The tablet of the spirit crumbles before our eyes and becomes a sword suspended in front of us.

Yan Fei stretched out his hand to take down the sword. At the moment, the sword has faded from its defiant state and become docile outside the score.

The others did not sleep soundly, and soon woke up after hearing the noise. They surrounded Yan Fei and asked him about his situation.

So far, everyone has got the achievement method to their satisfaction. They have been in this mountain forest for more than two months and it is time to discuss the issue of leaving.

This mountain is full of treasures, and limited by equipment, they can't take much things with them. when they come and lie down, they leave like this. everyone is really unwilling. take the two crystals that little black dragon brought to Jing Lin in the stream, for example, they have already made others envious. before, they didn't have time, but now they are all eager to try. they want to jump in and touch the stream, and can touch the size of fingernail cap to take back.

Xiang Zehua said: "In fact, I still want to see if this stream has an end."

"Right!" Long Zhang also said excitedly, "I'm curious after all this time."

Having been handed down, Cao Sanye was in a good mood and said with mirth, "Then go on. By the way, find out what other treasures there are."

At the end of the round, everyone felt this way, so after daybreak, everyone packed up their belongings and walked on along the stream.

After walking for about half a day, they found that the grass and trees on both sides of the stream had begun to change. The real aura was threatening, even the dew drops on the leaves were tinged with aura. The stream also changed from serofluid to emulsion, and then the emulsion slowly solidified into semi-solid.

After walking for five days in a row, the water in the stream that passed behind became transparent again, but the bottom of the stream was full of similar crystals in Jing Lin's hands. The size of the crystal was extremely large, and it was more like white stone when it sank below.

Everyone was watching eagerly. If it weren't for the fact that they had nothing on them, they wouldn't have done it. They would have picked up everything and packed it in pieces.

"It's the end!"

As the crowd cheered, a small lake appeared in front of them. The lake looked like a white jade bowl tilted outward across the stream. The bowl was full of white crystals, and there was a small vortex in the middle. Clear lake water kept popping out from there. With the low trend, it slowly flowed downward, washing out the white crystals slightly higher in the stream and then went away along the stream path.

The earthworm baby, who had not collected black mud for several days, plopped into the water, opened its mouth and snapped off a piece of crystal with a snap. The crystal was eagerly stuffed into Long Zhang's hand. When he saw that he didn't answer, he thought it was too small. He dropped the piece, bit a bigger piece into the lake and handed it to Long Zhang in his mouth.

Long Zhang touched Qiu Bao's big head with a wry smile. "I want it too, but there is really no place to put it."

At this time, Jing Lin was observing the small lake, looking at the rich aura around the lake, and looking at the shallow lake bottom. Jing Lin took off his shoes and jumped in.

The bottom of the lake was cold, and my feet felt the vibration of the ripples. The vibration did not come from water, but from spiritual power.

"There is another array here." Jing Lin said to all.

Everyone looked at him with burning eyes. They also found something unusual about this place. They could not feel it in the array of spirits, but looking at the flowers and plants around them, they could see that this was the thickest place they had come across for so long.

Because reiki is too strong, reiki field is wrapped inside, if not carefully also really can't notice. Jing Lin walked around the lake for half a circle, and finally found that it was probably a water gathering array, and the eye of the array was the water vortex.

What is the reason why the aura contained in this stream is segmented? The further away from the source, the less reiki there is in the stream. The stream changes under the influence of reiki concentration. Where does this change come from?

Then, Jing Lin thought of the spiritual pulse.

The spirit vein is buried in this place. Judging from its name, it is formed by reiki itself. The intensity of reiki is naturally self-evident, so the concentration of reiki in this mountain forest is lower than that of it, and it can only be located around it.

The lake is probably close to the spiritual vein.

They cannot move the spiritual pulse, which is the root of the changed world in the future. However, the value of things growing around it must be very precious.

He looked at the little black dragon lying upside down under the white jade bowl mouth, tapping and massaging the stream. Jing Lin called it, "Can you help me see if there is anything under this lake?"

The animals have been in a slightly tipsy state in recent days. After another reiki transformation of their bodies, because it was too rich in reiki, they almost fell into a deep sleep. The little black dragon swam in the water in a daze. At the moment, it was still lazy. Smell speech dumped his wet head, opened his slightly misty eyes, and the eyes looked serious.

It took about two minutes for the little black dragon to open its eyes. now it is looking at a lot of spirits. it stands up proudly and says to everyone, "there are so many such Grand White Rock under the lake!"

