The demons array is an array that can urge those who enter the array to hide demons. It breeds feelings of envy, anger, unwilling and so on, and bears great malice to the original body.

The aura of the table completely covered up the fluctuation of spiritual force generated when Jing Lin arranged the array. When they ate half of the meal without noticing, Jing Lin arranged the magic array and urged the array.

A little while later, several people who were enjoying the delicious food suddenly heard a knock on the door outside the dining box.

Liu Xi, who has the least status among several people, is also the closest one to the balcony entrance.

A disciple of Zhu Shi looked at Liu Xi and said, "Open the door."

That was the tone of complete command. Liu Xi was chewing food when his mouth stopped and his eyes flashed Yinzhi. He got up and opened the door. He felt the people outside through the door panel. He was weak in breathing and had no accomplishments. He was an ordinary person with poor health.

When the door was opened and Liu Ming saw the faces of the people standing outside, he exclaimed and blurted out, "Wei Zhen?"

In the room, Zhu Shi several people all stood up and looked toward the door. only Wei Zhen was pale and motionless, staring at them gloomily.

Wei Zhen's appearance as a weak chicken is obviously affected by the poison. Liu Xi's impatience and jealousy caused by the seal character array for such a long time seemed to have finally made a hole when he saw Wei Zhen, who had become an ordinary person, allowing him to vent all kinds of emotions, with a sense of satisfaction of revenge success in his heart. But at this time he didn't have time to taste that kind of feeling. Liu Ming was thinking about the secret book taken away by Wei Zhen.

He dragged Wei Zhen into the room with his hand and closed the door with a "bang". turning around, he could not wait to ask Wei Zhen, "where is the secret book Xuan Tian?"

However, Wei Zhen only looked at him with yin test.

Seeing that Wei Zhen ignored his question, Liu Ming was furious. Thinking about the past is fine, his identity for all Wei Zhen pressure a head, but now the situation is different, build the world and others look down on yourself even if, he Wei Zhen now an ordinary person, why still dare not put him in the eye? !

Liu Ming's heart at this time was full of all kinds of humiliations that he used to do under Wei Zhen. tyranny grew in the bottom of his heart. with a wave of his left hand, Wei Zhen was thrown by him to the wall beside him and crashed violently. when the other party fell to the ground, he also heard a clear click of broken bones.

At the same time, Li Feiyu outside the hotel looked at the puppet figures in his hand and saw that he suddenly lost an arm. He said to them, "The puppet is under attack."

As the new inheritor of puppet art, Li Feiyu has made some progress in puppet art after such a long time. In the past, I could only be a puppet of a cat and a dog, but this year I broke through and started to be a human puppet. Today, he happened to be in the county seat. When Jing Lin met him, he was dragged up.

The puppet figures in his hand are made of special materials. They are the puppet body. The "Wei Zhen" in the hotel is the puppet phantom body. At this time, the real Wei Zhen is standing beside them with a leisurely face.

Wei Zhen sneered, "Master Yu is really good at cooking. If I hadn't known the ingredients in the dishes, I'm afraid I would have been tempted to eat them."

The dish contains a half-biological mother worm that Wei Zhen specially found to lay eggs. This mother worm is often affected by the blood fluctuation of the parasitic body. The more excited the person it parasitizes, the earlier the time the mother worm lays eggs. The puppet phantom inside conjured up the real appearance of Wei and created some weak popularity. Although he could not speak and did not think, he could still stir up their emotions.

In the hotel box, "Wei Zhen" was lying on the ground, his face turned pale again by two points, which greatly satisfied Liu Xi's sadistic psychology. when he wanted to mend his feet again, he was stopped by Zhu Shi.

Tsushima said, "He is an ordinary person. Now you have killed him. Where does the secret come from?"

Liu Xi looked at Zhu Shi's high face and pulled at the corners of his mouth sarcastically. "This will not bother Master Wei. Wei Zhen is a traitor to the Xuantianmen. I will handle it freely."

