Not all the materials were exchanged for salt, and each left some. When the locals were busy, the small group of people were not idle. They scattered to find what they wanted to exchange. Long Zhang even let Qiu babies sneak down to the ground to search for black mud. Qiu babies didn't collect less black mud all the way, but they were saved by Long Zhang.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei went to what the old lady said before, Baiying Mountain.

Baiying Mountain is not far from the southwest base. There is a big lake under the mountain. It used to be a place to play. Now the whole lake is frozen. They stepped on the lake and walked directly through the center of the lake to the foot of the opposite mountain. After arriving, I saw many people digging holes and pulling piles of ice roots out of the holes. This ice root, once heated, will directly turn into water, which is a specialty of L city. Others may not be able to do so, but the ice array in Jing Lin can get some back to grow. As long as it is buried under the ice, as long as there is a piece of root, it can branch and grow all the time, so that it can be well nourished. It is more convenient to use it as a cold drink than freezing ice directly.

Because in L city, ice roots are not edible for them, and drinking water can be provided at most now. Because of the large quantity and fast growth of ice roots, the base does not restrict residents to ask for ice roots, and anyone who wants them can dig them.

At the foot of the mountain, there are businessmen who rent digging tools. They rented a pair of Jing Lin and handed it directly to Zhao Zhiwen. Compared with other people who only had one seal when they smashed it, Zhao Zhiwen smashed it directly into a pit and dug it out in a few times, revealing the ice roots growing underneath. A glittering and translucent rhizome crisscross, is very good-looking.

Zhao Zhiwen pulled out the ice root. Jing Lin and Yan Fei packed the ice root into the bag they brought. In no time, they filled a bag full of ice root and returned the tools to the businessman. Several people clapped their hands and went in another direction. The speed was so fast that others felt incredible and envious.

As for the kind of cookies Jing Lin needs, it is actually a kind of tree frost of mutant trees. This kind of tree frost is about two centimeters thick. They wrap the branches of the mutant tree like a layer of white clothes worn by the mutant tree. People can eat it directly as long as they cut it off with a knife. As long as the mutant tree does not die, the tree frost will be there all the time, and like the ice root, the growth speed is too fast, it was cut off today, and a layer of tree frost was added a few days later, which is also only suitable for growing in an environment of ice and snow. However, because it can fill the belly, the price is a little higher than the ice root. Few people starved to death in L city, which is basically due to it.

White Eagle Mountain has a large area of these mutant trees. There are more cookie cutters than ice root diggers over there. This area is under management and stipulates the number of trees that each person can cut at a time. However, if Jing Lin wants to take away, he can only exchange one tree. Fortunately, although the branches of this tree are as thick as an adult's thigh, it is not high. With such a tree on the ox cart, it can be pulled away smoothly.

Jing Lin found the management room, where two managers were sitting. Jing Lin asked him if he could change one. One of the managers, who looked older, said: "Yes, you gave the address and sent it to you before dark."

Another manager was not confident enough in front of the man, but Nuo Nuo only reminded him, "This tree can't be sold, can it?"

The old man gave him an impatiently inclined look: "One or two less can tell, close your mouth."

The man shrank his shoulders, and his silence reduced his sense of being.

There is something fishy about this, but this is not what Jing Lin should do. After asking the price, he felt that it was within the scope of his acceptance and reported the address. Indeed as expected, when it was getting dark, the man came carrying a bundle wrapped in rags. It was the cookie variation tree that Jing Lin wanted. There was mud on the root. Black mud and ice were on the tree. The tree could not die.

After the man got his own satisfactory supplies, the people introduced by Mr. Wu also sent all the salt to him after a while, which was exactly the same as the quantity calculated by Jing Lin, showing that these people were indeed reliable. Their benefits were already given, and they left when the goods arrived.

Every extra day spent at the L city base costs an extra day. Everyone began to pack bedding that night. The next day, while it was still dark, they took the bullock carts and packed the salt. After Jing Lin and Yan Fei sent the rest of the tomatoes to Fifth Master for return, everyone set off and set off on their way home.

Not long after they left L city, the little black dragon told Jing Lin that they were followed by several groups of people.

Such a situation was actually as early as they expected.

The number of teams exceeds 100, which is a very large team. Although the materials in the car are not exposed to the public, the smart people can see some tricks through the marks of the car. When they entered the base on the same day, they should have been seen by those who set their minds on it. Some of the actions of the people introduced by Fifth Master in private may have been seen by those people all the time. The reason why they didn't report is robbery.

L city ban fights, robberies, etc. , troubled times with heavy code, caught people get punishment will be very heavy, basic is very honest in the base, but after the city is not the same, because is no longer within the scope of the base management, so whether robbery or murder, the base is no matter.

As the strong members of the team, Jing Lin was at the end of the team. He asked the little black dragon to watch the people and inform him before the other party made any moves. He informed the people in front of him and passed on the news one by one.

