Gao Zhuo followed Jing Lin and Linyi to the county seat, and let the doctors who were puzzled by their return temporarily go out first. Gao Zhuo checked Wei's body and finally pointed to the other side's abdomen and said, "Here, there is a mass of black air."

It is no wonder that even if he has been giving Wei Zhen something with aura, he has not been able to get well. This black gas is not removed. Wei Zhen's life will be consumed by it sooner or later, but how did this black gas come about will probably require Wei Zhen to know.

At present, Gao Zhuo, like smoking those angry at the beginning, ate all the black gas.

"All right."

Eat black gas at that moment, Jing Lin and Yan Lu can feel the changes in Gao Zhuo, originally unreal transparent figure, more than half has been wrapped in black gas, constantly churning around him, even the voice became dark.

In the afternoon, the temperature of Wei really dropped obviously, and the black air on Gao Zhuo was quieter. Two people and one soul stayed in the array until it was getting dark before leaving the base.

The two did not return until they had sent Gao Zhuo home.

In the evening, we had dinner at Zhao Zhiwen's house. The children came back and the adults wanted to get together.

At the dinner table, Jing Lin said, by the way, that he and Yan must have a wedding.

The Yan Ruifeng couple were very happy, but Zhou Yu and Zhao Chenghuai hesitated a little, fearing that the villagers could not accept what they would say.

Zhao Zhiwen said: "Parents, what are you worried about? Who dares to say that Ah Lin's present ability and what he has done to the village."

Zhou Feifei also said: "That is, without Jing Lin, our village can receive so much food? Can exchange food for supplies with the base? It's not to say that there are any other plants to be planted in the village. When those people gossip, they must first think about the consequences of offending Jing Lin."

The Zhao couple slowly spread their sad faces. Zhou Yu smiled, "Yes, I think too much. Do we have to choose a good day?"

Under the condition of not affecting the two children, Zhou Yu will definitely support the wedding. Otherwise, if the two are so together, they will always feel like sneaking around.

At present, Zhao Chenghuai took down the calendar hanging on the wall, which was originally exchanged by Zhao Zhiwen at the trade fair. Some calendar companies made this year's calendars last year, but they don't know where to exchange next year's calendars.

Facing the lunar calendar date on the calendar, several people gathered together to discuss and finally chose the luckiest day in the recent period, which happened to be in the middle of December.

There is still half a month left, and there is enough time to prepare.

The next day, Zhou Yu released the news, and the village was fried and doubted whether there was something wrong with his hearing.

Most of the people in the small village have little knowledge of tradition, and private discussions are indispensable. However, they have been together for decades, and everyone knows that whoever has a big mouth can't hide his words. Maybe the words that you don't listen to will soon reach the parties' ears, so nobody dares to say anything bad. Therefore, the scene in the family, ears also clean.

The Jing Lin family has nothing to do with the difficulties of the villagers in private. Before the exchange of wheat seeds, the family got a batch of supplies, in addition to food and drink, the other is all. Jing Lin and his family ran to the mountains every day, hunting pheasants and hares. The deer in the mountains scampered away at the sight of Jing Lin at a distance. Brown and brown balls of fluff jumped behind them, crowing triumphantly. It was really a fake.

After drilling in the mountains for a few days and hitting a lot of prey, Zhou Feifei's pig also killed a head. The weight was about the same as that of Zhou Yujia's before. Half of the pork was enough for a banquet. Chinese cabbage is the most prepared vegetable in the family, and it is not afraid to be rejected by people. On the contrary, the amount is quite large, and they are afraid that they will not have enough to eat.

During this period, Jing Lin and Yan Fei rode to the county seat and also notified Shi Lei and others. Shi Lei was also surprised. He didn't see any such relationship between the two men, but he didn't make much of a fuss. He said with a smile that he would come that day. Long Zhang Xie's brothers, including Cao Sanye, also did not fail to give notice. Xie's family, by the way, used to have village banquets, bowls, chopsticks, tables and chairs, and Jing Lin borrowed them from his family.

After seeing Wei Zhen again, the doctor said that Wei Zhen woke up the night after they left.

When Jing Lin arrived, Wei was really staring blankly against the wall.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei sat down on the chair in the room and asked him, "Are you feeling better?"

"Much better." Wei Zhen smiled faintly, different from the previous high-spirited, now full of vicissitudes of life.

Jing Lin, who were not himself, could not sympathize with him. He did not know how to say the words of comfort, but only found a topic to talk with him for a while. Jing Lin suddenly thought of the secret book and said, "The book you threw me at that time is still at my house. I didn't bring it out today. I'll send it to you in a couple of days."

Then they saw that Wei's face was really darkened. "The secret book is given to you, so you can learn from it."

"What about you?"

Wei Zhen gave a wry smile." My foundation has been ruined and my accomplishments have been lost." He pointed to his aging face. "You have seen what I am now, and I will be an ordinary person in the future."

Jing Lin hesitated for a moment, then asked, "Do you think this is related to my injury to Zhu Ren?"