Liu Xi was dissatisfied with Zhu Shi. The old man always used his accomplishments and identity to dictate to him. As the first artist in the Xiuzhen Association and the new Xuantianmen leader, he was always driven by him like a younger brother who could not get on the stage. Liu Xi only dared to think about this in his heart before, but tonight, for some reason, he suddenly didn't want to endure any more.

Sure enough, Liu Xi's face changed when he said that.

Liu Xi felt extremely happy, as if demonstrating, and even kicked the "Wei Zhen" on the ground. Don't think he doesn't know how to pay attention to Tsukiji. He wants to take "Xuantian" as his own. It will be more convenient for him to hold on to himself. Liu Xi will never let Tsukiji succeed.

With infinite malice, the demons stirred up their emotions, magnified their real thoughts and emotions infinitely, and broke through the line of tolerance and rushed out.

Zhu Shi knew that Liu Ming had swallowed his anger and refused to accept himself. If he had seen Liu Xi in the past, he would have chosen to back down temporarily to appease Liu Xi. However, even after Liu Xi's two provocations, Zhu Shi thought the other party was too arrogant. He snorted coldly, waved his hand at will, and rushed at Liu Xi with a spirit force.

At this point, the protection of Alexander array is still in operation, build the world a shot was felt by the large array, according to the amount of the spirit force, large array with a shock wave of appropriate damage.

The direction in which the shock wave came out was inexplicable, but Liu Ming reacted when building the world. As soon as Zhu Shi raised his hand, he flashed aside and launched a spiritual attack. So when the first shock wave was played in the large array, the second one was immediately played, and almost every minute and second attacked Zhu Shi and Liu Xi respectively.

Building the world against experience there, that firm but gentle by his escape, Liu Ming not line, was that firm but gentle cut on the shoulder, suddenly split a bloody hole.

Although Zhu Shi was not injured, the firm but gentle attack came at him on the spot. Both of them did not know that the shock wave was caused by a large array of attacks. Each raised his hand and thought it was an attack from the other.

"How dare you fight back!" said Zhu Shi angrily.

Liu Xi's eyes were red and he smiled angrily: "Can you still kill me?"

The disciple who built the world came out to open his eyes to his master: "Liu Xi, how courageous you are!"As he spoke, he also started work.

Outside the hotel, Yan Fei felt shock wave and knew there was a fight inside."It's time we went in," he said.

The crowd gathered their minds and stepped into the hotel.

At this time, Zhu Shi and his disciples attacked Liu Xi several times in a row, all scattered by shock wave. At first, I just wanted to teach Liu Xi a lesson and let the other party know what is right and what is wrong. However, after several attacks, his chest was full of bloated anger. Later, he wanted to kill Liu Xi, so the attacks were more vicious than the others. Liu Xi's idea is similar to that of him. You come and go, and the trick is deadly. As a result, when they were counterattacked by a large array, the shock wave was also more sharp than the shock wave.

Building the world management for decades, there must be protective treasures. With it still able to hide in the past, Liu Xi and them did not work. After the two sides played more than a dozen games, Liu Xi and several of them were already scarred.

Zhu Shi saw this situation and suddenly woke up from his anger. However, it was too late. The female worm, who had been eaten into the body by them and had been faked to death by high temperature cooking, felt the fluctuation of their emotions and blood. At this time, she woke up and began to lay eggs.

Zhu Shi and others are all people with profound accomplishments. Compared with their blood, the larvae are obviously more inclined to accomplishments. As soon as the new larvae are born, they are hungry and begin to suck the spiritual accomplishments around the whole body. Liu Xi was the first to attack.

He was dodging a firm but gentle, a sharp pain suddenly came from abdomen, leading to his action, directly by firm but gentle blow fly out.

"ah!" He curled up on the ground, only feel pain and itching in the body, the whole body spasm, the spirit of the body is also rapidly disappearing.