When some of them could no longer help it, Jing Lin blew a whistle hanging around his neck. This whistle, once sounded by him, means to fight immediately.

Sure enough, the whistle just rang, when the crowd just jumped out, the team side, everyone jumped down from the car, armed with weapons, soon gathered around the scene in the side, and the cattle, are very honest to stand still.

The group did not expect these people to move so fast. Although they paused, they did not hesitate at all and rushed at them.

Many of the people in the team were in actual combat for the first time. Although they were a little nervous, after so long of high-pressure training and cooperation in the county seat, their bodies had formed conditioned reflex. When they saw the knife in front of them, they made the most correct response without thinking.

Jing Lin lifted the curtain of his car, sat Lele on the front of the car, facing the direction of the battle, and said to him, "Lele, watch."

Lele hugged the duck, nodded quietly to his uncle, and then followed his uncle in the battle.

This is not the first time. At the beginning, Lele remembered that her family had been invaded in the middle of the night. She still remembered that when they met several displaced persons on their way, Jing Lin would let Lele look at them like this. He is too young, his skill may be faster than that of adults, but his strength is not good, and his courage is not good now. Jing Lin let him watch, let him accustomed to the end of the world may happen at any time. Because there is an example before, Lele's eyes only fogged up at that time, and then he felt a little uneasy. When he looked at it for the second time, his expression was still a little nervous, but it was all a worry for his family. Up to now, his expression has been very calm, and through several battles on the road, he has confidence in his uncle's ability, and when looking at it, he will think about how he should react if the other side took a knife to cut him from a certain direction.

Some people were injured in the team, but more people were injured in the other team. After all, Jing Lin's side went through the systematic training of Qu Zhengchao, a soldier, which was completely different from these scattered organized teams.

And with out now still stay in situ several dial want to pick up cheap those people, some have returned to absolute being know they underestimated each other's strength began to retreat, some don't give up, one after another also joined the battle, want to with the number of rolling Jing Lin they kill, divide up their salt.

The team's changed animals also appeared in front of the people and were about to join the battle.

"They have so many strange animals!" One of the little leaders shouted, pointing to Mimi and Sanhua like tigers, excited in his speech.

Now the animals are very valuable. All the animals living in the base are registered. As long as you are optimistic about not being caught and killed in private, the safety is very high. The scene near them into the base, all animals are in the car, accommodation is also carefully hidden, didn't let them show once.

The fighting ability of foreign animals who can fight is very high. If the average person sees such a changeable foreign animal at once, he will probably frighten his legs soft. However, in the eyes of these people, the foreign animals they see are not animals, but materials, and the enjoyment of a comfortable life for a period of time in the future.

The greed and cruelty in these people's eyes were seen by the small group of people, especially Jing Lin, who regarded the changed animals as family members. His heart was furious, but his face was full of sneer.

It is, I do not know life or death!

As soon as she got out of the cart, Su Zhen let out a scream of cold and moved her tail unhappily. Lele quickly took off her scarf and tied it around her neck. she tied a knot reluctantly. her neck was chilly and was surrounded by duck wings.

Su Zhen, wearing Lele's scarf, glanced at the strangers who disturbed her laziness in the heating array and snorted coldly to show that she was very angry.

Quack said that he was also angry. It was too cold here and he didn't want to move. Quack cried that he could only make a quick decision-since he was locked up at home by Jing Lin, Quack didn't learn much from Lele. Idioms are now used very fluently, although only Su Zhen and Lele can understand its Quack . . .

Two jumped out of the car, Quack long tongue darted out a drag is a person. Su Zhen slipped into the crowd with a swish, and several people were knocked off when she swung her big tail. The posture was like killing all sides. Even a tail shot dead a person who rushed at her with a knife and shining eyes.

Su Zhen, it's one thing not to kill, but in the process of training, it just doesn't kill innocent lives, and it doesn't come to annoy it. Hello, everyone. For example, this kind of person who wants to grab its skin and cramp and put it into action can't do it without killing.

Brown and brown danced and cried beside Lele, cheering Su Zhen's sister. Her red fur has almost grown up, bright and fluffy, like a fireball. Brown and brown, which used to be thin but not strong, have now become a very beautiful little girl. If she goes out casually, she can charm all the fox men.

Small black dragon is trying to help the team to reduce the possibility of injury, it figure extremely fast drill to drill in the crowd, when the rope wrapped around the legs of some fighting capacity is better, let a person fall to the ground, he went up and shook his tail snapped hit each other's face, such as stun again in another target to continue to play.

Therefore, as soon as possible, the number of people on the other side at the beginning was twice as many as they were. However, thanks to everyone's efforts, the number of people on the other side continued to decrease until the last 20 or so saw that they could not beat their teammates completely and ran away.

