After the wedding, Jing Lin and Yan Fei had a good rest at home for a few days before they went to the county seat.

They also visited the houses and shops sent by Shi Lei, which are currently in the most prosperous areas. Jing Lin went through the formalities and sent Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu one set and Lele two sets respectively. He and Yan Fei left one set. The shop thought that when the county seat was on the right track in the future, it would open a shop.

At this time of the scene in the don't know, after this jialin county is one of the cities in the future several prices all high to sky-high, the county seat is inch by inch, can have a house in jialin city life completely need not worry about.

But even if Jing Lin knew, he would send out the house as well.

The current office in the county seat is the former government building. After the end of the world came, many literal workers who initially seemed completely useless have now found their jobs again. As soon as the day came to work, some people who arrived early came into the building wrapped in thick clothes. once they entered the building, everyone felt wrong. without him, it was too warm!

The first second was shivering with cold, and the second was hot enough to take off my coat.

"What is going on?" Some people happily asked their companions nearby.

The companion's hand, which was no longer stiff, was also like a blank face.

Some people who thought they knew the inside story came forward and said: "The base team came back some time ago. I heard they brought back a blue stone, which can heat up. Didn't some strange tasks be announced on the mission section the day before yesterday, including the task of finding some special stones."

The two of them listened and nodded. They also saw the blue stone. The people in the task section took it out and showed it to the people in the base. They heard that changing the size of a fist would require a lot of materials. They could eat it alone for more than ten days. As they walked towards their jobs, they thought how generous Ji Chang was and how willing he was to give them such expensive stones.

Shi Lei is naturally not so generous.

This building is so warm, but it is all due to the heating array arranged by Jing Lin.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei have been busy recently. The county seat cannot be separated from the foot. In a couple of days, they will either go to this village or to that village. They will look for array points, scribbles and arrays, just like gyroscopes. Yan Fei also helped with the work, but his accomplishments were limited and he could not arrange too large a array. Once too large, he could not control it and would collapse. But every day so exercise, he practice at night, but feel their accomplishments have increased.

The promotion and planting of the second-generation wheat has requisitioned some villages' land, and the base has signed contracts with them. The local villagers only need to leave the land, and the land is still theirs. The base for grain planting and manpower planting will leave only 10% of the grain harvested at that time as rent from the base.

Ten percent sounds very small, but there is no objection. For them, there is nothing to be planted in the land now, and the land can only be left uncultivated. Without their help, the contract is signed.

Zhong Xiaohui's village, where the people who had gone together had never returned, was also used by the base as a testing ground. The base only contacted their family. After the two sides signed the contract, Zhong Xiaohui's father and son were very relieved. To tell the truth, Zhong Xiaohui felt that it was really good to live in his aunt's house. Although he was rushing to do everything, the two father and son were still a little uneasy. Now it's all right. When the crops in this field are harvested, they will also have input. They have already asked Ma Renshan, and there are several vacant houses in the village. Would it be okay to settle down in the village? Ma Renshan gave them a letter of approval. When the situation is stable, if no one from those families comes back, then he will ask the villagers for advice. If more than half-baked people agree, then he can.

As far as planting is concerned, Jialin Base has recently released a task to recruit some young and strong people to dig the land. The remuneration is not much. They only have one catty of coarse flour and one lunch every day. However, this is also a good job for many temporary residents living in the county town who need to pay rent. And there is no safety problem.

After the wheat grows out, it will take manpower to pull out the grass and prevent insects, and some reliable people who will not be lazy will be left to continue their work. This will require Shi Lei to arrange people to inspect it secretly.

No one went to their village for this job. Recently, they are all busy planting on the black soil that has changed again. After discussion, the villagers planted in different directions. For example, Zhao Shaogan's family planted herbs with several people, several Ma's family planted all kinds of vegetables, and the rest basically planted wheat.

These crops will be supplied to each other in the village when seeds are harvested.

Jing Lin's family, Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen's black soil were all divided into two parts by the Jing Lin: Yan Fei's family's fast land, half of which was provided with tomato fruits planted by ice arrays. The seeds were provided by Jing Lin and Yan Fei's family. There were more tomato fruits in Yan Fei's family's garden than those of Jing Lin's family. The seeds were kept all the time. The other half was provided with Yan arrays and planted the variant chili pepper that Jing Lin gave. They believed that the chili powder would be popular in the future. The remaining half of Zhao Zhiwen's plot was planted with mutant white gourd and pumpkin. The melon seeds and pumpkin seeds are delicious and the vines are used well. As for Jing Lin's family, he used them to cultivate tea trees and cookie trees, as well as some mutant seeds sent by Long Zhang.

The cookie tree has many rhizomes. Jing Lin tried to intercept some of them and planted them in the mud, hoping to grow out smoothly. Tea trees are planted just outside the ice matrix. The ice root is not planted for the time being. The spreading speed of this stuff is exaggerated. Jing Lin is afraid that other crops in this field will be affected.

Shi Lei in the county seat has specially found several places and planted the ice root. I believe it won't be long before a large area can grow.

During the busy period, the walnut in Jing Lin's backyard matured.

