Faint Wei Zhen was carefully carried back to the car by Jing Lin. the five men were dug and buried by them.

The people waiting in the same place were greatly relieved to see them come back safely. Seeing the bloody Wei Zhen, Zhao Shaogan hurriedly came up with his medicine bag to stop the bleeding and clean up the wound.

Zhao Shaogan said that the medicine was not complete and they had to get back to Dawn Base as soon as possible.

During this period, Wei Zhen was lying on Jing Lin's car, with two thick bedding under him to avoid excessive turbulence. The heating array in the car was matched with the gathering array to protect him from the cold and his body could be nourished by reiki.

On the way back to the county seat, Wei Zhen had a high fever, occasionally woke up, and his consciousness was also in a daze, and he had not looked carefully because of the wound and blood on Wei Zhen's face before. when it was near now, Jing Lin was surprised to find that there were fine lines between Wei Zhen's eyebrow and eyes, and white hair was mixed between his hair, which suddenly aged a lot. it seemed that he had suddenly stepped from youth to middle age.

Afraid of Wei Zhen having a big problem, Jing Lin took out the tea that Guan Shuangshuang had traded with him and took a piece of it to break his mouth and feed it in. because the tea would turn into reiki after a bite, he did not worry about hindering Wei Zhen's breathing. Wei Zhen, who had eaten tea, had a lower fever at that time, but soon the temperature would rise again.

After walking for more than two days, Wei's situation was really mixed, when the team also arrived at the county seat near nightfall on that day.

During the period when they left Jing Lin, several bases in the county seat had a great collision. Other bases, including Chengguan and Fangbei, were all merged with Dawn Base. They were named Jialin Base under the name of the county seat name. The base leader was Shi Lei. Several other former base leaders shared all the important and important responsibilities of the base and were under unified management.

The reason for this is the wheat seeds brought out by Jing Lin's village.

Towards November, the wheat in several bases had already been harvested normally under the condition of artificial warming and artificial lighting. Although the yield was not as good as that of Jing Lin Village and even worse than that of previous years, there was always a harvest. After that, Shi Lei immediately asked the newly harvested wheat seeds to be retested.

Then we found that these newly planted wheat varieties had unstable offspring traits, and their germination rate and growth were very poor. When they were harvested, the yield would be very unsatisfactory.

This kind of situation, at the beginning from the scene in the hands of a few base of wheat has been prepared in my heart, just wait to really know the result, the in the mind is very depressed. According to this kind of situation, in addition to let Jing Lin arrange a gathering array for them, then they can only take wheat seeds from Jing Lin village all the time. Only when their experts have developed new varieties, can they guarantee a certain yield after harvest, can they get rid of this situation.

Because there is only so much wheat in Jing Lin village, it is not feasible to promote it in a large area in a short period of time, and the three bases are divided in the allocation of seeds.

To promote planting, only a part of the farmland in the surrounding villages can be selected for trial planting, which will leave the villagers in other places with an impression that you do not have what I do not have and will cause emotional rebound, thus causing fatal chaos.

This is not what the three bases want to see. During that time, the three chiefs stayed in the conference room every day to discuss. Finally, Chengguan and Fangbei merged into Dawn Base. Later, everyone took coercive measures against several other small bases, either soliciting, persuading or refusing to listen. After that, the whole county finally became a base.

Then Shi lei took people to contact Ma Renshan and began to exchange wheat seeds. Cui Lizhu began to arrange for all base personnel to move back to the residence in the county seat. As long as you can provide relevant certificates, aborigines who have houses can get their houses back. If you cannot provide them, they will all be divided into temporary residents. The base will allocate the residence and pay a certain accommodation fee every month.

As for Xiang Zehua's father, President Xiang, he took people to the surrounding villages and chose suitable fields. The selection range was near Jing Lin's village. Originally, their team had been planned inside, but Ma Renshan said that their team's fields had other uses, so President Xiang gave up.

When Jing Lin arrived at the county seat, the county seat was busy building the city wall, and the entrance had already been built. Entering the county seat, some houses damaged by vegetation are also under repair. On the damaged roads, grass roots have been completely removed and construction workers are pouring mud and sand into the damaged areas.

The streets and houses have become clean and beautiful again, and the lives of the busy people in them are back on track. Although they are not as comfortable as before, they now have hope compared with the initial desperate situation.

News of the return of the outgoing team came as early as a short time after Jing Lin entered the county seat. Shi lei knew it. he took people to meet him personally and took them to the latest residence of the base management.

"Hard work for you!" Although only a short period of more than two months, Shi Lei is becoming more and more superior and more calm. However, in the face of the sight of them, their words and deeds are the same as before, and they are still close to each other. They are always good brothers. He said to them, "Hot water is ready, and we will welcome you at night."

Jing Lin said that they would rest here for a night. When they heard this, they thanked Shi Lei first and then carried Wei Zhen down.