The rest of the people, dead or wounded, groaned in pain. Sing.

In such a cold day, there is no need for them to do anything more. The wounds of these people will be exposed to the cold air for a while, and all the injured places will be frozen out. Only some members of the team suffered minor injuries. They got on the bullock carts and stayed in the heating array. Just ask their companions to help bind them up.

At the beginning, the training was not only aimed at physical strength and force. Several medical personnel in the team also taught everyone the most basic medical techniques, such as wound dressing. Zhao Shaogan also took home common Chinese herbal medicines such as hemostasis and analgesia to teach everyone to recognize and get familiar with them, just in case.

Su Zhen and Quack got on the bus and their bodies were very cold. Jing Lin wiped the blood on them. Brown and brown jumped to Su Zhen's side, squeezed her down and warmed her as soon as possible with her stove-like body.

The duck, on the other hand, spread its other half's wings over Quack in disgust, glanced at Quack crouching under its white wings, and gave a triumphant cry to Lele: look at my white feathers, which have made this ugly creature beautiful.

The team continued to set out, not affected by the freezing, and was carefully taken care of by its companions. The injured people were alive and kicking again in a few days. After carefully passing the winding mountain road on the road, and after more than ten days, one day at noon, we arrived at the small village we passed before.

After the people in this village were handed over to Lu Yun for treatment, this village became a real empty village. More than a month later, it is no longer as neat as it was at the beginning. Dust, spider webs, feces of unknown animals and so on are everywhere.

The team will stay here for one day. Qu Zhengchao and Jing Lin went directly to the place where the blue ore is located, which has been guarded by Lu Yun's people. Seeing strangers come in from a distance, one of them raised his pistol and warned them to leave here as soon as possible and to shoot if they went further.

However, it was soon stopped. The man happened to be a rough man who had once met before and was whipped by Miss Europe.

The rugged men obviously knew them.

They didn't want to go to the base in Jing Lin, so they told the rugged man, please ask him to say to Lu Yun, inform those rescued people who had been settled in the base that they should pack up in one night after leaving, and the next day the miners should come out together to meet in the village.

At the beginning, many people asked to leave, but only six people, two families, the little boy who once helped bathe in Jing Lin, took his parents' hand and smiled shyly at him.

Relying on the materials provided by Jing Lin, the rescued people nursed themselves back to health at the base. Because they were all granted residence rights, counted as local residents, and enjoyed all preferential conditions, most of them planned to live here, even if they wanted to go to another place before they were caught. However, a imprisonment has worn away all their courage. The outside is extremely dangerous for them. They dare not take any more risks. Even if they follow behind the seemingly very strong team, they also lack that courage. What's more, leaving here represents a new start in life. It is very unstable for them.

As Shi lei's right-hand man, Qu Zhengchao only said to the six men, "you will not regret today's decision."

The two families did not have a bullock cart. What they prepared was a modified bicycle with two front wheels side by side and a carriage at the back. They were loaded with supplies to carry the family. The two were not tired when pulled together.

However, the two families themselves did not have much material, and the cars of the divided teams could carry it, so in the end there were only four families in the carriages of the two families.

On the way, Jing Lin did not deliberately hide from the two families the arrangement of heating and rain arrays. Every time he finished his deployment, he would cause the two families to marvel at each other. They called Jing Lin a heavenly teacher and Jing Lin a black line. The others laughed and thought they were right.

After that, the two families only called Jing Lin Tianshi, and often called Jing Lin embarrassed, but he tried to persuade the other party to die without changing his mind. Instead, he led the rest of the team to follow suit. Later, more and more people called him. Jing Lin listened more and was completely immune to the name.

The little boy Zhou Zhou's eyes glistened whenever he saw the scene. At the beginning, the tall uncle gave him a gentle bath, but he liked this uncle very much and now he has to add the word worship.

Jing Lin was always stared at by Zhou Zhou in such adoration, which amused Yan Fei. He said that this was his number one fan brother. So on the way, in the space of the picture symbol, suddenly on a whim, he took out the paper and pen of the picture symbol he carried with him, and taught Zhou Zhou to draw a low-order attack symbol and let him try.

I didn't think the child's talent was good. The runes he practiced only a few times on the car wall actually made him draw successfully at one time. Although the quality of spiritual force implied in the runes was not as good as his, the runes did not collapse and could be used.

"You are very good." Jing Lin touched Zhou Zhou's head and gave him the attacker. He has rarely used symbol paper now. First, the quality of symbol paper is not good, and it can only bear the spiritual power of low-level symbol method. Second, the number of symbol paper is also small. Now he does not know where to make this yellow symbol paper.

Zhou Zhou was very happy to show his family his calligraphy paper. His mother was no longer with him, and his father and grandmother were at home. The other family, son and mother, were close friends who had crossed for decades. They escaped together and suffered together. Now they are really close families.

