Jing Lin ran in the front, and Mimi went straight after him smelling the blood without him having to show the way.

The scene in front of me flashed continuously. The cold wind roared into the nasal cavity. The air in the lungs seemed to have been plundered. Jing Lin had to take out his hand and cover his nose to breathe smoothly.

He released his mind and noticed that his teammates were closely following him. He counted the number of people and then made a gesture of four. This is the number of attack arrays to be arranged with human array points later.

Wei Zhen and the five men ran at an unusual speed. They chased each other for several minutes by turning into strange animals. Finally, they saw something moving in front of them.

Wei Zhen was surrounded by the five men at this time. He looked even more flustered than before. There were several more wounds on both sides of his shoulder. His face is very pale, is already a spent force.

The five people heard the movement behind, have turned to look up.

Seeing the strange animals they were riding on, these people realized that the situation had changed, and the people who had asked them before said, "are you? What are you doing here?"

At this point in the scene they have let the animals around the five people, came to Wei Zhen's side. Jing Lin jumped down from Mimi's back, while Yan Fei and them were on guard against the five men.

Jing Lin stepped forward to hold Wei Zhen, whose body was tottering. "How are you?"

Wei Zhen looked at him weakly. "This is not something you can interfere in. Leave."

Jing Lin didn't speak again, but helped Wei Zhen aside and found a branch from the ground for him to lean against and stay away from the battle center.

Over there, seeing the sudden increase in this line of strangers to destroy their good deeds, the five people showed displeasure, but they still didn't pay much attention.

These five people only think that they are passers-by who see injustice and want to draw out a sword to help them. A man dressed similarly to Wei Zhen, who was supposed to be a fellow student, pointed his long sword at Yan Fei standing in the front and warned, "he is right. this is not your business. it is not too late to leave if you are well-advised. Otherwise, don't blame us."

"Why talk nonsense with them!" The other, dressed in a dark Tang suit, said. He looked YinZhi, waving his sword, an invisible firm but gentle horizontal straight at the front of the Yan Fei several people.

Yan Fei: "Be careful!"

He couldn't feel it, but his perception of danger reminded the people behind him that everyone rolled on the spot to avoid the damage.

When Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu got up from the ground, they waved their whip at the man and rolled the man's wrist and sword respectively.

The man felt the unusual force of the whip and could not help but show a gloomy smile: "It's kind of interesting."

Then, with a slight shake of the wrist, the whip was detached from his wrist and attached with a force, like alive, and counterattacked the two men holding the whip.

Two people frightened, the whip menacing, don't allow them to dodge, fortunately Yan Fei next to hand, blade precision matchless on the whip. The front end of the whip collided with the long knife, making the knife hum and make Yan Fei's hands tingle.

On the other hand, Jing Lin, at a very fast speed, took a defensive symbol for everyone and said, "Arrange the battle array!"

The number of array points of each array is not specified. As long as it runs out of track, the array points can be reduced or extended indefinitely. Several of the people who came here were used as eyes in other teams. The presence of gestures and slogans in the array made them cooperate temporarily this time.

At Jing Lin's command, everyone moved. Strange steps, incomprehensible pithy formula, during which reiki kept surging.

The four arrays were quickly formed and divided around five people to form an encirclement. On one side, the animals were turned into a stronghold.

The two men in dark clothes were not sure what had happened, but the three men who were suspected to be in the same class as Wei Zhen looked at the familiar aura field and their faces were already livid. They took one look at the distance as if it were a flash in the pan. At this moment, they were looking at Wei Zhen with great spirits and burning eyes. They gnashed their teeth: "So you are with him!"

I thought I was just a stranger, but in the blink of an eye, the other party became the enemy's helper. I told the five people that they were really angry. They all thundered and challenged at the same time.

The firm but gentle thrust at Jing Lin with its spirit force. The pike in Jing Lin's hand turned over to resist it and pushed it away with the strength of the defensive array. At the same time, Yan Fei's horizontal knife cut into the other side's abdomen, and the other side tiptoed a little on the ground. With the strength of Jing Lin, Yan Fei retreated back lightly.


Under the slogan of direction instruction, Jing Lin and Yan Fei stepped forward at the same time. At the moment of take-off, with sharp momentum, they thrust out the second attack without waiting for the other party to stand firm. One left and one right, with incomparable tacit understanding.

The other party, like a swallow, jumped up and dodged their attack. And while their weapons collided and their bodies fell, they stepped on the intersection of weapons, forcing Jing Lin and Yan Fei's one hand to bear the weight and sink with the force. The other side held the sword with one hand and made a circle, and rowed fiercely to their necks.

Fortunately, after long-term training, Jing Lin and Lin have gained a lot of flexibility in their bodies. They drew out the weapons they had stepped on, bent back, supported the ground with weapons, stopped the backward trend, then turned sideways and moved to the left, avoiding the attack.

The man looked at the other companions being entangled by each other's companions, and at that time they were all too close to each other. He felt deeply that his own side had received provocation and could not help laughing angrily: "I underestimated you!"

The bad guys all died of many words. In the middle of the battle, Jing Lin and Yan Fei were both people who were not interested in communicating with the local authorities. When they heard this, they just launched another attack, one on top of the other, making it impossible for the man to escape easily.

