Shi Lei took several days to finish his acceptance test, but Jing Lin was busy with his own affairs after their short party.

After another summer harvest, Long Zhang, after all efforts, finally refined the weapons that Jing Lin needed, while Yan Fei chopped out the shock wave. Jing Lin also stored them in the weapons according to the collection methods in the inheritance.

To protect mountain array scene in the county seat is to receive a certain reward, is out of the base, and then by him and Long Zhang they according to the amount of output.

Hu Shanda's array just covers the entire town area. Jing Lin took Su Zhen and they took more than half a month to complete the array layout. Later, they also arranged their own village with several surrounding mountains.

After finishing their work, the disciples of Xunzhen Sword Sect are already in good shape. Apart from eating and sleeping, they practice swords every day. Occasionally they form teams to go out and look for ferocious animals to practice their hands, commonly known as training. Shi Lei also did not know where he came up with a batch of cloth and made a series of sect uniforms. The styles of all the ancient costumes were very elegant. The disciples of the Sword Sect walked outside wearing uniforms of the same color and style, feeling that the whole person's aura was different, making others extremely envious.

As a result, when the rest of the people in the back were openly collecting disciples, the scene was even hotter than when Shi lei was collecting disciples, and many more people came to the nearby villages.

By this time, the development of various sects in the county seat was also in full swing.

Spring goes to Qiu Lai and autumn comes to winter. It is three years in a flash.

After three years of recuperation, Jialin County now finally has the confidence to go out.

Shi Lei had already moved all his disciples into the completely repaired clan. The clan of Cao Sanye and others was also about to be built, and the disciples were recruited in a good way. Jing Lin still only hung a house number for the dome. Zhou Zhou did hold a ceremony to accept the disciples. Jing Lin tidied up a room on the second floor for him to stay for a long time. Zhong Xiaohui they have been following Zhao Zhiwen two refining arms, Long Zhang also received a good prospect, is Ma Chunjian home daughter little fire Eva. The little girl was tested out of ChanLingGen, talented, and fire attribute, refining device together is suitable for her, Long Zhang looked at her and selected her. Ma Chunjian only got a medium-sized inheritance of martial arts. The future of following Long Zhang is definitely better than following his father, so he is happy to have his daughter worship Long Zhang as a teacher.

The shops in Jing Lin's house now sell a lot of things, such as beauty grass, various offensive and defensive seal characters, array of symbols, food fruits with spiritual power, sweet well water, and storage bags that can hold many things.

The amount of things put out every month is limited. Three years later, the supply is always in short supply.

In three years, second-generation wheat and second-generation rice have been popularized throughout the county, and people's food and clothing is no longer a problem. During this period, Jing Lin has repeatedly expanded and upgraded the mountain protection array. According to Shi Lei's request, all villages that have planted grain have been enclosed in it. In recent years, all dangerous animals and plants have been disposed of quickly. Now, even if you walk in the mountain forests in the countryside, as long as you are in the mountain protection array, there is basically no safety problem.

The county town has also been expanding easily. Every time it is expanded to one place, the city wall is built along with it. The boundaries of the city outside the city are clear.

This day Jing Lin and Yan Fei took Zhou Zhou back to the county seat, handed him over to two grandmothers and asked the two shopkeepers about various matters in the shop recently. Then they heard a commotion from the street outside.

Someone outside shouted, "It is the training team that has returned with the supplies!"

After the end of this year, the base used a lot of storage bags to collect a batch of materials, led by people to the capital to purchase and exchange materials, and the participants were basically disciples of several sects in the county seat. As a result, the training time for these people was not short, and this time they went out as experience. Secondly, the development of the county seat is basically at a standstill. It is not enough to live in one place. It is necessary to seek development from outside. In recent years, the county seat has never heard of any news from outside. It is said that the vehicles developed in the capital have begun to be opened to the outside world for exchange, and relying on new energy sources, the inner city of the base has once again returned to the era of electricity and network.

Most of the materials brought out are second-generation wheat, second-generation rice and edible Lingmailingmi. People in the county know that Ling mai ling mi is definitely not what it should look like to store food for too long, even if it is shown to anyone. Not to mention the things that can be planted.

Over the past few years, the capital has developed quite well in other places, but only planting one item has greatly hindered its development. Although they have made some breakthroughs in planting, they have cultivated more than several hundred mu of mutant soil, but they can't even get along with Jialing, not to mention the numerous farmland where Jing Lin has set up a poly-spiritual array. The food grown in the capital can only be used by those who are most capable and privileged. There are countless other people. In recent years, they have eaten most of the meat of animals, various plants and wild vegetables. Only occasionally can they pursue enjoyment and exchange coarse grains and rice noodles in luxury.

