I the "primitive" appearance of the city is even worse than that of any place they have visited before. there are more buildings in other cities than overgrown plants. however, in this area, the buildings are all hidden inside the plants. often, you will see a thick growth of vegetation in front of you. only when you get in, can you find that there is only a wall inside.

For this city, the longer people stay here, the clearer they know. Some teams with long-term plans walked to their destinations as soon as they entered.

Jing Lin knew nothing about it. All they knew was that the closer they got to the exit, the safer they were, and the more dangerous they went inside.

There are many dangers in it. The animals are not as lively as usual. Their perception of danger is clearer than that of human beings, but because there are too many threats, almost all of them have lost accurate judgment and do not know where to lead.

Jing Lin said, "Let's take the defensive line and go."

The crowd nodded, and then found a quiet corner. They all moved, and soon a human-shaped defensive formation was completed.

After observing the different directions of the others, Jing Lin followed them with a large number of people.

I city indeed as expected unusual, scene in them to walk in less than a moment, he saw several mutant animals appear, because of the small number, here is now a safer area, so some teams are all competing to go up to deal with animals, even some teams also fights for this, quite have the mind to kill each other.

In order to stay away from the dispute, Jing Lin had to start to choose some roads with fewer traces.

These roads have been cleared by people who have been here before. Some have come in and come out, while others have stayed inside forever.

In the distance, there was a foul smell of fishy wind. When they were feeling bad, a group of ten people suddenly emerged from the grass beside them. They looked nervous, scared and nervous.

Those people rushed towards Jing Lin and their team was shattered. However, everyone quickly stabilized and the array was rebuilt.

Everyone realized that the situation was wrong and Yan Fei quickly said, "We are also leaving here."

However, the last person in the group ran past Guan Shuangshuang, but suddenly he lifted her and threw her behind.

Although Guan Shuangshuang was caught off guard by surprise attack, she responded quickly. her body involuntarily flew backward. the tendrils in her hand were as fast as electricity. the vines were lengthened indefinitely. almost in a blink of an eye, Guan Shuangshuang grabbed the waist and abdomen of the man. Guan Shuangshuang's backward posture was stopped and pulled back by the strength of tendrils. Guan Shuangshuang rushed toward the man. when approaching, Guan Shuangshuang slapped the opposite face with his palm, then turned over to the back of the man, kicked his legs severely on the back of the man's waist. after turning round in the air, Guan Shuangshuang landed safely and tendrils automatically returned to her sleeve

All this happened in an instant. The man, after being tangled by tendrils, had a bad back channel. Before he could respond, Guan Shuangshuang had already been kicked back to the grass where he had just emerged.

The man was frightened and ran forward again without considering anything. However, it was a slow step. Suddenly, a huge head and a huge mouth appeared in the grass, biting the man's legs directly and throwing it into the air in the man's shrieks. Before waiting for its whereabouts, the big head went up and grabbed half of the man's body directly.

It was a python!

The man was in the python's mouth from head to waist and abdomen, and his stuffy roar came from inside. His legs struggled violently outside, but soon, the python swallowed them all into the belly.

Although the python ate only one person, it was too big to show any post-eating characteristics. It vomited a foul-smelling letter and the cold vertical pupil locked a group of people in front of it.

The python appeared suddenly and it took only two or three seconds to swallow a person. The crowd did not even have time to exclaim. They saw that the python turned to look at them. When they turned back and fled, the python swam up with its huge body.

"Don't mess up your formation!"Jing Lin shouted as he ran to remind everyone that this is a defensive array phalanx, which is much more powerful than a single vanity defensive symbol. Even a python that looks like a small car in front of him can bear it once.

At the same time, because Jing Lin and Yan Fei ran at the back, they also released the divine knowledge, and the divine knowledge cover was concentrated at the back.

The python's speed was very fast, and the team was soon overtaken by the python. its head crashed violently into the scene near and Yan Fei who fell behind.

Only felt a shock in the back, Jing Lin and Yan Fei were thrown out at the same time. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu threw out their whips at the same time, trapping the two, slowing down their falling speed and preventing them from falling.

