The noise did not dissipate until midnight.

In the morning, everyone went to the canteen of the community. The ice in some corners was still stained with dried blood, and I don't know whether it was human or wolf.

Breakfast was full of flour paste, pickles and flour lumps. Everyone stuffed their stomachs. In addition to those who stayed to guard the supplies, the others divided into three groups, each with some supplies and went out to inquire about the news.

Everyone broke up at the gate of the community. Jing Lin and several familiar people were in the same group and chose the route from the city at that time. On the way, we saw some sledge teams going out with various tools. This was a hunting trip.

The little black dragon hid in Jing Lin's hat pocket and looked around curiously.

On both sides of the street are dense igloos. Some of those who live here have escaped from the outside, and some of them are outsiders who stayed here while working in the city. In Jing Lin, they saw that some ice houses had been knocked down or cracked. It should be the noise made by wolves last night. Many people are rebuilding the ice houses now. Snow pulled from somewhere is piling up on them and pouring water.

The scenery of this city is actually quite beautiful. Most of the places where one can see are white, but no one has any idea to enjoy them now.

The trees in the city are covered with ice ribs, and signs are set up around them to keep pedestrians away, because if the ice ribs fall, it can directly kill people.

A city is very large. Although the territory has been divided, each base has just started and now there are many places beyond their control. Jing Lin is looking for such places.

Finally, everyone found a street between the two bases in the southwest and southeast.

In this part of L city, the four bases all want to develop and grow. Although they cooperate with each other, they are still in a state of competition fundamentally. There is no clear planning line for the site of the base. As far as the street where they are standing is concerned, the southwest and southeast bases have always been at odds. The site is clearly divided, so the street is divided into two halves, one in the southwest and the other in the southeast.

The discord between the upper strata of the two bases has led to the discord between some residents of the lower strata. As soon as they stepped into the street, they saw a strange sight on the two streets: some residents of the two bases were sitting on the heads of their own ice houses, their bodies covered with worn quilts, and they were scolding the residents of the same ice house on the opposite street.

When they listened carefully, they found that cursing and cursing were all trivial matters. What caused too much noise to the neighbors last night, who farted too smelly in the middle of the night and almost smoked the dead, or which couple shameless in the middle of the night, the manager shouted too bad, causing the neighbors to sleep badly.

This is the reason for being too idle. The people living here are basically the weak and weak with little ability. They stay in the ice house every day, doing nothing and finding fault and quarrelling seem to be the only way to vent their emotions.

However, even if the noise was red in the face and thick in the neck, because the two bases had a prior agreement not to fight, no one had started work.

In the midst of these quarrels, some stalls were set up. The stall was located at the gate of their own homes. The stall owners were sitting in the ice house. On the stalls were all the powder and ice-like roots they had seen in the canteen. A piece of gray cloth was full of both.

It seems that these two things should be quite common in L city.

Yan Fei squatted down beside the stall and asked the stall owner, "How do you sell this stuff?"

The vendor, who had a weak and sickly look, immediately backed up after hearing the question. First, he pointed to the root and said, "This ice root can be used as drinking water. Two catties of flour will be exchanged for one catty. This cookie is five kilos of flour for one kilo."

Everybody looks at each other, the price seems very expensive.

Yan Fei was about to speak when suddenly a head appeared from an ice house nearby. It was an old lady. She raised her voice and shouted at this side, "Young man, don't be fooled by him. You can go to Baiying Mountain outside. There are everywhere. Dig a hole casually and you can pull out a lot of things. This stuff is worthless. The cookie, too, can be changed from half a kilo of flour."

Yan Fei put down the ice root and immediately understood. The vendor estimated that they came from other places, so he wanted to fool them.

The vendor was punctured, flustered and frustratedly got out of the igloo, pointing to the old lady's jumping feet and cursing: "smelly old woman, if you don't open your mouth and no one treats you dumb, you will not be able to see if I am good or not. every time you are bad for me!"

Many people around laughed at the vendor when they saw this scene, saying that they had failed again today. It seems that they didn't do less before, but they didn't succeed, and were probably destroyed by the old lady next to them.

The old lady was not afraid of him at all. she lived near here. who knows who? she only looked at the vendor shamelessly and pointed out to Yan Fei, "what do you want to change? go to the end of this street, where there is a exchange shop. the price is reasonable. what my son finds is usually taken there."

Yan Fei thanked her, and everyone went to the end, leaving the stall owner to jump around and tell them to wait. The price was too high. You can pay the money back on the spot. Don't go without saying a word.

Yan Fei they ignored him, the vendor stayed outside for a long time, too cold to bear, can only give up and drill back to the ice house, waiting for the next foreigner to be slaughtered.

At the end of the street, Jing Lin saw from a distance the sign that said exchange shop and heard a burst of cheers from there.

