When Jing Lin said that there was a front array, everyone looked at him with expectant eyes. They don't know anything about array, now they can only rely on scenery.

Jing Lin stood at the front, his face covered with surging nimbus. after he closed his eyes and felt for a while, he opened his eyes and picked his eyebrows. "there is also a lock array."

This array has been arranged in Jing Lin village since it was used to lock the aura without leaking. In Jing Lin's observation, the lock array was not complete and there was a leak, so the aura inside was released.

He thought of Qu Zhengchao once said that the spirit pulse broke out, speculated that I city spirit pulse may be under the two arrays, I don't know how long, when the lock spirit array leaks, lock reiki surging out, from bottom to top impact, then rushed out of a crack, causing the earthquake.

Due to the limited terrain, Jing Lin cannot know how big these two arrays are, but they are definitely not small. The lock spirit array does not need to be broken. It needs to be broken. It is something Jing Lin has never touched.

Jing Lin released his spiritual power to melt into the reiki field to find the spiritual power track hidden inside.

God's knowledge seems to enter into a messy and dirty wool ball, full of tangled lines. It takes great patience to sort out the thread ends.

Jing Lin has always been patient, and he didn't want to make a trip in vain. He let Lingli follow those lines and finally straightened out the thread.

When finally find the operation track of the array, Jing Lin "yi".

This is so weird.

He felt the stone in front of him and thought that it was only a cover for the formation of a more profound magic array. But at this time, he found out that the stone was a real one, and that the aura field was hidden in the stone. Under contact, it was illusory, if there were any.

Jing Lin carefully released the psychic force, wrapped it in a psychic force line in the track, and pestered it to destroy it. Then he was surprised again.

Yan Fei saw his face was different and asked, "How is it?"

"This method will repair itself," said Jing Lin with an odd face.

After the connection line is broken, unlike the array he has been in contact with, the connection line is broken. If only a few more are broken, the trajectory will be blocked and disrupted, causing instability in the nearby array eyes and the array to collapse. But this unknown array, after the connection was broken, the two sides of the fracture seemed to be at a loss for a while. After the connection seemed to be conscious, the connection was extended and reconnected, and the entire array was repaired by itself.

Lele asked, "What then?"

Jing Lin touched his head. "Uncle has a way."

Although it will repair itself, it will take time to repair. Jing Lin just needs to break all the connections there before it can repair.

Next, Jing Lin was destroyed. It was repaired, destroyed and repaired again. Both sides are very stubborn, like tug-of-war relay, to see who is faster. To this end, Jing Lin's attention has also been focused to the extreme, and the air mass between the eyes is rapidly rotating.

In Jing Lin's view, this unknown array is extremely profound, but it should have existed for too long. The reiki field is actually unstable, and the connection thickness of tracks is completely different. It takes a lot of time for Jing Lin to break the thicker line, and it takes the same effort to repair it. If this array is just laid out, it is fine to destroy one line with Jing Lin's current accomplishments, and it is absolutely impossible to destroy the second line before it is repaired.

The spiritual force wrapped around the last spiritual force connecting line, and Jing Lin carried it to flow in the opposite direction, tearing and pulling it down. The connecting line finally could not stand to break away from it.

A suction immediately came from the fracture.

Scene in the zheng big eyes, the whole body involuntarily to the stone-


"Ah Lin!"

Lele and Jing Lin were tied together. He was led by vines and crashed into the front. The crowd watched as the two men fell into quicksand and their bodies were quickly engulfed by the hard stones like ice.

Yan Fei, who had only time to call his lover's name, was also sucked forward by the suction and was soon engulfed by stones.

Without hesitation, the mutant cats dashed one by one against the stone by suction.

Because the suction was still there, several people and animals in the rear could not help bumping into each other and were swallowed up in the panic-stricken screams.

The track destroyed by Jing Lin is slowly being repaired. As it is repaired, the magic attraction suddenly disappears.

The narrow crack restored its dark and quiet original appearance.


Jing Lin had a dream.

The people in the dream can prove the road, seek immortality, fly to the ground and do everything. They practice according to their spiritual power to cultivate truth.

However, the good times did not last long. There were a flood of true believers and countless monster beasts. They demanded too much spiritual power and resources for true believers. The spiritual power began to slowly dry up. Fewer and fewer people gained the main road, and those who had made achievements often fell off the road.

Everyone realized that the desperate situation was approaching and began to look for new life. During that period, the whole continent was almost completely stripped of its genius treasures. Demons, human beings and demons also entered into a war to fight for escape resources. The whole world was plunged into misery, like purgatory, and the loss of spiritual power was exacerbated.

