Kong San threw the giant horned lizard in his hand on the ground and said to the woman who was sitting there washing dishes: "Wu Dajie, stew this giant horned lizard at night."

In a hurry, Wu Meili raised his head, wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his wet hand, and answered with a smile: "Okay, just yesterday there were a few tranquilizer mushrooms left in the kitchen and they were stewed together."

"Yes." Kong San said, he still has work to do. After putting down the giant horned lizard, he is ready to leave. When he was going out, he saw two men looking stealthily toward the opposite corner of the room. He couldn't help snorting cold at the other side. After seeing the other side startled by himself, he hissed and walked away with a thud.

After Kong San left, Liao Shufen held her chest in terror and patted her. Wu Jianxiong beside her pushed her: "Mom . . ."

Liao Shufen remembered the purpose of their coming here, busy gathering her gray hair, and then patted Wu Jianxiong on the shoulder, let him wait here, turn yourself out of the corner and headed for Wu Meili.

This is a small courtyard located to the east of the area specially planned for outsiders to stay outside Jialin. Four years ago, a space crack suddenly appeared near Jialin County. The new frontier attracted forces from all over the country. This is because most of the people here are hunting teams of various kinds. Their power is mixed and disorderly, and it is extremely difficult to manage them. Outsiders will not say, in this piece of mixed ordinary people, most of them are not living well, the Wu Meili family now lives here.

The Wu Meili family was locked up for five years before they were released.

Before they were released, those five years were a nightmare they didn't want to experience in this life. However, because in the next few years they all ate things with aura, the family had a lot of good health except mental handicap, and because they had nothing to do every day, everyone was kept fat, fine-boned, and well-fed.

However, when they regained their long-awaited freedom, they found that the outside world had changed dramatically and they were completely unable to adapt to the current pace of life.

When they came out of the village, the village chief Ma Renshan gave them some materials to rent a house in the county town for a month, which was enough time for them to find a job and continue their new life.

The Wu family's academic qualifications were not high. Jialin had limited jobs at that time. Most of them were the newly built factories or construction sites. Otherwise, they had to work hard to serve the fields in the countryside. It was not easy. During the five years of detention, Wu Chia-jen was a real four-track worker. Although both Wu Jianxiong and Wu Meili were in their 30s at that time, because they were well-nourished, looked very decent, and were in good health, they had always been relatively easy to find jobs.

Wu Meili was also fine at that time. Although she had not been used to working for a long time, the situation in her family did not allow her to stay at home every day. After all, she knew her position in the family very well. She was worthless. Wu Jianxiong is different. His parents are fond of him. As always, he likes ease and does not like work. He is blind and arrogant. He can't see the situation clearly. Many people can't get jobs they want. However, he dislikes them very much and doesn't want to do it again after a few days.

When I had to pay my own rent the next month, all sorts of difficulties in my life slowly emerged. Early in the morning, dark in the evening, busy in running around, the family earned very little money at the end of the month, except for rent and daily expenses, and the life was very hard up. Out of the village, they were unable to exchange rice and wheat with spiritual power and ate more rice bran. Later Liao Shufen also nearly died after eating half a worm by mistake. In order to save her family, all the materials that had been accumulated with great difficulty were completely removed.

During Liao Shufen's convalescence, Wu Jianxiong had to go out to work and was as tired as a dead dog every day. Looking at the bright and beautiful disciples of the clan in the county seat felt extremely envious. However, he had no spiritual root. He could only live as an ordinary person for the rest of his life. He could not live well, dare not die, and was unable to climb. It was torture.

Wu Jianxiong, who is fond of ease, can't accept it. He just endured it for a few years. He really can't stand this kind of life.

There are many single women in the county seat, many of whom are forced by their livelihood to engage in flesh and blood business. Jialin has many foreign businessmen coming and going every day, and some bachelors are more numerous, so these women's "business" is actually very good. Wu Jianxiong has seen more and gradually started to think. In the end, she finally persuaded Liao Shufen to almost send Wu Meili to a kiln that was secretly run in the city. It was only when Wu Daxing saved face that Wu Meili escaped.

Wu Meili never thought it would be his family who pushed her into the fire pit.

After that, the only thing left in Wu Meili's heart was hatred. She finally understood that the only reliable thing in the world was herself. The woman's temper is still bitter and selfish, but she has completely put aside some unrealistic fantasies and has lived a single life in an independent way.