As if to respond to his screams, the disciples of Zhu Shi, one after another, also screamed and fell to the ground.

The people on the ground screamed incessantly, but the "Wei Zhen" was still lying motionless on the ground, only looking indifferently at this side. Zhu Shi was shocked to learn that they had just arrived here. How did this Wei really know? He is an ordinary person, how dare he come to them openly. This must be because the other side relies on it. Why didn't he think deeply at first?

He suddenly took out a Buddhist tablet hanging around his neck from his collar and held it tightly in his hand. Soon, he felt that all the giddiness in his mind was dispelled.

The trick!

Zhu Shi was livid. Even if the demons did not work for him now, his anger was surging.

On the ground, Liu Xi's hair turned pale, his face was wrinkled and old, his skin was as thin as wood and he lost all his anger. He only hung a mouthful of turbid air to survive.

Liu Ming held out his hand to Zhu Shi and made a hoarse voice like a bellows: "Save . . . me . . ."

Without waiting for his hand to touch Zhu Shi's trousers, Zhu Shi kicked him away.

"Say, what's going on?"Zhu Shi walked beside "Wei Zhen", grabbed his hair and pressed him hard.

"Wei Zhen" did not respond, but the beads of his eyes turned around and turned to the fierce eyes of Zhu Shi. His eyes were callous, like evil spirits from hell, coldly looking at his dying struggle.

A cold behind the building, at this time know oneself is in the intrigue, anger will generally "Wei Zhen" head crashed into the wall, kuang after a few times, the right hand with a spiritual force to the head.

However, the large array that felt the fluctuation of spiritual force will not allow him to succeed. It is also a shock wave that scattered the attacks of Zhu Shi and successfully cut off the right palm of Zhu Shi.

This familiar attack made Zhu Shi's forehead tight. His eyes were fixed on the cracked forehead of "Wei Zhen". There was a crack with the width of little finger, but there was no trace of blood. It was completely unlike a real person.

Holding his bloody broken hand, Zhu Shi shouted, "who is doing this? hide your head and tail, come out!"

From the balcony door came the sound of the lock turning. when zhushi looked at it, he saw the door open from outside to inside, revealing the people standing at the door.

Zhu Shi's pupil suddenly tightened and looked at the first person appearing at the door incredulously: "Wei Zhen? !"

Wei Zhen turned a blind eye to all kinds of tragedies in the house. He stepped in and looked at Zhu Shi with no smile: "Zhu Shi, hope you are all right."

Zhu Shi looked at Wei Zhen, and then at the "Wei Zhen" on the ground. I still don't understand what is going on.

Yan Fei followed them in. The shocked eyes of Zhu Shi soon turned to them. They were both monks. He could see at a glance that these were not human beings. Some of them were even above him.

"Have you recovered your accomplishments?" Zhu Shi looked at Wei Zhen, felt the fluctuation of his spiritual power, and angrily questioned him.

Wei Zhen spread out his arms and said, "Yes, just three years of training, but the accomplishments are higher than when you abolished them."

Zhu Shi squinted: "Have you got a chance?"

With a chuckle, Wei Zhen said, "You slaughtered my master and disciples, but I think the sky cannot see them. Seeing you slaughtered me, you showed me another way so that I could avenge myself."

Zhu Shi laughed sullenly: "revenge? My disciples all know that if something happens to me, do you think they will let you go? Do you think the association will let you go? And these friends of yours, I'm afraid they'll all be buried with you!"

Wei Zhen looked back at Jing Lin and saw them all standing there without saying a word, but his eyes were full of firm support and no retreat. He turned to Zhu Shi and smiled nonchalantly: "whoever can be a friend, no one wants to be an enemy." The interests we hold in our hands are enough to make the members of the association turn a blind eye to your death. As for your apprentices, although they have come, those who do not know how to play are all cleared up. If they know how to play, it's no harm for me to accept them without extra trouble, together with the savings you have left behind for many years and the forces you have cultivated through hard work."