The reason why that person is so light and agile depends on years of practice and spiritual support in his body. However, when the spiritual power is always exhausted, Jing Lin believes that as long as they hold on and this person has insufficient stamina, then it will be the time for them to fight back.

The two sides fought for an unknown period of time, and the array broke up and got together again and again. Jing Lin they found two people on the right is one of the most severe, another dark clothes means equally good, drove Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu back again and again, very mess. While the other three will be inferior, these three people, especially a suspected fellow who is entangled by the animals, are now in a mess.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the man to be knocked off by Su Zhen's big tail again. He didn't notice his feet. Qiu Bao, who suddenly emerged, grabbed his right leg in one bite. His sharp teeth pierced into it and almost bit it off.

The other party let out a loud cry, but before he could turn around and attack with his sword, he was trampled on his back by the swooping duck. As soon as the duck's foot hook slipped, blood streaks appeared on the man's back, his skin turned outward, and bones were visible.

The duck rowed several times quickly, and the man had almost no good skin on his back.

Then, his other leg, which was still intact, was caught in the Quack's tongue. Quack dragged it to the ground, the man only had time to see in front of a white shadow slipped past, was Su Zhen's tail heavily pat on the chest, one mouthful blood immediately spit it out, eyes unwilling to open wide, finally breath didn't come up, just open your eyes no sound.

Lost a teammate, fighting capacity decreased by one point, the remaining four people were stimulated, offensive counterattack again strong.

Jing Lin fell back again, and the sharp sword coming from the attack shifted over his forehead with the sound of contention. The shock wave on it swept over his eyelid, cutting off a short eyelash.

Yan Fei's long knife split horizontally in the past, drawing a scar on the other side's abdomen, interrupting the other side's next offensive. He quickly grabbed Jing Lin's hand with one hand and dragged him back, whose back was about to come into contact with the ground.

"get together!"

Before he could stand up, Jing Lin drank again.

The other teams, with the help of the changed animals, began to compress the battle scope. The other three, who were fierce before their fighting capacity was insufficient, were forced by their attack routes to approach Jing Lin in their direction.

When Jing Lin saw that it was almost the same, he shouted loudly, "Fog!"

The little black dragon, who had been stuck in Jing Lin's sleeve and wrapped around his wrist, listened to Jing Lin's instructions from the beginning of the fight and started his skills again when he called it. Therefore, when he heard the name of his skills, the little black dragon became energetic and felt that he could finally go on stage to express his presence. It firmly grabbed Jing Lin, leaned out a small head, and began to make its heavy fog toward those who had been bullying Jing Lin and Yan Lu.

The four men, who were originally agile, suddenly felt an obvious sense of retardation, and then found out that all the offensive actions of the other side were completely avoidable and even counterattacked in their heads, but their hands and feet were always slow and half beat, and this feeling became more and more obvious, even breathing had this feeling.

The so-called while you are ill to your life, see each other attack slowed down, Yan Fei and Jing Lin stab out their own gods at the same time, attack the dark clothes present two people respectively.

The two men reacted faster than the original Zhu Ren. Their first divine attack was narrowly avoided by them, but with the interference of fog, every struggle to move the body was a muscle damage, and the sensitivity was lowered by one point.

They know that only one point is enough to kill them. So when Jing Lin's second divine attack came, the two men looked pale and despairing, like trapped animals in cages, and issued a roar of unwilling.

The roar came to an abrupt end when God's knowledge penetrated into the skin of their foreheads and penetrated deep into their brains.

They were not as lucky as Zhu Ren. At that time, Jing Lin did not have as much control over God's knowledge as he does now. Leaving him alive only made the other party stupid. Now Jing Lin's use of divine knowledge attack is perfect, so the two men were killed instantly.

When the two men died, even if the fog was gradually disappearing, the remaining two suspected companions were also determined to fight back and immediately gave birth to the idea of running away. However, Jing Lin could not allow them to escape. A whip was pulled back to one person, tied up and handed over to Wei Zhen for disposal.

Wei Zhen was already strengthening his support. when the two men were brought to the front by Jing Lin, his momentum immediately spread out. his former gentleness ceased and he became very sharp. he shouted to the two men, "kneel down!"

The two men were afraid of death. They knelt down without any resistance and asked Wei Zhen for mercy: "Master elder brother, please forgive us. We were also forced by the two elder brothers!"

Wei Zhen held a long sword in his hand all the time. He held it up trembling and pointed at the two men. He said coldly, "You have been taken in by Master from the orphanage since you were born. You have been raised and taught your skills. You are ungrateful for the sake of your interests, betray your teachers, betray your teachers, and kill him! Today, as your former master elder brother, I will take the place of master and clean up the house!"

The words fell, a sword flashed across, blood spattered on the icy stone road, and all the expressions on Ben's face remained at the last moment of his life.

With a crash, Wei Zhen threw down his sword and bowed deeply to them."Thank you for saving my life."

However, the bent waist failed to lift and fell down directly.

Before that, I was also holding on at one breath. I didn't want to die in the hands of those people. At the moment, the threat has been eliminated and the tense nerves relaxed. Wei Zhen could no longer hold on and passed out.

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