The recruitment panel is also rich in content.

There are people who need construction, those who seek medical workers, those who recruit small agricultural experts, and various researchers, professors, etc. These are the human resources urgently needed in the construction of the base at present.

Later, they looked at the regulations posted at the center.

Because Qu Zhengchao helped set up some bases and knew a lot about the operation of a base. After he stayed, he also gave Shi Lei a lot of advice. However, in Jing Lin's view, Dawn Base is still much worse than Southwest Base in various systems and is not perfect.

If you look at Qu Zhengchao again, it will make Zheng look at it carefully. It is estimated that you will write down these useful notes and apply them to Dawn Base.

Next to the center is the trading office set up by the base. This kind of trading office with an official nature, the way of trading inside is also different from that outside, not exchanging things for things, but using trading tickets. There is a trading office at the entrance of the trading office, which is a special window for exchanging trading tickets. These trading tickets are paper of special materials developed by the base, with strange patterns on it, which is the symbol of the southwest base.

This kind of trading ticket is a new currency circulating inside the base. However, because this kind of trading ticket can only be used inside the base and has relatively large disadvantages, although the price is the same as that of barter, it is usually exchanged only when people need some specific materials from the trading office, because no one can guarantee that the trading ticket that can be used today will be reduced to a pile of waste paper tomorrow, just like the coins that came in the last days.

Jing Lin took some supplies with him, went to the window and exchanged them for trading tickets. Then he went to the trading office and looked inside.

In the trading office, just like in the previous wholesale markets, fixed stalls and storefronts are set up. There is a shopping mall with special collection and variation. There are more people coming here than there are in Fifth Master. Only because you can only get a batch of materials if you only exchange them with Fifth Master, but if you are here, you may also get a special contribution award set up by the base in addition to the same amount of materials. This award, which can be a trade ticket, can make the base permanent residence rights, can also be other guarantees provided by the base, which is more cost-effective than going to Fifth Master in many cases.

At a stall, Jing Lin exchanged the trading ticket for several local mutant tomato fruits and let the stall owner open them. A line of people tasted them. Those who had not eaten them said they were delicious, and those who had tasted them felt that they tasted normal.

Xie Shu looked at some seeds picked out by the vendor in this tomato fruit center and asked, "Can I exchange this kind of seed for a trading ticket?"

The vendor smiled and said, "I can exchange it, but this fruit is special and very harsh on the weather. I can only plant it in a cold place like ours. I can't do it anywhere else. I'm very pampered."

Xie Shu can only give up.

I also visited other stalls and saw some people trading with the stall owners. Only then did they realize that as outsiders, they were really at a disadvantage in the exchange of goods and materials.

L city residents have a resident card, which is divided into a local resident card and a temporary resident card. local resident cards can be processed as long as they have identity cards or household registration certificates. if they do not, they are all temporary residents. temporary residents must register for more than 30 days before they can process the temporary resident card, and then they can enjoy the preferential treatment provided by the base. Moreover, the preferential treatment for local residents is better than that for temporary residents, and temporary residents are better than foreign residents.

For outsiders like Jing Lin, the starting price of salt exchange is a little higher than that of temporary residents. In addition, the quantity they need is also large, so the price is very high. Looking at the price, everyone feels very painful. The lost materials are enough for them to exchange a little salt again.

Knowing the exchange price of salt, Jing Lin was extremely depressed and went straight back.

Just as the other two groups came back, everyone exchanged their information. Li Feiyu, who was in the other group, said they met two salt dealers on the way and said he had a lot of salt to sell to them.

As soon as Li Fei-Yu said the price quoted by the other party, Jing Lin knew that Li Fei-Yu had met a salt dealer who tricked the locals. the price was even higher than that of foreigners.

Several bases in L city have more severe control over salt. Soon after the chaos, they sent someone to control the road leading to the nearest salt lake. After more than a year, the salt originally stored in the urban area is almost consumed. Now the people in the city want to use salt again, they can only exchange it from various bases and only use specific transaction tickets.

Salt is a relatively important material. At that time, they did not find salt in Jing Lin's place. Later, Lu Yun was asked. Lu Yun said that the salt in their base was in short supply and they did not exchange it with foreign countries. The amount of salt exchanged by local citizens was also specified. If they really wanted it, Lu Yun said that he could only give a small portion, but the amount was too small to share with them.

