Ten people were divided into two groups, Jing Lin, Xiang Zehua and Long Zhang. They went out to look for water. The rest stayed behind to watch the animals change.

Having set up a magic array with itself as the array point, Jing Lin found that it was no effort to draw a vanity symbol in this mountain forest. It was simply a hand to burn.

The fog is too thick in the mountain forest, which affects the sight. They chose the direction to leave intuitively and marked the way so as not to get lost. The trees in the mountain forest are as tall as those outside, and the ground is also covered with roots and stems. Jing Lin walked all the way in front of the array, clearing the vegetation on both sides to open the way for everyone.

The surrounding leaves rustled incessantly. At first, everyone didn't think it was strange. They only thought it was the wind. However, they quickly reacted and found that the noise was not stopped, but they didn't feel any breath of the wind. Only then did they feel strange.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei have been released from the divine knowledge, and nothing strange has happened in the divine knowledge.

Xiang Zehua felt his goose bumps all over, "How do you always feel that something is watching and following us?"

People are always afraid of unknown things because they have too much brain tonic. Jing Lin and Yan Fei are all right. He has seen the ghost of Gao Zhuo, so he is not very worried and afraid. He asked everyone to stop, looked around and said, "No, there seems to be no animal in it."

After he said this, other people also discovered that they had walked for so long that they had not seen an animal, let alone worms, and had not even heard the sound of birds.

Scene in the dream, the picture is intermittent, only pick the key to let him "see", he only know the origin of the mountain forest, but know nothing about the specific situation inside, including those engraved with the achievement method of the spirit of the tablet concrete buried in where, he all don't know.

But he has a guess. In the ten thousand years after the burial of the spiritual pulse, all creatures in this mountain forest will be quenched and washed by reiki. At that time, the impact of the Reiki Big Bang changed almost all living things on the earth. In the past ten thousand years, the changes of living things in this mountain forest will only be more severe than those outside.

Powerful people are all human beings. Ten million years later, they have already turned into skeletons. If there is life in the mountain forest, then whatever it is, it will be the most powerful existence in this new world when the world recovers.

In dreams, human beings are at odds with monster beast. As human monks, those powerful monsters are definitely not allowed to override human beings, because then it is very likely that the new world will be ruled by monster beast.

This is a situation that they absolutely will not allow.

However, vegetation is pure and good in mind, and even if it has spiritual wisdom, it is friendly to the outside world. Moreover, they are born by their roots and can only stay in one place. It takes a very long process to accumulate accomplishments and turn them into human beings. Therefore, after walking for so long, what they can see in their eyes is not only vegetation but also vegetation.

As for the feeling of being followed, Jing Lin thought of Guan Shuangshuang's tendril. Manman is also a kind of demon, right? Since it can have spiritual wisdom after only a big outbreak, it is normal for the trees and trees inside to have spiritual wisdom.

Perhaps a grass or a wood that they pass by carelessly, even a plant that already has spiritual intelligence, will produce a feeling of being watched and followed at any time, which seems not surprising.

Jing Lin told everyone what he thought in his heart, then told everyone to be careful, and they continued to look for water.

I went for a walk in the woods. when a thick fog cleared and the cold water vapor came on my face, the people felt happy and walked a few steps forward. before my eyes, a narrow stream appeared.

It seems inaccurate to say that it is a stream, because the water in the stream is as thick as rice soup, and it is still shining with the light of sky. The water vapor on it is transpiring with faint Leng Xiang.

Looking at the white ribbon flowing slowly like silk, several people did not move for a while.

The scent directly overshadowed the scent of blood on several people. His nose shrugged twice. Long Zhang sniffed at the Leng Xiang and touched his stomach. "Suddenly he felt a little hungry."

"Yes, it smells good." Xiang Zehua a face of intoxication, "is this water? It looks like nectar."

Yan Fei pointed to both sides of the stream. "Look at the grass, just like the stream, which is shining."

The stream is hidden in the vegetation and flows through the green grass on both sides. They stretch their bodies to their heart's content so that the stream overflows their bodies and washes themselves more cleanly and glittering.

Jing Lin let everyone close to the stream and felt the soft and waxy soil at the foot of the stream before stopping. He squatted by the stream, pulled out a green grass and looked closely. Then I found that the green grass is not everyone's illusion. The grass is really shining, and its root is like being wrapped by a mass of fireflies. It is amazing.