Zhu Shi saw Wei Zhen boasting in front of his eyes. If it had been before, he would have laughed at Wei Zhen's arrogance. But at this time, he knew that he knew that the other party was not talking casually, but that he and his friends really had this kind of strength.

Having come here with ambition but burying one's bones, has it been so hard for so many years just to make wedding clothes for others? Think of what may happen, build the world can't help but take a few breaths.

By this time, Zhu Shi felt extremely regretful!

After Zhu Ren, the younger disciple, became stupid, he was both sad and angry. The sad accident happened to one of his favorite disciples, and the angry one was that Wei Zhen, who had gone with him, came back in good condition. At that time, Wei really said that the little disciple was stupid because he was attacked on the head by the mutant man-eating flower. Naturally, he didn't believe it. The two parties had always been at loggerheads and thought it must be Wei Zhen who was behind it. As it happens, the association began to look for a treasure house for spiritual pulse hiding, and sent people to I city to be the pioneer of exploration. Zhu Shi came up with a way to give Wei Zhen an additional quota to support it. then he immediately joined Liu Xi to implement many things planned for xuantian.

In the association, he had many disagreements with the head of Xuantianmen. The other party has always been the biggest stumbling block for him to climb up in the Association for the Restoration of Truth. He has always wanted to kill the other party. He is going to destroy Xuantianmen, take away their secret books of the town gate, support the puppet master of the gate, and become the ruler of the two sects in the future. However, all this can only be done in private for the same light-hearted members of the association.

Seeing the head of Xuantian killed by himself, so many disciples of Xuantian also died in his own hands. As long as he got the secret script, all this would be finished perfectly. I didn't think Wei Zhen was too clever, but he found something wrong on the way. He escaped the people he sent to spy on, secretly returned to the sect, and took away the secret book of Xuantian.

In the beginning, Wei was not spared from the pursuit. However, the people sent to pursue him either failed or disappeared. Several provinces and cities in the country broke out space cracks one after another. There are too many treasures in them. Just a little slower, maybe his sect, which has existed for hundreds of years, will be taken up by the newcomers. Therefore, after much hesitation, Zhu Shi temporarily gave up looking for Wei Zhen to kill him, withdrew all his hands, and threw himself into the treasure hunt brigade.

If he had known that one day, he would not have said anything like that, he would have found Wei Zhen and would have beaten his bones and blown his ashes to death.

There seemed to be an itch in the bone. At first, the itch could be tolerated, but at the back, the itch turned into a sharp pain. It kept coming in thick and thin, like someone tearing at his body, sucking his blood and tearing off his flesh.

Tsukishi's shortness of breath made her whole body tremble. He walked to Wei Zhen quivering, like a real dying old man, holding out his withered hand covered with spots like branches. If he did not capture it in his posture, he could not catch it.

"I will kill you!"

Building the world desperately last strength, screaming out loud. He sent out the last remaining psychic attack, which was very weak, but dutifully made its due response in a large array, collapsing it with a firm but gentle force and fighting back.

The shock wave did not cause much damage, but it knocked Zhu Shi to the ground. He didn't have the slightest strength to stand up again, curled up on the ground, and Liu Xi's dead eyes wide open and empty.

Tsukishi smiled nervously "ho-ho" twice, with a strange smile hanging from the corners of his mouth, and his muddy eyes became completely silent. The Buddha's card he held in his hand made a slight crack and split in half in his powerless palm. With this Buddha card, he only lasted so long, otherwise he would have become a dead body like Liu Xi and them.

Wei Zhen avenged the death of Zhu Shi and others. His teachers were slaughtered, and the cause and effect also had their share. Only then did this cause and effect end.