Later, in the nearby secret world, Wu Meili went out of the county seat and found a more reliable hunting team to work for them, washing their clothes, cooking and so on. Soon after, Wu Daxing broke his leg when he was digging for ore. He was unable to buy good medicine. Even if he could still stand up later, he could not do the heavy work. Wu Meili broke off relations with them and the burden of the family fell on Liao Shufen and Wu Jianxiong. The problem of laziness in Wu Jianxiong cannot be changed all the time. Liao Shufen worked very hard every day and could not earn much material. His originally obese body lost weight at the speed of seeing. Soon the three were unable to afford the original rent, and the living environment was getting worse from year to year. Finally, they had to move out of the county seat and live in the newly planned place.

Although the relationship was severed, the new planning area was so big that Wu Meili met them occasionally. At first, Liao Shufen took up her mother's shelf and ordered Wu Meili to go back with them. There were several disputes. The newly planned area is not like a city with patrols. Killing people here is nothing as long as they are not reported. Wu Meili had learned a lesson before. He always carried a knife with him, quarreled with each other and got away with it. Later, because of her good cooking skills, some members of the team sympathized with her and helped to intimidate each other several times. After that, the mother and the son stopped a lot.

Wu Meili put the washed dishes into another basin and heard the familiar footsteps in his ear. The corners of his mouth that had been raised due to his good mood were smoothed down immediately. She looked over with a frown and saw the face that made her extremely disgusted.

She threw her brush into the basin. "What are you doing here again?"

Liao Shufen smiled ingratiatingly: "In the morning, I saw your captain pull a large load of animal meat to sell in the meat market . . . Your father has a bad appetite these two days. You love your father, so do something about it?"

Wu Meili looked at her and sneered, "It's not that he has a bad appetite, it's that bloodsucking worm in your family wants to eat meat again."

Liao Shufen frowned and disagreed. "What bloodsucking worm is that ugly? It's your brother."

Wu Meili smiled mockingly, got up and went into the kitchen next to him. He took out a bunch of blood from the inside and threw his hand at Liao Shufen. Liao Shufen didn't abandon at all, even couldn't wait to raise your hand to pick up, the blood on the foam fly a full face also don't care.

This is all the leftovers from the monster beast caught in the secret swamp. Wu Meili's hunting team basically makes a living by selling animal meat. Some leftovers that others despise either eat them or throw them away. This kind of thing that Wu Meili gave Liao Shufen is very troublesome to pack up and will be thrown away directly by the team. Wu Meili loathe to give up, the beginning is to ask the captain, take some time to sort out, oneself spend some money to buy some condiments such as food, taste is bad, taste is general, but somehow have oil star can also fill the belly, occasionally can also sell some to this piece of beggars, later get much more, after the captain gave her the leftovers directly.

For the sake of Wu Daxing stopping at the beginning and now limping again, Wu Meili will give them something generously from time to time, but there is no more.

Liao Shufen took the leftovers and didn't turn around and leave as before. At first she came to ask Wu Meili that she would think the other party gave less when she took things. Wu Meili scolded her several times, and the things were robbed back. So she came later, no matter how much things she took, she left, fearing that Wu Meili would go back on her word again. She has now more or less understood that her daughter now completely regards them as enemies and they cannot control them.

However, Liao Shufen did not leave this time. He hesitated for a moment and spoke cautiously: "Beautiful, Mom met a man the day before yesterday. He asked me to ask what you mean . . ."

Words haven't say that finish, he saw standing at the door of the kitchen Wu Meili turned and ran out with a bloody kitchen knife.

"Ahhh!"Liao Shufen screamed in horror and ran outside.

After catching up with the door, Wu Meili gave the emaciated figure a hard "Bah" and snapped, "Plug those smelly men in front of me later, and you'll wait for your precious son to lie on the side of the road!"

Chopper in the sun waving sharp white light, heard the voice of Wu Meili threat Liao Shufen and Wu Jianxiong shuddered at the same time.

Liao Shufen walked up to Wu Jianxiong and saw that Wu Meili had not followed him. He immediately said discontentedly to Wu Jianxiong, "I told you not to mention this in front of this dead girl. You still let me go."

After years of delay, Wu Jianxiong, once a fine-boned man, is no different from those middle-aged men struggling at the bottom of life, with a weathered face, unkempt appearance and untidy image. They have a new tenant in the house next door. The other party has made some windfall in the secret land some time ago. Wu Jianxiong will go to those special places once a month and meet each other occasionally. I feel that it is not a matter for men like them to spend money here, and there must still be a woman in the family. In the future, no matter in life or physiology, someone will take care of them.

