Jing Lin only knew that Guan Shuangshuang's inheritance was related to Lingzhi, but he didn't know about it. Only after Guan Shuangshuang came this time did she realize that her inheritance was also very rebellious.

She can stimulate or restrict the growth of plants through spiritual power. Jing Lin watched her give birth to a Chinese cabbage. From a seed sprouting slowly to the most prosperous period of life to blossom and bear fruit, from birth to death, it was simply a magnificent performance about life.

The ability to produce plants depends on her control of psychic powers and the plants she produces. Like pakchoi, which has a short growth cycle and contains a general aura, it is easier to give birth to it, while like mutant tomato fruit, it has a long cycle and has to meet the environmental standards, so it is more troublesome to give birth to it.

But now she is not competent enough. In the process of giving birth, there will occasionally be a lack of spiritual power. Ordinary crops are fine. If there is reiki, there will be a bad place. That is, the more difficult it is to give birth to plants. The reiki contained in the plants will become less and less, and even a seed full of reiki will be pushed into an ordinary plant.

Guan Shuangshuang is here to buy a character array. She wants to develop her own tea industry. With this ability, she can quickly expand the planting range of tea trees. Now she has rented out all the farmland near her village. After all the farmland has been changed by black mud for the second time, there should be a lot of tea saplings that she gave birth to at that time. In order to make the seedlings grow healthily, the gathering array is indispensable, so a large number of gathering arrays are needed. I heard earlier that Jing Lin's array has been revised. I came here specially to buy a new version.

Now it is possible to directly carve jade into the array. Jing Lin basically did not have to run around to arrange the array. After writing down the number required by Guan Shuangshuang, Jing Lin gave Guan Shuangshuang the tomato seeds he had saved up before. Guan Shuangshuang exchanged tea saplings for this. This tea is a good one. Jing Lin also wants to plant several more trees, which are picked and fried for the elders in the family to drink.


After such a long time, the third wave of people who went to I city also came back. this time only a few people had inheritance, and they were basically middle and low grade. However, they brought back several stones, and when Wei Zhen saw them, he told Shi lei that this was a spirit stone.

Wei Zhen used to be a member of the association. As an early monk, to see if a person has real talent, it is mainly by means of a fairy family. All the sects registered in the Xiuzhen Association have a spiritual stone issued by the Association, which is a test tool for testing a person's talent. Jing Lin didn't know it and didn't pay attention to it in the forest space before. Wei Zhen was different. He had seen it countless times and recognized it at a glance.

According to Wei Zhen's description, Shi lei had them divided into several pieces, polished into oval shapes, and sent three pieces to Jing Lin.

"Is this stone really so magical?" Jing Lin's family, Yan Lu looked around the three black stones and stretched out his hand to touch them. The stones did not show anything unusual.

Yan Fei said, "You haven't entered the Tao yet. It is normal to touch it and have no reaction."

Yan Fei said, and laid his hand on the stone . . .

At the moment, a white light beam went up into the sky. The white thick pure, like a misty fog suddenly appeared in front of everyone's eyes, can see but can't touch.

All the people in the living room were breathless.

When Yan Fei removed his hand, the white color disappeared.

Jing Lin mused, "Gold, wood, water, fire and earth are generally white, green, black, red and yellow. If this is the case, Ah Fei will only be white after you touch him, which may be the so-called Jin Ling."

"That's great!" Zhao Zhiwen clapped his hands, "This is the legendary single root, the best root!"

"Try it." Yan Fei faced the scene and approached the road.

Jing Lin pressed his hand up and suddenly the color of the complex jumped out of his hands, and the colors corresponding to the five elements flashed in turns.

Jing Lin raised his eyebrows: "I have all the five spiritual roots here?"

For the description of Lingen, everyone should have it in their inheritance, at least they have it in sight. There is no argument about the five spiritual roots that is not a waste of the spiritual roots. Only half of the feet have entered the realm of truth-fixing, which is a kind of constitution that gives people hope and despair. It is basically impossible for anyone with this spiritual root to reach any height.

But look at the scene in the appearance, completely don't like to have this kind of spirit root.

Jing Lin's heart is wide. Whether now or in the future, what he can achieve proves that it has nothing to do with whether his spiritual root is useless or not. Moreover, in his understanding, Dorian root does not mean that it is really useless, but this kind of root is even harsher in cultivation conditions.

"It looks like there are more than five spiritual roots." Zhao Zhiwen suddenly said.

Everyone's eyes turned back to the light beam, and then they found purple in it, with flickering white lightning. This reminds Jing Lin of the purple air he absorbed and the thunder and lightning power he grabbed every morning when practicing at the beginning of the rising sun.

"You are a strange root." Yan Lu said that she would not say that she thought of Marisol who would leave colorful tears when crying in those novels . . .

In short, in this view, Jing Lin is not the root of the Five Spirits. However, there is no explanation in the inheritance of this situation. Jing Lin has no way of knowing or guessing, so he can only go with it.

