple of her own who followed her this time. The other side happened to have a bald head. Guan Shuangshuang nodded his head and was extremely defiant: "I said my disciple couldn't do it?"

The disciple touched his head and smiled foolishly twice.

Jiao Er blushed with anger, pursed her lips, and scolded 1: "sharp-tongued!"

Guan Shuangshuang politely handed it: "It's still a notch below you."

"You!" Jiao Er was angry and took two steps forward. She raised her hand against Guan Shuang.

Guan Shuangshuang raised his eyebrows, and tendril emerged from her sleeve. Jing Lin grabbed her and stood in front of her.

Jing Lin looks handsome, looks gentle, although he is also a bumpkin, but somehow he is also a handsome bumpkin, Jiao Er full of anger on him, raise your hand half a day fall not bottom go to, bitterly stared at them, retracted the man's side.

Jing Lin looked at the man: "The little girl is outspoken. This gentleman should not dispute with her."

The man looked up and down at Jing Lin gherardini. "Jing Tianshi is really in the limelight now."

Jing Lin smiled modestly and said, "I can't compare with you."

After another verbal abuse, the man immediately took a puff at the corner of his eye and snorted coldly, "Let's talk fast." He decided not to talk to Jing Lin any more and walked away with that charming son on his high horse.

Yan Fei said to Jing Lin, "he knows your surname Jing, and the other party obviously knows you."

At this time, Wei Zhen returned. He met several people he had known before. Wei Zhen is not what he used to be. In order to establish friendship, the other party insisted on pulling him to talk for a while and finally got away. When he came back, he pinched and passed the men and women.

Jing Lin asked Wei Zhen, "Do you know the man?"

Wei Zhen shook his head: "I don't know." He had been running around to prolong master's life, and he didn't know many monks, "but the clothes on the other side bear the mark of a martial artist, so it should be the martial family."

Wu Dao in M Province inherits the family of Wu Jia. Wei Zhen mentioned it once when he first saw Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu, and said that the two could go there for examination and study later. It's a pity that the two people have inherited later, so learning is out of the question, and it is still possible to learn from each other and communicate with each other in the future. However, according to the man's attitude towards them just now, it is better not to contact them in the future.

Guan Shuangshuang looked at the woman standing on a high heel and twisting her small waist. He frowned and asked, "That woman is an ordinary person. Why did she follow the boat?"

Wei Zhen smiled and said: "Some systems that have been abolished for a long time actually exist in some places, such as polygamy. Many Xiuzhen families still use this system. The good name is for children and for family inheritance. Look at the woman's attire, she should be his concubine."

Guan Shuangshuang curled his pie mouth in disgust. How can anyone admire such a dross?

It was already the afternoon of the second day when they boarded the ship. After playing for a while, it was almost dark, and dinner was ready on board. There is a canteen on board, and the meals prepared by special cooks are very delicious. However, most of the people on board are fastidious, so there is also a small kitchen on board, which can be prepared by themselves.

Each of them brought a lot of food materials with their storage bags. Yu Dafu even brought his own kitchenware, which was refined by Long Zhang instead of ordinary kitchenware. He took his disciples to the small kitchen to work for a while, making a large table of dishes, eating more incense and more aura than in the canteen.

Not long after the meal, the two representatives who heard of the small friction in the afternoon brought some things to make amends to Jing Lin. This time out of the sea, Jing Lin was the main force. The others could only be regarded as cats smelling fishy to rob food. They had to respect Jing Lin's attitude. But also because they can't afford to offend m city warrior, after all, is a family of hundreds of years, easily not to be taunted, so still hope that both sides can calm down.

Jing Lin is not a soft target for others to hold. Although the Wu family is arrogant, they are also afraid to go back. As long as the other party does not provoke them any more, Jing Lin will naturally not bother with the other party.

The ship was moving smoothly towards its destination. One day it was stopped in a relatively quiet sea for half a day. The crew went to catch some sea fish to supplement the ingredients. The monks on the ship were also allowed to catch variation sea fish and so on. This also met Jing Lin's curiosity and tasted the pleasure of baking sea fish by themselves.