Wu Jianxiong wanted to profit from each other, thought for a few days, and then hit the attention to Wu Meili, but dare not drag people directly in the past like a few years ago. As a result, I didn't expect Liao Shufen to drive people out with a knife as soon as she opened her mouth.

"Am I not doing it for her?" The bottom of Wu Jianxiong's heart scolded Wu Meili for being ungrateful. The man was somehow a little wealthy now. What's wrong with marrying the other party? He loved to eat hard here.

Liao Shufen lips moved twice, whether didn't speak. At the beginning, Wu Meili almost cut off Wu Jianxiong's head with a knife. For this reason, he hated each other and was still good for her?

Seeing that the benefits were lost, Wu Jianxiong was very upset. Suddenly see Liao Shufen grasp the leftovers in his hand, immediately is a abandon. However, he has been eating sweet pastries for almost a month and can hardly remember what the flavor of oil star is, so some is better than none.

The mother and son left here and went to their rented house. After passing through a crooked shack, I saw a heavily dressed woman standing by the curtain door.

Liao Shufen snorted with disgust when he saw each other at a distance. His mouth chattered either way about the cheap and shameless words of the other party.

Her voice is not small, the woman naturally heard it. She has a rough skin and thick flesh now. She is not annoyed to hear people say that. Instead, she smiles back with sarcasm: "Old thing, if you really want to face up, why would you want to drag your daughter to such a place?"

Liao Shufen's wrinkled face immediately turned red and covered with dirt. Originally still cocky, immediately with the punctured balloon deflated down, dragging Wu Jianxiong quickly walked in front of each other.

When Wu Jianxiong looked back, the woman immediately gave him a glad eye. Wu Jianxiong felt a twinge of numbness in his heart, thinking that although the other party is a little old now, his skill in bed is really to be reckoned with. When he is well-off another day, he will have to come and relax.

Wu Jianxiong followed her mother away with full of reverie. The woman quickly withdrew her charming expression and turned a small supercilious look into the sky. Who would have thought that the original brother had become a frequent visitor to her former mistress.

Zhang Yanyan still remembers the day when she followed Wang Jiaqiang back to the village, when Wu Meili brought his family to come over for her purpose. At the beginning, I envied each other for having such a good family, but it turned out that my brother and mother wanted her to get back the food she had got, and my father wanted to save his own face. Now every time Wu Jianxiong came to her, he would say in bed that he wished Wu Meili to die.

The village in Wang Jiaqiang is not as lucky as their village in Wu Meili. They can be cared for by a King Tianshi and have no worries about food and drink. She followed Wang Jiaqiang at that time, because there was a grain depot, so she saved up for two years. Unfortunately, the child in Wang Jiaqiang died of heatstroke in the first year of the last days. Wang Jiaqiang's mother could not help but feel sad and did not follow Takuya.

The crops in the field could not be planted. The less food they ate, the less they dared to go anywhere. They only dared to live in the village, which was divided into three parts, and the days after that became even more difficult. Life is not smooth, love and affection are basically bullshit, not to mention the match between husband and wife, Zhang Yanyan and Wang Jiaqiang.

Later, life in the village was really difficult, and the villagers organized themselves to go to the base in the county seat. Because of constant friction, Zhang Yanyan, who had long been disgusted with him, left Wang Jiaqiang when he arrived at the base. He went to find his own life and never saw Wang Jiaqiang again.

In Zhang Yanyan's eyes, beauty has always been a tool for her to make a living, before and after the end of the world, the flesh business, each take what they need. The same is a woman who has suffered a lot. Although Zhang Yanyan, who was born with a good foundation, is no longer as beautiful as before, she is still much more beautiful than other women. Therefore, her business has been good and she cannot eat much, but she has never been hungry again. She is now a very old woman and has been pushed out of the county seat by people who know all about her. However, with her "excellent skills", she has just gained a "reputation" in this area.

When Wu Jianxiong's mother and son took Wu Meili, who cried and robbed the land, to the kiln, she looked at it nearby. In life, Zhang Yanyan is already a wily old man, but this is the first time she has seen such a cruel mother. Looking at Wu Meili's life-and-death situation, she seldom sent a kind heart to help her. She called Wu Daxing to be notified and said a few harsh words in front of him, which made Wu Daxing lose face. Indeed, she quickly stopped him.