According to normal years, this walnut can be eaten long ago. But when I was out before, Jing Lin knocked on a green walnut, cracked it open, peeled it and tasted it. It was very astringent and I couldn't even take some out for business. After nearly three months, smashing another one, the taste is very good, after all, it is changed again, the taste is much better than before, tender and crisp, with strong fruit aroma.

Yan Fei knocked a walnut down, stared at Su Zhen, who was swimming in the chili field to inspect the site, and then threw the walnut into its head.

Su Zhen was unguarded and was hit by a walnut, but its scales were hard. This strength is not even tickling. The walnut whirled around it for two times. It glanced at Yan Fei and swept away the tip of its tail. The walnut flew out and fell at Yan Fei's feet. It cracked with a click.

However, after wandering around in the Yan array, the walnuts will be directly turned into dried walnuts without secondary processing. Yan Fei picked it up and saw that the original turquoise skin was gone, leaving behind a hard shell wrapped in pulp.

Yan Fei broke open the hard shell, took out the crispy pulp and threw it into his mouth. After two bites, he tilted his thumb at the scene: "It tastes good."

So when he was free, Jing Lin, with his family and bamboo poles, knocked down all the walnuts, leaving behind a small portion of the green tangerine peel, while the others were all thrown into the Yan array. Just take them out later.

This walnut skin cannot withstand the energy of the array, but this hard shell can last for a period of time. As long as you grasp the time, you don't have to worry about being burnt or nothing left.

On the day when the walnut was knocked on, there were several dishes made of walnut kernel on the table, which were delicious for everyone.

The two mutant walnut trees collected a lot of fruit. Jing Lin sent some to every family in the village to let everyone taste the taste. Then he took part of the fruit to the county town for trading, and Shi Lei, who had been informed of the transaction, went away.

Shi Lei is now staring at Jing Lin. As long as Jing Lin is in the city, it's okay not to take anything in his hand. When he takes something, Shi Lei's dog nose can accurately find his position.

Shi lei knocked on the walnut and said to him: "we are so familiar with each other. if you have any fresh things in the future, just send them directly to him. you can say as much as you like about the price."

Jing Lin also too lazy to bother more, just agreed.


Since getting the secret book from Wei Zhen, Jing Lin and Yan Fei have benefited a lot from this book, and they also called Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu together to explain it to them. With the basic secret script, Jing Lin began to teach Lele to follow.

However, Lele always looked like "I listened carefully, but I just didn't understand". After several attempts, Jing Lin gave up, thinking that Lele was so loved by the changed animals and could communicate with them. Perhaps Lele's future chances in this regard might be the same.

So for Lele's future direction, Jing Lin is not very worried.

With the help of the basic secret book, Jing Lin easily advanced one level this time, and Yan Fei, who has been catching up with Jing Lin's footsteps, finally entered Gan Kun's TELD Chapter.

Moreover, the protective cover that the two men have been trying to use, Jing Lin has not only been able to wrap itself for a long time, but also can continue to compress. At the same time of compression, the protective cover has been thickened consciously by him.

After several battles, Jing Lin has seen the power of divine knowledge. It can be said that this way of attack is overwhelming. His current way of fighting with Yan Fei has already joined the power of divine knowledge attack. Since the focus is not on the head, he is not afraid of causing any serious injuries.

During this period, they found that whenever the shield was in place, the divine attack would be blocked, especially when the scene was approaching and the wall of the shield was thickened, Yan Fei's full blow, whether it was divine knowledge, the strength of his own body or a weapon attack, would have a very small impact.

For this reason, Jing Lin concluded that the smaller the shield, the higher the defense capability. Moreover, once the opponent's attack breaks through your mental defense, the damage will be directly fed back to your brain, causing indelible damage, such as stupidity or direct death.

On this basis, Jing Lin and Yan Fei have expanded several sets of practice methods. For example, the divine knowledge may not only be compressed or enlarged, but also become an agile snake. Or a thread, or a weapon?

These, all need to compress the divine knowledge to the extreme, can be accomplished only with high control over the divine knowledge, which is also the direction for Jing Lin to continue his efforts behind them.

Through these exercises, Jing Lin has also achieved great results in the experiment of compressing array. An array as big as a house can now be compressed to the size of a millstone by him. If he persists for a period of time, I believe it can be completely compressed into pieces and carved into jade.

There is nothing to do in winter. In addition to training, Jing Lin takes care of their fields and occasionally goes to the county seat to have a look. This year's time has come to an end.

It's New Year's Day.

This year's New Year's atmosphere is much more relaxed than last year's. Everyone has less sense of urgency that life may not be stable. The so-called "having food in hand" means no panic.

After such a long period of time, the city wall around the county seat has been completely built, isolated from the unstable world outside. No matter at night or during the day, patrol teams are on the streets, and the living environment is very safe.

There is no trade fair in the county seat now. It is here

The author has something to say: on the street of the shop owned by Jing Lin, some shops have been opened one after another on both sides. basically, they are all based and provide some daily necessities or hunting food.


Before the Spring Festival, Jing Lin went to the county town to change a lot of things they needed.

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