It is conceivable that in such a place, the goods from Jialin almost reached the point of being robbed. On the face of it, they have left most of their dealings with the capital's official authorities, and in private they have also left many to employ various scientific researchers.

Jialin's rice and seeds shocked the whole capital. In recent years, the capital has always sent people to inspect or directly take over local bases, but the environment is difficult, and not every place can be noticed by them. What they care about is more those large city-based bases, such as small towns that are too remote, and seldom send people to inspect and stay in the past.

Jialin County is located in one of the most difficult provinces and cities since ancient times. Several provinces and cities in China have successively reported various secret situations, which has completely shifted the focus of attention and focus of the capital. They know that although life is difficult, they will always develop some small forces in places they are not aware of.

Small, no climate, not for fear. But they never expected, this time to base this line of people, looks not only not small, also very well.

Because every one of them is wearing the same clothes with the same icon, one is exactly the same, that is the sign of the county seat, and the other is their own sect icon. These people are either all firm but gentle, or evil spirit, or holding strange weapons, let a person dare not underestimate. The Xiuzhen Association and the capital government are closely linked. They are speculating whether they are hermit families that were not discovered and registered before the end of the world. Because they cannot see the depth, the team members are warmly received by the government.

After that, the team members were carefully tested by various forces, and they took on several tasks suspended in the capital, which were of high difficulty. After they were able to complete them, some hostile sights quickly disappeared, and the rest were basically for cooperation.

Such as team of people took out all kinds of Dan medicine, multiplier, operator of array operator, after the original swing of wait-and-see forces, also flocked to. In particular, the storage bags they brought with them and the legendary carry-on space they took directly to the local auction house, each of which was sold for a sky-high price.

With these blessings, the purchase and exchange of materials went smoothly and the desired car was available. In private, they also have the people they want.

The noise grew louder and louder. Jing Lin and Yan Fei stood at the door of the shop and watched a large group of people in the distance come here surrounded by onlookers. Led by a female disciple, she held a silver sword in her hand, dressed in a silver tunic, light and delicate. She walked slowly, even though surrounded by the crowd, her face was very cool. She caught a casual glance and happened to see Jing Lin and Yan Fei standing in front of the shop.

She hurried for a few steps and stopped three meters in front of the two men. Qingyue's voice sounded slowly and respectfully. "You Jingjing, the disciple who sought perfection, has seen the two gentlemen. How are they doing?"

Jing Lin said, "Everything is fine. Please worry about it."

Yan Fei also nodded.

You Jingjing is the chief disciple of Shi lei. he was the first disciple he received three years ago. he is also the most talented person in the sect now. the whole sect should call her the elder sister. Shi lei is either busy dealing with government affairs or practicing in crowded time at ordinary times. You Jingjing is in charge of the sect and everyone respects her very much.

However, although she has too much power now, she still does her duty. She is very principled and never oversteps all boundaries.

Yan Fei is not a sword repairer, but also a Jin Ling with the spirit of gold and stone. His talent is better than hers, and his inheritance is better than that of Xun Zhen's sword sect. In terms of sword technique, Yan Fei was invited by Shi Lei to give directions in his clan several times, and Jing Lin followed him to visit for a few days. Therefore, all disciples of Xun Zhen's sword sect are very familiar with and respect them.

When You Jingjing said hello, all the other disciples stopped to say hello in an orderly way. they knew that their patriarch, leader and the two were very friendly. the other side was even more skillful and did not dare to neglect. therefore, even the driver who was driving in an old costume came down trembling.

The two of them looked at each other with great amusement. They hurried back to them and told them to report back to Zongmen first.

The car moved slowly. Jing Lin they stood and counted, this time they changed back 12 cars and 6 big cards, with many people inside, these are Shi lei's talents.

This time with the team back scientific research talents, there is electricity, physics and electrical related. Shi Lei took time to receive them and promised them various benefits. After encouraging them to develop together with Jialin, he went back to the house to practice. Other matters were left to several management and Qu Zhengchao.

The day after Jing Lin returned to the village, Shi lei sent Jing Lin four cars and they all accepted them. It doesn't matter if they want to change a car, but they don't often go out.

The material team went out this time without any cover. As soon as they left the front foot, the rear foot was followed up by several concerned people.

"Jialin County?"A small-eyed old Taoist priest wearing a Chinese tunic suit and touching a goatee looked at the four characters thoughtfully.

At this time, the party was standing in front of the entrance to a city wall in Jialin County.

"My people are following closely and will not be wrong." Another young man said that if Wei Zhen were here at this time, one would not have to look at the voice alone to know that this was his teacher younger brother Liu.

The old Taoist turned his head and glanced at his disciple beside him."I remember, this is where your younger brother had his accident."