Wu Meili did not know that she had helped her, but Zhang Yanyan was not interested in telling her. It's rare to do a good deed once, so let's accumulate virtue for the next life.

After stretching himself, Zhang Yanyan yawned sleepily, wondering if he would go to sleep for a while. He was still busy at night.


When the hunting party had finished eating, Wu Meili picked up some of the leftovers and settled the dinner. After cleaning the kitchen, he locked the gates. This team is covered with food. The front yard is the place where the team members live. She is in charge of the kitchen. There is a small room next to the kitchen, where she sleeps.

Back to the room, Wu Meili hung up the blooms and took off the black cloth. The room suddenly brightened. At this time, the lights in the county seat have become transparent. The county seat was electrified several years ago. Standing in the courtyard, one can see a bright light in that direction. However, the newly planned land uses this kind of blooms.

Take out a tattered enamel basin from the corner, which Wu Meili found in the garbage dump two years ago. The enamel basin was placed at the door of the room. Wu Meili took out a stack of yellow paper and burned it in the basin.

Today is the anniversary of her son's death.

Wu Meili took out a photo that she had wrapped well. This photo was taken away when she left the Wangs. It was her son's sunshine. When she left the village, she also begged Ma Cunchang to find it from her home. She had worn it around for so many years and took it out when she occasionally wanted to.

Wu Meili thinks she is selfish and heartless. During the five years of imprisonment, she did not think much of her son and although she was worried about the other person, she was not the great mother in the world. She was afraid of suffering and drag. If she led her son to live at the beginning, she must be the most hateful mother in the world.

The fire was beating in the basin, the paper ashes floating in the nose, and Wu Meili shrank at the door. Still, he could not help crying in a low voice.

A few days later, a murder occurred suddenly in the newly planned area. The death of the deceased was miserable, as if he had been sucked into a human act. It was none other than Wu Jianxiong who died.

Liao Shufen cried several times and fainted. Wu Daxing was even more seriously ill. The local manager found Wu Meili and asked her to take care of her old father and mother. Wu Meili reluctantly went back. For Wu Jianxiong's death, she had no emotion in her heart, no comfort, no sadness, numbness and insipidity. It was as if she had just died of a stranger. At most, she just let her sigh.

On the day when the body was found, the management office personnel investigated it.

There have been many examples of this kind of death over the years, all of which were sucked dry by half-baked worms. Therefore, when the dead body was found, the manager should only be another person who ate half-baked grass by mistake, and once again warned the residents here that the grass was not edible with half-baked grass.

However, the management office did not leave for a while, and soon another group of people came and said they would re-examine the cause of death.

Wu Meili huddled in the crowd and looked at the scene surrounded by the crowd. The age difference between the two is not more than a few years old. Wu Meili is now a few minutes older than her normal age. However, Jing Lin, it seems that the years have not left any traces on him, or the appearance of the 2067.

Jing Lin felt a special strange sight and couldn't help looking back. As soon as the woman with the vicissitudes of life looked at him, she was frightened and withdrew her sight. She shrank back and disappeared into his sight.

The other party is just an ordinary woman, snooping seems to be just because of curiosity, but Jing Lin feels that the other party is a bit familiar. When you think about it, Wei Zhen's voice immediately pulls back his thoughts.

Jing Lin said, "How about it?"

Wei Zhen looked serious. "Fortunately, he came to take a look. He was not killed by half-baked worms."

Yan Fei said, "It seems that the magic did it."

After years of research by Weizhen's doctors, I don't know how many dead bodies have been seen. They were also killed by sucking blood, but he can still tell the difference.

Jialin County has not been able to calm down since the swamp came to life. Six months ago, Q city had several people drying corpses every day. This situation lasted for two months, causing panic in Q city and nearby cities and counties. Wei Zhen was invited by the association to examine the bodies. At first, he thought Q city also had half-baked worms. After careful investigation, he found out that the causes of death of those people were unusual. It seemed as if he had been sucked dry by magic repair in his inheritance.

In addition to the hidden mountain forest space in China, there are also caves and secret places buried by other monks themselves. Naturally, these monks also have decent and evil points, such as magic repair.

Following this speculation, people were asked to look into it and they really found some clues. In a small lake not far away from Q city, the lake was black and smelled of cold and evil, which made people flinch.

Wei Zhen took people to dive down to see, there is a cave ruins that has been opened, there are traces of recent human activities.