During the few days on board the ship, all the people were not idle, and some familiar people exchanged their cultivation experiences. Jing Lin was also visited by many monks, who either begged him to draw a picture or asked him to make a storage bag.

The storage bag made by Jing Lin now has a larger space, and he also has a clue about the high-order space array of mountain forest space. To study this, I want to improve my accomplishments and skills, and I want to open up more space for them to use. There are more and more clan disciples in the county seat, and it is very troublesome to go out to those secret places to experience each time. moreover, the situation inside is uncertain, so it is easy to encounter danger and cause irreparable losses. If he can open up the space like mountain forest, he can create some experience secrets by himself, and the dangerous difficulty can be customized by himself, only for the clan's own use.

There is also a training room on board. The walls of the room are made of special materials, and there is also a protective array that can be used by monks at ease. Jing Lin and Yan Fei will stay in the training room for two hours every day, and occasionally meet monks who invite them to play because of their skills. They will also accept them.

In particular, Yan Fei's exquisite sword technique often enchants people and applauds them. The Wu family, who may have listened to the advice, occasionally met on the ship, also didn't speak rudely.

Just after noon on the fourth day, their ship finally arrived at the designated Na Pianhai area. At this time, there were already two or more super-large sea-going ships parked nearby, with the national flag of China hanging on them, and one with the flag of Fusang. There were also several small boats floating under the big ship. All of them were seated. Seeing their boats, they immediately stood up and waved excitedly. It seemed to be their people.

Jing Lin they were all standing on the deck at this time, and soon several people from the boat came up and reported the situation to them.

Among those who came up were the main person in charge of the search for spiritual pulse, a researcher and a monk. He was also involved in the manufacture of the search machine. He said to the two representatives who came over from the scene: "The search machine has been put down, but still no place has been found. The day before yesterday, people came from Fusang. they have been driving us away for two days. however, because we also have revisers here, they only give priority to warnings and do not take strong measures. they probably want to see our real purpose here."

"We don't have to worry too much about this. I will negotiate with Fusang." The speaker was the official in the capital. He is now the representative of the highest power in China."King, I have invited you. Are the diving suits ready?"

Responsible for humanity: "Ready."

The representative turned to face them and said: "The diving equipment we have prepared is made of the materials of deep-sea mutating sea animals. It can dive very deep. There is no need to worry about pressure and so on. The air in the diving cylinder is absolutely sufficient. The mutating sea animals around this area have been completely driven away. However, we will still send people to follow and protect them and equip you with newly developed submarine communicators. If there are any problems, you can communicate directly, so you don't have to worry too much about safety."

Jing Lin nodded. Soon the other side brought many sets of diving equipment, and Jing Lin's side all put on the equipment to go into the water with him, and some interested monks also prepared to go down. While they were preparing, a large number of people suddenly appeared on the Fusang boat, all looking curiously and seriously, and several people were also wearing diving equipment.

When entering the water, several people from Fusang jumped into the water and swam towards them.

The person in charge of the patrol reached out to stop the other party and communicated with the other party in Fusang: "sorry, you can't go there."

"I must go." The other said excitedly, "This is the sea area belonging to our Fusang. What do you want to do to my country after you have stayed in our territory for so many days and put things into the water? This is an infringement of our territorial rights and interests!"

At this time, representatives of the capital also boarded the Fusang country's ship. after talking with their leaders for a while, they waved to several people in dispute: "let them pass."

The noise of the dispute just stopped. At this time, Jing Lin had already dived into the bottom of the water and swam in the direction of the rope pulling the spirit finder.

The sea is cold and deep, and the light is weaker as it goes downstream, but they carry special lights, so visual inspection is not a problem. After diving to a certain depth, they found the seeker suspended in the sea.

The shape of the spirit finder is like a giant flashlight, with an electric bead at the top. At this time, the electric bead lights red and flashes. The person in charge told him before entering the sea that if the exact location of the spirit vein is found, the lamp will turn green, red is not found, and a flash indicates that it has been disturbed. The sea area where Reiki broke out is very large. Other places have been detected several times by the spirit finder. All the red lights are not flashing. Only this one will have such a situation. Therefore, there are obvious abnormalities. In the end, they locked this one.

