Su Zhen ate the stone and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Everyone has injuries. If you want to enter the city again, you have to take care of the injuries first.

In the afternoon of the same day, when the shed area began to be lively, Jing Lin and Yan Fei came to the shed area with snakeskin and fangs.

Sell animals, basically is a relatively strong team. However, most of the people who sell mutant plants are teams that strive for steady development, because there are very few ferocious mutant plants. As long as they are careful, they do not need to pay any force to harvest one piece.

Some plants that can heal wounds in the city. The people here have basically found out several kinds. The snakeskin that Jing Lin peeled off is of very good quality, several grades higher than the centipede armor, enough for their own use. The other Jing Lin took out all the drugs and the vendors almost wanted them.

They changed two kinds of plants, one like aloe, which is called green medicine orchid by the people here. when the leaves of green medicine orchid are broken, transparent mucus will flow out, and it will be coated on the wound, like a layer of repair film. This mucus is very effective in repairing injuries. Generally, small wounds can be healed in half an hour. However, the wound corroded by python venom in Jing Lin's body has a slower effect, but it is cool and ice-cold, and has a strong analgesic effect. The person who sold it said that the wound could be healed in two days.

Also changed a kind of can be taken orally, a bit like baby's breath star, was called sky flowers. In order to convince them that there was no problem, the vendor ate one and showed it to them on the spot, proving that there was absolutely no problem.

The duck's wings, Jing Lin painted it with green medicine orchid, also gave it to eat all over the sky flowers, let it stop fiddling with its wings.

As for earthworm baby's teeth, because it is directly embedded in the snake skin was pulled out, from the wound is a bit big, earthworm baby every day with his mouth open, obediently let Long Zhang give it medicine.

After a few days of cultivation, Jing Lin recovered from their injuries. The effect of Green Medicine Blue was excellent and there was no scar at all. However, Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua will be able to get out of bed on the third day. Although they are not able to run and jump violently at present, they are walking as usual. The duck's wings are also better, but they just don't know whether it is its own healing ability or the ability of drugs. As for baby earthworm, the wound is healed, but the teeth are still not growing up, because they are afraid of becoming toothless black earthworm, and they cried sadly for two times.

On the fifth day, when Jing Lin woke up, Su Zhen also woke up. it not only woke up, but also grew its tail and shed its skin!

"Sister Su Zhen, you have become beautiful again!" Lele jumped down from the bed, stretched out his hand and touched Su Zhen white scales, almost glowing, amazing.

Su Zhen proudly shook off her newly grown tail, rolled up the snakeskin, tucked it into Jing Lin's arms, and told him to put it away for himself.

Brown and Brown are so happy that they keep rubbing on Su Zhen. He has been frightened these two days. She has been following Su Zhen since she was a cub. She is very dependent on Su Zhen. If it weren't for Su Zhen's disapproval, she still couldn't speak. Brown is definitely called her mother.

Su Zhen's eyes seemed helpless and abandoned, but she had been lying there as a little fellow rubbing and touching it.

Because Su Zhen refused to mount it, the little black dragon tied up the unused flowers in Jing Lin and pushed them to Su Zhen's side, expressing her concern awkwardly.

Su Zhen accepted the bouquet, but Lele helped him to make it into a wreath and put it firmly on his head. As a beautiful white snake, with the blessing of the wreath, he felt that the whole snake was full of magic energy.

Then everyone cultivated for a few more days. After Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua had completely recovered, they entered the city again.

The route they took this time is still the place where the python appeared before. After the original fight, the original trace is no longer there. Thinking of the thrilling time, the crowd was crying.

These mutant plants and animals, like human beings, divide their territory by strength. This rule is a bit clearer than the human world. They have been walking towards the inside, and they have encountered many common animals that have become strange. They are so bad that they are probably eaten by pythons. They all let them go, because they could not exchange anything after playing, so they did not waste that time.

After walking all the way, the crowd suddenly saw two plants fighting.

Yes, fighting plants.

The plant is close to the ground with numerous thin leaf petals, sharp spikes, spreading like a millstone. A green branch near 2 meters in the middle starts to branch off at the top of the branch. Numerous huge upside-down flowers grow on the branches. The flowers are all white and the color looks very harmless. At this time, the two branches are tightly intertwined, shaking to the left and bending to the right, like a tug of war.

Everyone is guessing what the prototype of this plant is.

Xiang Zehua said: "This looks like a phoenix tail orchid."

The mutant orchid stopped at the sound of their discussion and the tangled branches quickly separated. The flower looked heavy and shook wildly as the branches separated, but in the end it was still hanging on.

Yan Fei said, "I've been walking for half a day but I haven't got anything. Try to take it down."