Jing Lin said, "Let's go and have a look."

Approached, he found that there were two igloo in front of the store, one large and one small, crowded with many people in the big one, and only one person in the small one. the man's face was impassioned, his expression changed from time to time, and his mouth was full of words. when it came to excitement, his hands and feet would follow.

Jing Lin they stood and listened for a while, only to find that the man was actually telling a story, which is "storytelling".

When Jing Lin arrived, they happened to be at the end of a story. After the storyteller left suspense, he asked everyone to wait for the next time. After the people in the big room left unsatisfied, the storyteller also said that he was tired. He was picking up a piece of ice and chewing it to moisten his throat. At this moment, he suddenly threw something out of the exchange shop and was firmly caught by the storyteller. When he took it in his hand, he found it was a steaming chicken leg!

The storyteller, learning from the past, had to rush in that direction and embrace his fuels."Thank you, Fifth Master!"

There was a male voice from the door: "today's story is good, continue tomorrow."

The storyteller answered, then sat around with his mouth wide open and chewed up-it was so cold that if you don't eat soon, the chicken leg will freeze.

The people who had not been completely exposed looked at it, and they all looked at it with envy. They wanted to be able to speak so eloquently. They were worried about chicken legs, but they didn't have the ability, so they had to swallow saliva and left.

Jing Lin also withdrew their eyes and entered the exchange shop.

Seeing the layout inside, several people who had been to Wang's shopping mall were all stunned. because the layout around the counter was too similar, the back wall was also occupied by two large price lists. the patterns were the same. the exchange price and the materials collected were almost the same.

Fifth Master was a middle-aged man with no facial expression. He looked at them and saw that they were empty-handed. He asked, "For what?"

Jing Lin was thinking about the connection between Wang and the Fifth Master when he heard this: "Let's have a look first."

The Fifth Master did not speak, motioning with his hand to show them that he was free. He was holding a cup of hot tea, leaning against the chair of the master to think about things, and occasionally glancing at them.

In wuye here, Jing Lin they found the variation of tomato fruit. However, it is also right to think about it. Today's tomato fruit itself can only grow in extremely cold places. It is not surprising that tomato fruits appear in such cold weather. Only from the appearance point of view, it is smaller than Jing Lin's house's, and the appearance is not so good-looking, with a little feeling of malnutrition.

Knowing the exchange price of the contents, Jing Lin had the cheek not to change anything. when he left, he did not say anything, but knocked on the price list marked "variation" to remind them: "there are strange animals and plants, you can bring them to me. the price is not low."

Jing Lin they nodded and left.

Later, they went to the center of the southwest base, where the base distributed its tasks.

However, because the journey is too long and we don't know how long it will take, we called a "taxi", which is actually a sled, pulled by a group of fast white-haired animals.

Before getting on the bus, Yan Fei looked at it and felt that the appearance was somehow familiar. he asked the owner, "is this a mouse?"

The owner said: "Yes, it is too cold in this place. These mice have developed thick fur. Because they run fast, they are caught and trained to pull sleds. Although they are small, they have great strength. It is not a problem to pull so many of you."

The mice that were killed by them in that small village before were all black short hairs, which turned into white hairs. The variation direction of animals is also affected by the environment.

The owner of the car was quite good at driving. He was supposed to be an old driver. On the slippery ice, the car "drove" quite steadily. He almost ran into another sled that was pulling passengers on the way. Both of them braked in time. Then they choked each other with the words "hurry to reborn". However, everyone was busy and had no spare time to quarrel. They shouted to their mice to hurry on.

This is really keeping pace with the times. Even the tone of swearing seems to be the same as before.

The speed of the car was a bit fast, which scared the people all the way. They were afraid that the road would overturn. However, in the end, everyone finally arrived at the center of the base unscathed, paid the car owner's fare and entered the center.

The people in the center came and went, and everyone walked around and found the task panel first. The above tasks are divided into three types: searching for people, searching for new species and hunting for animals.

In these three missions, there is no specific place to search for new species. As long as it is something you have not seen before, you can bring it to the base. After being tested as a new species, you will receive relevant rewards. The other two are the publishers with locations to publish. The publishers who search for people will only pay all the rewards if they find them successfully. They will not pay any rewards if they fail to find people. For those who do the task, it is very likely that they will make a trip for nothing. The risk of this task is too great. Unless the reward for the task is extremely high, no one will normally accept it.

As for those who have changed into exotic animals, successful hunters will only receive full rewards if they hand over their complete prey to the publisher, and 10% less if they have one leg less.

When receiving the task, the person doing the task only needs to remove the red list and register at the task registration office. Each task also has a time limit. If the time limit is exceeded by the publisher, the task will be deemed to have failed, and the red list will be hung on the task panel again, waiting to be picked up again.

In addition to the task panel, there is a recruitment panel.

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