See almost only one breath of Wei Zhen, Shi lei's face brightened suddenly lowered a lot, obviously didn't expect they also brought back such a person, and Wei Zhen old changes let him also ate a surprised.

Wei Zhen's status is unusual. It is natural that he can be injured like this. Leaving him behind may be a big problem. However, the idea only flashed in Shi Lei's mind for a moment. He immediately ordered someone to call several doctors to come over and see Wei Zhen's face turned red with fever. Nothing is more dangerous.

The doctors came soon. They checked the water supply for Wei Zhen, and Jing Lin set up a gathering and heating array. After some examination, the doctors told them that Wei Zhen's injuries had almost healed, but he still had a high fever, which indicated that the serious injuries were still in the interior and the medical conditions were limited now. In this case, they did not dare to operate, that is to say, whether they could get well or not was rather a matter of destiny.

Jing Lin thought for a moment and said, "Please help him as much as possible." Tomorrow he will bring the four generations of tomato fruits in his family. There is more spirit in them than tea. He may be able to save one fruit a day.

At the dinner table that night, everyone ate second-generation rice, which was exchanged from Jing Lin's village. A bowl of white rice is steaming with strong aroma, with moderate hardness and good taste. Now the big guy who has little chance to eat white rice will not say it. In order to make rice with this taste before, he can eat two bowls at a time without eating any food.

In addition to meat on the table, there are several kinds of common vegetables. The oily green color made many of my friends blush. When I started to use chopsticks, I managed to lower them with reserve, so as not to upset the bowl and chopsticks and make a fool of myself. However, the speed was so fast that I did not have any vegetables after brushing a few dishes. I quickly picked up a completely clamped dish and poured the rice into the soup mixed with vegetables and had a good time.

At the dinner table, everyone also knew the news of the merger of all the bases, and basically no one was dissatisfied. For most of them, whoever they followed did it, and they could eat their fill. On the way, Shi lei also looked into the future with everyone, saying that as long as everyone makes concerted efforts to contribute to the development of the base, rice and vegetables will drop in the future.

At the end of the speech, everyone was full of energy.

After the meal, Jing Lin asked people to feed Wei Zhen less than half a bowl of rice soup made of second-generation rice and another piece of tea. Not daring to feed one more piece of tea was enough. Jing Lin did not know what had happened to Wei Zhen. But before he saw that Wei Zhen's condition would improve, he fed one more piece of tea once. However, Wei Zhen vomited blood directly and his expression was very painful. The situation scared Jing Lin and they were scared. Fortunately, there was no irreversible consequence at that time, but Wei Zhen was even weaker afterwards.

This is a little bit of a feeling that there is no need to make up for it, but there is no need to make up for it either. once tea leaves are fed once in a while, there will be no more problems.

In the evening, the place where Jing Lin lived was a nearby hotel where the animals slept with Lele. Jing Lin slept with Yan Fei. Sitting on the bed, Jing Lin took out what Wei Zhen had thrown to him that day after the training.

It was a book, which might have been hidden somewhere before. The whole book was wrapped into a tube. Jing Lin didn't press it down specially, and the pages were all bent at the moment. On the way, Jing Lin just put it away. At the moment, he held it in his hand and looked at it curiously. After reading two sentences, he immediately closed it.

Yan Fei sat next to him and could not help asking, "What's the matter?"

Jing Lin said, "This is a secret book." It seems that the reason why Wei Zhen was pursued has been found.

Thinking of what Wei Zhen said when he cleaned up the gate, Yan Fei said, "isn't his sect called xuantian gate, it may be a treasure in his sect."

Jing Lin turned around the room, then asked Yan Fei to help him lift a counter by a corner, and he put down the book, which should be enough for one night. He said: "When Wei Zhen wakes up, he will give it back to him."

It was getting late, and the two were ready to go to bed. lying on the bed, Yan Fei sighed with emotion with both hands: "things are unpredictable."

From Wei Zhen's few words, we can also guess what great changes have taken place around him-the death of master, the defection of his disciples, the pursuit of his fellow disciples, and the lingering between life and death.

Jing Lin also got into bed and was grabbed by Yan Fei.

Yan Fei put his chin on his forehead and said, "when we get back, shall we get married?"

Jing Lin paused and looked up at him with a smile: "Do you want to invite the villagers to drink?"

"Yes." Yan Fei took it for granted that "it is also a major event in our life. we went from house to house to inform people. those who love will come, and those who do not want to come will not be forced."

Yan Fei thinks that they can't register for marriage like ordinary couples, so a wedding banquet is the only witness that can give him and Jing Lin. If in the past, he had at most had a meal with his lover's family, but now it is different. They have the strength to stand in front of people and make them dare not say anything.

Jing Lin heard this and said, "then when we go back tomorrow, we will discuss it with our family. Alas, I still want to have a good rest. It seems that I will be busy for a while."

Although the mouth said so, but the voice is full of smile.

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