After Lele, the second person who entered the state was Jing Lin.

He was looking at exactly the piece Yan Fei had seen before. At that time, he was interrupted by Lele's condition at the beginning of the reading. After Lele got well, he continued to look at it again.

Just like Lele said, his whole mind was suddenly dragged into another strange space, surrounded by nothingness. The pictures and texts were shown one by one like slides in front of your eyes, and slowly decomposed until you understood the meaning of them before you started the next one.

Only when Jing Lin understood the meaning of the first picture did he realize that the skill inscribed on this tablet is related to the array. Moreover, unlike what Jing Lin is learning now, the array here is also divided into five elements, heaven and earth, rain and thunder. In addition to the array, there are also related mental skills. Mental skills correspond to different attributes, and the spiritual strength cultivated will be different.

When I saw the explanation about the five elements of spiritual power, Jing Lin suddenly remembered those spiritual powers with lightning power that he had absorbed when practicing, or the purple color when the sun was rising. When I saw the introduction about this sect again, I felt that this was really an act of god.

It turns out that the achievement method on this tablet came from a clan called the Dome Clan. Hundreds of millions of years ago, it was a famous clan sect with numerous disciples. The secrets learned before Jing Lin included those given by Wei Zhen, all of which were just a branch of the clan. The master of array technique who appeared in dreams is the patriarch of this clan.

The spirit tablet is inscribed with an oath of demons. If you want or inherit the array technique in this tablet, you must rebuild the clan and hold the power of the clan master in the future, so that the clan spell that has been silent for ten thousand years can reappear in the world and return to its original position.

The demon oath sounds horrible. The punishment is that the meridians are all broken. People are not human and ghosts are not ghosts. However, Jing Lin is not afraid. It is not to establish a clan. In fact, the idea he vaguely planned to have is just a logical conclusion.

Array system is also a lot of, Jing Lin in this nihilistic world, as if falling into countless achievement method piled up into the ocean, seems to have passed for a long time, but it is like a very short moment, will remember everything, Jing Lin was spirit tablet kicked out. When I saw Lele and Yan Fei keeping a close eye on themselves, I knew from their mouth that it had been more than ten days since I entered.

In the time when he did not wake up, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu entered the state facing the same tablet. Guan Shuangshuang and Xiang Zehua both found their own tablet. Qu Zhengchao several, at first still a little worried, but after the worry, but calm down. One hundred and thirty-two tablets, if none of them can enter the state, it shows that there is really no chance for them to practice here.

Perhaps it is the reason why they put their mind at rest. Soon after Jing Lin woke up, Cao Sanye and Long Zhang entered the state. Qu Zhengchao also found a suitable tablet the next day.

Yan Fei seems to be the only one.

Jing Lin comforted him: "In addition to this space array, there are four other places. There are spirit tablets buried in each space array. We have not found a suitable one. We will look for it in other places in the future."

Yan Fei smiled reluctantly: "I know that I have not read more than 30 tablets."

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu woke up after three days. The direction of their cultivation was the same, so they entered the state in front of the same tablet. The inheritance was the same sect. They simply asked. Like Jing Lin, they all needed to make a magic oath to rebuild the clan. Their clan is called Lian Wu Dao zong, who enters the Tao by force and seeks the power to gain the road to immortality. it is the place where countless fighters yearned for before and after.

However, Lele, the information revealed in the tablet, said that he is a spirit beast compatible body. This kind of constitution can make all monster beast spirit beasts who have given birth to spiritual wisdom easily feel intimate with him. This kind of constitution, when cultivated, can communicate with them without obstacles and let them be used for their own purposes. The inheritance of Lele's income is called the All-Beast Gate. It coexists with beasts and shares the length of heaven and earth, and all it has learned is how to control beasts.

It is no wonder that Lele can understand the meaning of the different cries of animals in the family. This reminds them of Sweet Tang, daughter of Tang Hao's family. She can also understand the cries of animals. Long Zhang and Guan Shuangshuang, including Cao Sanye, are different from them. The three of them can communicate with their own mutating plants and animals. It was only after a long time of getting along that they figured it out.

Guan Shuangshuang and Xiang Zehua also woke up soon. Guan Shuangshuang's inheritance is related to Lingzhi and Xiang Zehua is related to refining medicine.

I guess Qu Zhengchao and Cao Sanye will soon be there too. Yan Fei has even settled down to interpret the tablet.

After another day of nothing, Yan Fei did not sleep well at night. In order to calm him down, Jing Lin has been helping him stay up at night.

There are still 18 tablets left. Yan Fei's speed of interpreting the tablets has slowed down a lot in recent days.

Standing in front of a tablet, Yan Fei hid his anxiety and put all his thoughts on the tablet.

God's knowledge was suddenly shaken. Yan Fei found himself in another space after he passed away. He felt happy, which means that he will not make a free trip at last.

However, when he saw clearly that he was in the space, he found that it was not a gray space as others said.

There is only one sword in this place.

The sword smelled of cold and the tip of the sword was inserted obliquely. However, Yan Fei saw it and felt that he was not facing a sword but a king who looked down on all beings.

