The day before the wedding, Jing Lin and Yan Fei took Lele to the grave of their deceased family again. While cleaning up the weeds around them and wiping the dust off the tombstone, they told them what they wanted to start a family.

Jing Lin looked at grandpa's serious face on the tombstone, but his eyes were as gentle as ever. Jing Lin thought in his heart that grandpa and his sister's brother-in-law should be able to rest assured now that he will live alone all his life. He will have the warmest person in the world to accompany him until his whole life.

The next day was the wedding of Jing Lin and Yan Fei.

Jing Lin's house's vegetable garden was not open, and the banquet was at Yan Fei's house. Inside and outside the house, beside the road, there are all tables with red happy characters on the doors. The cook was Xie Wen, who came with Xie Shu and his family on the hearth. Jing Lin also invited some aunts in the village to help wash the dishes and cut the vegetables, etc. They were all busy in the early morning.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei dressed in a tailored suit specially bought from the base, a gentle and elegant, a grand appearance, appeared in front of the crowd, let everyone put their eyes on them.

Previously, there were many people who did not understand how the two men got together. Now, looking at these two men who were both dragon and phoenix even before the end of the world, it seems that they can understand. In this eschatological world, they are too outstanding. Looking around, no one has the strength to stand at the same height as them. It seems that only the two of them are the most suitable.

All the people in the village have come. Now the money is useless. The gifts are basically food or fresh game. The two elders greeted the villagers while Jing Lin and Yan Fei greeted the people from the base.

Shi Lei arrived quite early with people. Qu Zhengchao and Fang Yazhou also came, followed by Cui Lizhu and his wife, Xiang Jia and his son, and several others he had not seen. They should be the new base management. Wei Zhen, who did not get entangled with the black air, did come, with tomato fruits and a gathering of spirits to warm up his body, and after several days of cultivation, he is now able to get out of bed and move about.

This is the second time that Wei Zhen has come to this village. The last time he came in a hurry, he only glanced at it roughly. At the moment, he slowly looked at the vegetable field in front of Yan Fei's house, then turned around and looked at a large area of farmland behind him, sighing: "Such a large area of mutating Lingtian . . . Capital Research Institute has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, and only made a few mu." He patted Jing Lin on the arm. "Young man, it's amazing. This is a very good opportunity. You must grasp it well."

Jing Lin said, "We are working hard."

It is impossible for Wei Zhen to return to the capital xiuzhen association. all he can do now is to support his old age in this small town with his previous help to this town. Although he is only an ordinary person now, Shi lei did not underestimate him. he told him about some research he was doing privately in the base and hoped he would give some advice. Wei Zhen motioned with his hand at the time, saying that Jing Lin's ability did not depend on him to point out any more. He only reassured Shi Lei to follow Jing Lin. Jing Lin was sincere. As long as he didn't find any bad ideas in him, he helped him, and only benefits did not hurt.

Shi lei said yes when he heard this, but his heart was also firmer. This gift is more expensive, it is all good medicine, and also gave them five sets of houses in the county seat. They will have a foothold if they want to work in the county seat in the future, and they don't have to always think about going back to the dark.

Cui Lizhu's gift was a set of shops in the county seat, which was located in the center of the county seat. Later, the two husbands, whether they set up shop or rented it out to others, made a good income. Cui Lizhu also sent some sparkling things, such as glass marbles and jewelry, to the animals in Jing Lin's home.

A father and son gave Jing Lin several discount cards for practical use. Later they went to the paper factory they bought to exchange them. They could get them at the lowest price. The escort team with the material employment base was also at the lowest price. The county town is also preparing to open other factories recently, and basically gave them all that can be used in the future.

Long Zhang sent the best black mud naturally. It was made of more exquisite white ceramic jars, with a big red bow on it, and pasted a crooked double happiness character, which should be his own handwriting. There are also some seeds of some mutant plants in his family.

Cao Sanye, they sent all the prey from the mountains.

Guan Shuangshuang also came. She went to the county seat to handle affairs before. She just heard about Jing Lin and Yan Fei. She came with a large bag of tea leaves and also sent Jing Lin a mutant tea plant that had just grown up. She had cultivated it long ago and symbolically tied a red knot.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei naturally welcomed her. The little girl was smart and had a good disposition. She was a person who could come and go. She didn't know where her family lived before so she couldn't inform her.

All the guests who should come came. Jing Lin and Yan Fei took advantage of this time to discuss the following cooperation matters with several key personnel of the base: the promotion and planting areas of mutant food crops, the planting of more treasured mutant plants, etc.

Before, Shi Lei changed some rice seeds from Ma Renshan's hand, some hybrid rice and some conventional rice carefully reserved by villagers. Hybrid rice has been planted for a round. The growth of this retained variety is as unsatisfactory as before. Conventional rice is fine. Shi Lei hopes Jing Lin can help them cultivate conventional rice. They can't wait to plant it again next year. There are also some array arrays. The stalls in the county seat have been slowly opened. Many places need to be decorated. I also hope Jing Lin can find time to come out.

