The auction has officially started.

Here, people with deep pockets need crystal, while people like Liu Tianshi need all kinds of variation materials.

In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Jing Lin had seldom contacted others. Although he knew that everyone was collecting stones from plants and animals, he did not know that the stones were graded. The higher the grade of crystal, the more energy there was.

Jing Lin they only know that the crystal home animals like, but I don't know most crystal, as long as the strength is mild, people can also use, as for usage, and they brought out the lingshi is similar.

In this auction, the most worthless things are probably the living materials.

At the auction, Jing Lin also saw an artificially bred mutant animal, which was a majestic-looking adult mutant tiger with bloodthirsty cruelty in its amber eyes and a low threat roar in its front throat, making it extremely irritable.

This mutant tiger is completely different from the ordinary mutant animals. The tiger is too wild and lacks human nature. If you want to tame it, you probably have to rely on violence. However, once tamed, it is a good helper.

The tiger should be strong enough to be photographed by a small team with six crystal.

And what makes them feel incredible is that besides all kinds of variation materials, there are still people selling the products. They were all very pretty boys and girls, dressed in exposed clothes and with chains on their hands and feet. They climbed up the table on all fours like animals and looked at all the people in the meeting hall like objects. The whole scene was full of frivolous whistles and many people spoke foul language without scruple.

Jing Lin heard straight frown, hurriedly put Lele's ear to cover.

For those present, these people are just venting their desire at ordinary times. Auction prices for recreational items are much lower than those for materials.

The snake gall in Jing Lin was relatively rare, and was attracted by Liu Tianshi and another member of the association at the same time. The number of crystal auctioned by the two kept rising. Later, one started to sell Fu Zhuan and the other took out a sharp dagger to raise money. This snake gall is a good material, whether it is a painting or a refining device. No one wants to give up. Seeing the bidding stand-off, Jing Lin quickly found the personnel at the back of the auction and chose the person who should be the refining device maker to make a deal with.

Liu Tianshi clenched his fist angrily. The auction had a difficult time getting something to look at, but it didn't work out, which made him very angry. With his skill of scribbling, when he comes here, whoever does not sell him a face will not know what is right and what is wrong. One will rob him and the other will not sell him.

Liu Tianshi narrowed his eyes maliciously. Although there is a rule in the auction that the owner of the sold goods cannot be disclosed, as a member of the association, he has been here for a long time and has run some power. Therefore, it is not difficult to know the owner of snake gall. In the past, it was also because of this that many people feared him, so what Liu Tianshi wanted was never filmed.

Due to the release of divine knowledge, after the auction, Jing Lin and Yan Fei found several people following them in the crowd. Because it is not far away, just in the scene in the attack range, he grasped the strength, directly with god will be the few people dizzy.

The few people fell down without warning because there were so many people in the venue. Many people who were moving were blocked by the fallen people. The situation suddenly caused great fluctuations. Taking advantage of the chaos behind, Jing Lin rushed out of the venue quickly.

When I was about to go out, Jing Lin looked back and saw Liu Tianshi standing on the auction table looking at this side. The other side was livid, and his face was livid without cover. When he looked into Jing Lin's eyes, his facial expression changed dramatically, and the malice in his eyes almost turned into essence.

Liu Tianshi has a special status and countless people curry favor with him. If he wants to say that he doesn't like who he sees, then the other party will definitely fall short. Jing Lin turned back quickly and said to the crowd, "We are being watched and we have to leave tonight."

Fortunately, they had planned to leave on the second day after the auction was over. Everything was already packed. Everyone hurried back to the room. As soon as they opened the door, they saw several strangers lying on the ground.

"Are these thieves?" Yan Fei stepped over several faint men and picked up the parcel on the bed.

Su Zhen shook her tail and pushed all the people to the corner of the room. The thieves originally wanted to come in and steal materials, but they didn't expect a room full of strange animals here. They changed their attention. They didn't win and were knocked unconscious cleanly by several vicious mutant cats after grabbing their paws.

There were too many packages, and when everyone hung them up, the big variation cats also helped to carry them, picking them up one after another with their mouths, as if they were ready to go at any time.

The hotel was full of people who had just returned from the auction venue. It was noisy. Many people saw them hurrying away. Although they felt strange, they did not stop because they did not know each other. Ten people and a group of animals soon arrived at the hotel's bullpen, handed over the cards and led the cows out.

The ten variation cattle have been staying in the bullpen of the red gate hotel for so long, stained with the word variation, the guards also dare not neglect, were served with delicious good drink, of course, all expenses are scene in them. However, because the weather is very hot now, all the hair grown by these mutant cows in winter has fallen off about the same, leaving only a layer of short appearance covering the skin.

The cattle hair is a good material for making warm clothes, but unfortunately they didn't meet. They should have been cleaned up by the shed guards in this hotel.

After four months of relaxation, the cattle gate became lazy. When they were shackled, some of the big-tempered ones were not willing to go and hid away. Jing Lin asked Su Zhen for some green plants to feed them. They immediately became diligent and urged the owner to give them a set of cars. When the set of cars was ready, Cleisthenes called for food.

