As the grain storage in the county town is free from worries, the hunting teams in the county town are not confined to the periphery of the county town, but slowly spread out. However, the existence of many small villages or bases will sometimes be discovered by hunting teams unintentionally. After they learned the news of the base, they came to the site one after another.

In the past, the county town has been planning for the urban area, and some places have already been encircled. As more and more people come to join the city, Shi Lei started the expansion plan of the county town and took the lead in establishing sects. The site of the sect is located at the foot of Thunder Mountain, which is closest to the county seat. Several brick factories, cement factories and other building materials related factories around the county seat have been in operation for quite a long time. In order to expand, several factories have been reopened. Six months ago, the county began to raise animals artificially. All the animals selected were vegetarian, mild-tempered and strong-natured. As far as possible, the situation of injuries caused by animals was avoided. However, more and more people relied on manual preparation of building materials, thus providing many jobs for the residents living in the county.

Shi Lei's heart is too complicated, even if he has inherited it, if he cannot settle down, his path of sword repair will not be too long. Therefore, he has never forgotten to bring in those who had made friends with him before, and Qu Zhengchao is the first.

Qu Zhengchao is upright and honest. Although he has warm blood, he does not pursue fame and wealth. Shi Lei is sure that even if Qu Zhengchao's accomplishments are far better than his in the future, as long as he insists on the bottom line of benefiting the people, Qu Zhengchao will always be his strongest supporter.

The second one is Wei Zhen.

Although Wei Zhen was rescued by Jing Lin, Shi lei took him in when he was most down and out. If he has trouble in the future, Wei Zhen will definitely not stand idly by.

Finally, there are a few of them. They are purely cooperative relations, but because Shi lei knows that Jing Lin's ambition is not very big, as long as he can ensure that he will not be oppressed by others or forces in the future, this is also a card of Shi lei.

With so many good cards in his hand, as long as Shi lei does not die himself, he will definitely not be just a county mayor in the future.

Wei Zhen, however, found Jing Lin after spending more than half a year to scrape together most of the materials needed to repair the meridians.

He still lacks a vital miracle drug-blood ganoderma lucidum.

From the inheritance, it is known that blood ganoderma lucidum has a strong repair effect, and the longer the growth time, the stronger the effect. Wei Zhen came to Jing Lin's house before and had the privilege of seeing the ganoderma lucidum in his garden once, exactly like the ganoderma lucidum painted in the inheritance.

In order to obtain ganoderma lucidum, Wei Zhen gave Jing Lin everything he brought out of the forest space.

From the original attraction of Ganoderma lucidum to Jing Lin, we can see its unusual, and then we can understand its preciousness better after we know its effect from Wei Zhen's mouth. However, Jing Lin's inheritance was entirely due to the fact that Wei Zhen gave them wooden boards. Jing Lin owed Wei Zhen a big favor, so they hardly discussed it and all said that Wei Zhen could use it for him. So Jing Lin carefully dug out the ganoderma lucidum and gave it to Wei Zhen. He gave four copies of what Wei Zhen had brought to the other three and left one for himself. He also asked the little guys who had worked together to choose from his share, if there were any openings.

Wei Zhen gave Jing Lin a wooden sign at the beginning. In fact, he also hoped that the other party would realize his desire to help him get revenge in the future. I believe Jing Lin can guess it too. He didn't expect that he would get the blood ganoderma so easily. his heart was very excited, but his face looked ordinary when he was too excited. He also said that he would not say what he promised in the future. Let's see what happens when he recovers.

Therefore, after a long time, the people of the Starcraft couldn't understand why so many people flocked to it. Wei Xianshi, the mysterious doctor who is famous for his uncanny medical skill, had a close friendship with King Tianshi, the patriarch of the Dome Sect, who ranks first in the Starcraft. The two disciples got along very harmoniously. They were completely different from other Daimon Masaru sects who fought against each other in private. Even the two leaders directly fought each other.

Although there is inheritance in Jialin County now, they are still unknown at this time. In Jialin Xiandu, which will be renamed in the future, all of them are big figures who will shake twice when they go out and stamp their feet. They probably know each other at a very small level. In the near future, they will form a formidable alliance, firmly entrenched in this world, and no one can shake half of the points.

Of course, now they are still worrying about some trivial things.

For example, Long Zhang, the head of the young future refiner school, is lying crooked on the sofa of Jing Lin's house, clutching the belly of the five tomatoes he just ate, holding Qiu Baobao's head, and complaining to Jing Lin about the boring life of the refiner recently.

