On the way, Yan Fei asked the little girl about the city.

The little girl told him that those who had just come to hand them the paper, including her, were actually working for different forces in the city.

L city has four bases. in order to divide the resources of the city's territory equally, it occupies four corners of the city and spreads to the center, with the name of southeast and northwest. The entrance to the city is the southwest base to the left, the southeast base to the right, and the northwest and northeast bases across the city center.

The place where they are going to stay now belongs to the southwest base, which is on its outermost periphery.

Before the end of the day, the little girl was an art student, because she painted well. Before that, she painted all the houses on the paper tube. It was also because of this that she found such a job to help foreign guests stay at the base. She walks around the entrance on roller skates every day and gets little pay, barely enough to feed herself.

The little girl also said that because they were located in the north, wolves had been seen in the nearby villages. After the end of the day, these wolves had changed and become very cunning, more agile in their skills, faster in reproduction and difficult to deal with. Wolves sneak into the city almost every night. They haunt the city. The people living in the house are fine. Few wolves can break in, but those living in the ice house are not. When it gets dark, they have to block the door with ice. But in this way, every day there are people bitten by wolves or even dragged away whose lives are unknown. Many owners of igloo changed one after another, some starved to death and froze to death, some were killed by wolves, some were lucky or with their own strength, they lived in the area under the control of the base.

At present, each base has the task of hunting wolves to the outside world. Everyone only dares to go hunting in the daytime. The temperature in the city will be lower in the evening than in the daytime. It is inconvenient to move. It will be very dangerous to go out. But now the city has a limited number of people and fewer people dare to take on these tasks, so these wolves are becoming more and more arrogant.

The little girl knew more about the living environment because she took guests from other places to stay for a long time. Seeing that Jing Lin had so many things with her, she suggested that they rent a better house to live in. Because the community is located at the entrance of the city, it has almost always been a place for wolves to flee. If there is chaos, she will not say anything if she meets wolves. In case the chaos brings something that is lost by fishing in troubled waters, it will do more harm than good.

After walking for half an hour, they saw the row of residential areas they had seen before.

There was someone standing guard at the door. The little girl said hello to him and said she had brought someone to stay. The man just nodded and let them in.

They came to the entrance registration office of the community, where there was more detailed accommodation information, so everyone looked at it first.

There are many kinds of accommodation modes in the residential area: large dormitories with dozens of people in one suite, dormitories with a dozen people in one suite, and single rooms or whole rental units. The more you go in, the more expensive the price becomes. In Jing Lin, they chose a person close to the middle section, a hundred people, rented several sets of those for more than a dozen people, while the Jing Lin family rented a complete set. It was not that they wanted to be special, but that the two girls in the team could not be crowded with a group of big masterses, and it was more convenient to rent a complete set with such changeable animals.

There is also a special place for the animals who pull the goods to rest in this community. The team together spent a sum of money and rented a piece.

After Jing Lin paid their fees, the little girl said goodbye to them. The registrar pointed out the place where a person took them to live first, put the goods in the car at the door of the accommodation, then left some people to watch the goods while others followed to the place where the animals were parked.

The place is on the square of the community. It is quite a large piece of land. It is full of rows of cowsheds. Looking at it all the way, most of it is empty. Only a few of them have some animals inside, like theirs, either cattle or horses.

Everyone unloaded the ox cart and put it together, and the ox was shut in. Here is also guarded by some people. When the shed was locked, the gatekeeper registered the number and gave them a pair of cards. Only when the person who took the pair of cards came could he take away the oxen and cars parked here. Therefore, he told them to take care of the pair of cards and not be responsible for losing them.

This is the same as the process of sending cars when Jing Lin and his family went to town.

At last, the match was kept by Qu Zhengchao.

After returning to the place where they lived, everyone began to move the goods upstairs. The place where they lived was on the second floor. With a large population, it was easy and fast to move.

Finally, when everyone has settled their accommodation, it's getting dark and it's time for dinner.

There is a kitchen, only single rooms and a complete set of rental, other all can't. If you can't light the stove, you can only go out to find food. They went directly to the canteen in the district. besides being provided for people working nearby, the canteen also had foreign guests.

In the dining hall, food stamps are exchanged with materials at the gate first. Everyone exchanged food stamps with materials. They are basically curious and want to eat. The food is not bad, it is white rice, but it is very rare and expensive, so people are reluctant to eat it. besides, they try to keep a low profile and choose coarse cereal steamed bread as their staple food. when swallowing, they scrape their throats, and the food they eat is meat, which is also wolf meat, because wolf is the most common food here.

Because of the shortage of other food, meat is also very expensive, and more is made of wild vegetables with various strange tastes of pickles and pickles.

There are also some things that we have not seen before, such as those that look white and pink, some small squares that will rustle off the powder in your hand, and look like a layer of white flour. Once you eat it, it becomes sticky. The upper and lower rows of teeth are sticky and hard to open immediately. After eating a piece of cheek, you feel tired and almost not your own. However, with a little sweetness, you need to be careful to feel it, and the feeling of fullness is also good.

There is also a kind of plant root that tastes like chewing ice and has no taste but can quench thirst.

These two things, Jing Lin wondered if he could find some seeds to go back.

After eating, he brought food to his brother who was guarding the house, and everyone went back together. I wanted to go to bed early because I was very tired after traveling on the ice.