The situation was completely different from what Jing Lin described to him. Yan Fei stood in situ for a while and walked towards the sword.

Then he held out his hand and grasped the hilt tentatively.

At the moment of starting, it was like the electric current ran into the body, and the pain from skin to bone was like being cut open.

Yan Fei's body quivered and he nearly lost his footing. He loosened quickly, but the sharp pain remained in his body and did not disappear immediately. It was only a few minutes later that the feeling slowly faded.

Yan Fei broke out in a cold sweat due to pain.

The sword is still standing there. It is dead and has not made any response to Yan Fei's suffering. However, its silence is like laughing at Yan Fei's overreach.

Yan Fei looked around and couldn't see anything. He was at a loss for an instant. I don't know why I met this kind of situation, but the sword will not appear here for no reason, there will always be a reason.

Yan Fei was unwilling to hold the hilt again. The sharp pain hit immediately. Yan Fei didn't resist and let go again.

The smell of the sword seemed even colder.

For the third time, Yan Fei grasped the hilt of the sword. under the severe pain, he endured for a few more seconds.

In these few seconds, I was not awake, as if I were going to die next moment. However, when I fell to the ground without half strength due to pain, Yan Fei, who felt that he was alive again, laughed out loud, and his eyes flashed with amazing ambition and determination.

Outside the tablet, both Qu Zhengchao and Long Zhang and Cao Sanye woke up. Qu Zhengchao and Cao Sanye and Zhao Zhiwen received similar inheritance, both of which entered the Tao with force, while Long Zhang received inheritance related to refining.

At the moment, they are all sitting around Yan Fei. Different from their quiet appearance when the gods were in the tablet, Yan Fei sat cross-legged, looking pale and miserable, shaking slightly, as if he would fall at any time.

He has been in this situation for ten days.

"What happened to my brother?" Yan Lu walked up and down restlessly beside her. She had asked this question many times, but no one knew and no one could answer her.

In Jing Lin, he sat next to Yan Fei, holding one hand with him. In recent days, his hand has been hurt countless times by Yan Fei, but the pain is totally insignificant compared with what Yan Fei has suffered.

In the tablet, Yan Fei got up from the ground again. He can't remember how many times he fell down and got up again.

He vaguely understood that the sword was testing him by changing the method. From the very beginning, he was not allowed to touch it, and it hurt when touched. Every time, he fainted from the pain. Later, after he became numb to the pain, he would be shaken off by the other party after touching the sword again.

Very not easy into the spirit tablet, Yan Fei is never thought to give up, he has and this sword has been dead stubborn, both sides into a cycle of death, will not give up until it is pulled up.

Walk to the side of the sword, the sword seems to have induction, a feel his close, the body has begun to shake up. Yan Fei grinned grimly, clasped his hands to the hilt and firmly grasped it!

The body of the sword was shaking more and more violently. Yan Fei's whole body was shaking. He held on to the footwall and raised his hands hard. Several times he felt that the hilt was going to break away from the palm of his hand. However, the number of times he was shaken was too large. He had a lot of experience in dealing with it and stabilized every time.

"Give me up!" He shouted, the veins stood out on his forehead bulging, and his face turned red due to hard drawing of the sword. Finally, when he was shaken open again, he successfully pulled out the sword.

The sword held in his hand became honest outside the score. Yan Fei lay on his back and smiled happily for two times before he was exhausted and heaved a sigh of relief.

At the moment, the picture and text engraved on the tablet reappeared.

Yan Fei looked grave, sat up from the ground and looked at it carefully.

Ten days later, Yan Fei finally woke up.

He woke up at night and saw a man sitting beside him, his head resting on his shoulder, as if asleep. The hand could not help but move, only to feel that his right hand was being held.

Yan Fei woke up as soon as he moved to Jing Lin. He was too tired these days. Because of worry, he had not slept for many days. He couldn't help falling asleep unconsciously tonight.

Seeing Yan Fei finally wake up, Jing Lin squeezed his arms and legs like Lele. he asked anxiously, "you've been sitting for 20 days. what have you met? it seems very painful. I'm so worried."

Yan Lu see him so panic, can't help but smiled gently, press on the back of the head in the scene, in his mouth heavily kissed, slowly hugged scene in.

For a long time, Yan Fei was worried. Jing Lin is too strong, he has been unable to keep up with each other's footsteps, which has nothing to do with who is more powerful. He is afraid that with the strength of the two people far apart, also has a great influence on each other's life. What he feared most was that he could not live with the scenery all his life.

The sword in the divine knowledge is actually the most powerful scattered fairy sword repair in this continent ten thousand years ago. what he repaired was to ask the heart sword, taking heart as the sword and idealism as the only one.

The path of the sword repair is more difficult and harsh than that of other repairers. The sharp pain caused by the sword is an important test for the successor before the sword repair obtains the inheritance. This test directly strikes his divine knowledge, and the pain produced is magnified several times compared with the physical pain. In the middle of the journey, even if he had the slightest thought of not continuing, he might have been kicked out by the tablet.

However, he was able to hold on to it after all, and what he was thinking at that time was just the word Jing Lin.

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