When Jing Lin arrived at the counter and explained their purpose, the counter staff took a key and asked their room number, asking them to wait for a few minutes, crawl into the back room, and in a short time came out holding a large box. Then they opened it in front of the crowd and said to Jing Lin, "All your things are here, check them."

All of them were surprised. To be honest, they just asked what they meant. They didn't have any hope that something was still there. I didn't expect that everything was still kept by this store.

Then everyone counted it and found that there was nothing missing. Even the snake gall was kept by the orchid all the time. Its fresh appearance did not decrease at all.

After confirming that there was no shortage of things, the teller breathed a sigh of relief and asked them curiously: "Have you just come out of the secret land of wild animals?"

Jing Lin picked his eyebrows and did not answer.

The teller acquiesced in their admission, lingered on the bags hanging on them, and said in an envious tone: "are you the first to enter? Must have got a lot of good things?"

The teller's eyes finally fell on the mutant cats at their feet.

Everyone smiled noncommittally, took their own things and asked the teller to re-order three rooms for them, one of which was for the eight mutant cats.

After spending so long in the mountains, the eight mutant cats have become very familiar with them. Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua also made a gesture of being a cat slave during this period. They successfully fooled one of the cats to follow them. The remaining six cats were relatively cold. How to please Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu can only be watched. However, they are all willing to play with Lele, which makes the duck angry and deeply feels that its status is threatened. During this period, there is no shortage of quarrels and troubles. Although there were many fights, they all had their weight. It was more like a fight. After more than four months, their feelings had already been expressed. After leaving the mountain forest, these mutant cats did not hesitate for half a minute and went with everyone.

When they settled down again, they simply put things back together and divided some people out to inquire about the news.

Originally, on the second day they were sucked into the array, in another place in I city, suddenly someone found a magical space crack, the crack is another piece of heaven and earth, and scene near the space array they found. Because there are so many different kinds of animals inside, they were named as the Wild Animal Sanctuary by the personnel of several religious organizations stationed here.

Over the past few months, almost all the teams here have gone into the secret land to look for treasure. There are many wild animals in the secret territory. Most of them are ferocious and have high strength. Some of them have been destroyed directly. Some have lost half of their lives and some have narrowly escaped. However, danger is often accompanied by opportunities. Any grass or animal that comes out from the inside is very useful. It is full of treasures. Therefore, the number of people who enter has not decreased, but has increased a lot.

However, it is strange to say that this secret land, how long did you stay inside the secret land, and how long will it take you to enter again after you come out again. People think that the more places like this run in front of others, the greater the chance of finding treasures. Many teams do not want to be slower than others. Therefore, they can stay as long as they like. Those teams who live in the Red Gate Hotel now leave for the longest time, only less than those in Jing Lin for more than ten days. However, Jing Lin's disappearance for such a long time has inadvertently been well covered up in the past.

In fact, the store's help in keeping these things is also a fluke. In case the owner of these things cannot come back, it can only be cheaper for the owner himself. Even if he comes back, he can still win a favor from the other party. Due to the sudden appearance of the wild animals' secret land, the original monthly auction has been postponed for several months and will be held as scheduled again next month. The snake gall in Jing Lin was actually in the store's reservation. If they don't show up next month, the owner will really take it away and auction it off.

When the boss finally got the news that the things were taken back, he felt very sorry.

The news that Jing Lin and his party came out of the wild beast's secret territory was soon known by the people nearby. When they inquired about the news, many people also asked them about the wild beast's secret territory, but Jing Lin, who knows, could only fool them in the past.

The next period of time, Jing Lin they didn't go anywhere, honestly stay in the room to study achievement method.

After having a basic understanding of his own skill, Jing Lin also learned from the inheritance how to add the seal of divine knowledge to the storage bag. Man's divine knowledge is the same as fingerprints, which are completely different. The divine knowledge has its own unique mark, but if the divine knowledge of others is stronger than yours, it can erase your mark, which is like the attack power of the divine knowledge. Jing Lin can definitely surpass Yan Fei.

Team is now completely trust each other, ten people, only Jing Lin and Yan Fei god knowledge, so in addition to them, the other people's storage bags are all handed over to the two people to help with god knowledge lock, one thousand they have something to go out, also saved the worry of the bag lost, such as back to Jia Lin county to unlock.

