Jing Lin and Yan Fei's shops opened quietly.

At first, Jing Lin and Yan Fei will deliver the goods in the shop every few days. The variety of goods is very miscellaneous. There are rice and flour grains. Occasionally they go to the mountain to play a dozen game. If there are many, they also sell them. They also pick some wild vegetables and fruits and put them in the shops. Of course, it was fresh green vegetables that sold more later.

The vegetables in the base, although Shi lei chose a place for cultivation last year, have not been much in quantity. the residents living in the county town alone are in short supply, not to mention other villagers who come to the county town from time to time to trade materials. Therefore, once Jing Lin's vegetables are put out, they can be sold out in almost ten minutes.

Later, in addition to selling his own vegetables, Jing Lin also collected vegetables from other families in the village to sell, barely able to supply for half an hour. The villagers rely on these for their daily income, and Jing Lin also earns some materials from them.

Before long, Jing Lin's shop became one of the hottest shops in the county.

In the second half of the year, Jing Lin also started selling beauty herbs.

This grass's beauty ability is really against the weather. Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei are both over 50 years old. Even Zhou Feifei has always paid special attention to skin care. As the years go by, wrinkles will inevitably appear on her face, and bags under her eyes will stretch and her skin will be dark. Later, under the guidance of Yan Lu, the two men used beauty grass for several months without interruption, as if they were in their thirties at one fell swoop. therefore, they walked out of the house with mirth every day, feeling extremely happy and much younger.

This beauty grass first became popular in the village with the examples of these two people. Everyone has a love of beauty, let alone the aunts and aunts in the village. Looking at their wives getting younger day by day, the big masters in the family can't sit still. If they don't look good, outsiders should say they don't deserve their wives.

In order to open up the market of cosmetology grass, when the cosmetology grass was sold in the county seat, the two shopkeepers specially made free trial activities and the results were naturally gratifying. There is always no shortage of talented people in this world. While others are still worrying about food and drink, they have already begun to be unsatisfied with the spiritual emptiness after satiation and to pursue other new things. Beauty grass has thus entered their sight.

After seeing the beauty effect, the first person in the county who used the beauty grass was almost mad about it.

Then after half a year, the two shopkeepers used advance booking and starvation marketing methods. Beauty grass has become one of the most high-end items in the whole county, something many people want to buy but can't.

In the past six months, the changed animals in Jing Lin's home have also increased their strength. Su Zhen has shed her skin twice, and the horn on her head has completely grown out, giving birth to divine knowledge. Duck and Quack have also reached the stage of eating hyoid grass and are now able to speak.

The duck's tone of voice is a juvenile tone. It is the same as its temperament, lively and naughty. Every morning when it combs its hair, it makes a narcissistic voice: "There is no white duck in the world that looks better than me."

Under Lele's unremitting "correction", duck duck, which is a goose, has given up the fact that it is a big white goose. What's the difference between being a goose and a duck? It's white and beautiful.

Quack's voice is similar to its silent image. The voice is with simple and honest young voice. The speaking speed is slower, and the voice is always one step slower than the action.

The two claws of the little black dragon have no tendency to appear at all, but god's knowledge has increased as much as Jing Lin's.

Six months later, Shi Lei and his family finally returned.

Shi Lei is so skillful that his inheritance is also a sword repair. Wei Zhen also got what he wanted, and got the inheritance of paradoxical medicine, which is similar to but not exactly the same as refined medicine. From the inheritance, we know that as long as he finds the right materials and cooperates with mental skills, he can completely rebuild the damaged meridians and abdomen.

Knowing that he was expected to return to the monk's path, Wei Zhen couldn't help crying on the spot after coming out of the tablet, and the whole person became fresh again.

Among those who followed Jing Lin to their village, Gao Zhuo received the inheritance of a ghost doctor. This achievement method is relatively rare, but it is the most suitable for Gao Zhuo. Although it is not advanced, it allows him to keep the entity for a long time after practicing, free from foul Qi. In addition to no heartbeat, everything else is the same as normal people. This is undoubtedly the best rebirth for his soul after death.

His inheritance sounds exactly like Wei Zhen's pronunciation, but the two are two different ways. The former pays attention to entities, while the latter focuses on all the illusory and gloomy things in the world, just like the black gas that remained in the body after the toxins in Wei Zhen's institute. They are deadly to others, but they are great supplements to Gao Zhuo. Smoking them is just like Jing Lin's practice of absorbing reiki and has the effect of improving accomplishments.

Among the Ma family brothers, only Ma Chunjian's good luck has received a medium inheritance, perhaps because of this, the daughter with his blood will spit out the Mars son at the Centennial banquet. Zhao Shaogan used to be a doctor and also had talent. He got a medium inheritance and was also related to medicine refining. He was not as good as Xiang Zehua. However, he felt comforted when he looked at other disappointments without inheritance.