Jing Lin got up from the ground and watched the python catch up with Lele in the middle. he shouted, "duck, run!"

Lele sat on the duck's back. He grabbed the duck's neck. The duck flapped its wings and quacked twice. He immediately flew up and glided to the side, avoiding the impact of the python.

A blow failed, python's long tail swept past others, tendril stretched body wrapped around a giant wood, close both picked up Long Zhang was tendril tendril together to avoid attack, three flowers carrying Cao Sanye and Qu Zhengchao, mouth still bite Xiang Zehua's clothes, will he be carrying, leap, jumped to the side.

While Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu were caught by Su Zhen's body and got a hard hit. Their bodies rolled several times directly on the ground.

Baby Qiu squeaked, opened his mouth and bit the python's tail with his sharp teeth, but only bit off a thick black scale. But it also made the other party angry. It lashed its tail crazily, and its baby earthworm, who was still biting it, also spun with it. Finally, after two turns, the baby earthworm was thrown out and its body fell to the ground with a loud noise.

Long Zhang ran over and held Qiu Baobao's head anxiously. Qiu Baobao burst into tears as soon as she saw her master. A few teeth were missing from her big mouth. Long Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, his teeth fell and he was fine. He will grow again in the future.

Confirmed Baby Qiu has no big problem, Long Zhang quickly returned to the team.

The appearance of python was soon discovered by other nearby teams. These people changed their faces and fled the place quickly.

Jing Lin knew that they could only rely on themselves now.

The defense array was rearranged. According to python's attack power, they did not dare to arrange the attack array. Jing Lin took out the venom he was carrying. The venom was taken from the centipede and kept all the time. At the moment, Jing Lin and Yan Fei quickly applied it to the hard pike.

Venom is not much, only enough to apply two weapons, so Jing Lin and Yan Fei, once again became the main attack.

All this preparatory work looked long, but in fact it took less than a minute for the python to take some time to get rid of the teeth that the earthworm baby stabbed in its tail before looking at this group of worms.

He vomited a snake letter, felt the delicious food that he had just swallowed and was beginning to rot in his stomach. He couldn't wait to have a full stomach and attacked the crowd again.

When it was about to hit the crowd, the little black dragon sent out a fog attack, python's action paused for a second, this second is enough, when everyone was avoiding, weapons were stabbed on python.


Pike, centipede foot hook made of weapons, stab on the scales of python, are just a sound, see the weapons can't cause any damage to the python, they quickly withdraw their weapons, avoid python attack.

The python hissed as if laughing at their stupidity.

The next few attacks were all like this. The python's hard scales completely resisted all the damage.

Another attack, the little black dragon's fog skills have come to an end, this time it was Jing Lin and Yan Lu who were directly hit by flying. the array broke away again, and everyone escaped from python's mouth with great adventure.

Even the duck's claws are useless in catching pythons.

At this moment Lele made a noise: "Uncle, attack his eyes."

Lele had already sat down on brown and brown. He was holding a slingshot specially made for him and attacked the python with stones in the distance. Once the stones nearly hit her in the eye. At that time, she was attacking Su Zhen. She turned her head to avoid the stones and successfully let Su Zhen flee from under her.

Seeing that it was useless to attack the python's body, Jing Lin had already thought of attacking its eyes. then he also discovered that unlike Su Zhen and small black dragon, this python has no eyelids, so it cannot close its eyes.

The python seemed to understand Lele's words, and its huge body catapulted toward Lele. Fortunately, Brown and Brown were watching at any time, and let out a cry to remind Lele to grasp its hair, jump on all its limbs, and jump off the spot.

Jing Lin said to Guan Shuangshuang, "Take me to the tree."

Manman's body jumped into the tree and brought Guan Shuangshuang up. Guan Shuangshuang sat astride the thick fork of a bucket, and the tendrils wrapped around the fork twice, then extended to the scene.

Let tendrils around the waist for two laps, Jing Lin left hand pull extension tendrils, tendrils were tendrils power with up to the air, and the python's head at the same level.