Later, they tried their best to track down a suspicious target. Facts have proved that their goal is correct, because after tracking for a few days, the man caught a person under their nose, I do not know what strange method was used to suck a large living person into a human being in half a minute.

However, the man escaped quickly and learned that his various acts had been discovered by other monks. Later, he was more careful when committing crimes. Wei Zhen and his brothers could not catch anyone every time. But before long, the man seemed to have left Q city. In short, Q city soon quieted down and Wei Zhen returned to Jialin.

Today, they happened to come to the newly planned place to stroll, and they happened to encounter the murder case. When they reported it, they listened nearby. They heard that they had been eaten by half-baked worms. Wei Zhen's heart was suddenly shocked and called Jing Lin to come and see them together.

"I didn't expect him to come to Jialin." Jing Lin said that his thoughtful eyes turned around the crowd. Now they are making it clear that the person is in darkness. Will the person hide in this crowd of onlookers to observe their reaction and even feel smug when seeing that they are helpless?

Yan Fei said, "Please inform the duke and urge the people in the county seat and the children of the clan to be more careful." Ordinary people and monks, magic repair must prefer monks, that's a ready-made repair, but ordinary people are better to deal with some.

The public mind heavily left the new planning. Jing Lin and Yan Fei left with Wei Zhen, and they went back to the vault together.

As luck would have it, the hill that Shi lei had designated for Jing Lin was next to the tea mountain. it was close to home. during the day, Jing Lin and Yan Fei stayed at the gate and returned to the village at night. Chashanling is no longer called Chashanling but tea fairy Ridge. It was not changed by them, but by the villagers nearby.

In the past ten years or so, Jialin County is no longer what it used to be. Even the buildings on the edge of the city are built with incomparable atmosphere. Companies and factories run by ordinary people are not to mention the fact that the real work of various companies is also developing in full swing. Over the past few years, the development has been good. Many people with ability have come here to seek refuge. Shi Lei has specially designated the area to set up a research institute, which has added strength to Jialin's development. By the beginning of this year, the first machine that can be operated by practitioners with spiritual power has been developed. After that, monks who have spiritual roots but can't achieve much in their life-long accomplishments do not necessarily have to focus on cultivation to get ahead. They can also work from nine to five.

However, if this continues, the living space of ordinary people will be greatly reduced. Research on machinery that can input spiritual power and is preserved and operated by ordinary people has now become a research project in the research institute.

The two drove all the way from the center of the city to tea fairy Ridge. The road from the county seat to each Lingzhi Cultivation Village has also been re-planned and repaired. It is mixed with new materials to make the road more solid.

There is little change in the village, but after such a long period of time, all the farmland in the village has been transformed into spiritual fields, such as first-class, second-class and third-class. All kinds of spiritual plants produced here are basically the highest. Of course Long Zhang relies on Qiu Baobao, and his family's Ling Tian is also of high grade, just because there is less land and it is not very advantageous. And he is now fully committed to the refining industry. Some modern weapons in the capital need to add some refining elements and all need Long Zhang's help. Therefore, he really has no energy to stir up Ling Tian. Basically, he is given care by small fire dolls and does not eat. He specially grows some spiritual plants that can be used in refining equipment. Occasionally, he needs to use them urgently. He also needs Guan Shuangshuang to give birth to them under the condition of ensuring sufficient aura.

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu gave birth to two daughters after their marriage, twins, both of whom inherited the talents of their parents. Now they are only three years old and have become energetic girls. One-handed rock splitting is not a problem at all. When I got home, two little girls were whirling around brown and brown. One was holding a red Mao Mao in his hand.

One is Tuan Tuan and the other is Ball. Tuan Tuan came out a minute earlier, so it was her sister.

As soon as Jing Lin entered the room, he heard clouds of milk and air saying, "Sister, I deserve this Mao Mao."

The ball looked at Mao Mao in his hand, then at his sister and handed it to her, "All right." Then he looked at brown and said very seriously, "Sister Brown, if only your Mao Mao could be combed down!"

Brown and Brown closed their eyes and their ears moved when they heard this. The beautiful girl's voice rang beside their ears: "No way, then Sister Brown will become bare and ugly."

She waved her tail, put it on the ball's hand and motioned for her to continue combing.

Brown and brown now have a second tail, and last year they ate hyoid grass and were able to speak. It is summer now. Brown and brown began to change hair again. Its hair is very warm. At first, the adults in the family kept it away. Later, there was too much hair. Jing Lin asked for its advice and took out its hair to knit sweaters for the children in the family. It was a warm-keeping tool, and the color was beautiful. The two little girls in the family liked the sweater made of brown and brown hair best. The two are getting smarter now. As soon as brown and brown change hair, they comb their hair every day, one by one.