Buried spiritual veins correspond to the five elements. The first three have been confirmed to be gold, wood, earth, water and fire. At that time, the choice of seal also corresponds to the five elements, so the sea should be watery and veined. In order to prevent the monster beast with too strong strength, this situation should still be taken into account when sealing watery pulse. It is probably because of this mysterious aura that watery pulse's aura leaked out is not serious, and the mutating sea beasts are not very strong either. Otherwise, the situation that Jing Lin faces here is likely to be to kill the powerful sea beasts catalyzed by aura first, after all, several times before because the lock array was damaged too seriously and the aura leaked out seriously, several spirit veins have encountered this kind of situation.

The so-called aura is the array in Jing Lin's eyes. Some people are arranged to stay beside the spirit finder by the communicator. Jing Lin turns around and swims away, starting to find out the location of the array within the delineated range.

The red light flickered incessantly, indicating that they had entered the inner circle of the array. Jing Lin swam around and followed a long line of people behind his buttocks. However, Jing Lin spent half a day touring all the delineated areas and did not find any aura.

Some people were already exhausted and sneered through the com: "Will it work or not? Do we have to wait in this water?"

Jing Lin took a glance at the past, even though he could accurately find the speaker through the diving mirror, it was the Wu family.

Yan Fei said crossly, "We can't wait to go up. We didn't ask you to come down."

Then no one spoke. These people who followed down, which is not in if find space array can first to get benefits. However, the only thing in the space array that can make them move is the spirit tablet hidden inside. They cannot move anything else. These have always been controlled by the capital, the association and Jialin. This rule has been in use since the first space array came into existence.

Jing Lin had no idea to quarrel with others. Yan Fei gave him a head start, and he put his mind on finding the array again. He swam away again and motioned the people behind him not to follow him. He swam to one side, dispersed his strength and let himself float with the sea.

Front, back, left, right.

Jing Lin felt the flow of sea water, thinking of finding the track of reiki field before breaking the array. However, the trajectory of an array is basically fixed. Even if it is difficult, it will take a little time to find it. The key difficulty is to destroy the trajectory.

Suddenly a flash in my mind, scene in the open closed eyes. He let go of God's knowledge and attached it to the sea. Like his body, it rose and fell with the current. After drifting for half an hour, Jing Lin finally found the formation track of this array.

It turns out that it does not rely on spiritual force, but the direction in which the sea water flows. Its trajectory is not static, because it changes at any time and is unpredictable, so it has not been found in Jing Lin for a long time. Although it changes, it will return to a certain point every once in a while. It is precisely because these points do not come apart that this array is formed.

Regarding the inheritance of array technique, Jing Lin has always been a bit of a step-by-step learning. This is the first time he found this new array so interesting.

Previously, the trajectory was destroyed by spiritual force. The formation of this array is not reiki. To destroy the trajectory of sea water, it is necessary to block its continuous flow.

Jing Lin rushed Yan Fei and waved him to follow him. Two people to swim to the side in the past, Jing Lin pointed to the front of the sea, let Yan Lu split firm but gentle here.

Yan Fei used his finger as a sword. Facing that place was a row, just like Moses dividing the sea. The water in Na Pianhai was split into two halves and poured into both sides. However, when the shock wave disappeared, it soon poured back.

Jing Lin said, "A few moves in succession, but the shock wave is sharper." In his perception, Yan Fei's attack just now, the array here has fluctuated, but the attack is not enough to break the array.

Yan Lu according to scene in said, extremely fast attached to split out a few firm but gentle, let the water stopped for a few seconds in a state of separation.

At the same time, Jing Lin also called Zhao Zhiwen. They attacked several other points, and all of them were greeted with firm but gentle and strong fists. Under the attack of several parties, this array was finally broken.

A spiritual force rushed up from directly below them, and the surging sea water stirred up huge waves.

However, several people who had been guarding the seeker said excitedly to them through the com: "the electric beads are green, green!"

Suddenly, everyone was excited. Have followed the spirit force impact strength to the upstream.

They have to go up for a short rest and prepare some things. Reiki leaked out, will soon attract a large number of variation of sea animals to come over, they have to get into the space array before that.

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