The python's eyes gleamed with contempt and opened its mouth to attack Jing Lin. Jing Lin raised its height by the power of tendrils. With one foot on its upper jaw, it jumped forward and plunged its right bayonet into the vertical pupil in front of it.

At the same time, Yan Fei stepped on Su Zhen's head and thrust his bayonet into the python's seemingly softest jaw.

Python responded quickly, head flops dodged one after another, and turned back to Jing Lin and Yan Fei. The vine of the tendril moved, and the scene entangled by it floated away quickly to the side. Yan Fei also hid in the past. Yan Fei was pulled back by Quack's long tongue.

When Jing Lin and Yan Fei were thinking of ways to attack, others were not idle, and every time they took advantage of python's distraction, they sent out a wave of attacks. The little black dragon was taking the time to rest, waiting for the second skill. the duck was looking for a gap to attack. it had no effect on its invincible claws. it was very angry and always wanted to give the python some color.

Jing Lin, they are the first time to meet such fierce animals. The python is probably the first time to meet such difficult food. In its view, food should have food awareness. Seeing the food in the mouth actually dares to resist, which makes python very angry.

It kept moving its body in the same place, its eyes hovering around and hovering around the people. This move made everyone raise their level one after another. I don't know what kind of idea it is playing.

Later, I saw his tail slapping on the ground, shaking the ground around him. Then his body was almost upright. With the force of the tail slapping, he almost flew up and went straight at Guan Shuangshuang, who was sitting astride the fork.

"Be careful!" Everyone exclaimed.

Guan Shuangshuang jumped decisively from the tree.

Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu's whip moved at the same time, one after another to tie up Guan Shuangshuang.

However, to the consternation of the people, the python turned out to be a false move this time, with its tail swinging rapidly, and the whole attack direction changed. Its real target was Jing Lin. It opened its mouth and grabbed Jing Lin below the waist in an instant.

At the same time, its body has reached the highest point and started to fall. Snake letter licked Jing Lin's back, which was carrying unknown corrosive substances. The clothes on Jing Lin's back were instantly corroded and broken, including tendrils wrapped around his waist.

The tendrils trembled with pain, and after cutting off a piece of vine, they slumped back into Guan Shuangshuang's sleeve.

"Ah Lin!"

Looking at Jing Lin being swallowed into Shekou, Yan Fei gave a loud cry and rushed to the place where the python would fall without hesitation.

"Uncle!" Lele jumped from brown and brown, but it was too dangerous there, brown and brown stopped him from passing.

The shock of the python falling to the ground caused the bitten Jing Lin to fall into the snake's mouth again involuntarily. his face was painful, and the bayonet in his hand was firmly fixed in the python's mouth, making it unable to close its mouth. at this time, he grabbed the bayonet and tried his best to prevent himself from falling.

Then the python was swallowing all the time. Jing Lin was continuously squeezed down and his arms were aching. He felt that he could not support for long.

Everyone rushed up, but kept being swept away by the python's tail. After Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua were swept away twice, their bodies were badly hit, and they couldn't get up at the time of spitting blood. Once again, they were likely to die.

Yan Fei grabbed the opportunity and jumped into the python's still open mouth. He looked at the scene with only one head and two arms. His heart was stuffy and his eyes were red.

"O Lin, hold on! I will certainly save you!"

Yan Fei grabbed Jing Lin's hand and pulled him up with all his strength.

Outside, Yan Lu and Su Zhen were clinging to Yan Fei's waist at the same time to prevent him from being brought in. Zhao Zhiwen also looked for an opportunity to jump in and tugged at the scene with Yan Fei. Cao Sanye and Sanhua, on the other hand, were dealing with the python and interfering with it so that others could rescue Jing Lin as soon as possible.

Rescue is very difficult, python's body is huge, every violent swing will be a huge obstacle for them.


Yan Lu's whip was swept by snake letter and immediately broke, while Su Zhen's swept body began to rot. it began to cry with pain, but it never gave up.

In the python's mouth, Jing Lin felt that his hands were almost not his own. he was in pain. his body sank a little further. his head exposed was running out. all the others were trapped in the snake's throat. he could not even speak. he looked at Yan Fei with pleading look.

