In the autumn harvest this year, Jing Lin did not ask Cao Sanye for help. in summer, the second team also planted rice, which was too busy to come. therefore, Jing Lin told Fang Yazhou to help him find some people from the base to come to the village, handed over the farmland to them, and paid some of his own money. he ended up at leisure for a while.

People in the village now have no worries about food and drink, and have begun to pursue leisure. They have all handed over part of their farmland to go out.

As long as some of the millet in their village is dried in the sun, Fang Yazhou will send someone to collect it. For this reason, during the autumn harvest, every family in the village has received a large amount of newly exchanged materials. Almost all the millet in the family has only enough food for the family in the coming year.

On the other side of the Shi Lei they have already arrived in I city. All the people they brought with them have entered the mountain forest space. Under the guidance of Qu Zhengchao, they found the tablet and began to seek their own opportunities.

After the autumn harvest, the weather suddenly turned cold and everyone was ready. This year, everyone planted a few mu of winter wheat, exchanged the seeds, and left more land for planting high-grade mutant crops. The Jing Lin family only planted wheat for the future three families, while the other two planted mostly plants brought back from the mountains. Like the beauty grass, Jing Lin named it beauty grass, specially releasing an acre of land, filling it with water, throwing crystal into it, and transplanting all the beauty grass brought back.

In the pond of piranha in the village, Jing Lin arranged a Yan array to completely evaporate the water inside and dispose of several eaten mules. Then he arranged a rain array to fill the pond with water and threw a few pieces of white crystal brought back from the stream to change the water quality. After the villagers watered the fields, water could be drawn from the pond. This also made the normal condition of crops better.

The three families also threw a lot of crystal into the well.

Then there is the lotus pond where little black dragon used to live. the fish in the pond are growing bigger and bigger, but the meat is delicate and tender. Jing Lin plans to develop this lotus pond into a fish pond and throw some edible fish fry into it to keep it. And the three black lotus flowers in the lotus pond, probably because they were used by the small black dragon to block the natural disaster, no longer produce black air and are very weak. Although this kind of plant is harmful, it is also a rare treasure when it grows up. Jing Lin is not as helpless as before to take them. With the help of the little black dragon, he pulled three lotus flowers out of the water and built a small water tank at home to plant them in. The little black dragon watched and there was nothing wrong.

After all this, Jing Lin also began to work on the establishment of the clan.

To build a clan, one must have a clan territory before building related buildings. According to the scene that Jing Lin saw in his dream, those clans belong to the Daimon Masaru sect, even the smallest sect, which covers an area larger than their Jialin County, and some even exceed one province. Building a clan alone will cost a lot of manpower and material resources, not to mention the number of clans that need to be built. This is a super-large project. Therefore, there are too many things to do, and we must plan them well. Due to geographical restrictions, Jing Lin will definitely not be able to build such a large building, so there is no need to worry about the land. Shi lei, in order to woo them, discussed with several management in the morning and drew a mountain top around the county seat for them to come out and keep them for building the clan gate in the future.

Jing Lin still feels that his current accomplishments are not enough to be a patriarch of the clan. So I just set up a monument in my home first. According to some features of the array master he dreamed of in his dream, I asked someone to draw a portrait and hang it beside the monument to show respect. As for accepting disciples, his first thought was to let nature take its course and accept them appropriately.

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu inherited the same clan, so they decided according to their strength. Yan Lu hung up the position of patriarch. Zhao Zhiwen hung up the position of deputy patriarch. Yan Fei complained that there was a deputy patriarch in this position? Yan Lu turned over her small eyes and said, "if people say you have it, you have it."

Later, Jing Lin and Yan Fei rode to the county seat. The shop Cui Lizhu had sent before was still closed. The two were ready to clean up the house and put all the materials in order. They took out what they didn't need and opened a grocery store.

The two also went to the second-hand furniture city in the county seat to choose some goods shelves. These second-hand furniture cities are all opened by ordinary people who are sensitive to current events and know how to seize opportunities. Furniture is also collected from all parts of the county seat. Now many locals have redistributed their houses and need some furniture, so business has been good.

In the furniture city, the two also met the Zhou Zhou family. When the two families followed them back to the county seat, they lived together. They came with some supplies and did not worry about food and drink. Later, the two men of the family joined the official team of the county town and went out to look for new substances every day. As long as they found a new substance, the government would give them some rewards. Therefore, they have come for so long and saved a lot of materials and qualifications. They changed from temporary residents to regular residents last month, so the life is now quite good. Today it happens that the whole family has an appointment to buy a bed together and go back.

Shops must be looked after every day. Jing Lin and Yan Lu are free during the day. There are also houses in the county seat. However, they have too many things to do and are used to living in the village, so they plan to hire someone to manage them. Seeing that the family was steadfast, Jing Lin consulted with Yan Fei and hired the family.