Jing Lin said there would be time after the wedding.

After that, Shi lei hit Jing Lin's tomato fruit and Guan Shuangshuang's tea to take care of Wei Zhen. he also felt the benefits of these two things. I hope I can plant it in the county seat.

This scene in the wanted to think and agreed, just told him, when the county people have food and clothing problems, is not suitable to spend too much energy to a large number of planting, is the county drinking water has been very nervous, he brought back the ice root, this time he can let Shi lei choose a piece of land he decorate ice array, the county drinking water to solve first. As for the cookie tree he brought back, he will also think of ways to see if it can be cultivated. With this, the people will not have to worry about food and clothing. The most important thing is that the person who takes care of these two crops must bring him to see them. The ice storm is fierce and ordinary people will die if they go in. They must choose carefully.

Guan Shuangshuang's tea tree, she has not cultivated many new seedlings, a total of eight, and there are still seven in her family. She said that she can give Shi Lei five and continue to provide them later. Shi Lei said that no problem, and immediately said that the relevant cooperation details will be discussed later, but will send Guan Shuangshuang a house and store to her first.

Guan Shuangshuang is also very satisfied.

When they had almost finished talking, the banquet had almost begun.

Before the meal, there was a ceremony for the two sides to honor tea and recognize each other. The ceremony here is relatively simple. Jing Lin recognized Zhao Chenghuai and Zhou Yu as adopted father and mother and changed their names to Yan Ruifeng and Zhou Feifei as their parents. Since then, the three of them have been one family.

The dishes on the table are very well prepared. Several kinds of cooked meat, braised meat platter, stew, pork head necessary for the local wedding banquet, fish specially caught by the little black dragon, steamed, braised and boiled are all meat dishes. Although they attract everyone's attention, the Chinese cabbage on the table is the most popular, with vegetarian fried, sliced pork and cold mixed dishes.

In the past, this table was enough for all the people present, but considering the current poor conditions, the elders in the family had been busy grinding out a lot of rice for several days, all of which were newly collected second-generation rice and steamed a large pot of rice. This was not enough. They also steamed a lot of steamed buns with flour ground by second-generation wheat, which was enough for everyone sitting.

Xie Wen's cooking skills are good. Jing Lin brought out some of the wine they had collected before. After a meal, the two parties enjoyed each other.

After eating the meal, the adults took out the poker and mahjong that had been collected by several younger generations for a long time and called everyone to have fun.

Shi Lei and his colleagues were busy and left after lunch.

Dinner was served earlier, and after the meal, the villagers returned home contentedly with the gift from Jing Lin.

In fact, just after dinner, many people face a little uncomfortable, according to custom, after dinner should make bridal chamber, but this couple is special, two big men how do they make? Fortunately, Jing Lin and his family had already considered this and started returning the gifts after eating.

The return ceremony was the peanuts that Jing Lin and his family had collected before. They dyed their homes a little red and now they can't get any good things. Xie Wen had a busy day with Xie Shu. Jing Lin arranged for them to rest in the village that night and gave them a return gift. Jing Lin gave them a small bag of rice and wheat and a lot of vegetables in addition to raw red flowers.

The Xie brothers thanked Jing Lin for his help to their family for such a long time and did not accept his return. However, they refused, and finally accepted happily. Jing Lin did not give as many helpers as the two of them, but also many.

When everything was finished, it was just getting dark, and then as new people, they were hurried home by their families.

Zhou Yu said: "Lele will sleep with the two of us tonight. I have called all the animals in my family to my house to stay."

Lele nodded obediently. Uncle Zhiwen told him during the day that the two uncles got married today and asked him not to go home to disturb them tonight. As for why, Uncle Zhiwen said that children should not ask more questions, and they will know when he grows up, so he really wants to grow up quickly.

Zhou Feifei nodded beside him: "Yes, yes."

Yan Lu beside silent smile, Zhao Zhiwen winked at them, Zhao Chenghuai and Yan Ruifeng awkwardly stand beside when a stake.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei looked at each other and were both in distress situation. In fact, the two of them should have done it long ago. The adults said this, but they both embarrassed.

The last two people in a group of people's eyes meaningful watched, blushing red left Yan Lu home, returned to the scene in the home.

The two men returned home, and when they stood in the living room, they came back to their senses, and then burst out laughing.

Finally laugh enough, Yan Lu hug scene in, two people forehead offset, each other's breathing intertwined.

Yan Fei gave him a peck on the lip and said, "Happy wedding, my love."

Jing Lin squinted and smiled: "Happy wedding, my love."

On the night of their wedding, when the two became deeply attached to each other and there were few other creatures in the house, they could finally be released once and for all. The noise was bigger than usual, and it was not until very late that they quieted down.

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