The green grass was unknown to everyone. After everyone looked at it, Jing Lin broke off the branches of the grass and a drop of milky juice fell down from the broken part. Jing Lin was caught red-handed. The smell was exactly the same as that of the stream, only because of the close distance, it was more dense and the milky juice contained a lot of aura.

Jing Lin said, "This fragrance is from this grass."

"Can I drink this water?" Xiang Zehua is concerned about this at present.

"It should be possible." Jing Lin said that the water was affected by rich aura, and the quality of the water had increased by many times. The aura inside was almost turned into essence. It was too much to say that the nectar was pure.

He was the first to hold a handful of water in his hand, because it was too viscous, the amount of water flowing out of his fingers was very small. Jing Lin took a sip, the entrance was cold, and the aura ran into the belly in wisps. At first, the taste was imperceptible, but later, it rose a little sweet, with endless aftertaste.


Jing Lin had eaten so many tomato fruits with spiritual power, and the sensitivity he felt was less than one tenth of it.

Seeing the scene approaching, the others did not move too slowly, making a barrage of gasps of admiration.

Xiang Zehua and Long Zhang two people drink several handfuls of straight before they stop, after reiki almost support bad body refinement, their acceptance of reiki and improved a lot, drink so much water didn't feel uncomfortable, but comfortably breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiang Zehua did not give up: "We need such delicious water to bathe and wash clothes?"

Jing Lin naturally felt wasted too, but he could only shrug his shoulders: "I can't help it. I have only found this place after turning for so long."

After forcing themselves to fill up with water again, several people chose a place to go into the water with a painful face. Because the fog was too thick, they could not see where the stream came from or at the end, but they could see the direction of its flow. The place where they went into the water was the downstream position, so when they wanted to drink the water, they could drink it upstream.

As he scrubbed himself, Long Zhang said, "Unfortunately, there is no water bag, otherwise it would be nice to take this water away." Due to the arrangement of rain arrays by the Jing Lin Council, they have not been short of water. They have no water supply device to take whatever they need.

Xiang Zehua shook his head and said, "How much can I take with me?"

Long Zhang looked at the stream one meter wide and said regretfully, "That's exactly what I said."

At present, it seems that the mountain forest is very safe, and there has been no change in Jing Lin and Yan Fei's knowledge. They washed themselves clean and came back in wet clothes.

Zhao Zhiwen and his colleagues have been waiting for a long time for fear that something might happen to them. After seeing them come back clean, they jumped up from the ground and said, "Have you found water?"

"I found it." Jing Lin Road.

Later, Jing Lin and Yan Fei stayed, and Xiang Zehua also stayed, letting Long Zhang lead the rest to the stream.

Jing Lin arranged a heating array, and when everyone came back from washing, their clothes were going to dry.

After all the people had packed up, everyone began to watch the sleeping animals worry and taste the stream. everyone could not wait to explore the mountain forest, but also did not know when they would wake up.

"Carry on?" Long Zhang touched Baby Qiu's head and said.

But the animals are not small in size. The lightest one is a small black dragon, which can be carried away in a hat. The others are not. It seems that the lightest Zong Zong now weighs 70 to 80 kg. Quack and duck are heavier than it, not to mention the biggest one, Su Zhen. It is obviously more difficult to carry it back when asleep. Now only Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu can drag it. There are Qiu Baobao, San Hua and eight mutant cats. Qu Zhengchao is also counting on receiving one from them as a pet. These are all heavy weights.

The final decision was made by Jing Lin: "Before they wake up, let's find out the neighborhood."

In the following days, Jing Lin continued to divide them into two groups. One group went out and the other stayed behind.

During this period, everyone is still inseparable from the spirit array. Jing Lin, meridians have been distended and painful, but except for the first time he arranged a magic array for the array points, he has always stood up and walked away from everyone. He wants to adapt himself to this kind of pain. As long as he can withstand it, it is actually a very good refinement for meridians.

Soon, half a month passed, and they had already made clear the terrain nearby. The current location may be the center of this mountain forest, and they have also made clear the use of some unknown vegetation. Here, all the plants and trees here can be called spiritual plants. Even a little grass that looks nothing at all has more aura than tomato fruit.

The mountain forest is actually a treasure land.

Like the green grass they found by the stream before, the milky juice inside was used by Yan Lu and Guan Shuangshuang as skin care products. The effect was really uneven. The freckles on Guan Shuangshuang's nose had completely disappeared and a little face was white and matchless. Yan Lu's own skin is good. After applying it, the skin is more delicate than before.

