At this time, the streets of Jialin County are completely clean and tidy. The plants climbing on the houses and buildings are all cleaned up. There are many more new shops along the streets than when they left.

Soon after entering the county seat, Jing Lin and Qu Zhengchao separated.

On the way back to the village, I met many people from the county seat. It was not until I was close to my village that the surrounding area became quiet.

Jing Lin's village is in a special situation. At ordinary times, people who are not familiar with it are not allowed to enter the village. In Jing Lin's absence, even Shi Lei seldom comes here. When they returned to the village, the village was only just getting busy. Most of them were still having breakfast. When they saw Jing Lin coming back, the patrol staff beat drums and gongs to inform the villagers. They all thought that something had happened and put down the bowl and rushed out.

Jing Lin they hunted a lot of animals in I city, blood gas increased a lot, understand people know that called shaqi, don't understand people think they look more terrible than before, and they don't know how to dare to close to, familiar with the courage is bigger. Also in the scene they will not hide their breath now, such as achievement method after fine condition.

Now the villagers eat rice and vegetables with aura every day, and their quality of life is much better than before. The others are rosy-cheeked and have a good spirit. Except for Jing Lin's family, they are worried too much about them, so they usually have more worries and look no better than others.

For this reason, they all felt quite guilty. Fortunately, they basically stayed in the village after that, and there was no need for their families to worry any more.

The villagers are also well-advised. Although all the wonderful things have happened to them in the past few months, there is still a long way to go and there is no hurry for a while. After seeing that they have returned safely, they all returned home, leaving the space for their own.

Yan Lu excitedly took the two female elders of the family to work on the beauty green grass and took away Lele. Jing Lin and Zhao Zhiwen told Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Ruifeng briefly about their opportunities outside.

After talking for most of the day, the adults let them go back to rest. Zhao Zhiwen went back, while Jing Lin and Yan Fei went to their own black soil to see a circle.

The tea trees sent by Guan Shuangshuang have all survived, and the rhizomes of the planted cookie trees have sprouted and grown. The branches are already palm-long and two fingers wide.

The black mud collected by Qiu Baobao brought back a lot, enough for four acres of farmland, and picked out four pieces nearest to home. The two poured the black mud in and waited for it to slowly absorb and mutate again.

By the way, I also looked at the farmland in Xiacun. At this time, it was full of rice with ears still pregnant, and it would break into ears in a few days. At this time, many people in the field were cleaning up weeds and so on. Gathering spirit array was good for crops. What kind of weeds grew up was quite crazy. In order not to let them compete with rice for aura, the villagers had to go to the field almost every day, and it was a bit hard, but the villagers actually enjoyed it.

Asked several uncles and aunts in the village, they all said that this year the village basically grows conventional rice and is growing very well. If the latter is taken care of properly, the yield may be even higher than hybrid rice.

In the evening, six newly arrived mutant cats in the family were placed in the other empty room in the row above. After four months of lying on the grass and a few days of bullock carts, Jing Lin and Yan Fei took a good rest with each other all night.

The second day early in the morning, Shi lei came with Wei Zhen. Qu Zhengchao went back to the second team to see his grandpa, so he did not follow.

Let's talk about Shi lei's side first. since he became the leader of Jialing, he has not had time to relax. During this period, according to Qu Zhengchao's suggestion, he made plans for some development routes of the base. Later, with the help of Wei Zhen, he led people to find many usable mutant plants and rocks in the surrounding forests of the county seat.

Now the planting area of the experimental site has been expanded by two times, and the food in the county town is no longer in a state of sitting on the ground, so Shi lei feels much less pressure. However, before he could catch his breath, Qu Zhengchao brought him the news that they had got the chance to fix the truth in I city.

Wei Zhen also knew from his mouth that his teacher younger brother Liu was also in I city and wanted to be against them.

Shi Lei, as the top management, relies on only the starting point of a high start in the last few days. To be honest, his greatest strength is only a brain, but at this stage, it is not easy to eat food by brain alone. Judging from all kinds of signs, if he doesn't strengthen his own strength, maybe this base position will not be long.

And Wei Zhen, is to return to the monk a way to hope again.

However, only Jing Lin can open the mountain forest space in I city at present.

"Jing bro!" Shi Lei shook Jing Lin's hand and said earnestly, "You must help us!"

Yan Fei came to open his hand. "Have something to say."

Shi lei wryly touched the shot hand and forgot that Jing Lin was a husband.

Jing Lin asked them to sit down and said, "I have already attracted the attention of that Liu Tianshi before. It is inappropriate for me to go again."

Hearing this, Shi lei and Wei were disappointed.

Jing Lin smiled and continued: "However, I have already thought of a new way. Even if I don't go there myself, you can bring people into the forest space."