Although they died, the eggs in the body did not stop eating. These people's accomplishments were enough to make them eat a full meal. Soon they were finished smoking and their blood was finished smoking. They emerged contentedly from the body. The transparent body became extremely red because of the full blood and had no hiding place in front of people.

Wei Zhen finally glanced at the bodies, took out a medicine bottle from his pocket, and scattered all the powder on the brown worms. At the touch of the powder, the worms were immediately corroded clean, leaving only blood on the ground.

"Please send someone to clean it quickly." Wei Zhen said to Yu Dafu.

Yu Dafu touched his smooth head and answered with mirth.

Jing Lin had cleared up the residence in the county seat and occasionally stayed in the county seat. At this time, the night was already dark. Everyone left the hotel to discuss things in the morning and went home.

The next morning, everyone gathered at the castellan mansion.

Shi Lei said: "I think the capital will send someone soon."

Wei Zhen said, "Not bad. In order to facilitate management, all monks in the country have to be registered by the Buddhist Association. The training team has met in the capital before, and the association definitely knows."

Yan Fei said: "Do you think the Association will really bring us to justice according to the Godsworn Rules for the sake of a dead world?"

Wei Zhen said, "If you were a nobody, without status and strength, and hurt other monks, the consequences would be very serious." With that, everyone knows what is meant by "laughing at" and "unfinished words". No matter what era, this is a privileged society.

If they are really as described by Wei Zhen, it will be great to lose their lives if their accomplishments are neglected. People like Zhu Shi cannot survive. But now they all have some skills, and the interests in their hands are enough to make them give in to this rule.

Over the past three years, the space forest in I city has always been a secret only they know. even if the chameleon has been killed by others and some people have gone down the crack, no one has ever entered it. they have to return to the black stone and have never found anything. however, the place occupied by the chameleon has become a place for other animals to compete with human beings for a long time.

In the woods, Shi lei has sent people over the past few years to try many people, but there are still dozens of stone tablets left and no suitable inheritance can be found. Over the past few years, the more precious plants inside should be transplanted, collected and left to grow freely.

With these, so they Jia Lin now look at although still small, but the strength is absolutely frightening. As long as they have been united, they are absolutely not afraid even if they face the Association for the Restoration of Truth. The death of Tsukiji is a tiger that scares the outside world. However, in order to compensate for this loss, they handed over the tablet to the association and the government in half, which was enough for them to take a step back. As for various plant minerals in the mountain forest, they would hand it over to themselves and the other two forces to jointly supervise and manage.

The only thing that can open up the mountain forest in that space is Jing Lin, and the other three places in the country should be the same. Now he can be regarded as a key to all kinds of achievements.

Officials in the capital have also been terrified for a long time about the giant Xiuzhen Association, which has stood erect for many years. The relationship between them is very subtle. They are not only fearful, but also have a posture that they have to depend on. Based on this, I believe that the official forces will definitely hold a welcome attitude towards their new force of truth-fixing.

After waiting for more than two months, the officials from the capital and the association finally arrived. They were also enraged. They didn't expect to be disturbed by their own people after such a long delay. As soon as they found out the situation, they sent someone to come over without stopping.

Interrogation of those interfering personnel, both sides knew where Zhu Shi was going and what he was going to do. Angry at the same time, afraid to let the success of the construction of the world lead to both sides of the personnel to do nothing about him in the future. However, after they set out, they had hardly reached the halfway point when the people who were caught up said that the longevity lamp of several people who built the world had gone out.

When the lights go out, it means everyone knows what it is. The two sides are both secretly pleased and sad on the road. secretly pleased that if Zhu Shi died in the hands of those people, they would have the conditions to hold each other. The sad thing is that the other party can kill him even if he has built a world. It shows that he has extraordinary strength. Don't leave a tiger and another poisonous snake. That would be a headache.

With the worst plan in mind, the representatives of the two sides walked along with trepidation. I was even more shocked when I saw the person in charge of the base and the group accompanying me.