Look at this juice so easy to use. Xiang Zehua and Long Zhang, who always believed that men's skin also needed maintenance, couldn't help using it. Every time they went to the stream, they would pick a large handful to collect the juice, and then apply it once in the morning and evening. After several days, both looked younger by several years.

Originally, Qu Zhengchao and Cao Sanye, who were also dismissive of this, could not help rubbing the ground in secret. At last, after washing their faces every day, the small group of ten people sat there in a row, smearing and smearing, which was also a marvel.

That night, the night-watching scene was approaching and Yan Fei. Suddenly, they felt a noise from the mutant animals. They ran over to find that the mutant animals were all awake. At the moment, they were all staring at Su Zhen lying in the middle.

Su Zhen is shedding her skin.

This is the second molting after it followed Jing Lin, and the interval is less than a month. At the moment it seemed very painful, the whole body twitching peristalsis, white skin shed little by little, exposed to the outside of the forehead, originally only a little bulge, become a little sharp at the moment, there is no doubt that when Su Zhen shed her skin next time, I'm afraid the corner will grow out.

When Su Zhen shed her skin, the others also woke up. They looked at their animals and most of them have changed.

For example, brown and brown, I don't know when I suddenly have an extra tail, and two fluffy tails are swinging behind me, and when I wake up I rub them like playing coquetry. Quack's color is more gorgeous than before. The color makes people lose heart. As long as you look at it, you can't help feeling covered in goose bumps. The purple on the duck's wings has increased a little, and the feather on his forehead has also grown longer and wider. Small black dragon is no obvious change, of course, is not without, but may be in a state of accumulation, less than the critical point of change.

Three flowers and eight mutant cats have almost all grown longer hair, bigger size and sharper claws, especially the hair on the tail, which feels like a steel needle. Whoever is swept by it will probably be horribly frightened.

As for the earthworm baby in Long Zhang's family, um . . . the teeth are whiter and the skin is darker. It is already conceivable that Su Zhen will be more and more disgusted with its skin color.

It took almost one night for Su Zhen to look like a newborn and shed her skin.

The snake slough was still put away by Jing Lin. Jing Lin pulled it off and found that its snake slough was more resilient than the last one.

The animals wake up, which means they can finally leave here and explore the past in other places.

This time they are exploring along the upstream of the stream. Along the way, green grass that can be painted has been growing all the time. This kind of plant only grows at the water's edge and lives by the water. They have not seen it anywhere else.

Long Zhang looked at the green grass and said, "When we go out, take some with us. We will definitely sell out some beauty products."

Guan Shuangshuang said, "I have the same idea, and my tea leaves can be used to make chewing gum or something."

For the future, everyone seems to have a plan.

The stream is very long, they walked along the way for half a day without seeing the source, but the little black dragon saw the stream and jumped in, swimming along with them, and also took out two white and moist crystals from the water and threw them to Jing Lin. They were palm-sized and a steady stream of reiki emerged from the inside.

Jing Lin asked the little black dragon what it was, but he could not say it clearly in a daze. all he knew was that it was a good thing that came out of the water and could be taken back to improve the water quality, so that it would have such a delicious bath in the future!

So Jing Lin also accepted it.

Among the different animals, the little black dragon is busy swimming. Su Zhen and brown are dragging along with the team to pick roadside plants. when she can't pick more plants, let Jing Lin tie them up and let brown carry them on her back. when the brown can't carry them, let Quack and duck help her carry them on her back. when the two can't carry them, there are still so many variation cats, proper coolies.

Qiu babies also drill around on the ground and underground. Every time they drill out, they bring a large mass of black mud to Long Zhang. The speed is very fast, which proves that there are more black mud here than outside. Therefore Qiu babies are very happy to find and generous to send to others. However, one mass and two masses are better, and there is no place for them to install more.

Can't help but regret sigh in succession.

Everyone walked from day to evening. Just when they could not help but suspect that the stream had no end, a forest of steles suddenly appeared in front of the stream.

This reminds Jing Lin of the tablet engraved with the achievement method in his dream.

Originally still feel tired of all, also instantly spirit up.

Looking at the forest of steles from a distance, we were all afraid to rush past, thinking that there must be some tests that must be passed.

However, it turns out that they think too much.

The earthworm baby originally drilled underground suddenly emerged from the ground in a solemn and cautious atmosphere, with its big head wrapped in black mud standing in the middle of the forest of steles, looking blankly at all the people left behind.