Jing Lin paid a lot of money, which may sometimes be less than the reward given by the government, but it was more stable and the working environment was safe and comfortable, so the family did not even think about it and immediately accepted it. Zhou Zhou's father used to be a lawyer and wrote the employment contract right now.

As a result of making good friends with the prefect, people like Jing Lin and them actually regard the contract as binding on them at this boundary and at this stage. Zhou Zhou's father also expressed his sincerity, making Jing Lin and Jing Lin believe that they will manage the shop attentively. The contract is full of sincerity. Jing Lin and Yan Fei saw this, and naturally they will not suffer in the future.

Later, Jing Lin looked at Zhou Zhou.

Zhou Zhou is very talented in painting. Jing Lin knows that. He thinks that the door numbers of the left and right clan doors are all hung up. Since he meets them, he may as well accept the first disciple. Although this disciple is quite young, he should be ranked according to his seniority. After that, Zhou Zhou is actually his elder disciple, and the elder brother of the whole clan.

Jing Lin asked the family for their opinions, but he was not relieved to give Zhou Zhou to him and let him go back to the village to live for a period of time.

Before the two men could speak, the two grandmothers in the family rushed to nod their heads. They all thought that if Zhou Zhou could learn Jing Lin's skill by one tenth, it would be of great benefit in the future.

Zhou Zhou has always liked Jing Lin very much and has experienced many hardships in the last days. He is also mentally precocious now. Although he was reluctant to leave his parents and grandparents, he thought he could learn skills from his tall uncle and he could endure it.

Thinking of accepting disciples, Huang Fu paper used for practice is indispensable, so Jing Lin found Xiang Zehua again and placed an order in the paper factory in charge of his family to make some Huang Fu paper. The materials used are all the variation trees in this world. The bearing capacity of the finished products in the future will only be higher than that he used before, and there is no need to worry about quality problems. If there are conditions in the future, Jing Lin hopes to use trees with better sensitivity to make more advanced yellow paper.

Of course, these are all things that can be seen slowly in the future. In the evening of that day, Jing Lin and Yan Fei returned to the village with Zhou Zhou.

When Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu saw Zhou Zhou, they heard that Jing Lin was a big reserve disciple. They all rolled up their sleeves and said that it was time for them to start accepting disciples to experience the feeling of being a master. As for the candidate of disciple, they should start looking for one from the village.

Because there is a happy family of about the same age, Zhou Zhou has adapted well to the unfamiliar environment. Su Zhen has seen them before on the road and Zhou Zhou is not afraid of them. After Zhou Zhou got home, besides being a little stiff at first, he relaxed and became lively after playing with his friends for a while.

Jing Lin did not teach Zhou Zhou from the beginning of the scribbles. In addition to letting Zhou Zhou recite a series of array formulas he had learned, he also allowed him to practice his pace. Both of these alone would take Zhou Zhou a lot of time, and during the period, Zhou Zhou would also read Xuantian.

Jing Lin has also been busy, his mind is filled with too many things, although I don't know why I won't forget, but later teaching disciples will use, always can't rely on oral, so he found a lot of good quality paper, the mind of the array of the different systems are silent, then bound into a book carefully preserved, such as later conditions go up, and then print some basic books. As for the precious ones, he has to keep them himself. On the one hand, the gifted ones cannot learn there; on the other hand, they are also the foundation of a big school in the future. Naturally, others cannot circulate them freely.

Copy every day and check the progress of Zhou Zhou. Thinking of Lele as a master, Jing Lin and Yan Lu will also communicate with Lele. Lele went to Sweet Tang and took out some basic animal bending skills to learn from Sweet Tang, which is a disguised form of a big disciple.

Zhao Zhiwen's family has also been very lively in recent days. The villagers heard that he and Yan Lu were going to set up a sect to accept disciples, and anyone who was younger and stronger would come to join in. This refined martial arts, and ordinary fist kung fu is very different, after all, the toughness of * * has a high requirement, in the future unarmed split boulders that are the most basic. Although dozens of people came, they followed Zhao and Yan for several days to practice the basic body-building martial arts inherited from them. Because of their strange and awkward posture, they either twisted their feet or hurt their waist, and many of them gave up.

However, the two also found several good prospects in the village. Wang Wenjie is one. Zhong Xiaohui and Gao Yalan, cousins, are also quite suitable for practicing martial arts together.

Yan Fei asked Yan Lu, "You haven't learned anything yet. You are not afraid to teach your disciples to starve the master?"

Yan Lu's heart was wide: "the master led the way in and practiced in his own person. How much they can learn is their skill. If they can carry forward the sect on behalf of me and Zhiwen, then we will not just save effort. It is not better to concentrate on cultivation."

In fact, Yan Lu is smart. Advanced martial arts only exist in his mind and Zhao Zhiwen's mind. Who knows if they don't say so? Moreover, when the senior disciples are taught, they will be able to help them deal with sect affairs in the future, and they will not have to work too hard.

Kill two birds with one stone.

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