The two grannies in the family were very happy and looked at the miraculous heavenly teacher in their eyes, with tears in their eyes. They wanted to have the cheek to let the heavenly teacher teach them sun and sun's scribbles. with this skill, sun and sun can live a good life when they grow up, but they still didn't speak after speaking out.

In case the heavenly teacher does not want to accept disciples, he will be embarrassed if he opens his mouth. I can only touch Sun Sun's head and hope in my heart that he will get closer to the heavenly teacher and have a good fortune.

Jing Lin naturally did not think of so many. After Zhou Zhou left, he went on with his scribbles.

The closer the motorcade is to home, the more excited everyone's mood is. Let's pray that we can get home directly and smoothly.

However, the more you don't want something to happen, the more likely it is.

This afternoon, they were near the border of the province when they saw a man galloping along the main road ahead. The man was covered in blood and his clothes were broken. Although the speed was extremely fast, his body staggered, covering his abdomen with one hand, and there was a mass of red blood, which fell through his fingers in a line.

Jing Lin was walking at the back. when he found out that the man was already very close to here, he stood in the car and looked. he saw the familiar faces of the other party at a glance and exclaimed, "Wei Zhen? !"

There were many wounds on the man's face and he was very embarrassed, but the face was really Wei's face.

Wei Zhen stepped on the charm of the wind. His mind was almost wandering. He only tried his best to push himself forward. After hearing a familiar voice, he immediately woke up and looked at the source of longing. Then he saw Jing Lin and them.

He paused in his steps, suddenly throwing something at Jing Lin. Then he said to Jing Lin, "Don't say you have seen me."

Then he turned and ran to a fork in the road, leaving blood all over the place.

Jing Lin didn't know what Wei Zhen had done, and the speed was so fast that he could not help asking each other what had happened to make him so embarrassed. Wei Zhen had disappeared from his sight.

In the bullock carts behind him, Yan Fei withdrew his eyes from Wei Zhen's disappearance and asked Jing Lin, "shall we catch up and ask?"

The real situation of Wei and the sentence he left behind indicate that it is very likely that he is being hunted down by people, and those who can hit him hard are definitely not ordinary people. Jing Lin is contradictory at the moment. He doesn't want from ruin, but he is afraid to bring trouble to his relatives.

Just as he was hesitating, Zhao Zhiwen suddenly made a noise: "There is another person in front."

Jing Lin threw his things into the carriage.

The words sound just fell a few seconds, a line of five people appeared in front of them.

Among these people, three of them were dressed exactly like Wei Zhen, who was once distinguished and leisurely. These people looked back at the blood and looked at the motorcade. One of them asked aloud, "Have you seen a young man with blood all over him pass by here?"

The questioner's voice was agitated, his face was full of impatience, his eyes were high above the others, and he did not regard the small group as superior.

The motorcade was quiet and no one spoke for the time being, because they all knew that one of the people who came to the county to help them put out the flowers was Wei Zhen, who was one of the benefactors who gave them a comfortable place to live. Many people in the team, some of them were members who were saved by Wei Zhen's jade array.

However, even if they don't say, with the blood on the ground, these people can also know Wei Zhen escape route.

Jing Lin looked at the sullen faces of these people. Before they became angry, he pointed out Wei Zhen's disappearing route: "He fled there."

With a snort of cold, the man was in a hurry to catch Wei Zhen. He only caught a glimpse of them with a negative survey, making them have no doubt that if the other party were not in such a hurry, they would definitely stop and give them a lesson.

The five men soon disappeared along the blood trail at the fork in the road.

Others are wondering why Jing Lin told them so happily about Wei Zhen's escape route. At this time, Jing Lin had already jumped down from the car, stretched out his arm to let the little black dragon climb up his shoulder and asked Tang Hao and Cao Sanye to borrow Mimi and San Hua.

Jing Lin said: "Don't worry, just let them carry us over. When we get to the place, there will be no danger if I let them come back."

Jing Lin thought that only he and Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen were in the past. But when he understood that he was going to save Wei Zhen, Qu Zhengchao, knife elder brother and Cao Sanye all said they would go together. Long Zhang climbed directly onto his baby's back and said he could start at any time.

Other members of the team also began to add them, one more person and one more effort. However, if you want to catch up with those people as soon as possible, you can only take animals that have changed. However, the number of animals that have changed is limited, and their ability may be a drag in the past.

Finally, Jing Lin and Yan Fei rode Mimi, Zhao Zhiwen and Cao Sanye rode Sanhua. Qu Zhengchao and knife elder brother sat on Mimi's daughter's back. As for the two girls who were determined to follow, one was carried by duck and the other by Su Zhen. The others all stayed and waited in the same place. If they hadn't come back by dark, they would find a place to rest directly and then travel to the county seat.

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