In wuye's place, they also did not find the existence of salt. For the local base, the exchange stores opened by the two men are all robbing businesses. However, they can be allowed, not only because of the powerful forces behind the two men, but also because of the unified agreement of several parties on the flow of salt.

The city of L, which controls several salt lakes, now has no shortage of salt. Local residents also have restrictions on exchange, but the restrictions are relatively small. When you exchange more than a certain amount, the price of salt will increase relatively. With this restriction, because of the scarcity of materials, few people can exchange a large amount of salt, and because of dangerous factors outside, the possibility of local residents exchanging salt and raising the price to sell out is fundamentally eliminated. Apart from the base itself, only a few hunting teams with a large number and not afraid of being robbed of salt are allowed by the base.

Of course, there are also a small number of local citizens who are salt dealers in the base, and those who fool them are also outsiders. This is the kind of people Li Feiyu met.

This is also the reason why Jing Lin did not ask people about it at random. They will be fooled if they do not pay attention to it.

"Turns out to be a liar." Li Feiyu touched his nose and said with a little disappointment that he was even more disappointed when he learned that Jing Lin had inquired about the exchange price of salt.

The next day, Jing Lin hired a taxi to look at the other three bases. The other three bases had similar management methods, but the managers were good or bad, so there were slight differences in the appearance of the bases. After discussing, they chose to exchange salt in the southwest base.

Just how to exchange money, still want to think about it, really let them use the identity of outsiders, they must be loathe to give up, however, it is impossible to live here for a month, so lose more.

In the evening, while handing out tomato fruits to everyone, Jing Lin suddenly said, "go to the Fifth Master tomorrow and ask him if he can help."

Yan Fei asked curiously, "He doesn't know us, how can he help?"

Jing Lin pointed to the tomato fruit in his hand, meaning is self-evident.

Yan Fei said, "Then try it."

The next day, the team stayed in the room. Jing Lin and Yan Fei went out with the little black dragon, carrying a tomato fruit in their pocket.

Tomato fruit has been preserved in the ice matrix, but due to the reason of leaving the fruit tree for a long time, the aura is lost, but this tomato fruit was held in the hand of Fifth Master, and his eyes were also amazed.

"This fruit is good." Fifth Master tossed and turned the tomato fruit in his hand, looked up and asked Jing Lin, "Are you different from the local fruit? Is there a large quantity? I'll take it all."

It seems that the identity of the Fifth Master is not that of an ordinary businessman. The forces behind him may have something to do with those who fix the truth. According to the method of collecting things, the person behind Wang Da should be the same person, or the same person.

Jing Lin said, "There is not much fruit. There are still more than a dozen."

Fifth Master smashed his mouth: "The quantity is too small. Forget it, it is better than nothing." Although he was sorry, he actually looked very happy."What do you want to change?"

Jing Lin said: "Salt."

Fifth Master frowned and looked embarrassed: "I don't have salt here. I live in a base and sell salt. It conflicts with local forces."

Jing Lin explained the purpose of the trip: "Please ask Fifth Master to do us a favor and find some reliable local residents to exchange salt for me."

Wu ye loose eyebrows, "this is feasible. I happen to know so many people who specialize in this. However, if you ask them for help, you can't help them."

"This is natural." Jing Lin Road.

Yan Fei asked, "Are people reliable?"

The Fifth Master promised with deep pockets: "Don't worry about this. If anything happens, how much you lose and how much I will pay for the Fifth Master."

Yan Lu and Jing Lin this just show a little satisfied expression.

Fifth Master asked, "Where do you live? Give me the address, and when it's evening, the men will come to your door, and you will give them the supplies, and when you change them, they will send them to you."

"Then thank Fifth Master first."

Fifth Master motioned with his hand: "I'm not helping for nothing, as long as I bring all the fruits to me when the job is done."

When things were done, Jing Lin and Yan Fei went back. When the wolves were in chaos at night, several people knocked at the door, saying that Fifth Master had introduced them. Their names were the same as Fifth Master had said to them, and they handed over the supplies to them.

These people came to hide, or batch, quietly took the goods away.

As the saying goes, there are policies on the ground and countermeasures on the ground. Several bases are forbidden for foreigners to entrust local people to exchange money like this. However, it is obviously not the first time that these people introduced by Fifth Master have helped handle affairs. They need to eat, so do the traders. Half of the benefits Jing Lin gave them went to some people in the trading office.

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