After the scene in Lele and Sweet Tang, and Li Feiyu they all came to test. In addition to Jing Lin's strange spirit root, all other people who have inherited it are either single or Shuang Ling root, and their qualifications are very good.

Finally, the animals in the family also gave it a try, but perhaps the test stone is only aimed at human beings or humanoid creatures, so their claws are completely unresponsive.

A month later, Jing Lin received news that Shi Lei was preparing to accept disciples.

Shi Lei's Clan of Jianzong has been properly repaired at this time. The house is completely of ancient style, with carved beams and painted buildings. In the meantime, it passes through forests and water and occupies a whole Leiming Mountain. He consulted many opinions and materials. In addition to setting up disciple dormitories, he also divided the clan elders' separate courtyard, the patriarch's residence, the parliament hall, the martial arts arena, etc.

This building has aroused the curiosity of the people in the county seat. They have also visited Jing Lin and feel that their ancestral gate can be used as a template for general reference in the future.

It will take quite a long time before the Zongmen is completely repaired. Shi Lei began to prepare for the recruitment of his younger brother, but before that, he had to pass a qualification test before he could get started.

This is the only grand event in the county town that all people can participate in in the past two years. The news was posted on every street and entrance of the county seat, and almost all the people who saw it came. The place where the test was held was in the square where the trade fair had been held in the county seat. On the day of the qualification test, it was not long before dawn that the square was packed with people. All the hunting teams did not go out and maintained order in the square.

Shi Lei informed Jing Lin of the news early in the morning, so Jing Lin and others also came to gather together a lively party.

Perhaps Shi lei was also excited and nervous. when the scene arrived, Shi lei was already there and was ordering someone to carry out the stone.

Lingshi is pure black, smooth and classy, polished into an oval shape, and placed on a carved wooden bracket to attract people's attention. Right next to the Lingshi, several other staff members were sitting there, clinging to their pens and preparing to record the list of people who passed.

After the order of the hunting party, people who want to take the test have already lined up. Soon, the test began.

At the top of the list was a young woman in her twenties. She was almost watched by someone in the place and was not very nervous. Under the instructions of the recorder, he held out his right hand trembling and slowly pressed it against the cold stone.

A black and blue beam appeared in front of the crowd.

The people around gave a loud exclamation, and the woman quickly withdrew her hand in horror.

The crowd was restless, and it was difficult to calm down for a while. fortunately, Shi lei was ready. when one of them took out a gong and struck it, the crowd was quiet for a moment. then he heard the man say, "quiet!"

Then I saw one of the female reporters smiling at the woman and saying, "Water and wood are two spirits." She turned the register in front of her to the bewildered woman and handed her the pen: "Please sign here and report to the 6th floor of the administrative center tomorrow."

There is no computer, so I can only record it. When these people who pass the exam report tomorrow, they will be asked to test it again, sign their name again, and confirm it by writing.

The woman instantly recovered and knew that she had passed the test. At that time, be in heaven wrote down her name very carefully. Then she rushed out in the envious eyes of others, hugged her family and shared the good news with them.

Their family are all outsiders, and after the end of the day the three of them had a very difficult life. She didn't have the ability, just an ordinary college student, and then took her parents to flee to the county seat. After all efforts, she was the first to get official resident certificates. They all work in a paper factory now. if she becomes a disciple of Ji Chang, her future life will certainly be much better.

Immediately it was the turn of the next tester, and the crowd quickly withdrew their eyes from the following woman and looked intently at the man.

Jing Lin they watched with interest for half an hour, in addition to the first appeared the Shuang Ling root woman, behind the best one is just three root spirit, four root spirit, five root spirit of a lot of people, but more people are not root spirit.

At present, the minimum standard for finding an entry-level disciple of the Sword Sect is Sanlinggen. Therefore, many people left in despair, while others cried in despair.

Cao Sanye, they are all here.

Cao Sanye began to choose disciples among his subordinates shortly after he returned. Seeing this, Cao Sanye could not help sighing: "We martial arts practitioners also have no spiritual roots, but fortunately God has shown us a clear path." If those who do not have spiritual roots have luck, they may still be able to practice martial arts when they receive disciples.

Yan Fei also said, "This is also called heaven's reward for food."

"Speaking of eating, Uncle Yu has opened a restaurant. Let's go there and get together," said Long Zhang.

They have all tasted Yu Dafu's craft, which is very good. Long Zhang always saw him with two kitchen knives at his waist before. At one time, he doubted whether he used the same knife to scrape people and practice. Every time he ate the delicacies made by Yu Dafu, he was extremely hesitant. Later, he was relieved to know that he would change knives.

After listening to this proposal, it happened that Jing Lin and his family had been living in the village for too long. They were busy all the time. They seldom came out once, and when they were all together, they went to the restaurant in droves.

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