Yan Fei felt desperate. He looked at his scene and finally tears came out. "We just got married."

Feeling Jing Lin's hand struggling, Zhao Zhiwen's eyes were sore and he shouted, "Jing Lin! You give me hold on!"

Jing Lin looked at them anxiously and motioned them to let go.

Outside, everyone was scarred, Su Zhen's part of the body had already seen bones. With a swing of the python's head, its part of the body broke away directly from the corroded area, because the inertia of the force fell to the front and groaned and chanted painfully on the ground.

Baby Qiu swam over, rolled up Su Zhen and took it to a safe place nearby. Lele looked at Su Zhen in such a mess and began to cry in despair.

The snake's mouth, with the strength of the python extrusion, Jing Lin broke free Zhao Zhiwen took his hand. Yan Fei still took him by the hand and his body had slipped down by more than half. He would fall into the snake belly with Jing Lin if he saw a little more.

At that moment, Yan Fei suddenly glared at Zhao Zhiwen with one foot and kicked the man out. He pulled Jing Lin with his right hand and leaned forward with his left hand. At the same time, the two were squeezed into the python's belly by the python.

The air seemed to be quiet. Zhao Zhiwen angrily roared. Yan Lu shouted at his brother. Both of them rushed up to continue the rescue. They were stopped by Cao Sanye and Guan Shuang. Lele also sat on the ground crying sadly.

They couldn't believe that the people accompanying them day and night were gone.

At this point, the small black dragon's second wave of skills finally got better. He watched as Jing Lin and Yan Fei died in the snake's belly and could do nothing about it. Even if it could not close its mouth at this time, it was still triumphantly python, suddenly let out a roar of dragons, and heavier fog began to diffuse than before.

The python was shocked by the dragons for a moment and quickly reacted. It has experienced the ability of fog once, but that effect is not enough for it. However, when it felt the weight that was pressed down out of thin air on the body, it suddenly felt wrong, and at the same time, sharp stabbing pain suddenly came from inside the body.

It stopped at the same place, thinking that it was an illusion. But as the pressure on the body became heavier and heavier, the stabbing pain in the body became more and more severe. At last, it could not help but let out a hiss different from that of snakes. Instead, it growled like a beast and began to roll in place.

The python has a huge body. When it rolls, the noise is huge. The surrounding vegetation is all destroyed and the ground shakes like a continuous earthquake.

The little black dragon was dumbfounded. its skills were advanced for the first time in anger just now. although it was known that its power must have increased, I didn't expect such a big noise.

When the python finally quieted down and lay motionless on the ground, the animals gathered around it.

Su Zhen was carried on her back by brown and brown. She glanced at the python with a ferocious face and said, "Dead."

This is Su Zhen's first time to speak in front of outsiders. However, other people are very depressed at this time and everyone doesn't care.

Zhao Zhiwen rubbed his sore eyes and choked, "However, Jing Lin and Yan Fei have not come back."

As soon as he finished speaking, the python's belly suddenly began to shake. everyone thought the snake was not dead, and took out weapons to mend the knife.

The thorn . . .

Like the sound of torn cloth and silk ringing in the ears of all, everyone looked at the sound source one after another, and saw that the belly shaking place suddenly broke a small incision, with a sharp knife sticking out from the inside, struggling to paddle to the side.

Looking at the familiar face Pang emerged from the hole, the crowd was shocked.

Yan Fei, who was swallowed into his stomach, wiped his face covered with mucus and rushed at the people who were still dumbfounded."What are you looking at, give me a hand!"

Everyone suddenly return to absolute being.

"Yan Fei!"

"Yan Fei is still alive!"

"Jing Lin? Are you sure you're all right?"

"F***! You are still alive!" Zhao Zhiwen was so happy that he couldn't help swearing.

"Brother!" Yan Lu trembling voice let out a cry and couldn't help crying again, this time is tears of joy.

Lele was still crying. He rushed to the python's stomach, tugged at the small seam and plunged into it. He asked anxiously, "Where is my uncle?"