Out of the canteen, a gust of cold wind blew, everyone tightened their clothes, shaking to the place where they lived.

Jing Lin and Guan Shuangshuang and Long Zhang went back to the rented suite and arranged the heating array first and then to other people's rooms. Otherwise, they wouldn't want to sleep in such cold weather.

There is a kitchen in this room, and there is no gas now, so all we offer are small stoves and a few pieces of dry wood. It is enough to cook a meal. Jing Lin's dinner was settled, but the rest of the family did not have it yet. The canteen in the community provided water. Each person ordered a quantity of water. Jing Lin was too lazy to carry it down. He took the water with the array and let the little black dragon soak in the bath first. He set up the stove, cut the venison he brought down and cut it into small pieces. He took out a handful of dried vegetables and stewed them together. A pot of rice was steamed on the top of the pot. The rice was specially prepared for ducks.

While waiting for the venison to ripen, Jing Lin brought out two more chili peppers for Su Zhen to eat and cut a few tomato fruits. the animals in the room shared the food with others, including one piece of tendrils as plants. the tip of its leaf was pasted on the pulp, and when it was lifted up again, only a thin layer of peel was left.

Tomatoes are eaten by Jing Lin's family every day. After cooperation with Jing Lin, he not only asked Jing Lin for some seeds to grow, but also used black mud to make regular trade with Jing Lin every week before harvest to ensure that he could eat at least one tomato a day. Guan Shuangshuang is the first time to eat, so he was surprised and immediately asked them what it was. She guessed that Jing Lin must have brought more than a few with him this time and said he would exchange things with him.

Then he ran to the place where the tall fool came out with her and brought a small bag of things from his own supplies.

After Guan Shuangshuang opened his pocket, the strong green tea fragrance floated out. Everyone looked inside and found that they were all pieces of green leaves with three fingers wide and looked watery.

Long Zhang picked up a piece and looked at it in front of him."Leaves?"

"This is a variation of tea. It is delicious to eat directly." Guan Shuangshuang picked up a piece and fed it to his mouth, then motioned them to try it.

This leaf is obviously scented with tea. They all tasted it and took a bite. They felt a little aura came out of it. Before you could take a second bite, the leaf melted directly into their mouth. All the leaves hidden inside came out of generate and flowed down their throats.

Long Zhang hit it and hit it on the mouth: "The taste is worse than tomato fruit, but the aura is ok." Holding his hand over his mouth again, he breathed a sigh of relief and sniffed it. The heart andao can be used as chewing gum, and the effect is better. This is the fragrance left on his teeth and cheeks.

Jing Lin asked, "Do you have tea in your family?"

Guan Shuangshuang pointed to the tendril poked out of her sleeve and told them the truth: "My family planted it, but later it changed. Its main body is tendril."

Everyone was surprised to see the tendrils swaying like a snake.

Long Zhang opened his big mouth: "then what we just ate was not tendril's body?"

"sort of." Guan Shuangshuang said, "However, Manman has never returned to the tea plant since he broke away from it, and he has always hated it. However, although the tea plant is detached, it is still affected by the tendrils. The tendrils will bring certain changes to the cultivation. The leaves of the tea plant will fall off and grow new ones every once in a while. The leaves we just ate were collected when it fell off."

Long Zhang asked Guan Shuangshuang, "Do you still have this kind of tea tree in your family? I'll exchange things with you."

Guan Shuangshuang shook his head: "No, just one."

So Long Zhang said that he could only eat a few more leaves to ease his loss. He also did not forget to put a few more leaves into Qiu Baobao's mouth. His baby's teeth were snow-white, and he needed to eat more of these.

The taste of the tea leaves made Jing Lin feel good to them. They exchanged several tomato fruits with Guan Shuangshuang. Guan Shuangshuang brought quite a lot this time. He kept his own food without thinking about the deal. He also gave Jing Lin some extra and Long Zhang got some.

After the firewood in the stove went out, the rental room was full of rich meat flavor. Jing Lin took out the rice bowls of the little ones and filled them with soup one by one. Adults also had half bowls.

This rental house consists of three rooms. Jing Lin and Yan Fei live with Lele. Yan Lu and Guan Shuang live together. Zhao Zhiwen and Long Zhang live together, and the animals stay in the living room.

Soon after everyone rested, there was a howl of wolves from the neighborhood, one after another, in large numbers, with some human shouts. The night that should have been quiet sounds busier than the day.

Jing Lin's room where they slept had balconies. The balconies were outside the heating array. He and Yan Fei got up, put on his clothes and looked for a moment on the railing. Because of his good eyesight, he could see clearly. There were people holding torches everywhere around the neighborhood. Al Qaeda should have organized them. Some green and faint eyes were running around, chasing people or being chased and intercepted.

Zhao Zhiwen, who was also woken up, knocked on Jing Lin's door and asked if he would like to go down and have a look. Maybe if he was lucky, he could play one or two and peel off some wolf skins.

Jing Lin shook his head and refused. He will step on the site to inquire about things tomorrow. There is not so much energy to hunt wolves. When he is new here, the terrain is unfamiliar. The wolves are so good at fighting. Let them sleep well and get up early tomorrow.

The others had to go back to their rooms and sleep honestly.

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