This method, in fact, is still related to carving jade into the array. Because the array was broken twice, the trajectory of the psychic force of the space array was well known. He can carve the path of breaking the array on the jade, and then he can try to inspire it to enter the path of spiritual force.

The method was briefly explained. When it came to his old job, Wei Zhen knew a lot. Jing Lin only said a few key points, and Wei Zhen understood everything. Only now that he is powerless, he will have to be inspired by others. The candidate, it is estimated, is either Qu Zhengchao or Xiang Zehua. The two have been there once and can show them the way. With inheritance and spiritual power, it is easy to do these things.

Shi Lei was grateful to hear that Jing Lin was willing to help them, but he continued to shy away and asked Jing Lin to make more storage bags for them.

Jing Lin should be down, but the carrier should be prepared by Shi Lei himself.

Shi Lei naturally did not refuse. The next day he sent a bunch of small cloth bags. The bag looked like a lucky bag. The cloth was brand-new. It could be seen that it was made on a temporary basis.

In addition to the bags, there is a pile of relatively rare materials, mixed in there are their newly discovered mutant plants and some minerals, Shi lei also made a promise, when they return from I city, will also be divided into 50% of the harvest to Jing Lin.

This is Shi lei's sincerity and attitude, and also gives the scene a bottom.

Promised to help Shi lei and Wei Zhen, Jing Lin continued to compress the array. he was busy in the mountain forest and had no time to continue practicing this. he picked it up four months apart.

And Yan Fei is not idle either. They have brought back so many things from the mountain forests that they have to re-sum up, preserve them and plant them. After he had finished these things, the array was finally compressed into jade by Jing Lin, which had two more layers of accomplishments than before.

Jing Lin forgot to ask Shi Lei for jade. He simply cut off a piece of tree trunk he brought back and made pieces of Xiao Mu cards with reiki running around. As jade, he carved a path to use when breaking the array.

A piece of wooden board broke the array once. Jing Lin did 20 pieces in a row before stopping. This allowed Shi Lei to bring people in 19 times in a row.

After finishing his work, Jing Lin started refining storage bags on a non-stop basis.

The bag sent by Shi Lei was so small that Jing Lin felt that he must have done it on purpose. Want to know the scene in the haven't refined such a small, but once born twice cooked, Shi Lei is not afraid of delay time, scene in holding a small bag again into the research.

By the time this was done, the time span was already over a month.

After a month, Shi lei couldn't wait, which would annoy Jing Lin. he sent people to deliver things to Jing Lin every few days. they were all newly discovered new variation substances in the county seat. the title of the delivery was to ask Jing Lin's progress by the way.

Jing Lin is busy here and Long Zhang is busy there. Shi Lei placed an order with him to order new materials and weapons. He occasionally lets baby Qiu bring the newly collected black mud to eat tomato fruits with Jing Lin, so the news from both sides is exchanged from time to time.

As soon as Jing Lin's things were ready, Shi Lei over there got the news and immediately sent someone to pick them up. And Yan Fei also informed in the village that if anyone in the village wanted to follow me to city I, they would let them know so that they could put people in Shi lei's team.

Not many people went to the village. Among the Ma family brothers, Ma Chunzheng was going with Ma Chunzheng Jian, Li Fei Yu and Zhao Shaogan, and finally added a Gao Zhuo.

During this period, Gao Zhuo's body was quite solid again. Once he accidentally appeared in front of the villagers, which frightened the other party. However, now everyone has a high degree of acceptance of new things. Besides, people they know are afraid for a few days. Besides, great aunt Zeng and Gao Zhuo have not appeared in front of people all the time. With the consolidation of Gao Zhuo's body, he has been able to touch objects. When he was busy farming, he also went to the fields to help great aunt Zeng clean up. Everyone thinks that even if he is a ghost, he will not forget to filial piety his old mother. That is also a good ghost, and gradually he has accepted it. Now he can say two words or something far away.

When he learned that Gao Zhuo was going, Wei Zhen also took care of him everywhere. He learned from Jing Lin that he had survived thanks to Gao Zhuo.

This time Shi Lei took a lot of people with him. Although Wei Zhen took out the wooden board and could only take ten people at a time, Qu Zhengchao said that as long as he entered the city I, there were many teams that could not get away with it. Some teams went in with ten people this morning and only one person came back in the afternoon. In this case, the team members were usually found again to form a new team. This kind of situation is very common, so when the time comes they go, take nine people in every day, as long as the action is hidden, plus the heat of the wild beast secret environment is still there, so it is not easy for others to find.

Qu Zhengchao is not keen on establishing sects or anything like that, just like Long Zhang, so he is the one leading the way this time. Like Wei Zhen, he has to go through disguise.

A few days after their departure, Jing Lin came to their village and ushered in the third autumn harvest in the last days.

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