"It's really annoying!"Long Zhang mutters, "I just want to stay at home and have food and drink. It's so cool. I want to build a sect. In order to forge a Sheyue bow, I took Qiu Bao to the mountain forest for five days and five days. Now it's so cold that I can't stand it any longer before I find the right stone. When I was leaving the woods, I happened to meet Fang Yazhou and his hunting party. As soon as I saw that I was holding the stone, I went back and told Chief Shi Jichang. When I turned my feet, I sent someone to knock on my door to discuss with me about the ore."

Jing Lin carved a heating array into the jade and heard the words and smiled."has Shi lei done you a lot of good?"

Long Zhang said proudly, "That's necessary. He will also send me a copy of any new materials he has in the future, saving me the trouble of going out to find materials."

But so to speak, such as Shi Lei there are no he needs, Long Zhang still had to go out in person, after all, as a refiner, inheritance in the introduction of a variety of materials explanation is too much, not outsiders can easily know.

Long Zhang, seeing how easy it was for Jing Lin to carve the array now, threw himself at him and said, "Brother Jing, give me some heating arrays. I'll be able to suffer less next time I go out."

"Yes." Jing Lin replied in one mouthful, "but can you make me a scribble pen?"

Long Zhang grimaced and said, "I have just entered the door of refining equipment. I don't know if I can refine it yet."

Jing Lin said, "It's okay, take your time."

The pen that grandpa left behind is now a little overwhelmed by the spiritual force that Jing Lin needs to carry on some new contact paper. Jing Lin is afraid that it will burst apart if it is used again. This is what grandpa left behind, even if he can't use it, he must preserve it well.

Long Zhang asked Jing Lin for some other symbols. When the scene was ready for him, Long Zhang said, "Haven't you sold this kind of array in your shop yet?"

Jing Lin said: "No, it was all reserved by Shi Lei. He also told me that it was not enough and there was no spare to sell."

This kind of symbol array consumes special energy, and every day Jing Lin can carve out a fixed number of symbol arrays. Shi lei did not even let go of his exercises. these jade stones were all provided by Shi lei later, and Jing Lin was happy to accept them. he was worried about not joining hands.

While they were talking, Yan Fei, who had gone out to learn fencing, came back.

When Yan Fei realized more and more swordsmanship, and with the cultivation of related mental skills, although his expression, manner of speaking and tone had not changed before, he unconsciously drew closer and closer to the direction of the sword. Now he was all with some cool momentum, and seemed to be surrounded by numerous sword awns. As long as he was a little closer, he would be cut by them.

"Back?" Seeing Yan Fei, Jing Lin smiled and saw him sweating all over. he quickly took a towel to him.

Yan Fei replied, wiping his sweaty hair and pointing out the door, "I brought back some pheasant hares today. Zhiwen and I have already sent some of them to my home. Leave some of them alive and take them back later."

Strangely enough, it is like thanking them for arranging a gathering of spirits. Whenever they enter the mountain, intelligent animals always catch some stupid prey and carry it to their feet. Lele can bring back a bunch of them every time he goes out, and many of them were once of their own kind. But once they have the intelligence, this kind of cognition will no longer exist. In their eyes, they are completely two different varieties.

Long Zhang smiled and said, "then I'm not at all welcome." This kind of animal raised in the spirit gathering array is completely different from those in the mountains outside. However, it has absorbed more aura for several days and its meat quality is more beautiful.

After Long Zhang left, they began to prepare dinner soon.

Zhou Zhou is not here. His grandparents miss Sun Sun, so Jing Lin will send him back to Jing Lin for a period of time and pick him up after a period of time.

When the meal was almost ready, Lele returned with the little ones. Now there is no difference in the intensity of the nimbus in the mountain and the village. after all, the animals like nature better. now everyone who follows Lele leaves early and returns late will not go home until dark.

On his return, the duck, as usual, carried a pole on its back, with a basket on each side of the pole, equipped with various kinds of prey.

Duck is not willing to choose this, but the family's big size, in addition to it there are brown and Su Zhen, and the six new variation cat used to be free, since the mountains have gathered ling array has set up a nest in the mountains, rarely follow home.

Su Zhen did not want it to resist. Jing Lin also told her family members that Su Zhen and brown are girls. boys should let them take good care of them. ducks dare not hit them. although brown and brown are also big and look silly, they are also girls. although Su Zhen never dislikes them, she is actually a Huduzi, Quack and too short to carry. the little black dragon slipped down the hill onto Lele's shoulder and told him not to hear it.

Ducks feel miserable! It is so beautiful and beautiful that it has to resist two ugly baskets on its back. It is simply too damaging its image!

As soon as he got home, the duck fell off the basket and felt uncomfortable with his feathers, fearing to damage one.

