"What the hell is this!" Zhao Zhiwen rolled to the side, his mouth still asked 1.

Long Zhang shouted, "Chameleon!"

This creature with green hair is like a prehistoric giant. It is covered in bumps and has a row of sharp barbs on its back. As it moves, the skin color changes constantly.

The crowd dodged the attack of the chameleon's tail and ran in the same way as the others. Only to find that the chameleon stepped out with one foot and landed right in front of them. Guan Shuangshuang, who was running in front, was almost trampled on. It was only after Qu Zhengchao gave her a hand that she was saved from being trampled into cakes.

"Go to the clearing!" Jing Ling said.

However, the chameleon's tail was too long. After listening to Jing Lin's words, everyone just walked towards the clearing. Its tail immediately swept over from the other side, forcing everyone to retreat and escape.

Both sides could not escape, but they were in the street with buildings on the back, and they could not hide at all.

"Meow!" When Sanhua came running, Cao Sanye immediately sat down on it.

The mutant cats were all very afraid of the chameleon. Some of them made a few meows and fled here, while others stayed where they were and did not know what they were watching.

Suddenly, a red, foul-smelling whip shot from above in the direction of Long Zhang. Seeing that he was about to be caught, tendril was one step faster than the other, caught Long Zhang and pulled him over.

Manman had been corroded by python for a long time before, and it was very weak. Later, it was given the newly found stone, and it became lively again.

The red whip closed on empty air and slammed into the place where Long Zhang had stood before, taking away a small piece of land and quickly taking it back.

Yan Fei looked serious: "What a thick tongue."

The chameleon's tongue is extremely attractive. If it is caught in it, it will definitely not be able to escape. I am afraid it will be dragged into its mouth by the other party immediately.

The chameleon used only one tail to drive them left and right, intentionally concentrating them here. However, it was found that it had only turned around and moved one step from beginning to end and never moved again.

Jing Lin watched the cats keeping a close eye on the rear of the chameleon, as if something was hiding there to attract them.

The chameleon was too big. They stood in front of each other, but gave each other convenient conditions for attack. Jing Lin looked at the nearby terrain and found that there was a dead corner near the rear of the chameleon. After they passed, no matter whether the chameleon crashed or crouched, there would be no danger of death. If chameleons want to attack them, they have to leave their places. As long as it moves, they can find out when it turns around.

Therefore, Jing Lin said, "Everyone, be careful to move forward. Behind its tail, in the triangle, do you see it?"


"Do you want to go there?"

Everyone answered in succession.

Jing Lin said, "Go there!"


No one hesitated, and when everyone answered, they began to cooperate, thinking about where Fafa was going.

Looking at their movements, the cats, who were still in the same place, began to stir up and approached one after another.

The chameleon guessed their intention, and the attack was more swift and violent. Duck flew up and jumped onto the chameleon's head. Its head was not small. Opening its wings would affect the chameleon's sight, forcing the chameleon to divert its tail to drive the duck away. It also gave Jing Lin an opportunity for them to successfully move to the dead corner.

The road around the dead corner is uneven, with many crushed stones, some of which have been covered by vines, while others, like newly planed ones, have no traces of vines winding and climbing over them.

As they approached, the chameleon began to hit them with its body, but this was a dead angle. when they stood close to the corner of the wall, the chameleon could not hurt them.

However, it was huge and the buildings beside it could not withstand its long-term impact. They watched the rubble rolling down and the walls began to crack. The team knew they had to hurry.

After several impacts, the chameleon became anxious. As Jing Lin thought, it began to move forward and wanted to attack them head-on again.

As the chameleon moves, a hole appears in front of everyone as soon as it leaves its place near its tail.

A mighty aura sprang from the inside.

All the people got a boost, especially Jing Lin. His perception of reiki has always been sensitive. This spiritual force is many times thicker than the spirit gathered in the gathering array. It is no wonder that this chameleon has grown so large that it has been sitting in its place. I am baptized by this aura here every day, and it is strange that I am not strong enough to practice with it.

Like Jing Lin, they felt the reiki coming out of the hole, and the animals became excited. Among the cats that had been leaning toward this side carefully, a mutant cat darted toward the chameleon at an extremely fast speed as it turned around.

However, just as it was about to reach the mouth of the cave, the chameleon's tail swept up and swept away the mutant cat.

The mutant cat let out a piercing cry and was swept away into the distance. The whole body was hit hard. The body seemed to break off from it and fell to the ground twisted. There was no sound.

It can be seen that the cave entrance is the chameleon's own territory, and any species approaching it will be killed by it.

