Long Zhang listed two kinds of materials for the smelter: trees and ores.

Trees are naturally not simple trees. Jing Lin laid a Yan array. Others went to find some trunks and threw them in to see if they could withstand the high temperatures in the array. If the ore is found, it will be given to Qiu Baobao alone. It feeds on black mud and loves white crystals under water. It can be seen that it is especially interested in earth and rock. If you let it lead you to find it, you may have a good harvest.

Jing Lin naturally studied the space array intently.

Only after getting the inheritance of the firmament did we know how huge this system is. Before that, we learned less than nine Niu Yi hairs.

The space array refined by the last patriarch of the Dome Sect is as wide as 1,000 meters. Can let living creatures, and can't see and touch, is a very powerful invisible space, carrier is equivalent to a fabrication, not very strong repair is refining not to come out. Jing Lin did not have his ability, can only take their carry-on pocket to refining, can double the capacity, are happy.

After spoiling many different trees and digging up many different kinds of earth and rock, Long Zhang, with everyone's help, experimented for thousands of times and inadvertently mixed the juice from a red tree with something soft and waxy like white sand. The two produced a similar chemical reaction effect and formed a completely new red substance.

This material is extremely hard and can withstand the high temperature tempering in the Yan array. It is very suitable for refining mining tools. Because its final color is red, everyone named it Red Sand Iron.

Long Zhang only came into contact with the refining device and had no control over the spirit force. At first, he did not know how to use the spirit force at all, but Jing Lin and Yan Fei gave him some advice. After so many experiments, he also had a little experience. Too advanced tools Long Zhang refining not to come, but dig small stones, he is still confident that can be refined.

TOEFL depends on everyone's joint efforts to test the materials. They also basically know the general purpose of the materials. Some rare trees and minerals can be brought with them when they go.

And scene in his repair for advanced after two layers, the hand of the space array Buron Zhang refining out faster.

Yan Fei looked at the cloth bag handed over by Jing Lin and asked, "have you refined it?"

He has always been very confident in his lover's ability, but seeing him forge the storage bag described in the novel in just over ten days, his head is still a little dizzy.

Scene in the corners of the mouth hook smile, obviously in a good mood, he nodded and motioned Yan Lu look.

There was nothing in the bag. It was light. Yan Fei opened the mouth of the bag and looked into it. He felt that his consciousness fell into a space. The space was a little irregular, crooked, only about three square meters. However, compared with the original capacity of the bag, the change could be described as incredible.

Jing Lin said: "The technology is not very skilled, and the shape is not well refined. After more refining, the space inside should be more neat.

"You are very good." Yan Fei could not help but give Jing Lin a hug and kissed him on the forehead. he grabbed the bag in his hand and said, "this is for me." This is the first work refined by my lover and must be kept as a memorial.

"good." Jing Lin smiled and said that the bag was his own. "I'll make some more for you when I get out."

Yan Fei also laughed, "It will be hard on you." The eyes are full of smiles that are proud of their loved ones.

Then, Yan Fei eagerly tried the function of the storage bag. At the moment, it was not noon. The team and animals that went out were not there. Long Zhang was sleeping nearby. He and Jing Lin put the available materials found by the big guys in the past ten days into the bag.

The bag itself is not big, but it will be used to hold dried meat in the future. It is about the same size as the plastic bag before. Before Jing Lin refined, he paid special attention to reducing the weight on the premise that he could pack more things, so he did a lot of hard work. At the moment, this storage bag, even if it contains more than 200 kg of things, is very light except for a little bulge. It can be hung directly on the waist. It is really very easy and convenient.

Don't say they have their own suitable achievement method, the home will also grow all kinds of variation of precious plants, this storage bag, Yan Fei think many people will be crazy about it. You know, before you came here, all the team members had to come in and go out on the same day every day, because there were too few things you could carry with you, too many things hindered your movement and greatly reduced your safety. Sometimes, even if I saw good things on my return trip, I had to give up because I couldn't take them away. As a result, my daily harvest was greatly limited.

With this storage bag, you only need to bring a few more storage bags when you go out, and these are no longer problems. In the future, I want to go to other places to exchange materials, and the amount of energy I can bring has greatly increased.

Later, Yan Fei poured out the contents of the bag. All the contents were found together. When the time comes, the distribution problem will also be involved. He cannot pack them casually.

The noise woke up Long Zhang, who had slept about the same. He sat up and watched in a daze as Yan Fei shook a small bag. The contents kept falling out.

Long Zhang rubbed his eyes, looked at Jing Lin, and opened his mouth: "Is this done?"

Jing Lin smiled, "It's done."