When the two little maids saw Jing Lin and Yan Fei coming in, they rushed at one another, holding their calves in their arms and lifting their heads, calling out, "big uncle, little uncle."

In fact, the address is a bit wrong, but in order to distinguish between them, two people have been calling each other that way since they started calling each other.

Although the appearance has not changed, but the age is growing. The older the average person is, the more he will like children. Jing Lin and Yan Fei are no exception. And now Lele is in her twenties. As soon as they see the two maids, they miss the way Lele called their uncle when he was young.

After greeting the little girls enough, the two touched the palm of the baby-sitter at home. Lele hasn't come back yet, he is still staying at the Zongmen, Zhou Zhou is still at the Zongmen, and several other animals in the family are not there.

Seeing that it was getting late, the two went to the vegetable garden with brown and little girls.

In fact, there are still many people in the village's Ling Tian now, all of whom are disciples of the clan. They belong to him, Lele, Zhao Yan and Li Feiyu. With the improvement of the level of spiritual field, the level of spiritual planting is also slowly increasing. The higher the level of spiritual plants, the more delicate they will be. Ordinary people cannot serve them at all. They must have spiritual talents. Moreover, some strange plant diseases and pests have also appeared. If they cannot handle this aspect, please ask Guan Shuangshuang to come and have a look and communicate with the plants.

The patriarchs who live in this village are probably the most grounded patriarchs in these clans, especially Jing Lin and Yan Fei. Those disciples who have just come to the village to serve elda feel very thrilling when they watch the two patriarchs picking vegetables in the fields every evening. you know, these two are the objects that almost all people curry favor with and woo. shouldn't all such people be on high shelves?

Looking at the two patriarchs talking with a smile as they walked, the disciples who secretly watched beside also sighed. I heard that the two had been partners for many years, and their feelings were still so good. It's really rare.

While the crowd was feeling, it suddenly seemed that there was a crane boom from above. Soon, a mass of white shadow rushed over here. The crowd looked at the white shadow in surprise, and when they came near, they saw a bird of very large size, with its whole body white, only its wings faintly shining purple light, and a gorgeous feather with purple in white on its forehead. If it ignored its flying posture at this time, it would be a very elegant and beautiful bird.

It has to be extremely unstable. It tilts and writhes in the air, and its mouth keeps chirping. It is very frightened. It is falling this way, and the people below are looking for a place to hide for fear that the other party will hit it and hurt the fish. As the bird flew closer and closer, he heard the bird's voice mixed with several panicked voices-

"Fly over there!"

"er, it's going to hit the top of the tree over there. let's go!"

"Can you fly? Let me down quickly!"

With good eyesight, Jing Lin and Yan Fei recognized that the duck that was flying stumbled was the duck of the family. On his back were two youths, Lele and Zhou Zhou. The duck's neck is still wrapped in a black thing, who is not chasing the wind?

The two were so surprised that they stared wide-eyed, seeing ducks falling into their vegetable fields. The two little girls around them screamed and hugged their calves. Yan Fei immediately threw a shock wave at the duck, and the duck ducked subconsciously, twisting its body to the side immediately.

With a "bang" and a few "ouch", it smashed into the cement road nearby and rolled several times before stopping.

Fortunately, several people had rough skin and the divine knowledge taught by Jing Lin to protect their bodies, so although they were stunned for a while, they were not injured.

He slipped from the duck's neck and complained bitterly to Jing Lin: "He only learned to fly yesterday. Today he forced us to come back with him. If we don't sit on him, we won't walk on the ground. At this age, how can we not feel ashamed?"

The duck got up from the ground, shook off its dusty wings, gave a excited cry, and rushed over with its feet and claws almost stepping on the wind-this was definitely revenge. it excitedly said to Jing Lin, "I can fly! I can fly very steadily tomorrow!" Then he squinted at the small wind-driven wind on the ground and snorted, "I didn't let you sit on it, didn't you say you could fly? You see, you haven't been long, short and small for so many years!"

I think that I will become the world's strongest dragon in the future. I have always wanted to try the taste of flying in the sky, but it has not changed much in other places except for the advanced skills of rain and fog and divine knowledge. The duck's poisonous tongue succeeded in pushing the trend. It climbed up Jing Lin's shoulder along Jing Lin's trouser leg and looked down at the duck. Suddenly, it opened its mouth to spit out a mass of water and only poured the duck into a soup goose.