The danger in the cave is unknown, but no one wants to retreat because of the reiki escaping from it, including the mutant cats who are still trying to approach here.

As the chameleon turned round, the little black dragon launched an attack.

This is the time!

Jing Lin said quickly, "Let's go in!"

All the people and the animals moved. Cao Sanye was the first to jump into the cave with three flowers on his back, followed by Lele sitting on brown. Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua followed. During this period, several cats also jumped up and ran in front of them.

Finally, it was the duck that was still interfering with the color-changing faucet. The duck flapped its wings and headed for the entrance of the cave. Behind him, the chameleon, suppressed for more than ten seconds by the small black dragon, spit out its foul tongue and rolled it toward the duck.

"Gaga!" The duck barked twice and could not escape. The tendril ran out of the hole, caught the duck and pulled it in, while standing at the back of the scene, the long knife in his hand swished and cut off the top of the tongue that followed.

Under the severe pain, the chameleon hit fiercely towards the entrance of the cave.

"Bang!" The chameleon's huge head hit the entrance of the cave, reaching into half of its head and growling angrily inside with its mouth half open.

Looking at the chameleon who couldn't get in but couldn't stop bumping, all the creatures in the cave breathed a sigh of relief and finally came in.

Because they were afraid of what might happen, they usually came out with enough food for three days and prepared lighting. Yan Fei took out a few homemade small kerosene lamps from his bag, struck matches and lit them. The cave, which was close to night, brightened instantly.

The hole itself was dug out from the ground. There are many messy footprints around it. The rubble on the ground is messy. It is estimated that it was all caused by the chameleon. It seems that it wanted to come in, but it was too big.

It took a lot of energy to come here. After filling up the lunch we didn't finish before, we looked at the situation in the cave by the way.

Jing Lin observed the place where Lingli appeared, and found that inside the hole was a winding crack, extending down indefinitely, from which a steady stream of reiki emerged.

In addition to the scene in the cave they and their animals, a total of eight mutant cats came in, now all gather together in front of the crack, mi blare mi blare, seems to be in discussion. After discussing for a while, he focused on them and seemed determined to follow them.

As long as these mutant cats don't have a crooked mind, then follow, scene in their doesn't matter, even Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua several people who haven't changed animals eyes are still very hot, all want to learn Cao Sanye soothe a mutant cat, at this time two people released 100% kindness, handed a few pieces of meat in his hand in the past.

However, it was embarrassing. Without the cat's attendance, one cat sniffed and even opened the meat in disgust.

Several people immediately looked at Cao Sanye, who was feeding Sanhua, and asked him for advice.

While everyone was resting, the chameleon kept bumping. When everyone has a good rest, the choice is just to continue to go down.

The crack seems to have no end and the space for it is very small. It twists and turns all the way and the place where it rests is relatively dense. As long as you are careful, you can go down with your hands and feet propped up on both sides.

Watching them move, the mutant cats scrambled ahead.

Jing Lin tied a vine rope he was carrying around Lele's waist and tied the other end to himself, letting Lele walk in front and look after him behind him.

Along the crack, the animals are fine. It is very hard for people to walk. Basically, after sliding for half an hour, their hands and feet become weak and they have to have a rest. The crack is darker than the hole. The light of kerosene lamp is not bright. There is no other sound except the sound of them stepping on the crack.

Even though there are many people and animals, it is not pleasant to stay in this environment all the time. Fortunately, all the people are mentally strong.

They don't know how long the decline has been, they guess it should be dark outside.

At first, the wind came, and the spirit force running from the bottom became stronger. The mutant cats who walked in front seemed anxious and eager to meow again.

The crack slowly widened. When they ate and replenished their strength twice and slipped down for several hours, the mutant cat in front suddenly stopped and turned to rush at the crowd anxiously.

There is no way ahead.

"What's going on? Is there no way?" Qu Zhengchao, who followed the cats, was puzzled.

In front of them was a dark and cold stone, which was blocked in silence.

Xiang Zehua's face was pale: "After sliding for so long, is this white?"

Guan Shuangshuang said: "However, I can still feel the aura?"

Everyone turned their eyes to Jing Lin.

Jing Lin put his foot against the crack on the other side, rubbed his stiff wrist, and felt the familiar fluctuation of spiritual force ahead. His mood was fairly good: "There is a way, there is a front array."

Jing Lin crossed the front man, came to the front, stretched out his hand and touched.

What he felt was indeed the fluctuation of the array trajectory, but the fluctuation was very small, but it was also very strange. It was not familiar to Jing Lin, but it should be something Jing Lin had not touched.

I don't know who will set the array in the deep underground, and the source of spiritual power must be hidden under this array.

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