Long Zhang jumped up from the ground and was about to grab Yan Fei's bag. He couldn't wait to see the real look in the bag. The people who happened to go out and the animals who changed came back. After hearing that Jing Lin Space Array had been successfully refined, they all joined the team to grab the bag.

Refining became the first, the second is easy, everyone put their carry-on bag beside Jing Lin asked him to refine, and during this period, Long Zhang's first mining tools are refined.

The tools are divided into two sets, one is like a hammer and the other is like a drill knife. The drill knife is sharp at one end and square at the other. It can use the striking force of the hammer to take out the small stones embedded in white sandstone faster and more easily.

When Long Zhang refined all the tools everyone needed, Jing Lin finished refining dozens of storage bags.

Everything is ready, the east wind is already there, the big guy has been busy for so many days in a row, without saying to rest again, he immediately got down from the deep pit, after an interval of more than a month, he began to be busy with small stones.

Everyone was in a good mood and talked about this stone while digging. Younger novels came into contact with it much more. They said that these small stones with very regular shapes were very similar to the spirit stones written in fairy novels.

When they dig deeper and deeper, the quality of the stones they dig will be better. Everyone has started to practice their inheritance and have a clearer concept of reiki, so they divide the excavated stones into three grades: inferior, intermediate and superior.

The lake is completely covered with Lingshi ore, which is driven by Lingmai. The ore is more and more dense. However, compared with Lingmai, the scope of Lingshi ore is definitely much smaller. To form Lingshi ore, there must be more than rich reiki. It must also have something to do with the quality of the land. They dug for half a month and took out dozens of ore passages. Only after being observed by the small black dragon with divine knowledge did they tell that they had dug about the same.

By this time, everyone's storage bag is almost used. Basically, there are still two or three left for each person to hold the vegetation and ore.

Of course, the green grass at the water's edge is indispensable to beautify. Each of the redwood and white sands of the refining device is also equipped with a lot of them. After going out, let Long Zhang help refine other weapons. Everyone also specially frees up a bag to hold the black mud collected by Qiu Baobao for so many days and the white crystals in the stream.

After that, I went around the woods for a few days and collected many other plants. For the sustainable development of the woods, everything was dressed.

After finishing my work, I came in for nearly four months. I really have to go now.

They were covered with large bags and small bags. It would not be appropriate to climb the crack again. Moreover, the entrance of the crack must still be blocked by the huge chameleon. The space array is buried under I city. No matter which direction in the array goes out, it is still in I city.

Jing Lin chose a place by the lake to begin the battle. By the way, he could also see the specific location after going out. It would be much more convenient to come in later.

Just because I don't know if I will suddenly appear in front of people, it may be a bit risky, but now there are many talented people and different people, even if suddenly appear, find an excuse should be able to fool in the past.

Destroy the trajectory as you did when you came. The attraction from the array should only be directed at the outside world, so this time all the animals walked out through the array in a steady way.

In a corner of I city, which was wrapped by vines, the space was suddenly torn apart and a foot appeared out of thin air. As the crack grew bigger and bigger, the people inside slowly emerged.

With the package on his back, Jing Lin looked dazed and pulled out his body like it was trapped in quicksand, then turned to pull Lele behind him.

The people behind came out one after another, and when the last mutant cat quickly retracted its tail, the array immediately closed and the cracks disappeared.

After spending so long in the array, the crowd got used to the fresh air inside and suddenly smelled the smell of blood mixed with the outside world. They were still a little uncomfortable.

Long Zhang sighed with emotion: "This is a return to earth from heaven."

Jing Lin seldom joked: "It should be from the celestial sphere."

Everyone was in a good mood and couldn't help laughing.

The crowd broke through the vines and came out, looked at it and confirmed that it should still be in I city. they noted down the building signs around and started looking for an exit.

It took me more than an hour to walk along the trodden road before I came to the familiar land boundary. I felt that I was not too far away because I had to break my leg.

Yan Fei said strangely: "How can I feel so few people after walking so long?"

"I also found out." Qu Zhengchao said, "We have never been to those places before. It's easy to say that we are not familiar with them, but there has been a lot of traffic here."

At the end of the exit, I met several teams returning home. I had the impression that they were all of average strength. I could only hunt some common animals every day.

When I went out, I passed the shed area and saw only a few people setting up stalls. When I got to the Red Gate Hotel, several people went straight to the rooms they had reserved before.

The date of the room had already expired. On the way back, everyone was discussing that the materials they put in the room might be taken away by other residents. Although there were many good things, they were not worth mentioning with their harvest on this trip.

As they thought, the two houses were changed to several tenants, and several people came to the counter.

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