After a period of chaos, powerful people united to break down the space barrier and seek for vitality. However, those with insufficient strength have to remain in the original world until the deadline comes.

Several great powers with profound accomplishments did not leave. They stayed in the original world and continued to look for vitality. There was no way out. They finally found a chance of survival. They found the newly generated five spiritual veins. The corresponding attributes happened to be gold, wood, water, fire and earth. They called them the "Five Elements of Spiritual Veins".

At the beginning of the spiritual pulse, there is very little spiritual power generated. For a continent already riddled with holes, that little spiritual power is no different from a drop in the ocean. To restore this continent to its original shape, it can only be slowly repaired by time. In order to prevent the spiritual pulse from dying in the middle of the journey, these great powers found the master of the array and cut out the place that is most suitable for the growth of the spiritual pulse. They combined the array technique to forge a space array, hid the spiritual pulse in it, buried it together, and locked the spiritual force. The day when the locked spiritual array was destroyed by the spiritual force was the day when the spiritual pulse was completed.

Soon, when the last vestige of spiritual power was no longer lost, this continent entered the real era of the last dharma. Before that, the great powers traveled all over the world to collect the skills of various factions left behind in the world, carve them into spiritual monuments, scatter them among the five spiritual arteries, and hope that the world will recover and the factions will continue in the future.

At the end of the dream, Jing Lin woke up from the pain.

Not a dream, his memory stayed at the moment when he was attracted to the stone. Jing Lin sat up, the body is uneven mud, he seems to be lying in a mountain forest, floating above the thick white fog, wind rustling around, rustling, like someone whispering in the ear.

Jing Lin turned to look at a circle, the look immediately frightened.

Other people and animals were all lying beside him one by one. The animals were fine and seemed to be in a coma. However, the others were bleeding all over and lying there with blood all over their faces. They did not know.

Jing Lin guessed the reason at once. He ran quickly and drew a few pieces of empty magic spells and arranged a magic array to surround everyone.

The thick fog floating above this is nothing but rich aura. Spirit is mild, but it is in small quantities. Once the amount is too large, the damage is not small, as can be seen from the split crack, ordinary people cannot bear it at all.

There are rich reiki, I don't know how many times thicker than the feeling in the crack, Jing Lin is the best among the many people present, also can't afford these reiki, meridians are dull pain. Like Xiang Zehua and Qu Zhengchao, their physical quality is better than that of ordinary people. The destructive power of spiritual power is great for them.

Once the aura was cut off, blood soon stopped flowing from other people's bodies. Jing Lin touched them one by one and gasped. They were still alive and relieved. Then they all woke up.

Needless to say, when the others woke up, they were horrified to see that the people next to them were all fuzzy blood.

Zhao Zhiwen felt that it was not too cold around him. He took off his clothes, touched his arms and legs, and said pleasantly surprised, "What's the matter, it's not hurt. I feel that I still have a lot of strength."

Others also checked their bodies. Although they looked bloody, they did not have any wounds on them. Even if they had just lingered on the edge of life and death, they were alive and well at the moment.

Actually also calculate every cloud has a silver lining, scene in if wake up later, these people may be reiki burst body and died. After they stayed in the absolute spirit array, no new reiki entered the body, but the spirit force remaining in the body repaired their body wounds. From inside to outside, it was also a way to refine the body, so Zhao Zhiwen said it was also possible that the strength had increased.

Of the ten, Jing Lin is the only one who is still clean, followed by Lele, who has the least blood on him, and Yan Fei, Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen, who are more important.

Qu Zhengchao and Zehua they, the clothes are soaked with blood, wet dalai stick to the body at the moment, a bloody smell, how uncomfortable how uncomfortable.

Yan Fei was pulling his clothes and looking around: "how did we get sucked in? Where is this?"

Jing Lin was examining several animals that had become strange. When he heard this, he told them about his dream.

Yan Fei was appalled: "Is this the place where the spiritual pulse is buried? The space array?"

"It is possible." Jing Lin said.

Long Zhang rubbed the blood on his face and said excitedly, "Sounds like a good place."

Jing Lin snorted, "A good place depends on whether you have the life to go out." He is not a problem, others go out and become blood again.

Long Zhang turned a blind eye and sweetly ingratiated himself with Jing Lin: "It depends on you, Brother Jing!" There is an array of unique spirits, and Long Zhang said it is not worth it.

Make sure all the animals are all right, just don't wake up, see they breathe evenly, seems to have entered the training mode, Jing Lin as they went.

The most urgent thing is to find out if there is any water source nearby. We should clean up our bodies first.

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