In a few days, it was the holding date of this month's auction, and they went to the entrance of the wild beast's secret land for a round, only to see that the entrance was like a water curtain hanging in the air, and that was the ripple of reiki's current vibration. Because the misunderstanding came from this secret realm, they cannot get in now in theory. Although I was curious about what it was like in this secret place, I heard that there were many dangers in it, so we all gave up the idea of going in. Before the auction, I was wandering around the city all day.

We spend very little time on hunting. Most of it is only for others to see. Most of it is to practice in the room.

The day before the auction, Jing Lin found the organizer, looked at the auction terms and put the snake gall there.

At present, there is no fixed material for auction payment, and basically it is still in an exchange situation. You look at a certain item and call out directly what you want to exchange. If the seller is satisfied, the transaction will be concluded. In the past, the auction was more expensive than the one who had the most money, but now it is more precious than the one who has the most material. when the degree of preciousness is the same, it is more than the one who has the most money, or it is biased towards the things that the seller wants more.

The auction was held in the basement of the Red Gate Hotel. The entire hotel has been hollowed out below. The basement is wide and large. Many concrete stools have been built inside, with several thick concrete pillars in the middle to support the weight above.

The auction was held after dark, around 7 o'clock. They had dinner early that day in Jing Lin. In order to prevent people from fishing in troubled waters, all the animals left behind and looked at the storage bags. Everyone picked out some high-value and common things from the materials stored before and took them with them, and went directly to the basement.

The auction, which had been shelved for several months, was resumed, and many people could not wait. Since the auction does not limit the number of people, there is a steady flow of people at the entrance, and when they enter the venue, it is already crowded. The long concrete stool was basically full of people. After a difficult walk in it for a while, the team finally found two adjacent concrete stools. Ten people crowded in tandem and sat down.

At the front of the venue, it was not as crowded as at the back. The surrounding space near the auction table was even more empty. They listened to the discussion of the people nearby. The more the front position was, the more powerful the team members could sit down. This was already the established rule here.

"I wonder if Liu Tianshi will come this time?" Suddenly, a middle-aged man sitting next to Jing Lin said.

"Who is Liu Tianshi?"His companion asked, this man is a woman, because he is too petite, being squeezed in the middle by his teammates and unable to notice without making any noise.

The middle-aged man said, "You haven't been here long, so I don't know. This Liu Tianshi heard that he is from the Xiuzhen Association and knows magic. He arranged the array at the entrance. I heard that he is the new head of Xuantianmen."

Jing Lin arms holding Lele, at this time to hear the familiar nouns, not to side head to look at the side, listened attentively.

The female voice was surprised and said: "It was him. It was really amazing!"

The man was also extremely envious and said: "Liu Tianshi came out at the last auction and captured the mutant fire clouded leopard that was hunted by the fire team. I heard that the fire clouded leopard had just died and the blood in his body was still fresh. it was the top material of the scribbles and was captured by Liu Tianshi with ten first-class fire attribute crystal."

"Ten? !"The girl raised the volume, obviously shocked.

"Yes, ten. Our team can't gather up so many after a month's hard work."

"Then Liu Tianshi is really rich."

"That's natural. The Association for the Restoration of Truth has a lot of skills. It's not easy to come up with ten first-class attribute crystal."

Next, the two talked about all kinds of stories about the Association for the Restoration of Truth.

Not hearing any useful information, Jing Lin withdrew his attention. He really didn't guess wrong before. This array is really related to Wei Zhen's sect. The new leader Liu Tianshi must be the younger brother in Wei Zhen's mouth.

However, now I know that I can only stay there for the time being. This is Liu Tianshi's territory. He has the support of the Association for the Restoration of Truth. Now I am against him. It is no different from shaking the trees with flies.

Soon, after almost everyone in the meeting hall arrived, there was also a movement ahead. only a few men with cold and cheerless temperament suddenly appeared in front, and the auction hall staff respectfully introduced the best seats to sit down.

The middle-aged man just now pointed to a place ahead and whispered to the woman, "See, that's Liu Tianshi."

Jing Lin several also follow the line of sight of his fingers to see in the past, I saw that is a young man dressed in white, handsome, corners of the mouth hook with a smile, breath soothing, is very approachable.

Perhaps only Jing Lin knew what kind of snake and scorpion face the young man was hiding under his gentle face.

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