Li Feiyu is more strange, actually got a puppet art inheritance, and the inheritance is higher. This puppet is not a good word, everyone can't imagine how a pure, kind, cheerful and lively child was attracted by such a heritage, and looked at him with profound eyes-Chou Chou this noun is simply a synonym for a big BOSS with a black heart.

Although Li Feiyu is also confused about, but don't feel wronged at all, otherwise it is called cheap also tell.

Ma Chunzheng, like many people, was disappointed that he had not been handed down. However, he came to this space for a walk in the mountain forest and his body was refined. He also found many strange and useful things. It was not a trip for nothing.

In the woods, Qu Zhengchao watched. When they dug up the vegetation, they also skipped over the plants that had been born with intelligence, and did not just stare at the same plants for picking. However, the mountain forest is so large that even if all the people's storage bags are full, the grass under their feet looks as if it is still thick.

Back in the county seat, Shi Lei inherited a worry. He naturally wanted to expand his power more than wooing Jing Lin. He had just returned from a large number of staff and was almost non-stop. He also asked his staff to take a new group of people to the city of I. Naturally, he could not help asking for signs and symbols in Jing Lin's hands, and Jing Lin had another batch of materials.

However, like Shi lei, he is not satisfied with ordinary living materials. now the transaction between the two is more about plant minerals containing reiki. Jialin County has a vast territory and many mountains. After being mutated, there are many varied materials in the mountains, and many more are waiting for people to develop their new uses.

Jing Lin is also slowly coming into contact with other array techniques in the inheritance. In addition to the phalanx for various purposes, there are numerous independent seal symbols, which can be used to attack and defend, bless and curse. It is full of tricks.

Jing Lin chose some simple calligraphy exercises that he could learn at present, such as self-defense or attack and with spells. After getting the original batch of calligraphy orders from the paper factory, Jing Lin began to draw calligraphy besides teaching Zhou Zhou to practice calligraphy tracks.

When more and more seal characters were drawn by him, he sent them to the shops in the county seat.

If anyone in the county town has any contacts, he basically knows Jing Lin, the Tianshi who will arrange the battle array, and his shop is naturally known. Ordinary commodities are just enough, and they themselves are not without them, but once the seal script is put out, people who come to the shop from time to time to see if there are any rare commodities will immediately stare straight at them and pay down money in succession, fearing that there will be none left later.

Jing Lin later found a different way of arranging the array in the array technique system and did not rely on pace, thus greatly shortening the time and energy he spent in arranging the array. Only a few Lingshi are needed to guide the aura with a pithy formula, the effect of the array can be increased several times than before, and the effect of maintaining the array can be as short as six months.

Later, Jing Lin took time to rearrange all the arrays in the village. At the beginning, Su Zhen came to the village because its accomplishments were higher than those of ordinary mutating animals and because it was attracted by reiki aggregation. This array was changed. Mutating animals who had not noticed the abnormal reiki here before watched outside the array almost every day. The villagers who had been at ease for a long time were really shocked.

Lele and Sweet Tang have shown compassion for small animals since they practiced the techniques of the Beast Gate. Lele asked his uncle if he could put all the animals in. He and Sweet Tang would take care of them.

However, there were too many animals, and Jing Lin was afraid of letting them in to affect the life of the villagers. he touched his chin and thought for a moment. the next day he went to the mountains with Yan Fei and his changed animals.

In a gathering of spirits, the small animals all gathered around, either rabbits with intelligence, pheasants with gorgeous feathers, or huge birds flying beside them with the same pace. Their black eyes were very humane and solicitous.

To these animals with spiritual intelligence, Jing Lin has always been willing to let them follow without any harm. Go to the small lake, with the scene in the commanded, ducks and ducks they dispersed in a hubbub ran away in different directions, to survey the site.

It took them a few days to survey the mountains around the village. Except for the herd that had multiplied too fast before, which was completely opposite to their gentle appearance, there were no other threats in the mountain forest except for the deer herd that used to bully other small animals and used to dominate the mountain forest because of its huge population.

After the herd of deer had been cleaned up by the ducks as an example, the whole herd of deer became quiet, shrugged their heads and followed the ducks with special gentleness, not daring to scream.

Picking up the only restless member in the mountain forest, Jing Lin began to set out to decorate the gathering spirit array and magic array around the mountain which is almost connected into a whole.

Fortunately, Jing Lin had a new method of arranging the battle array. Otherwise, he would have been tired to death if he had only measured and arranged the battle array with his steps. Now, with the help of Yan Fei, the little black dragon and Su Zhen, he uses god's knowledge to measure the mountain, draw a map, find the array points according to the proportion, guide the reiki near the array points on the spot, put down the spirit stone and finally activate the array eyes.

When the two arrays were completed, the small animals in the mountain finally returned to their carefree life and stopped guarding the outside of their village. However, Lele and Sweet Tang, who wanted to enter the mountain because of Jing Lin's worry, also found another place of activity. They came out early and came back late with their own animals every day, looking busier than Jing Lin.

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