After a long sleep in the carriage, it was rare to have a good sleep in the bed. The next day everyone wanted to go home early, so the next day, although they got up early, they were more energetic than usual.

The way home was very happy. when we passed Xie Jia village, we saw Xie Shu's family hug him and wept with joy. we also missed his family more. When they reached the outside of the village wall, they all shouted loudly, or called their parents, or shouted the names of their wives and children. They were noisy and excited.

There were always people on duty in the cabin. Hearing the familiar voice of their relatives, they immediately opened the door.

With their return, the quiet village became lively again.

Zhou Yu and Yan Ruifeng saw their children in the crowd, and their long-worried heart finally fell down. They always felt that they had gone out too long this time. Even Su Zhen, who was too ferocious in shape in the eyes of the two women, looked lovely to them.

After caring for their loved ones, people in the village had the heart to focus on the carts and started to unload the salt with sleeves. Touching the sacks of salt, Ma Renshan said, "This time I changed a lot of salt."

This amount is enough for their village to use for a year and a half.

Ma Renshan sounded the gong hanging under the osmanthus tree and said to everyone, "Bring out the food books and everyone share the salt."

Although the number of people has only gone to half this time, every household in the grain family has brought out the grain and exchanged it for as much as possible.

Jing Lin's food was also at home. He pulled the cart back by the way and the little ones followed.

For a long time, there was no one in the house, but Zhou Yu came to clean it every day, so the house was not dirty either. The cow was placed in the front yard without a hitch. There are green vegetables in the yard, but the cow is very honest. The duck warned her not to eat anything about it, so she left her tail and stayed there without saying a word. Finally, the duck did not have the heart to bully the honest cow, but took the initiative to drag two pakchoi to its front and motioned it to eat. The honest cow just squeaked and chewed.

Jing Lin took out all the bedding and other things in the car, which were stained with blood and I don't know if I can wash them. After putting the luggage away, I went to the vegetable garden in the backyard to have a look.

A pile of tomato fruits fell on the ground, and this mutant tomato fruit has been bearing fruit for more than a year, as if it could always do so in a suitable environment. At the beginning, Jing Lin specially told his family not to enter the backyard vegetable plot. The temperature inside the array was too oppressive for them to bear as ordinary people, so the fruit fell to the ground and Zhou Yu, who came to clean up the house every day, saw it and ignored it. However, after picking up the fruit, it was still good and didn't rot in the ground, but the spirit was not as good as the tree.

The lost fruit was kept for self-eating, and a dozen tomatoes that looked ripe soon were picked. This was brought to Wei Zhen later.

This time in the county seat, it was nothing else but to send fruit to Wei Zhen, so he agreed with Yan Fei that they would go on horseback. Yan Fei could ride a horse and was carrying him.

Out of the door, just because I heard the sound of gongs carrying half a basket of vegetables had just come out of the vegetable garden great aunt son.

From a distance, Jing Lin felt a faint figure beside Zeng Jian'er. when he looked carefully, the figure disappeared again, but later the sense of being would reappear.

However, no matter how the visual things appear and disappear, in the divine knowledge of Jing Lin, the things have always been beside Zeng Jian'er and never left.

Great aunt Tseng's son was getting closer and closer. She lowered her head as if she didn't want to see the scene coming. Jing Lin called her, but she quickened her pace and walked faster.

Jing Lin was even more puzzled. He could not help but quickly stopped Aunt Zeng and said, "Aunt Zeng, are you so afraid of me because of the things around you?"

"I'm afraid what are you doing as a junior, and what is there?" Great aunt Zeng raised the volume, but she seemed more guilty.

Jing Lin pointed to her and Zeng Jian'er got a fright. The thing was moved aside by Jing Lin's finger, but Jing Lin's finger also moved with it.

In the past few meetings with Jing Lin, Jing Lin always stared at her. Aunt Zeng looked pale. "Can you really see him?"

Jing Lin nodded, "What is it?" Then he thought for a moment and changed his voice: "or, who is it?"

Once aunts son turned to look at her side, the fuzzy virtual shadow is more and more clear, gradually condensed out of a familiar face in front of the scene in the-

Jing Lin opened his eyes wide: "elder brother Ah Zhuo?"

Although there has been speculation for a long time, when it is confirmed that people who have been dead for more than a year are standing in front of themselves again, the surprise has not decreased at all.

Jing Lin still remembered the sad and despairing appearance of Zeng Shener holding Gao Zhuo's ashes that day. But it didn't take long for her to appear in front of people again, but she was completely unlike a mother who had just lost her only son. At that time, Jing Lin felt that Zeng Shener had something to follow around her. Coupled with many unscientific events in the world, he made bold speculation.

The figure of Gao Zhuo only appeared for a moment in front of the scene, and almost became unreal as soon as it was solidified.

At this moment, Jing Lin heard Gao Zhuo's simple and honest voice and said nervously, "yes, it's me."

In fact, Gao Zhuo himself was not sure what happened. At that time, he was kicked in the chest and abdomen by the mutant goat, only feeling that he was going to die. Then he thought of his mother. Dad died early. He lived with his mother since he was young. In order to make her better life, he also wanted to go out for a few years while he was young, so he went to work with the villagers. If he died like this, his mother would be very sad.