The tone seemed to say to everyone: we are going to get rich!

In fact, there is still a difference between the rocks under the lake and the rocks in the lake. The stones in the lake are not very hard. Qiu babies can bite them directly and people can pry them off with tools. However, the stones under the lake are very hard, a bit harder than the original blue ore.

The lake is said to be a lake. In fact, water comes from the array. After finding something underneath, just be careful not to damage the main body of the lake and the array. Any excavation will be fine.

They chose a point as the entrance to the excavation and dug down according to the direction indicated by the little black dragon. At first, the common red soil was dug up. Later, after about three meters deep, the soil began to become dry and hard, and the color became lighter. After more than three meters of digging, the soil had turned into white sand and gravel, and the aura was stronger than above.

Zhao Zhiwen once again wielded a centipede knife and made an acid "clang" sound, hitting a hard white stone.

The stone only shows a small corner, about the length of a knuckle, shining with glittering and translucent light, wisps of reiki are emanating from the corner.

The crowd gathered around and watched Zhao Zhiwen clean up the stone bit by bit. The stone finally showed its complete appearance.

This piece of stone is diamond-shaped, about two fingers wide and about one inch long. It meets light in hand and is even more colorful. It is not like the one just pulled out of the sand pile. There is no dust on it. It is small and delicate, and it is very attractive.

However, people don't care about what it looks like at all. Even Qu Zhengchao and Cao Sanye, who are the dullest to reiki, saw the stone at that moment and were affected by the reiki, and their eyes seemed to have taken root on it. They couldn't move away for half a day.

After digging out the first stone described by the small black dragon to the public, the second one was easy. everyone dug down another two meters. the cave walls were all covered with small shining stones. when everyone was thinking about it, they dug deep into both sides of the cave walls. The stones dug up at the beginning are still scattered pieces. The more you dig back, the more small the stones will be.

However, with the increase of stones, the sandy soil inside has hardened a lot, even harder than the small stone. Therefore, after everyone excitedly dug for half a day, Jing Lin and Yan Lu's pike became blunted, others were even worse, and all the weapons they brought with them were destroyed.

This is all silly.

Long Zhang looked at his blistered hand as he dug hard at the stone and said in dismay, "I can see but I can't eat. It's so hard!"

Cao Sanye bowed his head and sighed: "Digging with the hand is even more impossible."

Among several people, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu's weapons were the first to be scrapped. They were strong enough to dig faster than others, but their weapons also wore out faster. Zhao Zhiwen also tried to dig directly by hand, but they were able to break off. However, even though the skin of the two men had obvious variation, such as not being afraid of scalding, they were not as bad as this stone. After breaking off a few stones, they broke the skin with one hand.

However, because he was still holding a stone in his hand, the wound directly absorbed the aura inside, so the wound healed quite quickly, and in a short time the wound was scabbed.

Yan Fei suddenly said, "Long Zhang, didn't you get the inheritance of the refining device? Can you refine some tools for digging stones?"

"I haven't studied it carefully." Long Zhang said that he was busy looking for the end of the stream these days and only had time to study at night when it was not worth the night. He scratched his head. "Besides, I don't know where to find the materials for the smelter. The smelter needs fire."

Jing Lin said, "You should not worry about fire. I will arrange a kind of array. The temperature is very high."

Long Zhang said, "Then why don't I try?"

Jing Lin nodded and said his own thoughts: "Although this mountain forest should always exist, the way in is really difficult. Everyone doesn't want to simply go out, and so do I."

The crowd nodded and asked Jing Lin, "What can you do?"

Jing Lin said, "Do you remember what I told you about this mountain forest being a space array? I think, Long Zhang refining device to find the right material, it is better to take advantage of this period of time, I study the space array, see if I can forge out, then even if there is no weapons, we can also take some other things to leave. When we are better prepared next time, it is not too late to come here to dig stones."

Xiang Zehua said, "If only it could be refined!"

Jing Lin continued: "I'm just trying, as to whether I can succeed or not, it depends on luck. in short, I'll try my best."

Everyone agreed to let Jing Lin do his best, but based on Jing Lin's skill, they were confident in him.

When digging holes, everyone had a ladder to climb. Then everyone climbed out and watched it getting late. All matters could not continue until tomorrow. In the evening, when everyone is in a spiritual array, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu will go out for a stroll before returning bloody.

Although this is painful, it is very good for bones and skin afterwards, so Jing Lin and Yan Fei will not stop it. As for the others, there are no two who have rough skin and can only stay inside honestly.

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