This year, three families lived together. Jing Lin and Lele haven't had so many people together for a long time. They are the happiest.

On the third day after 1949, Shi Lei came to pay a New Year's greeting to Jing Lin, and Wei Zhen also came.

Wei Zhen handed Jing Lin a very smooth wooden board.

Jing Lin took it and looked at it. he saw a picture inscribed with a tai chi gossip and asked, "what is this?"

Wei Zhen said: "I said before that I was sent to city I by the xiuzhen association. now all the entrances to city I have been controlled by the xiuzhen association and the official forces. there are many rare chances for you. you can enter with this wooden board, but you can take people, but not more than ten."

Wood brand Wei Zhen is no longer in use. Although Jing Lin's talent is indeed very high, if there is no chance, his future accomplishments will probably stop soon. He hopes that the young people who have learned Xuantian will be attached to his share and take them to higher and further places.

After listening to this, Jing Lin wanted to think and accepted it. I city is one of the places where the spiritual pulse broke out. he really wanted to see it all the time. Su Zhen and the little black dragon could not stay in the village forever.

The next few days seemed calmer.

The second batch of wheat planted in the base has been harvested and a new crop of rice has been harvested. The wheat in those villages is still growing at a normal speed due to environmental restrictions due to the large area and is still overwintering. They grew up in the poly-ling array, and when they can be normally planted after harvest, they will be ready for foreign exchange.

After March, the weather warmed up and the heating system was removed. Most of the people in Jing Lin's village had harvested a lot of seeds from the black mud. During this period, Long Zhang sent a lot of black mud, and everyone expanded the black mud field by one mu.

Jing Lin began to prepare for his trip to city I.

There are five of them here, plus Lele. The rest of the village, Jing Lin is not going to take any of them, after all, is different from going to L city, I city variation plants and animals are everywhere, dangerous, not suitable for them to go.

Jing Lin asked Long Zhang. After he said he wanted to go, Jing Lin counted him out. Cao Sanye and Qu Zhengchao also hope to follow, Cao Sanye is for himself, Qu Zhengchao is more for the base, and finally added a Xiang Zehua and Guan Shuang.

Anyone who changes animals can take it with him. This is not included in the number.

Before leaving, Shi lei and Jing Lin made a pledge that he would send someone to help collect the farmland in their home. there was no need for him to worry. he hoped that Jing Lin and them would get something from this trip. they were allies on the same front. they were strong. after the wheat and rice in the county seat were taken out, they would be fearless in the face of other forces.

At the beginning of April, ten people with their own animals set out from Jialin County again.

The distance to I city is much closer than that to l city, and it is better to walk a lot. They drove the bullock carts and it took them nearly six days to enter I city.

Wei Zhen did not say anything about the situation in I city, nor did Jing Lin. Therefore, when seeing streets that are more lively than before, everyone was greatly surprised.

This so-called street is only the only road that can enter I city from the direction they came. At this time, the surrounding area is full of simple shelters built at will.

Some sheds are full of slaughter sites. Butchers with big arms and round waists use broadswords to separate bones and meat from other animals. Blood splashes on their faces and their faces remain unchanged. They even stick out their tongues to lick the blood on their lips clean and muddy like barbarians.

Some sheds just put the whole animal on, like waiting for people to ask.

Sure enough, after a few more steps into the shed, Jing Lin saw some clean and well-dressed people wandering around in the sheds. If they were asked to be satisfied, they would immediately have the things removed, and the shed owners would follow them, presumably to get the trade.

There are many mutating animals, and naturally there are also many mutating plants. Many plants of all kinds that have never been seen before are randomly placed on the ground. It is also up to luck for passers-by to look and choose whether they can find useful ones.

These are all for sale. In front of the rest of the sheds, a large piece of paper or wooden board is propped up, which reads XX employs team members to recruit temporary members, and some requirements and benefits are written below.

There are also some players who pull the lone pedestrian to ask whether to pull the other team into the team according to their reaction or physical condition.

As soon as they entered the street, some people turned their eyes on them. There were also many animals that were kept by many people. Their teeth bared as if they were ferocious. They screamed threats and threats at the strangers that appeared.

A few scattered people wanted to come and talk to them, counted their number and stopped immediately.

Some people said regretfully, "There are just ten people, so we can't join them."

There are also those who are not well-advised, looking at the animals crouching on the front of their cars and running directly to ask whether these animals sell or not.

The scene in their bad complexion, Qi Qi looked at the man.

The man was glared at by so many people and other animals at the same time, not afraid, just touching his nose and walked away cheekily.

Yan Fei lowered his voice and said to Jing Lin, "Look at these people, everyone is not small and is not good."

Those mutated animals and plants need not guess to know that they came from the city of I, without two brushes, they cannot come out alive.

Jing Lin said, "We must be more careful."