"You are deceiving the goose too much!" The duck jumped on its feet, went aside to shake the water and angrily pointed to the wind with its wings.

Jing Lin was surprised to see the wind chasing the wind and proudly swinging his tail. This was a new skill he realized only a few days ago. It was not working when it was working. I didn't expect it to come out in a fit of pique today.

Duck and chase the wind are the fiercest fights in the family, but the fight is still good. The occasional skirmishes were measured, so Jing Lin never stopped them, only looked at them with mirth.

Soon, Lele and Zhou Zhou came along.

Influenced by ducks, Lele's temper is quite cheerful now. She came to call her uncle after taking off the dust and picked up the two little girls to amuse her. Zhou Zhou has been relatively calm to the outside world because she helps Jing Lin deal with the affairs of the clan every day. However, she is as shy in front of Jing Lin as she was when she was a child. She came over and called Master and Little Master like a good child.

Lele and Zhou Zhou usually learn some self-defense fencing with Yan Fei. In Zhou Zhou's view, they are another master. Jing Lin did not object. He has always called Yan Fei the little master. Although Yan Fei does not need to establish a clan, he still hopes that there will be successors to jianfa. he will teach jianfa when he sees a good prospect in recent years, but he has never met a suitable disciple.

Continue to pick the dishes, came back from the land of Su Zhen and Quack, Su Zhen's horns completely grow out, Quack skin color is more complicated. At this time, both of them were carrying a few prey. Without guessing from the scene, they must have been sent by the animals in the forest.

Since all the surrounding areas have been equipped with the array of gathering spirits, the array has been updated regularly for so many years. They never have to worry about the meat or other things in the home. If they don't go to the woods one day, the animals that have changed will take the initiative to bring in their prey. In addition, as the years went by, more and more foreign animals came to other places and were beaten away by them, leaving only those who were friendly and peaceful.

Yan Fei once said that if we continue like this, the tea mountain will become a kingdom of exotic animals. However, because they are gentle and show kindness and gratitude, there is no need to worry about what kind of moths will appear because there are too many foreign animals.

Just as they were having dinner, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lucai had just returned from Zongmen. They were followed by two men.

These two people know each other, and their contacts with the Xiuzhen Association for so many years are basically represented by these two people. These two people have always been on the three halls without incident.

However, after the two men explained the purpose of their visit, Jing Lin paused for a moment.

Jing Lin confirmed: "Do you mean that the spirit finder in Fusang sea area is disturbed by unknown gas field?"

"Yes," said one respectfully. There is a very mysterious aura nearby. The spirit finder was disturbed and was discovered by researchers only recently. It was delayed for two years and the exact location of the spirit vein has not been found. However, our actions at sea in the past two years have been discovered by Fusang some time ago."

After Jing Lin handed over the mountain forest space in those days, in order to find the location of several other spiritual veins, the capital gathered all human and material resources and developed a kind of spiritual searching machine. It could feel the fluctuation of the aura field and accurately locate the spiritual veins. With this, the spiritual veins of the other two places in the country were soon found out and Jing Lin was invited to open the array. Later, the capital sent people to the sea on a non-stop basis, but the spirit finder failed within the scope of the reiki outbreak, and has not been found until now. If it is possible, the Chinese nation of the spirit vein on the sea also wants to monopolize it, but now it has attracted the attention of Fusang, and it is not very easy to handle.

"many people from the association have been invited to visit the mysterious aura, but they have no idea. therefore, I want to invite Jing Tianshi to come in person, and I also want to make moves before Fusang."

Jing Lin said, "When will you go?"

The humanitarian: "The sooner the better."

The other party, of course, wanted him to go with them immediately, but this time to go to sea, there were also quite a lot of mutant fish inside. Jing Lin still needed to make some preparations. He also had to account for the Zongmen affair and agreed to leave in three days.

This matter must be notified to Shi lei from the capital. several other patriarchs should also receive the news. This time out, no matter whether they can find the spirit pulse to successfully open the array, but this represents a chance, they should all want to go. Jing Lin did not ask them either, just waiting for the next day they came to listen to the results.

After the two men were sent away, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu stayed at Jing Lin's house for dinner. Zhao Zhiwen sat on one leg by one girl and was very shuffle when couples spend with the girls. Yan Lu said to Jing Lin, "I won't go this time. let zhi Wen go and bring Xiao Hui and ya LAN. I should also see the world."