Later, my mind was drifting. Gao Zhuo saw the picture of his body being burned. This perspective is very strange. He knew he was dead, but he seemed to be alive again. Now that I think about it, he actually did not know Ma Mingliang and his son in his memory. He was somehow led home. The only thing he could remember was his mother's face. He should have followed his ashes. When his mother left, his consciousness followed him involuntarily.

He saw his mother's tears never stopped from the moment she received his ashes. He was very anxious. He had to find a way to let his mother know that he was still with her. After that, he tried many times and once appeared in front of her. Although it only lasted for about one second, it made her cheer up.

Gao Zhuo said: "In fact, thanks to the array you set up. Although it still takes a lot of effort to form a solid body, I am very sober now compared with the previous muddle-headed, except that I cannot touch things, and the feeling is not much different from when I was still alive."

After the ashes were buried, Gao Zhuo no longer had to be led like a marionette. He was able to move freely in the village. He could see the array in private. He could see the changes before and after the array was arranged. Apart from plants, he probably felt the most clearly.

The Qi enclosed in the array, like nutrition supplies, continuously helps his body to enrich and purify.

When Jing Lin heard this, he imagined the situation in Gao Zhuo, just like the legendary ghost repair. This world has been repaired by some people, but now it has become a monster, and it is a demon repair. The emergence of ghost repair seems to be in line with the common sense of the development of the world today.

When Yan Fei came from home, he saw Jing Lin and Zeng Shener standing on the side of the road saying something.

"Ah Lin?" Yan Fei gave him a cry, quickened his pace and walked over. then he greeted aunt Zeng and asked Jing Lin, "are you ready?"

"It's ready." Jing Lin answered, then asked aunt Zeng to share salt later and said goodbye to her. the two went to Ma Renshan's house.

With the cooperation of several people who are good at arithmetic, the village has already begun to distribute salt. Jing Lin handed Zhou Yu the food book and asked her to help lead it. Yan Fei and himself rode a horse and left for the county seat.

Wei Zhen was still like that, in a coma with a high fever. There were only a few pieces of tea left. Jing Lin handed over the tomato fruit to Shi Lei and asked him to take one fruit every day for the doctor to dig out the pulp and feed it to Wei Zhen. The seeds in the fruit were left to Shi Lei.

Because it was just a matter of delivering fruit, the two rode home soon and the salt in the village had been distributed. Yan Ruifeng and his wife have already arrived home. Yan Fei went to help them return to their homes. Jing Lin went directly to Zhao Zhiwen's home and happened to meet Zeng Jian'er who was carrying salt back.

Passing by, several people said hello. Gao Zhuo, whose figure was almost transparent, suddenly stopped and asked Jing Lin in a low voice: "Why did you have black air when you went out?"

Great aunt Zeng also stopped to look at the scene.

The black breath in Gao Zhuo's mouth is invisible to the average person. But Gao Zhuo is different. He is a soul after death and is very sensitive to it. At that time, Zhu Ren led people into the village. He saw it on several wannabe who were beaten to death.

However, it is more accurate to call those people dead. Even if those wannabe do not throw them to feed the fish, it will not be long before they die if they are not treated. However, there are still some differences between Jing Lin and the present one. Jing Lin's one is more like robbing vitality in a domineering way.

Dead gas or black gas, both of which are very attractive to Gao Zhuo. At that time, Gao Zhuo did not refrain from taking some of wannabe's dead gas. After that, he became slightly irritable in the next few days, and his mind occasionally appeared blurred and his memory was missing. He could feel that this was caused by those dead spirits. Fortunately, he stayed in the spiritual array every day and was soon purified by the aura inside and returned to a sober state.

However, at the same time, he felt that his soul was more powerful and he was more free to control his illusory body. Therefore, this spirit is half good and half bad.

Jing Lin listened to what Gao Zhuo said and could not help but look at himself. He just went out for a trip. The only person he came into contact with during this period was Wei Zhen.

Jing Lin suddenly had a flash of light. "You said you could eat all this black gas?"

Gao Zhuo said: "Yes."

Jing Lin thought for a moment and asked Gao Zhuo, "Can you do me a favor? Help me save a person."

Gao Zhuo was curious: "Who?"

"Wei Zhen."

Wei Zhen, Gao Zhuo knows. Hearing this, he didn't even think about it, and immediately agreed: "Yes." Although he knew that he would not wake up after smoking those things, as long as he continued to stay in the group, there would be no big problem.

Zeng Shener did not want his son to take risks, but was persuaded by Gao Zhuo. Their mother and son can continue to live together, in addition to the horse home father and son took him home, still owe Jing Lin human feelings, can also on a return, is also good.

The matter of saving lives cannot be delayed. As a result, Jing Lin, who had just returned home, had to call Yan Fei again and rode to the county seat.

Gao Zhuo was relaxed. Although he was a ghost repairer, he was actually floating. All he had to do was follow the horse's ass.

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