The imposing manner of these people is not at all weak compared with those bosses in the association. how can we balance this?

Is uneasy, Wei Zhen walked out.

The representatives of the two parties were wiping cold sweat. At the sight of an acquaintance, they jumped up like saviors and took Wei's real hand. Tears welled up in their eyes.

With Wei Zhen, the two sides are equivalent to having a mediator and everything is ready for discussion.

In the end, as Jing Lin and his colleagues discussed, they gave up some of their benefits and the capital did not investigate Zhu Shi's death. However, their hearts were not satisfied with Jing Lin's unique key, but they did not dare to say it clearly. They could only urge Jing Lin to set up a school to accept disciples as soon as possible so that they could send people over. So in the end, Jing Lin's sect was actually the fastest one to build.

After discussing the matter, Jing Lin and his disciples were also registered by the association, including their disciples. After the register was taken back, the managers of the association looked at the number, which was quite large. They were basically not weak and had a strong sense of belonging to the sect. If they really wanted to chew it up, they would have to crack their teeth if they could not chew it down.

Since then, some people who have other thoughts can only take a break for a while and wait until later.

After that, Wei Zhen took people back to the capital with the representatives of the two parties. His disciples had also participated in the plan to kill Xuantian. He could not let go of these people, but also had to deal with the forces left over by Tsukiji. This was not only said for the sake of gas Tsukiji. Jing Lin was busy making wooden boards for people from the capital to enter. They also had to send someone to supervise them. For the long term, they should not be allowed to destroy the mountain forests at will. They are not managers in Jing Lin. Naturally, they need not worry about them.

After nearly a year, with the help of the researchers from the capital, Jialin County set up new power equipment and replaced all the flower lanterns on both sides of the road with new street lamps. The lights were turned on and off at regular intervals. Jialin's night was back to that time. The new TV factories opened six months ago have also produced the first new TV products, such as computers and mobile phones, and have also opened factories, all of which are still experimental productions. I believe we will return to the familiar life style before long.

Jing Lin was very busy for a period of time. He not only had to make wooden boards, but also received a lot of orders for seal script from the capital and the association, especially the poly-Ling array. The demand was especially large. The carriers such as jade sent from there were several light storage bags. If all of them were poured out, at least half of his house would have to be filled with them. Oh, there are also storage bags, which are in greater demand than poly-Ling array. The elders in the family are worried about him when they see him receiving so many orders. How long will it take?

However, Jing Lin is not in a hurry. He can make money and practice both. He can make more money and his clan can develop better in the future.

Because the village's gathering spirit array is now supported by Lingshi, the aura is really abundant. Over the past few years, the black soil in their village has undergone a third variation, and the quality of the land has reached a higher level. The crops inside have also undergone good changes. Everything that can be advanced has been advanced. If not, it is time to pick them.

This summer, Jialin County opened a school. Shi lei wanted to set up the school two years earlier, but later, when the clan was hot, he saw many teenage children bent on practicing, some of them could not recognize a little bit of uncommon words. moreover, in several clans in the county seat, it was not that there were no children who were only a few years old, such as the little fire doll collected by Long Zhang, who had to take time to learn to read while practicing with her master. otherwise, they did not even know the words on the mental skills, and the meaning depended on others to explain. when it was their turn, they all depended on blindfold. can this practice be done? And this can't be done later. You are good at accomplishments but you don't know a few characters. This is not a joke.

Moreover, not everyone can practice. Although there are some restrictions now, virtually, the class of monks and mortals will only become more and more obvious in the future. For those who cannot practice, their studies will be carried out step by step as before. For those who can practice, besides studying, they will be given time to practice. The educational procedures are completely different.

It took two years before the school was finally established. As soon as summer begins, Lele and Zhou Zhou are sent to Xiuzhen School to study in the first grade of primary school. Although he is now a teenager, he does study in the first grade. It is not uncommon or even normal for him to do so now. Except for a few who were born in recent years and grew up safely at the age of seven or eight, others are basically the same age as Lele.