When eating, it still pats the bowl and asks Jing Lin to give it the most rice. It is too tired and must eat to make up for it.

Jing Lin smiled and gave his rice bowl a tip before he nodded with satisfaction.

When the little black dragon arrived, Jing Lin saw that it did not use the tip of its tail to hook its wrist as usual, but rather drooped its head painfully and looked like I was unhappy.

"What's the matter?" Jing Lin touched its head and was wrenched away by the little black dragon with a snort.

"Who are you at odds with?" Yan Fei came over. In his eyes, the little black dragon is very small. Although he has outstanding ability, he is completely childish and is the youngest child in the family except Lele.

The other members of the family over there are all eating noisily, but they also look at the little black dragon from time to time.

Lele said, "It's like this in the afternoon. It doesn't talk much."

Jing Lin was worried. He put the little black dragon on his left hand and gently squeezed it with his right hand: "Is there something wrong?"

The little black dragon moved its tail and looked at them anxiously with a little grievance: "I don't have a name at home."

The scene in a meal, and then think of it is really like this. However, this is also because at the beginning the little black dragon always stressed that he was a majestic dragon, and Jing Lin thought it preferred them to call it that.

The duck also remembered that when the little black dragon ignored it in the afternoon, its wings thumped against the bowl and it laughed bitterly: "aha, then call you ah hei. anyway, you are so black!"

Humph, everything is ugly except white!

The little black dragon's eyes were bulging and he waited angrily for the duck. Jing Lin felt it was going to cry.

Yan Fei stretched out his hand and patted the duck, "Shut up and eat your meal."

The duck snorted, turning grief and indignation into appetite. after a burst of crazy eating, he said reluctantly, "ah hei doesn't listen well, then ah jiao is ok, you have horns anyway."

Just say that finish it was Su Zhen's tail beat to roll. Su Zhen glanced at this noisy fellow, and he also had horns on his head. Okay, what does this name look like?

Jing Lin stroked the little black dragon's head once, watched it turn its head away in anger without looking at any of them, and said a name: "how about chasing the wind?"

Dragon, heaven goes into the earth, turns rivers and seas, and soars in the wind.

The tip of the little black dragon's tail swung, and his head moved too, taking a peek at the scene.

Lele clapped her hands: "This name is awesome!"

Yan Fei also coaxed, "Well, it's very pleasant to listen to and very in line with your temperament."

The duck was unwilling to be lonely: "Humph, people have to change their names."

Lele went over to feather: "duck's name is also very nice."

Praised by his closest friend, the duck stretched out its neck and shook its head with its feathers. It looked very smart: "Well, well, I'm used to it anyway."

In the end, the little black dragon accepted the name of chasing the wind, and finally his mood turned sunny. he slipped from Jing Lin's hand to his rice bowl and ate happily.

After dinner, it was still a bedtime story. However, it is no longer necessary for two parents to say it in person. Although Jing Lin thinks that Lele will have a good life as a master even if he doesn't have to study, Jing Lin still doesn't let Lele give up studying. He spends an hour every day to let Lele read, and other members of the family follow suit. Now after every night, there is a book in front of each person. With so many books in the family, Jing Lin lets them choose what they like to read.

The schools in the county seat will be reopened in another year or two. At that time, Lele was only at the age of primary school, so after Lele, he was probably the only master who had established a sect but had to go to school every day.

At the moment, the sofa, the floor and the tea table in the home are full of little guys who are either sitting or lying absorbed in reading. Everyone is fascinated, so it is very quiet.

The lighting in the home is a magical flower. The whole plant is no more than an adult's palm-length. The flower is shaped like a lantern and the size of a fist. The petals are folded during the day as if they are recuperating. Once it gets dark, its petals will automatically open, giving off brilliant light. It is mild and not irritating. As long as one plant is hung in the home, the room will be very bright. If you want to sleep, just use a few pieces of black cloth.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei are also reading books. Of course, they are not reading storybooks, but books related to achievement methods. Yan Fei has stopped the practice of mind art in Xiao haotian, but he is still continuing with the scribbles and is also reading the basic array art books produced by Jing Linmo. However, Jing Lin is studying how to protect the mountain array.

Before it was handed down, Jing Lin thought that the protection of mountain array should be the most powerful array. He didn't expect to know until now that the protection of mountain array is also classified, and what he came into contact with before is the most basic.

The most basic protection mountain array can be completed by completely arranging the array symbols, but the defense capability and attack capability are all general. Although the stability is sufficient, it can be destroyed by a fierce mutant, like any mutant in his family now. For them, this basic version of the large array can be scratched with one paw.

If this array had been placed in the former world, it would have been a very powerful means. animals have changed and many people have become much stronger in various abilities.