Yan Fei fished Jing Lin from the side to show Lele Jing Lin's face.

Jing Lin looked very tired. He smiled at Lele soothingly, then raised his hand, stretched out a finger on the gap, and was immediately grasped by Lele.

The scale of the python was too hard. After pulling out several pieces, everyone succeeded in making a big incision and pulled Jing Lin and Yan Lu out of it.

Zhao Zhiwen fanned the smell in front of his nose and said, "You two stink too!"

Yan Fei didn't have the spirit to say: "It stinks when you go in."

Although his mouth was so abandoned, Zhao Zhiwen did not retreat at all. He pulled out some grass beside him to help the two men wipe off the mucus. By the way, he asked them what was going on.

Speaking, Yan Fei and Jing Lin were able to climb out of the python alive, thanks to their previous training in divinity.

The two of them knew that the divine shield had a defensive function. When Jing Lin first fell into the snake's belly, he failed to open the shield because of fright for a while. After he was squeezed so hard that he could not speak, he calmed down. The shield was also successfully opened and compressed to the extreme. The state was that he was just wrapped completely. The divine shield was thicker than ever before, and the protective function was naturally also leverage.

At that time, he came up with a bold idea. The python was still alive and it was almost impossible to pull him out of his mouth. It would be better to kill him and later break through from the inside. However, he was being pulled by Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen at that time. He also saw Yan Fei shed tears for him and felt guilty. When he used his quick wits, he separated a wisp of divine knowledge to communicate with Yan Fei.

This idea is still inspired by the original communication with the little black dragon. I didn't think that divine communication really worked. However, after Yan Fei learned of his intentions, he still did not let go. Jing Lin was not allowed to take risks alone. After he opened the divine mask, he kicked Zhao Zhiwen, who was still crying and chirping, out with one foot. The two of them went into the snake's belly together.

In addition to carrying a pistol, the two also had a centipede's palatal teeth. In the snake's stomach, they saw the man who had just been swallowed, who had been corroded to the point that only half of his body was left. He looked at them with his eyes open and his eyes closed.

Although they have a divine mask, the corrosive venom in the python seems to be everywhere. It has the same effect on the divine mask. It's just a matter of speed. If they don't take the time to go out, they will die in it as soon as the divine mask is corroded.

So almost as soon as they fell in, the two men immediately took action and kept stabbing and scratching inside with their palatal teeth. indeed, it was easier to attack and hurt from the inside, and the damage was almost devastating. moreover, they happened to meet the skills of the small black dragon outside, squeezing the snake's body toward them constantly, exerting force in both directions at the same time, and not for a while they drew a hole in the snake's inner wall, so as not to suffocate them inside.

After hearing this, everyone admired their wit and courage and said, "If you don't die in a great disaster, you will surely have a good future."

Jing Lin touched Su Zhen's broken tail lightly, feeling distressed and guilty, "It worries you."

Su Zhen snorted weakly.

Yan Lu said, "This python is so powerful, let's see if it has any beads inside it. Su Zhen is so badly hurt that she may get better after eating that."

"Let's go out first." Yan Fei said.

It is really dangerous here. Who knows if there are any mutant animals worse than pythons. They don't have the strength to kill another one now.

The teams who fled from nearby have been watching, and many of them know that they are new here. They want to see their strength and try their luck to see if they can pick up a leak or something.

The fighting here has stopped for a while, and those people began to come and find out. They could not help but be surprised when they watched a group of scarred people and animals surrounding a python that did not move.

One of them couldn't help asking, "They actually killed this python?"

Others were even more shocked: "These people are amazing. This python ate up a team of 40 people plus five animals. This time it was planted in the hands of ten people and several animals."

These people were sneaking around here and soon caught Jing Lin's attention.

Yan Fei said, "Brother over there, can you help me call some people to carry this python out?"

He was quick-witted and immediately replied: "Please wait a moment, I'll call someone."

The others also left in a hurry.

Long Zhang said, "Those people promised so simply that they wouldn't send someone to deal with us, would they?"

Ten of them, Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua, are now having difficulty walking. Su Zhen is also injured like that. Almost all other people or animals have many scars.