Like Sweet Tang, Long Zhang and Guan both went to the senior high school. They didn't want to learn, but people from the association said that the monks in this world are not only their countrymen, but also many crooked nuts. Occasionally, they hold a truth-fixing exchange meeting. At the meeting, everyone speaks the international common language, and there are professional terms relative to truth-fixing. This has to be done. In view of this, the two can only force Xi Xi to enter the school with their schoolbags, which is very suitable for a period of time.

This class, there is a very strange phenomenon. Like Lele, who now founded Zongmen and formally accepted Sweet Tang, he also accepted several younger and older disciples. It happened to be the wife of one of his older disciples who taught him first-grade mathematics.

The woman was really fidgeting in class, but there was my husband's teacher sitting underneath. how can I teach better? Oh, boy! Master raised his hand to answer the question. shall I have his name?

Every class is very painful!

Long Zhang and Guan Shuangshuang have disciples of the same level in the class. Classes like them do not discuss learning or where to go to play after school during the break of cultural classes. They all ask their masters for advice on difficult problems.

"Elder martial brother, why does the trace of this symbol crumble when it reaches the tick point? I have wasted three symbols. If I fail to draw again, I will have no pocket money this month."

"Master, why do I always fail when this critical point of planting lingcao is advanced? Even if it is advanced, it will become another kind of lingzhi that I don't know at all?"

"Master, why do I always fail to extract the special substance of this stone? It's all done according to the procedure?"

Such things, very strange, very lively.

The school is not allowed to bring animals into the school. Since Lele went to school, the animals in the family feel bored and wake up every day either practicing or practicing. Seeing them so listless, Jing Lin suggested to Shi lei either to set up a school for the animals. although I don't know how many years they will have to wait before they can take shape, as human knowledge and common sense, we should learn them first.

Shi Lei has never dared to underestimate the ability of animals to change. He also loves good animals to change, especially those in Jing Lin's family. He is really very capable and sensible. In the long run, the future world will definitely change into a place for exotic animals, so Shi lei gave orders to Jing Lin's proposal without much consideration.

As for the professors, they should learn to read and read, and try their best to select teachers from among the longevity students, which is conducive to communication and harmonious coexistence.

After getting along for a few years, the elders in the family have long regarded the animals as children in the family. seeing them go to school, they also made schoolbags and cloth bags suitable for them, just like sending Lele to school.

Su Zhen's teaching teacher in their class is a disciple of Lele. They are much more numerous than him. Seeing Su Zhen's several teachers still have to cry out to Uncle Shi or something, the attitude is called a panic.

However, not every mutant animal is as friendly as they are. Some other mutant animals are completely Xiong Haizi. They are ferocious in appearance and like to intimidate teachers. They either make trouble in class or disturb other animals if they do not pay attention to the class. Although the other side is a master of animals, these animals have their own masters and cannot be used for their own purposes. Many animals have been spoiled by their parents. Teachers cannot beat or scold them. Some female teachers also watched them cry several times.

At last Su Zhen couldn't bear to look at it any more. When she hit him with her tail, everyone took it. When she saw Su Zhen, she called her sister. She was very honest.

There is a new sound of reading in the school, and some newly opened factories have provided a large number of jobs for residents. Each clan also welcomed a large number of outsiders to invest in the clan. Jialin County's real estate business has developed vigorously, firmly consolidating Jialin County's basic position in the real estate business. With all kinds of assistance provided by the capital, Jialin County's overall development has also been promoted rapidly in one year or two.

In the past six years, relying on Jing Lin's rallying array, the domestic people's food and clothing have been basically solved. Fast-growing cities like Jialin County have entered modern cities again.

In the past two years, China has completely entered a new era of truth-fixing, and its strength in truth-fixing ranks first in the world.

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