Jing Lin said that there was no problem, then smiled at Lele and Zhou Zhou's expectant eyes: "You two will go too."

Two people could not help cheering.

In fact, when the two spiritual pulse arrays were opened before, Jing Lin took them with him, and none of the three arrays in China did. Some caves and secret places in other places occasionally take them to explore. I've seen a lot about the world, but the sea is different after all. There is no need to mention the sea before the end of the world. They can only watch it on TV and pictures here unless they go out to watch it specially, not to mention what the sea looks like after the end of the world. Everyone has long wanted to see it.

Li Feiyu came first the next day. He stayed in the county seat last night and came back early in the morning when he heard the news. Several Long Zhang arrived at the same time.

Shi Lei said that because this time it might be against people on the other side of Fusang, the association meant that as many people as possible could go, and the other side could not underestimate if the battle array was placed there. Because of the geographical situation, I can't fly now, and the risk of sailing is also high. I don't practice frequently both at home and abroad, and the news about each other may lag behind. Since I came into contact unexpectedly this time, it's better to inquire about the strength of other countries by the way.

"But I am worried about the magic repair hidden in the county seat." Wei Zhen worried.

Yan Lu thought for a moment, "since he is a magic repair, rely on living growth repair and survival, presumably also very yearning for strong, we just need to leak out the wind. There has been no new secret border in China in the past two years. The space array on the sea is definitely a great temptation to many people. It is also a good opportunity for him. He will certainly follow up secretly."

Jing Lin said, "I think so too. All the rats crossing the street shouted to fight. As long as he didn't resist, once he was exposed to us, it would be easy to deal with."

Shi lei, as the head of a city and a practitioner, naturally won't miss this opportunity. he will follow suit this time. "in this case, I'll send someone to do it immediately," he said. At this point, he called the disciple waiting outside the door, whispered a few words, and waved him away.

We gathered a good number of people here in Jing Lin, made some arrangements on the safety issues along the way, and said some materials that need to be prepared, before everyone dispersed.

All kinds of Fu Zhuan and array Jing Lin stock a lot, including Yan Lu firm but gentle, over the past few years even Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu fist strong wind saved a lot, weapons that needless to say, the more the better, are based on their own needs let Long Zhang personally refined out, and storage bags and so on are prepared a lot, and brought some spices can taste the fish when you see.

These things were ready in one day. On the second and third days, they went to the county town to explain the business of shops and clansmen. On the fourth day early in the morning, two people from the other side of the capital came to Jing Lin and asked them to leave.

To go to sea, they have to take a bus to the nearest city near the sea, where there is already a huge sea-going ship parked, besides their Jia Lin county fix true person, there are many other monks. Many of them have already met and most of them are friendly.

Of course, most of them, some of them felt deeply that they were born in the Xiuzhen family and had a huge inside information. Friars who always look at people through their nostrils are not included in this list. For this kind of person, Jing Lin they also disdain to deal with.

As a result, the crowd on the ship was quite distinct. The scene was close to them and the nostrils looked at each other. The two sides ignored each other and occasionally moved away from each other. The other side was completely neutral. One side could say a few words while the other side could also say a few words. It was also fun.

When the time came, the ship started.

This ship is also built by modern technology and means of repairing the truth. It runs very stably in the swaying sea and is completely the same as on land. Besides, it is also equipped with a protective array and a poly-spirit array-bought from Jing Lin, of course. The poly-spirit array has enough reiki to cultivate so many monks.

Standing on the railing by the wind, looking at the boundless blue ocean, he exclaimed in a tone: "This is the sea!"

It is said in its inheritance that its ancestors used to live in the sea, so it also likes water so much. thinking of the small bathtub in the home, it thinks that if its bathtub could be so big, it would be great. it would writhe as it pleases.

Jing Lin is also the first time to see the sea in real life. Standing in front of it, as the deepest human experience, there are probably only two words: insignificance.

At present, the sea is very dangerous. When they look down, they can also see some ferocious big fish leaping out of the water and opening their big mouths full of fangs at them. However, due to the protective array, the fish were all stopped outside, including the splash they had deliberately swept away. It did not make people feel dangerous, but looked like watching a performance.

They watched with wonder here and there. Suddenly someone said, "A bunch of bumpkins."

The man spoke in a low voice, but none of the people present heard clearly and clearly.

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