Zhao Zhiwen lifted the last weed in front of him, looked at the entrance in front of him, looked at the things scattered on the ground, turned to the crowd behind him and said, "This is a jade shop."

The team will enter the city every day before the auction next month. Today they are still following the same route that pythons used to take.

They have gone very far. They haven't encountered any mutating animals and plants that make them feel ferocious for a long time. They have encountered more in the past two days. They suspect that it may be the reason why they have walked out of the python territory before and come to the border with the next delineated territory.

At the moment they are standing in front of a clump of large and towering vines. As a pathfinder, Zhao Zhiwen reported the situation ahead to everyone.

When he heard that it was a jade shop, Jing Lin moved his eyes and said, "Go in and have a look."

The crowd went in.

Jade shops are shabby and messy. The walls of the counters are all damaged by plants. At the beginning, Reiki broke out in the city of I, and the disorder was very fast. The residents of these shops had no time to take their own things and had to run away in a hurry. Moreover, because ordinary people dare not come in now, the city is rich in materials.

Nowadays, people who come here are no longer short-sighted and focus on materials. They are more on hunting mutant animals and plants and looking for things that can enhance their own strength. For people here, strength is the basis of speaking. With strength, what do you want?

So there are traces of people coming to this jade shop, but few people have touched the contents.

Jing Lin was glad that people who can only say that they don't recognize goods. If a person like Wei Zhen comes, the jade articles in it will not be picked up by him.

All the people present have seen Wei Zhen's jade with the array hidden at the beginning, so they know that this kind of thing that used to be expensive to die is also of great use now. When Jing Lin said he wanted to collect it, everyone moved.

The jade articles taken away were all checked by Jing Lin's housen. Only one and a half of them were of spiritual strength, so they were not packed much. If they add up to more than 10 kg, one can easily carry them away.

While going out, Jing Lin suddenly turned to look at the name of the store door.

Jing Lin was surprised and said, "Is it actually here?"

Yan Fei asked, "What's the matter?"

Jing Lin sipped his lower lip and said: "I remember this store, my sister and they lived not far from here."

The earthquake of that year was not really serious, but perhaps his elder sister's residential area was too old. At that time, the whole building was stepped on, and only the nearby area suffered the most damage. When he left with Lele, Jing Lin never came to I city again, but before he came to visit his sister's family, he would pass the shop, so he remembered it very clearly.

Yan Fei couldn't help but say: "Do you want to go and have a look?"

Jing Lin said, "It depends. If you can go there then, you can take a look."

The scene of despair when my sister and brother-in-law were dug out from under the ruins is still remembered. It was a sad place for him, but it was also the burial place of my sister's brother-in-law's soul. This jade shop took more than half an hour to get by bus from that place in those days, but now it takes more time to walk past because of the situation of animals scurrying about.

Jades and jades were carried by Zhao Zhiwen. Everyone continued to walk deep and all the way. By the way, everyone made marks on the surrounding trees. Xiang Zehua was still holding a piece of white paper in his hand. He occasionally stopped to write and draw on it, wrote down the route signs along the way, and later copied several more copies. Although the city of I is now open to the outside world, the number of people is limited. After that, there is no limit to the number of people who can enter. These maps alone can change many materials.

When Reiki broke out, city I passed through a second and more severe earthquake. After passing through the jade shop in front of us, we didn't feel it. when some buildings found behind us were even more dilapidated, we didn't react in hindsight. the focal point of the second earthquake may be just ahead.

When more and more exotic animals appeared in front of everyone, they chose to return. On their way back, they hunted two exotic animals and dug up several plants they had not seen before to bring them back, so that they would not return empty-handed.

After that, they repeated the previous route every day. Pushing in a little every day, I cleared away the more threatening animals nearby and finally came to the approximate place where Jing Lin's sister and brother-in-law were buried.

Jing Lin looked at the place covered with vegetation in front of him and could not find a specific route."There are too many weeds. Please pay tribute here."

As we were sure we could reach our destination today, Jing Lin saw some small flowers plucked along the way. At the moment, he placed the bouquet at the approximate location in his memory and stood there for a while.

"Meow ~" three flowers suddenly let out a cry gently, and then move to the right.

There is still a place that everyone has never been to. We still need to explore carefully. Looking at Sanhua's movements, Cao Sanye called it out and motioned it not to wander about.

However, Sanhua stopped at the same place and did not come. Instead, she gave them a cry, then turned around and continued to walk a few steps inside, stopping to look at them.

That means signaling everyone to keep pace with it.