This does not blame it, it is to grasp the time, every time it drill out again, will always be around the people. This time everyone just looked at the forest of steles and forgot about it for a while. They stopped and let it run ahead.

I suddenly saw baby Qiu appear in front of me. Long Zhang looked at it and was worried: "Qiu Bao, come here quickly!"

Baby Qiu emerged from the soil and swam back and forth. His black eyes blinked and he was still at a loss.

Seeing this, Jing Lin carefully explored the divine knowledge, and then he found that the tablets looked like stones, but it was not a stone, but a kind of imaging method formed by reiki gathering. every inch of it flowed very slowly in a small range, following a certain rule, and could keep the tablet body intact. no wonder it was called the tablet.

He took his steps to walk in the forest of steles, a wrist was Yan Fei hold.

Jing Lin looked back at him: "nothing, there will be no danger."

Yan Fei did not relax and went in with him.

Close to the nearest tablet, Jing Lin reached out to touch it. As expected, his hand was empty. The tablet suddenly appeared waves of water. After a moment of confusion, it returned to its original appearance.

Yan Fei turned to look at the others: "Come in, it's okay."

There are 132 tablets representing 132 mental arts and 132 sects. Each tablet is engraved with complicated pictures and profound fonts.

But they don't know a word and can't read a picture. Is this going to enter Baoshan and return empty?

"Don't worry." Jing Lin comforted everyone, "I've been here for half a month, so it's no problem to stay here for a while and try again."

Anyway, there is water and wild fruits in it. Although it is a little light, it is always hungry.

Jing Lin did not understand what was on the tablet, but he thought it might just be inappropriate because people chose the achievement method, so did they not choose the achievement method.

After that, everyone settled down in the forest of steles, and every day they watched by directly selecting the spiritual steles that they noticed. when they were tired, they rested and came back when they had had enough rest.

In the first few days, everyone was dazed. When eating, strange words and pictures like earthworms flashed in front of them in turn.

For ten days in a row, I lived such a boring and cyclic life.

The first to enter the state is Lele.

Jing Lin paid special attention to Lele. When he was busy, he always told duck and brown to follow Lele to remind him to take a rest. It seems that Yan Fei has just seen a new tablet on this day. He has just seen the beginning when Brown Brown ran to him and shouted at him.

When Jing Lin saw Lele, he was unconsciously sitting cross-legged in front of a tablet, with his eyes closed and breathing evenly. The whole person seemed to have entered a very mysterious state, and no response was received from others.

In order to prevent anything from happening to him, Jing Lin decided not to rush into his own affairs but to stay by Lele wholeheartedly.

Lele sat for five days and four nights before he opened his eyes.

When Lele opened her eyes, she saw Jing Lin. With a smile, her eyes turned into the moon."Uncle."

Seeing that he was all right, Jing Lin relaxed a lot. he stretched out his hand and touched all parts of his body and asked him, "is there anything wrong with him? what happened to you before? tell uncle?"

The others also gathered around.

"I'm not sure." Lele said, "Just look at it. My brain seems to be locked inside."

The inscription on the tablet Lele saw was still unfamiliar to him at first, but all of a sudden, he felt that it appeared in another world. The pictures and words slowly disintegrated in front of his eyes, the pictures became simple from complexity, and the words became easy to understand from profound and incomparable.

The information hidden in a tablet is very large. Lele's gods stayed in the tablet for so many days. The knowledge was constantly in his mind to help him understand clearly. Until the last word was entered, he was kicked out of the tablet and woke up immediately.

Suddenly, Yan Fei pointed to the tablet in front of Lele and said, "Look!"

Everyone looked at it and saw that the picture and words on it were slowly disappearing. When the above things disappeared, the tablet suddenly fell apart, scattered in the air, and no longer existed.

Jing Lin asked Lele, "Do you remember anything on the stone tablet?"

Lele nodded, "I remember."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and their eyes burst out with infinite longing-amazing, this is the legendary way to fix the truth? At this moment, the people have no more thoughts on other places, have turned around and again into the interpretation of the spirit tablet.

Jing Lin touched Lele's head and was not in a hurry to ask him what he had got. he just smiled happily: "duck and brown have found you a lot of delicious fruits. you haven't eaten for five days and you can't eat too much at once. After eating well, let Sister Su Zhen and her family accompany you. Don't wander around. My uncles still have work to do."

Lele nodded. He knew that everything on the tablet was very rare. Now he has it, and he hoped his uncle and them could get it.

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