Once the car was set up, everyone jumped onto the bus. The rope shook and shouted, and they went out directly from the back door of the hotel. Because of their fast movement, all this took only five minutes.

As soon as they left, a group of people rushed into the Red Gate Hotel, surrounded the counter and asked the tellers for information about Jing Lin.

At first, because of the python, Jing Lin was indeed familiar to many people, but as they did not show up in front of anyone for nearly four months, the people here were later attracted to all attention by the wild animals' secret territory, so few people still have an impression on Jing Lin.

When those people asked the number of the room where Jing Lin was located, it was already empty.

Under the moonlight, Jing Lin ran for three hours without stopping. After everyone was sweating, they finally stopped to rest.

While drinking water, Qu Zhengchao couldn't help saying, "I haven't been so nervous for a long time."

Xiang Zehua and his entourage began to return the cloud mountain fog cover. They did not understand why they left in such a hurry suddenly. After clarifying the reason, they could not help hating and saying, "This ungrateful little person is cruel and ruthless in his methods. Fortunately, we walked fast."

Wei Zhen encountered special circumstances. Taking him in is like taking in a time bomb. Taking in Wei Zhen to stay. Although it was Shi Lei's decision, it was also necessary for other management to agree. Therefore, Xiang Zehua naturally heard about Wei Zhen's case from his father.

Jing Lin said, "Then Master Liu will have to leave it to Wei Zhen." If he is Wei Zhen, he must have hoped that he could kill his enemy. "only ten tablets in the mountain forest space have been lost. when we get back, we will take another group of people to try our luck and hope that Wei Zhen can return to the monk's path."

When it comes to the memorial tablets, Cao Sanye chuckled: "After that, we are all the leaders."

Long Zhang said, "What's so happy about that? I envy Brother Yan. His inheritance is to repair swords in a scattered way. He has passed the test and has no vows of demons. He will be more comfortable with how he likes to repair them in the future."

They must establish sects, and their duties are their own. For those who like freedom, that is a heavy shackle to themselves. Thinking, Long Zhang couldn't help surrendering his eyes to the cows grazing on one side. He felt that he was similar to these cows in the future.

Yan Fei smiled faintly. If it weren't for his persistence, I'm afraid he wouldn't even get a head in the end.

It is still too close to city I, so everyone just took a short rest and continued on their way.

Variant cows are smarter than ordinary cows and do not need to be driven away. Sitting on the front of the car, Jing Lin counted the goods obtained from the auction.

The snake gall was awarded 35 Class I crystal, six sharp daggers and three machetes. The harvest was good. These should be shared equally with everyone. At the meeting, Jing Lin took some unusual edible plants back, such as green medicine orchid and wild flowers. They also picked many of them and took them back to plant.

It took them six days to come, but they tightened their grip even more when they returned, shortening the journey by one day. On the fifth day at dawn, they returned to Jialin County.

The management of the county seat is more strict. When they entered the city, they crossed a street and saw Fang Yazhou walking out of a small area with several people.

Qu Zhengchao shouted, "Asia!"

Fang Yazhou turned around, saw them and rushed over. Surprised, he said, "Are you back?"Then he turned to the people behind him and said, "You go and register first, and I will be back soon."

"okay." Those people replied and looked curiously at the line of people who had just entered the county seat.

The county seat is now under strict management. It is divided into inner and outer cities. Some defectors from other places can no longer move directly into the inner city. Those who have just arrived can only stay in the outer cities. They must first go through official registration and then go through a period of observation before they can obtain temporary residence permits. However, it takes a long process to obtain permanent residence permits.

They all don't know Jing Lin. they only think that Mr. Fang is Shi Ji long's right-hand man. who are these people and what are their identities? once they enter the county seat, they can directly enter the inner city. they are also so familiar with Mr. Fang?

The ten members of the team left Jialin in early April and did not return until four months later. It was already August. In such a hot day, the heat-insulating leaves are widely used in Jialin County. People who come and go around are basically wearing gray clothes, with gray hats, and a few wearing clothes printed with colors, but the tone cannot deviate from gray.

Fang Yazhou sat in Qu Zhengchao's car, asking about their travel situation and telling them about the development of the county seat.

Scene in their travel-stained appearance, drew the people next to keep looking at, just these people get up early, are riding in the same direction, seems to be to the original dawn base location.

Jing Lin asked Fang Yazhou curiously, "What are these people doing up so early?"

"Going to the field." Fang Yazhou said, "The second generation of wheat that can be planted now has already received three crops, and the second batch of rice will also enter the harvest stage. During this period, both wheat and rice have expanded their planting areas and have been opened for exchange once. Many people in the county are now looking for jobs to manage their fields in the countryside."

As long as it is a field job, there is nothing easy to say, but life has hope, and even if you are tired, your heart will be happy.

This is how these people are now. Although they leave early and return late, they still look good on their faces.

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