Wei Zhen shook his head, fearing that he would blame himself and comforted him: "It is related, but it is not the main factor. The two hundred disciples of Xuantianmen, with the exception of a dozen or so of the teachers, all died. This was the result of covert calculations by various forces. Zhu Ren's case only gave them an excuse to attack. Even without Zhu Ren, this disaster would have happened."

Wei Zhen said, "Zhu ren's sect is called the heavenly heart sect. their master, Zhu shidao, and my master are at odds with each other from the monastic attitude to the concept of entering the world." Building the world, just listen to this name can be seen this person's ambition, "the heavenly heart has been privately against me, little affectations. My master is too modest and has been patient many times. This time I took Zhu Ren back, and Tsukiji could not bear it at first. Half a month later, the association sent someone to I city, and I was one of them. On the way I have been restless, and detect all their actions were monitored . . ."

How to escape surveillance and return to the sect, how desperate he was when he saw the massacre of his disciples on the ground, and how he fled with his master's treasure, Wei Zhen only took it in a few words, but Jing Lin and Yan Fei could feel all kinds of thrills during this period.

Wei Zhen said that the sword in his abdomen, with a poison on it, was a new poison collected from the mutant plants collected by the Xiuzhen Association. It had been used on animals before. He was the first man, but he didn't expect to be a mouse one day. The poison bullying, corrosion of his meridians all the way, decades of uniting the repair for the moment, lower abdomen was damaged, otherwise it will not be a few young players chasing so mess.

After that, his path to monasticism was hopeless.

At that time, he was standing on the last piece of royal air sign, only thinking about how far he could escape. He didn't think carefully about the route of escape, and he didn't expect to meet Jing Lin them so skillfully. Now that I think about it, maybe it is doomed. Seeing acquaintances, Wei Zhen didn't want to drag them down, but the people in the rear chased them tightly and knew that they might not be able to escape, so he threw the secret script to Jing Lin.

Hearing this, the scene in the heart suddenly gives birth to regret. At that time, he started to hurt Zhu Ren with a burst of anger. At this moment, when he looked back at the beginning, he was still too impulsive. If he could calm down a little and find a chance to deal with Zhu Ren privately, it might be that Wei Zhen and his classmates would have different experiences.

However, it is absolutely impossible to let someone as ruthless as Zhu Ren go back from his point of view at that time.

Yan Fei took Jing Lin's hand. Wei Zhen saw it and was surprised for a moment.

Yan Fei said, "Six days later, it will be my wedding with Jing Lin. Will Master Wei come?"

It is impossible to say that Wei Zhen did not take offense at Jing Lin at the beginning, but he was not a person who got into a corner. After figuring out the main reason, he was actually very calm when he saw Jing Lin again. So he smiled and said, "I will go."

When leaving, Wei Zhen stopped Jing Lin: "speaking, I asked my master when I went back. the old man named Zhang you mentioned earlier is probably my teacher's younger brother. If it is true, you and I are of the same family. I am no longer in Xuantianmen, and I cannot inherit my master's mantle. If you feel sorry for me, you should learn the secret script I gave you seriously and use your hand to carry forward my martial arts."

Jing Lin turned to look at him, remained silent for a moment and solemnly said, "OK."

In the evening, Jing Lin, who had finished practicing, took out the secret book again.

The name of the secret book is Xuantian. The catalog is divided into three parts. The front is the array and the rune method, and the back is the corresponding mental method. I didn't watch it because I only watched two lines before, so I watched it carefully this time. But the more I watched it, the more surprised I was. The content in the "Xuantian" is more like the missing and mending of the array and runes of the "Dongtian". The small details of the arrangement of some painting symbols are marked more clearly and concisely. If Jing Lin had "Xuantian" at the time of self-comprehension, the speed of comprehension would be faster. Moreover, although the back mental method is also called Xuantian, it should be understood by Jing Lin. This is the basic article of Haotian Mental Method.

Yan Fei and Jing Lin gathered together to read it. he guessed: "the names of these secret scripts are different, but it is not possible to speculate that" Xuan Tian "focuses on the word" Xuan ",which is profound and mysterious. But "the cave heaven" has already understood the mystery of heaven and earth."as for" the heaven of science ",it means knowing the breadth of heaven and earth?"

Yan Fei said exactly what Jing Lin thought. he closed his secret book and said, "it seems that what Wei Zhen said is true. grandpa Zhang may really be his teacher's younger brother."

Moreover, this also means that Jing Lin started his study from the very beginning, starting with the most difficult stage. This is not a primary school but a junior high school.

Yan Fei touched his chin: "I said I have always been a good learner. how can I be so stupid in practicing this? I am a lot behind you. I don't know if it will be easier to learn from the basic articles."

Hearing this, Jing Lin said, "You are restricted by your qualifications, but if you go back and look at it, you may find something new, but you have to ask Wei Zhen."

It was getting late, Jing Lin put the book down and Yan Fei was ready to sleep.

In the darkness, Yan Fei grabbed Jing Lin and clasped his fingers, saying, "Wei, don't think much about the real thing." If Zhu Ren had gone out smoothly at that time, he would have returned with his people to avenge him before he knew when. It can only be said that no matter what Jing Lin did at that time, one of the parties could not achieve any good results.

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