Cao Sanye sneered, "I guess no one dared to use that crooked head when I saw this dead python."

Indeed, as Cao Sanye said, regardless of how the python died, others believed that they did not have the ability to kill such a python at present, so those who promised to find someone to help did so honestly.

Jing Lin went in in the morning and came back before noon. He also brought back a python. The speed and strength had to shock everyone. Both those who have returned and those who are still in the room have heard the news in less than an hour.

The python was carried to the shed area, where the butcher he met yesterday had already started to deal with the animals. The helpers carried the python directly to the butcher.

Someone said, "Da Meng, take care of this python first for these younger brothers."

Big fierce with a knife looked at the python, "ho! What a big snake. A few people will wait a moment, and when this is done, it will be your turn."

Cao Sanye took Sanhua and Long Zhang, Qiu Baobao and Guan Shuangshuang to stay here and watch. The other people and animals all returned to their places of residence. Jing Lin and Yan Fei went to the bathroom. Jing Lin arranged a rain shower. The two washed their bodies well and did not come out until there was no smell.

By the way, I also brought back water, wiped Su Zhen's body, cleaned up the wound, and fed her some chilies to rest. The duck was also injured. The left wing was broken. Neither Jing Lin nor Yan Fei could handle it. They were wondering if they should find a veterinarian to show it.

As for Qu Zhengchao and Xiang Zehua, when they left, they took the relevant medicine, all of which were Chinese herbal medicines developed by Jing Lin's village on the black soil. The effect was better. After feeding them a little, if there was no special medicine, they could only keep it slowly.

Let the little black dragon stay to take care of the injured, Jing Lin they took Lele to the shed area, in Cao Sanye they go back to tidy up.

At this time, Da Meng has already begun to deal with python. The knife in his hand looks insignificant. Unexpectedly, it is very sharp. The snakeskin that Jing Lin could only scratch with their sucking strength was scratched by him lightly.

The fist-sized snake gall was completely taken out and handed over to Jing Lin, including snake skin and tusks. The last one taken out was a duck egg-sized black stone.

There were many onlookers dealing with pythons. At the sight of the stone, all of a sudden they became restless and many people were stirring.

"Brother, how about selling me this stone?" A bearded man jumped out and discussed with Jing Lin, "I have all kinds of materials for plants and animals, whatever you want."

Jing Lin looked at each other and Wen said, "I'm sorry, I keep this for my own use and don't sell it."

The man said urgently: "I can give you double the price, you can think about it again!"

Jing Lin still shook his head. Su Zhen's broken tail was counting on the stone.

The man could only give up helplessly when he saw this, but he said to the scene: "Brother, next time you have any stones, regardless of color, if you want to sell them, please contact me directly. People here call me old and strong, and I'll be in the red gate hotel in front of you."

Jing Lin looked at his direction and nodded his head. However, what I think is that all the animals and animals in the family are waiting to divide the stones. I'm afraid I haven't sold them for a day.

There was a good knife and the python was soon disposed of. When leaving, Jing Lin asked Da Meng, "I don't know where there are any good knives like yours?"

Da Meng proudly shook his bloody knife and said: "This knife was taken by the local association. If you want it, you have to wait for the auction next month."

Association, auction. These words made Jing Lin thoughtful. He thanked Da Meng and went back with snakeskin and fangs and Yan Fei.

As for the snake meat, eat people, Jing Lin and Yan Fei are not interested in, big fierce here specially to buy this kind of beast meat, the beast meat generally as he helped to deal with python's remuneration, half to convert into remuneration, but also in his here, such as the next Jing Lin they still need to deal with animals, just move directly to him.

Now, animals have become a new kind of industrial chain. Many people have started to cultivate animals artificially, and they are fed all the meat they don't want. But think about the python ferocious swallowing, also don't know what kind of temperament to eat too much of this kind of beast meat become animals, eventually raised.

Jing Lin shook his head, these are not what he can care about now.

Back to the room, because other people and animals have no opinion, so Jing Lin directly handed the stone to Su Zhen mouth, Su Zhen mouth to eat.

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