The man respectfully said, "I remember that there was nothing wrong here."

The old Taoist cold hum 1, "a small town, incredibly so undiscovered talent, what is this? I'd like to see what mystery is hidden in it!"

He took the lead in moving forward, and the others followed him in a hurry.

There are only two soldiers on guard at the entrance of the city wall. They are dressed in the special patrol clothing of the county seat. Their bodies stand straight. Their bodies are nearly two meters high. They are tall and strong. They look like they have good force. However, one entrance is only two people, which is too few.

The old Taoist priests observed that since they went to a certain area, they should have entered the county seat, and there were more pedestrians on the road. When approaching the gate entrance, more and more pedestrians came and went. Looking at the clothes and complexion of these people, they are many times better than those they have seen all the way in other villages. Many residents in the capital city are not as good as them, but they are very healthy.

The soldiers at the entrance didn't ask them to show any identification certificates or anything like that. They were released at a glance, which made them even more puzzled. The management was too loose. Hu Shanda's array is very advanced. If you want to observe the reiki field, you will not be able to detect it unless you overlook it and fix it on the person who has arranged the array. Already in the large array they don't know, jialin county management seems loose, actually very strict, binding force is very high.

In the year when the Zongmen fever first arose, it was not that there was no disciple of the Zongmen who knew little about the situation and used his spiritual power to oppress ordinary people. However, before his spiritual power moves came out and fell on each other, he was directly separated and seriously injured by the shock wave from the array. Besides, if he did not say he was seriously injured, he also made a compensation to the other party. He was removed by his clan and expelled from the clan. He also informed other clans in the county that he was not allowed to enter the clan and was blacklisted directly.

At that time, the whole county knew about the incident, and some people who took a chance that entering the door meant soaring to the sky without any scruples also put aside their arrogant attitude of thousands of miles in the past and picked up their tails to be honest.

After entering the county seat, the old Taoist priest with the highest accomplishments found some fluctuations in spiritual power. Strictly speaking, he is a practitioner of law and does not know the array. Liu Tianshi used various materials after the end of the day to make his accomplishments more refined than before, so he can see some traces of the array, but he cannot see any more arrays. The man who arranged the battle was good at all skills, and at that time he looked extremely pale.

When he was in the capital, he asked people to change a lot of seal script and array to go back to study, but even if he wanted to break his scalp, he couldn't do a thing or two. He thought of the secret book that his sect had been taken away by Wei Zhen. At that time, there was a lot of speculation. It happened that Tsukishi had a crush on the huge interests hidden behind those teams. He wanted to take it as his own before the capital took the initiative. He asked Liu Tianshi for help. The two men worked hand in hand and hit it off. He left some people in the capital and used the name of the association to interfere privately, slowing down the pace of the capital's officials. He came with some people in a hurry.

After walking around the corner of a street, when they got farther and farther away, a few people suddenly turned out in the corner. Wei Zhen, who was at the front, had a full face of Yinzhi.

The medicine boy behind him asked doubtfully, "Master, what's the matter?"

Wei Zhen breathed slowly and said, "It's okay. I saw some old friends. You go back first, and I'll go to the duke's mansion."

Shi lei is now called duke instead of chieftain. his residence is next to leiming mountain. because it is also of an ancient style, everyone calls it duke mansion.

Although the food that can be eaten now basically has some aura, there are also new types of diseases. For example, some insects and plants are attached to branches and leaves for half their lives. They have extremely high hiding power and are invisible to the naked eye. No matter they are frozen or roasted at high temperature, they can only be allowed to feign death. After they wake up, if they enter the belly of the practitioner, they will feed on their accomplishments. If they do not have accomplishments, they will feed on human blood, causing serious anemia. Unfortunately, if you encounter worms laying eggs in your body, the number of newly-born larvae is extremely large and you need to suck a lot of accomplishments or blood, it is very likely that the person will be sucked dry overnight, and even the body will be nibbled away from the internal organs to the outer skin.

It is useless for ordinary doctors to treat this kind of disease. They must all be treated by Wei Zhen, a paradoxical doctor.

Over the past few years, Wei Zhen has cured many new diseases and saved many people's lives. He has been called a "doctor". Since he started his sect, there have been many people who want to join his sect. Even before he confiscated his sect, many people have not entered other clans, just waiting for him.

Wei Zhen came to visit several patients today, but he did not expect to see Zhu Shi and Liu Xi on his way back.

Wei Zhen evaded the streets that several people might pass by and hurried all the way to the castellan mansion. he happened to meet Shi lei, who was dealing with government affairs, and told him about it.