Yan Lu asked Cao Sanye, "What is it doing? Where do you want to take us?"

Cao Sanye hesitated and said, "Probably, if it has found anything interesting in the village before, it will call me to follow it."

Cao Sanye waved at Sanhua, who had already come to play the woman before. But this time, no matter how Cao Sanye waved and called it, it stood still. If Cao Sanye walked over to it, it would go back.

Seeing it like this, Yan Fei said, "then let's follow it."

The others also nodded in agreement.

Sanhua meowed all the way and led everyone along. Then everyone found that they had passed the border before and the animals behind them were almost out of sight. This was the next piece of encircled territory.

There was no disturbance from mutating plants and animals, but the walk was quiet and smooth, with only three flowers calling them to keep up from time to time. They walked for about half an hour, suddenly appeared in front of a clearing not covered by vegetation, the clearing lay dozens of variation cats with different fur colors.

Three flowers meow excitedly, but the team was frightened. So many mutant cats, if with hostility rushed around them, today who all don't want to go out alive.

However, when the mutant cats heard the noise here, they just turned to look at them lazily, with a relaxed and lazy posture.

Three flowers meowed and rushed into the cat group, looking for a clearing, a face of comfortable rolling on the ground for two laps, cocked his body, revealing belly, tail happily shaking.

Everyone was dumbfounded and couldn't figure out what the situation was.

However, Long Zhang remembered that he had seen similar pictures in the forum before and said, "Why is it so like a cat sucking du?"

Cao Sanye, who was the first cat owner or mutant cat owner, did not understand: "What, what scene?"

Long Zhang explained to him that there is a plant called catmint. It has a substance that can make most cats happy and excited, and it appears a state of delirious excitement.

Reminded by Long Zhang, everyone looked around the vacant lot and found that there was just a green plant in the place where the cats were right. The mutant cats were all lying around it.

Cao Sanye was so anxious that he stared at Sanhua in the distance: "Will it cause any harm?"

Long Zhang said: "I am not sure, but I saw some people saying that cats are generally harmless."

Even if Long Zhang said so, Cao Sanye was still not at ease. Afraid of disturbing the mutant cats, he carefully gathered to the edge of the clearing and whispered to Sanhua, "Hua'er, come to papa."

Three flowers are addicted to the state of cannot extricate themselves, which willing to listen to ah, Cao Sanye call it heard, also just move tail response, resolute don't get up.

Yan Fei saw that the mutant cats did not reject Sanhua. After walking for most of the day, they said that they might as well find a place to rest.

Everyone agreed that it was almost time for lunch. Sanhua was not a cat and could not always lie there. Long Zhang also said that the effect of catnip on cats was short-lived. When it had played enough, they would naturally follow up when they left.

Everyone found a place to sit down next to the open space. There happened to be a tall vine plant. This plant is the most common in this city. Although it has changed, it is completely harmless. Everyone sat by and took out dry food to supplement their strength.

Everyone paid attention to the movement around, while chatting. Zhao Zhiwen kicked a vine slightly thicker than other plants that spread to his feet and said, "It's good to use this plant for greening."

Lele sat next to him and watched him kick. His eyes followed him. He was eating. When he saw the vine, his mouth did not move. He pointed to the vine that Zhao Zhiwen was stepping on. Silly wait for a while said to him, "That's the tail."

Zhao Zhiwen looked puzzled: "What?"

At the sight of what Lele said, she could not take care of the food in her hand. She picked up Lele and stepped back. On the other hand, she pulled Zhao Zhiwen.

Zhao Zhiwen, who had been pulled up, staggered to his feet. Then he saw the vine he had just stepped on and suddenly turned up. He opened his eyes wide. What was more frightening was that the tall vine plant suddenly shook violently.

Everyone stepped back one after another, and the mutant cats, who were still "sucking", also stood up and looked at them with great fear.

The plant is not just shaking, it is moving to the side and the ground is shaking. When the plant is moving, it slowly disappears, revealing its true face on the other side.

By this time, they found out what kind of plant it was. It was a metamorphosis animal higher than a building.

Those plants, all part of which crawled on it, were used by it as camouflage by the way. The "vine" kicked and crushed by Zhao Zhiwen is actually the thinnest part of its long tail. The whole body of the changed animals turned green, completely integrated with the surrounding environment, and probably would still hide their breath, so neither they nor the changed animals found anything, and sat down beside others for lunch casually.

"meow! ! !"

A cat cried shrilly, waking up all the people still dazed and the huge creature that was looking at them with its drooping eyes.

A green whip roared toward them with the hurricane.

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