Jing Lin walked around and found a place to stay.

Because most of the space in the city is compressed by mutating plants and animals, the area that can provide human activities is very small. Some crude small buildings were basically built later, and there are not many places to live, so they are very nervous.

Jing Lin entered a small hotel with a sign of accommodation and found the reception counter. Yan Fei asked, "is there any room left?"

The teller is very strong. Even if a person in this area doesn't have a good brain, he must have at least a good body. He rattled an abacus in front of him, moved quickly, and reported a number in a short time.

Because everyone just wanted to have a good rest tonight and go back in tomorrow, so they only booked a room for one night, but ten people, seven animals, plus ten days to send the bullock carts, the charges were half higher than before in L city.

When the meat was painful, everyone thought it was lucky that they had brought too much, otherwise they would have to lay the floor at night.

When leaving the cart behind, the guard warned, "We don't care if anyone steals everything from the cart."

Don't need him to say, Jing Lin they also know.

By the time they arrived, it happened to be half an afternoon when they put their things away and went out again for a stroll. They inquired about the situation and it was getting dark.

This time they ordered a big shop. The sleeping arrangement was that Guan Shuangshuang slept inside, Yan Lu outside, Zhao Zhiwen, Jing Lin and Yan Fei in the middle, Lele in the middle, and others. As for the animals, they can only be wronged and squeezed to sleep on the ground. This room has the same specifications, and the space is not large. Remove the bed and the place where they put things. The remaining space is just a group of animals sleeping.

After dark, there was more noise outside the house. everyone was on their way for days and wanted to have a good sleep. however, in such an environment, you might wake up as soon as you close your eyes and drink outside.

Moreover, they saw only a group of men during the day and some women appeared at night, but the situation was extremely embarrassing. They were so noisy that they couldn't sleep. On the way, several naked girls knocked at the door. On two occasions, Xiang Zehua, who had never talked about love, was thrown into the air by the girl, making him flushed. After another knock on the door, Xiang Zehua was afraid of being attacked again and let Qu Zhengchao open the door.

Qu Zhengchao went, the door opened but no one pounced, just outside is not a girl, but a handsome man dressed in sexy, with cat ears I don't know where to get, holding the fake tail behind him, throwing eyebrow eye asked Qu Zhengchao if there is any need.

Qu Zhengchao pumped out the veins on his forehead at that time and said with a cold face, "No need!" Then "kuang" a loud clap the door.

Everyone in the room couldn't help laughing.

Until the middle of the night, the surrounding area was quieter. At this time, everyone was too sleepy to be able to keep watch. The big guy almost fell asleep and didn't wake up until dawn.

After washing with the water provided by the hotel, everyone settled their breakfast and started walking towards the entrance. After passing through the shed concentration area yesterday, it was very cold and cheerless because no one had set up stalls before the hunting started.

There were many people walking along the road. Many people stared at their strange animals in Jing Lin. Their eyes were extremely hot.

When we arrived at the entrance, the people who came earlier were still there. It is said that the guard officer had not come yet. There is a kind of array arranged here. No one or mutant animals and plants can enter without the activation of the guard officer.

King left to look at the entrance and found a piece of white fog in his sight. This is a kind of magic array. Jing Lin is estimated to be a high-order magic array. For this reason, Jing Lin remembered what Wei Zhen said. The existence of the Association for the Restoration of Truth is to statistically manage the known organizations for the restoration of truth. As far as Wei Zhen knows, their Xuantianmen is the only sect in the Association that involves array, and it can be said in the Association. This is also why he was hunted down with his secret script. At the beginning, it was his younger brother who led some members of the clan to defect. He wanted to rob the secret book and rebuild his sect as the leader.

The younger brother's name is Lu Sheng. I just don't know if this array has anything to do with that Lu Sheng. Seriously speaking, Lu Sheng is also an enemy.

As more and more people arrived, Jing Lin withdrew his divergent thoughts, returned to the team, and continued to wait with everyone.

While waiting for this period of time, many teams will choose to temporarily form a small team if they see the right eye and act together after entering. The ten of them had just arrived, and many people who thought the team was too small came to ask them, hoping to merge temporarily.

However, they all refused Jing Lin. Since they are new here, no one knows who and it is not wise to merge rashly. We have already observed that among these teams, they have become the most exotic animals. If the converted animals are converted into fighting capacity, seven can reach a dozen people. If they are not weak, they can be said to be a little strong.

Many people only see their team's ability to change into animals, which they know very well.

After a short wait, the caretaker finally arrived late in everyone's impatience. At this time, everyone had lined up, and the guards checked the number of wooden boards and people they were carrying. After confirming that there was no problem, they were allowed to enter.

After entering, Jing Lin looked at the place like the primeval forest, contrasting with the completely different reinforced concrete area outside, and the heart way array was indeed a magic array.

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