Now that I have met with Lu Yun, when Jing Lin left the peace base, they temporarily handed over the supplies to Lu Yun to help look after. Lu Yun vacated some houses first tonight, and they will distribute the supplies to those people one by one when they send people here tomorrow.

When Lu Yun saw the batch of goods, he was extremely surprised at their generosity. "Do you really want to give all these things to the rescued people?"

This is not a small sum of material, enough for one hundred people to eat for the first half of the year, so free? It was the first time he saw someone so generous after the end of the world, and the recipients were still unrelated people.

Some of the team members were heartbroken to see several team leaders give away the supplies. However, in the base, although they did not eat well, they would not be hungry. What's more, these people were imprisoned and worked hard for so long. They also deserved these things.

The most important thing is, with their bullock carts, I can't take them away if I want. I have to send them all.

It was getting dark early in winter. When the team left the base, it was already dark. They lit oil lamps and returned to the village in the dark.

Everyone is waiting for them, and the rescued people also know that this team is helping them, watching them come back, and everyone is watching them eagerly.

Everyone cheered when they knew they could stay at the base. However, some people also asked if they could go with the team.

Qu Zhengchao said that the current team could not take them on the road. Their own cars are not enough to pull the goods. How can there be any extra space for people to carry people, and they can't let their own cars follow them? However, he added that the team will pass through here after December. If they still want to leave with the team at that time, they should prepare the car and the living materials they need in advance, and then keep up with the team. When they arrive at the base where the team is located, they will be provided with accommodation.

Many people answered happily and said they would leave with them when the time came.

These people had nothing on them, all their clothes were found in the cave, and when they left the next day, they were very relaxed. With this group of old and weak arrived at the base, Lu Yun let his men take them to arrange.

However, Jing Lin returned to the village with Lu Yun and his brothers and went to the place where the Blue Stone was.

When Lu Yun's men went to check it out, Qu Zhengchao said, "Well, we have to dig some more."

With a wave of his hand, Lu Yun said that there was no problem at all. Judging from the places that had been dug out, the mountain was covered with these stones for a long distance into the mountain. The visible quantity was sufficient. As long as they could carry it away, they could dig as much as they wanted this time, but they would have to exchange it for something when they wanted it again.

This time, the stone digging did not change into the help of foreign animals. Jing Lin was not convinced of Lu Yun, so the little guys didn't bring it out and were still shrinking in the carriage. Even Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu did not come. They were all ordinary people. It took a few minutes to dig a stone, but that was it. The speed was too fast in Lu Yun's eyes. Compared with his brothers, it was a flying speed.

Lu Yun had the cheek to say to them, "Can you stay a few more days and help me dig some stones?"

Jing Lin naturally refused. Their time was very tight.

Lu Yun also gave up, but still smoked his mouth and thought to himself: Fortunately, the other side's cart was small and could not pull a few stones. He has said all his grandiloquence. If a big truck comes, the mountain will not be hollowed out when he leaves. Then he will have to cry at the bottom of the truck.

After digging a pile of stones, each ox cart could carry a dozen or twenty pieces. On the same day, they said goodbye to Lu Yun. Everyone rested for a night and set off early the next day. When leaving, Jing Lin removed the heating array that had been secretly arranged before.

Due to the presence of blue stones, his heating array was not discovered by those people, who all thought it was because of stones.

The motorcade left the small village and continued to head for L city.

The more you go forward, the worse the weather is. Every day you blow a knife-like cold wind. Once you leave the car, you will feel frozen into popsicles after standing below for less than a moment.

On Jing Lin's bullock cart, poor brown and poor brown were isolated from the heating array, and their mouths made a whining noise. They always wanted to drill into the array. As soon as they moved one step, they were pushed back by Su Zhen with their tails.

Jing Lin rubbed his head. "I'll change your hair. Be obedient."

Fox likes cold and fears summer, but brown and brown are opposite.

At home, after cooling down, brown and brown stayed in the home with the heating array all day long, and all the way out, except that he would shake his feet and walk down every time he ate, he also stayed in the heating array at other times. he stopped in the small village two days ago and stayed outside for a long time, and it began to lose its fur, which flew all over the car.

In the first few days, Jing Lin combed his hair every day. His movements were very light and light. A comb was also a big lump, which made several Jing Lin worried whether he was sick or not and whether he would be so bald. A few days later, when I combed the fur again, I found that there were some hairs under the fur that were redder than the fur now. Only then did I realize that this was the time to change the fur.

After that, Jing Lin won't let brown and brown stay in the heating array any longer. After it grows its winter wool, it will be able to bounce around in the cold weather.

On such a cold day, Su Zhen was even more reluctant to get off the bus. Jing Lin felt that if it came down in this weather, it would have to sleep without swimming a few steps. even Quack, who had not been affected by the low temperature at home before, was not as active as usual.

The only thing that is not afraid of the cold is the small black dragon. In such a cold day, people still cannot take a bath. I occasionally lie prone on the cow's head to help everyone inspect the surrounding road conditions.

After walking for a few days, white began to appear on the distant mountain, which everyone knew was snow. Gradually, snow began to fall on the road. There were still scattered snowflakes in the sky. It was already a heavy snowfall when the scenery was approaching the winding mountain road through which they must pass.

The road conditions were so bad that there was no trace of other people or animals walking on the road. Even the place where their bullock carts had just passed was soon covered with snow. Everyone gave themselves cold-proof clothes, and then they all got off the cart and led the cart forward against the mountain.