No benefit can't afford to be early. Zhu Shi has held high positions all the year round. He has been only in the rear and has his own work for him. Now, people have come all the way to Jialin. The headquarters of Sihe and Xiuzhen Association is in the capital. It is not difficult to guess the purpose of the visit.

Shi lei thought for a moment, immediately wrote several letters and called You Jingjing, "you send each of these letters to several leaders and managers."

You Jingjing took the letter and left. Shi lei looked at Wei Zhen's pale face and said, "once upon a time we couldn't take them. now that they have delivered the letter to your door, you have saved your strength to go out. This is our territory, and surveillance of them is everywhere. We will dispose of them directly in the county seat."

In this profession of deception medicine, the value of force is not high. Defense and attack rely on the uncanny skill of undetected. He wanted to wait another two years, and then went out to avenge his teachers after further research on paradox medicine. However, the timing was also good. Hearing Shi Lei's relief, he went back to the doctor Monjujo and called two young disciples to find something.

What he was looking for was nothing new. It was all kinds of things found in the county town that could cause new types of diseases. At the beginning, his accomplishments were destroyed by new toxic agents. He wanted to treat others as he did.

Zhu Shi and others did not know that from the moment they entered the county seat, they had already entered the gate of hell. After turning several streets, they found the only star hotel in the county seat.

As soon as he entered the hotel, Liu Ming frowned: "This hotel is too shabby."

Looking around, the lobby of the hotel was deserted, and all the facilities inside looked very old, with a faint musty smell in the air, as if no one had been in or out of the activity for a long time.

It's not shabby. Cui Lizhu started to take care of this hotel some time ago. Because the county town had intended to develop in a low profile, hotels and so on did not consider going there at all. Very few outsiders, mostly locals, came to the county town to rent. Now, unlike before, they had to pay one for three. Daily rent is the norm here, which is much cheaper than the so-called hotel and hotel, and almost all rent directly.

And they also have to be lucky, somehow now the inner city is open to the outside world, or according to the previous county accident survival, they can only stay in the outer city.

There was a little girl sitting at the front desk in the lobby, who was dozing off in boredom. Liu Ming knocked at the counter with a dark face, "Accommodation."

The little girl woke up immediately, but after all, she was trained and immediately asked them to show their identification certificates with a standard smile.

Liu Xi has always been fastidious, especially in building the world. From the past to the present, they like to pay attention to style everywhere, very high profile. This time their so-called low-key behavior is also to avoid attracting attention from all sides, but all the way into the county seat, all the actions are not low-key, anyone who passes by them can see that these are non-local.

You Jingjing delivered the letter first to those who lived in the county seat. zhushi stayed in the hotel for less than half an hour at 9 o'clock. Cui lizhu, the hotel manager, received the news and immediately called back Yu Dafu.

In the village, Jing Lin received a letter from You Jingjing. Shi lei explained the matter in the letter and asked them to go to the county seat as soon as possible. Jing Lin did smile and said to Yan Fei, "Just as you improved your accomplishments yesterday and increased the attack power of shock wave, I'll collect some and put them into the array. We don't need to make moves to tell them whether to come or not."

Yan Fei's firm but gentle is very terrible. Su Zhen's scales are several times harder than the python in I city. It said that if it meets Yan Fei's firm but gentle, it can also split it into two halves directly.

After three years, Jing Lin has also made rapid progress in array technique. Before he collected shock wave, he could only rely on weapons. But now, with Fuzhuan, he can also collect it completely. Yan Fei practiced his sword for at least six hours a day, splitting countless firm but gentle, which he collected and put into Fuzhuan, took out and sold. Over the past few years, he has made a lot of money by selling firm but gentle.

That night, Yu Dafu took what Wei Zhen had given him and cooked in person, making delicious food with aroma and reiki for Zhu Shi and others.

Yu Dafu's inheritance is a spiritual cook. He was originally good at cooking. With the blessing of his inheritance, he could not wait for people to swallow his tongue just by smelling the aroma. He is fastidious in building the world, never tires of eating fine food, and is well-known for not being tired of fine food. Only when you have to do it, will you feel wronged and choose to make do with it.

He glanced at the table full of delicious food and his eyes twinkled. He thought that this place was really extraordinary. Every cook has a lot of skills. He has tasted all kinds of delicious food before, but it is not as good as that on this table. After he has subdued the forces here, he can take the cook back. It is not beautiful to have such delicious food every day.

There are too many new species now, and many people in the capital suffer from new diseases. Most of them come from the mouth and are strange places. Even though they almost drool when smelling the aroma, they also carefully checked and confirmed that they are common ingredients, nontoxic and full of aura. After being polite, they all started.

While they were busy tasting delicious food, Jing Lin was also busy setting up a magic circle around the hotel.

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