Everyone has long been stirring, have agreed.

This phoenix-tail orchid is not as difficult as the original man-eating morning glory. It cannot move. The most severe one seems to be the branches with frightening bending ability. It is too fast and attacks are caught off guard, but it is often blocked by faster-moving animals.

Jing Lin took the fangs of the python and stabbed the fork branch just on the stem of a flower. When he pulled it off, he brought the flower down. After losing the connection with the main body, the flower that originally fit together opened a hole, and a mass of things with fishy smell fell out from the inside.

The thing happened to fall at Zhao Zhiwen's feet. He almost stepped on it. When he stepped aside and looked intently, he immediately cried, "I lie in the trough. This is a man!"

What the flowers spit out is indeed a human corpse. The body was bloody, with seven or eight twisted limbs, wrapped in mucus, and had a miserable death shape. The face also clearly left a painful expression at that time. The man was directly kneaded into a ball and died.

Everyone looked at the size of the flower and found that if you really want to put a person in it, you really have to knead the person like that.

After losing a flower, the orchid shook its branches angrily, ignoring its attackers. The branches bent toward the corpse, and an empty flower opened to wrap the corpse again.

However, Yan Fei cut off a flower soon. After fighting for so long, they have already recognized that the flowers wrapped in things look darker and heavier as the branches shake.

Sure enough, a corpse rolled out of the flower he cut off, but this time it was not human, but an animal.

Another flower was lost, and the orchid was even more anxious. Before the body was picked up, it turned around to pick up the animal.

So it lost more flowers.

Perhaps this anchovies is the "food" of the plant kingdom. It is more important to look at food than one's own life, and the priorities are completely reversed. As more and more flowers were cut off, one of the branches began to snatch the flowers on the other branch, just like what they saw at the beginning of the scene, tugging at each other.

At this time there is no sense of team have stopped, you see me I see you, a long time speechless.

So easily, this phoenix-tailed orchid was eradicated by Jing Lin.

At last they counted eight human bodies falling out of the flowers, and the others were all animals.

The branches and leaves of Pteris multifida include flowers. They are all going to take them out of Jing Lin, as well as those animals that have changed into foreign animals. They should also take them out and deal with them to see if there are any useful materials in them.

When picking leaves like millstones, they found a green stone in the center.

After discussion, the stone was first given to Baby Qiu, hoping it could grow teeth after eating.

When everyone came in, they only brought weapons and a small amount of dry food, so they found some vine materials on the spot, compiled a net, put everything in it and carried it directly.

It was already afternoon when I went out this time. The changed animals were carried directly to Da Meng. Two people were watching him to deal with it. The others were all around the phoenix tail orchid to see if it could be sold.

In fact, this is very blind, because now all the uses of mutant plants and animals are in the exploratory stage, and no one knows whether he has made or lost the sales.

As for the branches and leaves of Pteris multifida, Jing Lin had no idea at all, but he had a faint clue about the flowers, so he took only a few and put them on sale. They were all wrapped in human corpses, and the others let him wash them clean and put them away temporarily. It felt that the flower had other uses, because when it was not yet open, they did not smell the stink of the corpses, which showed that the seal was good.

When the flowers were packed and the animals were treated, it was a pity that there was not a stone in them. Although disappointed, people think that Fengweilan is not a smart beast at first sight. The beast that can be caught by it is also not smart. Such a beast is not generally capable.

Also don't know is the special purpose of the flower or these animals did not die long, the body can also release a lot of blood. The blood of some animals that have changed into foreign animals is also useful, and is gathered together with tendons, bones and skins. They are not nervous about living materials now, so they began to hoard these materials consciously.

As for the beast meat, the same is given to the big fierce.

In the next few days, Jing Lin entered the city every day. It was a treasure land. They basically got harvest every day. Most of the time, they changed into exotic animals. Other times, they changed into plants. They were ferocious and needed to use force, or they just grew there and picked them.

As a result, they also had more and more things to store. Seeing that the big hotel where they stayed at that time could not accommodate them, several people spent more materials and found a bigger hotel, which happened to be a small red gate hotel.

While there were empty rooms there, two rooms were booked, one for five, and enough room for things.

After moving in, Jing Lin took out the snake gall.

At first, the snake gall was only packed in a small box with a poly-spirit array, but it could not resist its smell. The smell in the room was not good for several days. Later, with the flower, Jing Lin wrapped the snake gall with the flower. After that, he could not smell the smell, and the freshness was about the same as that in poly-spirit array.

Also wrapped in flowers, and collected blood and heart of animals, these things can be well preserved in flowers.

Jing Lin took a look and then kept it sealed up. They are all waiting for next month's auction and are ready to take it out and try it out.

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