Everyone does not know what is under the snow. One foot deep and one foot shallow stepped on it, walking carefully. People fell and were all right. They were afraid that the car would fall. On several occasions, Niu Yi, who was walking in front of the bus to lead the way, nearly fell to the ground with his car. If it hadn't been for the help of the people nearby, the bus would have broken down.

The road was dangerous and long, and everyone walked slowly. When it was dark that day, they only walked half way. They had to stop at the same place. The ground was wet and the stove couldn't be started. Everyone used some dry food, listened to the howling wind and snow around them, and stayed on the bullock carts to pass the time. At that time, everyone was even more fortunate to have the heating array. Otherwise, it was not clear how to spend the night on such a cold day.

Everyone didn't sleep well that night either, because they had to get up from time to time to sweep the snow on the roof so as not to crush the car.

It took them almost two days to get completely out of this winding mountain road. Then in the short period of two days, everyone found that all the cattle had a long hair, which looked like yak, but it was much more beautiful. The hair was soft, smooth and elegant.

Indeed as expected is a variation of cattle, not to be underestimated.

However, Zong Zong fur, which has lost its fur, has also lost its fur faster and has grown more new fur. Even though the color of its body is quite different and the length of its fur is also different, it was ridiculed by the duck. However, the duck was soon taught by Su Zhen, and its tail wrapped around its neck, making no noise.

After leaving Panshan Highway, the snow did not fall. The roads were all icy. The cows were fine. It was very hard for people to walk. The feet were slippery from time to time, and occasionally they fell on a big horse. Moreover, the temperature dropped further and further inside. Wearing thick fur was a bit unbearable. Everyone was flushed with cold and felt stiff. Many people were not fit enough. Frostbite was one after another. Fortunately, however, there are not many such difficult roads, because they are approaching L city.

This day, the motorcade stopped at a very big intersection. Yan Fei took a map and said, "Go down this road and you will reach the toll gate at the entrance to L city."

"There is a guidepost over there." Jing Lin's good eyesight led him to find a road sign on the opposite road.

The two men looked over and found that the road map on the sign was completely drawn manually. The arrows on the sign pointed in four directions, three of which pointed to the routes leading to other provinces and cities, and the other was L city. A smaller line was written beside it: Hope Base.

Yan Fei looked at Jing Lin. "It seems that the base in L city has also been built."

Jing Lin answered, "This is good news." At least they don't have to bother to find out where to change salt.

The two men returned to the motorcade, and everyone followed the road. After walking for less than a while, some low-rise igloo began to appear on the roadside. There were basically people inside, and occasionally people wrapped like balls passed by them. But in the back, fewer people walk, more people slip past them on homemade skates, or on snowboards, or on sledges in teams drawn by animals.

These people are all wrapped in white fur, and they are not dressed like locals at all, so these past people looked at them curiously.

On the road, except for the first sign, several more appeared behind it. The terrain drawn on it was more detailed. Then Jing Lin found that he thought too well. The directions indicated on these signs all led to different bases.

That is, the distribution of power in this city is different from that in Lu Yun's city, which has only one base, but there are several bases just like their county seat.

They had to stop to discuss which one to go.

At this moment, a person wearing skates was completely wrapped up, revealing only a pair of eyes. The person who was not tall slipped over. After the other person came over, he took off his mouth, and everyone found out that he was a little girl.

The little girl turned around them and took out a roll of paper tube from her jacket pocket and handed it to them: "Are you from other places, lodging?"

Yan Lu directly took over, and scene in a few people gather together to see.

After the paper tube was unfolded, it was very large, and then everyone found that it was a plain drawing, which showed rows of ice houses, some houses and the furnishings in some houses, good or bad, and each area also indicated the accommodation fee. Because the painting skill is very high, the painting is black and white, which looks like a very clear black and white photo.

When they were watching Jing Lin, several skaters slipped up and squeezed the paper out of the little girl's hand to rush into Jing Lin's. Others went directly to pull the paper in Yan Lu's hand.

Yan Fei grabbed it at once, glanced at the man and handed over all the papers. "I'll finish reading the one in my hand first."

On the other paper, the painting is basically the same as that of the little girl, except that the painting skills are high and low, and the accommodation price is similar. I can't see good or bad at the moment, but later people gave them a bad impression.

So Yan Fei returned the paper to them after reading it and only asked the little girl, "Where is this place? Is it far from here?"

The little girl's eyes lit up and she knew that this group of people were planning to go with her."Not far, it's just ahead," she said. She pointed to the rows of residential areas that could be seen in the distance, "did you see the rows of houses? Your bullock carts will be within half an hour's walk."

Yan Fei nodded, "Then you can take us."

The little girl rolled up the paper again and said to them, "Then you come with me."

Said, and slowly slide in front, because the cart speed is slow, she is like playing, sliding around the cart, a relaxed and arbitrary appearance.

Jing Lin looked at it and said to Yan Fei, who was walking next door, "this is a very good means of transportation."

Yan Fei nodded, but also said: "It can only be used in this city of ice and snow, and it can't be used without a skillful skating skill." Otherwise, how can there be people walking?

The author has something to say: I don't know how fox molts, so in this article, Zong Zong is used as an exotic animal. what I refer to here is the appearance of young penguins molting. in fact, the reason why I write about them when they go out is to write about the environment after the end of the world-my writing is a little wordy, and I feel it myself. I just hope to take it slowly, and I will try my best to pay attention to this. Besides, the interaction between attack and acceptance of this article is too little for me to watch. I also hope to make progress slowly in the future. However, this article is mainly based on the plot _ (:Г) √ _


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