However, the most advanced version of this basic version can only be completed with various attack weapons and mana attacks. In a nutshell, weapon attacks need the assistance of a master refiner, and are equipped with advanced implements that can automatically defend and counter attacks when an attack exceeds a certain level. Mana attacks are generally psychic attacks or firm but gentle sword repairs such as Yan Fei's. It can also play a role of detection, as long as within its scope, any excessive fluctuation of spiritual force will be suppressed and stopped. This is a good constraint for the monks in the future-as for the fights of ordinary people, this is not in the scope of detection, but there are base regulations and patrol teams to manage.

In a word, the array steps of protecting the mountain array are complicated and far beyond the imagination of the scene.

However, it is precisely because of its difficulty that Jing Lin's fighting spirit has been aroused. After studying back and forth for several times, I found that with his current accomplishments, it is not impossible to spend more time to complete a basic and medium-sized array of nurses. Since then, I have been studying it wholeheartedly.

To this end, Jing Lin also specially spoke to Long Zhang and asked him to look for weapons in this area and try refining them.

Poor Long Zhang hasn't refined the pen for Jing Lin yet. He has to be busy with other things. His head is almost too big. He just wants to hold Baby Qiu and cry.

Yan Fei has also worked harder to practice fencing. Jing Linke is still waiting to collect his shock wave and use it to gather it in a large array. The attack degree of shock wave is divided into three types: warning, serious injury and strike. The large array will decide which kind of counterattack according to the evil degree of the perpetrator.

When Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu heard this, they also excitedly came to ask if there was anything they could do to help. They seem to have only a brute force, but the fist is powerful and powerful, and the strong wind generated by the fist is also very domineering. However, it is not as good as Yan Fei, who was born into the Tao, to enter the Tao the day after tomorrow. Even if Yan Lu issued the biggest strong wind, it is not as good as Yan Lu split out a firm but gentle at random, so now their ability is really can't help what scene in the busy.

A few months later, Jing Lin began to practice the scribbles after he had thoroughly studied the arrangement steps of the large array of guards.

Wei Zhen's teacher younger brother Liu had a short contact, but judging from what the people nearby said, his scribbles should be long-term dependent on foreign objects, such as various kinds of blood that can lock reiki. However, Jing Lin knows that even with the most powerful materials, the symbols finally drawn are always mixed with foreign materials and are not pure. He has always believed that the symbol completely drawn by reiki condensation is a truly complete symbol. As for how much power it can exert, it depends on the intensity of spiritual power. The more powerful the symbol is, the more stable it is and the longer the array can be maintained.

Jing Lin has never used foreign objects since he learned the vanity symbol. However, when practicing this large array of symbols, it seems that when I first started to practice vanity symbols, the trajectory of a symbol that I didn't pay attention to collapsed completely.

In fact, a really powerful array master can completely arrange an array only by guiding reiki. Although Jing Lin avoids the tiredness of pace, he still needs to rely on finished products to complete it.

However, he now knows that he will live a long life and should have enough time to reach that height in the future, so there is no hurry.

When they were all busy in Jing Lin, Wei Zhen finally regained his godsworn status. In fact, he doesn't care whether he can practice or not now. What he cares about is whether he can avenge the tragic death of his master and many younger brothers and sisters. It is also the reason why he cried so loudly that he lost the feeling of helplessness when he pinned his desire for revenge on others. He already had a sect, but he did not hesitate when he made an oath in the tablet. Compared with deep hatred and blood hatred, re-entering another school is a trivial matter. His master is not the kind of person who is attached to the affiliation and will understand him.

In the body, there is a feeling of spiritual force flowing again. Wei Zhen's aging body is slowly returning to its previous youth, but it may never return to the original time. Wei Zhen also does not care and is extremely open-minded.

Because I heard Jing Lin say something about his inheritance, and I also know that the Xuantian is only a branch of the firmament. Knowing this news, I have to say that Wei is really lost. This time he found Jing Lin and begged him to hang the title of Xuantianxia as head on him if he met an apprentice who was very interested in Xuantianyi Department after he established a sect. Xuantianmen cannot disappear. This is his persistence and the last wish of his master.

Jing Lin naturally promised that he was ready to rebuild Xuantianmen before passing on. Now he has to rebuild the Dome Sect. Wei Zhen's proposal is very good. It is equivalent to the sect affiliated to the Dome Sect after Xuantianmen. As for the apprentice with the title, he said that Wei Zhen must have taken special care of one thing or two and was not mistreated.

After receiving Jing Lin's approval, Wei Zhen left the village at ease and went back to study with great concentration his mysterious doctor.

A few days later, Guan Shuangshuang came.

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