The small group of people settled the rescued people in the vacant houses. Bedding and the like were all found in the holes in the ground. Jing Lin also arranged a heating array, so even if they slept directly on the ground, they would not feel cold.

These people have been tortured for a long time. They haven't slept well for a day. At the moment, they are fully fed and clean. They lie in the warm bed and fall asleep almost immediately.

After tossing about for the middle of the night, the team members also failed to sleep. The night watchman was bitten by one person and was temporarily replaced by another. They continued to complete the night shift with Jing Lin and did not return to bed until the dawn.

After daybreak, Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu prepared breakfast together. Jing Lin and Yan Feicai got up. Although they slept for less than three hours, they were still very energetic and did not feel sleepy.

Qu Zhengchao had already asked the location of the blue stone from Dongge's mouth. After dinner, Jing Lin took the whole family with him. Some people in the squad stayed to watch the car. They found two people in good health from the rescued crowd to lead the way and went into the mountain.

The nearby mountains are sparsely wooded and have many rocks. So although the mountain is still luxuriant at the moment, there are few towering giant trees.

The village is not far from the destination. The guide said that they would be driven into the mountain before dawn every day, and then they would dig for a day before going back when it was dark. Because stones are difficult to dig, there are usually only three or four stones available at the end of the day. These stones are kept by Dongge and they are regularly taken to the city to find people to trade in exchange for supplies. People like them who are caught are not seeing rice grains of soup and wild herbs every day. Occasionally, they can eat rice noodles in one or two meals, but basically they are all rotten. But even so, Dongge is afraid of starving them to death for a while and will not bring them out to eat until he can't catch a replacement.

All these phenomena indicate that Dongge and his family are completely raising the captured people as livestock. However, before and after the livestock work, the host family also knows that they are well fed.

The road to the destination had been trodden out by them, so it went smoothly. It took more than half an hour, and a piece of blue appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Due to the ups and downs of the mountains and the crisscross of the mountains, although the color of this mountain is so conspicuous, it is totally impossible to find the mystery here without coming to this place in person and standing outside looking at it.

At the foot of the mountain were the stones falling from the landslide at that time. The crowd stepped on the stones and walked straight past. After the collapse of the mountain, the mountain wall was extremely sharp and steep. once standing at the foot of the mountain, the suffocating pressure came on. it seemed that the mountain would fall down and press against them in the next second.

The guide led them to the usual corner of the stone excavation, pointing to a place with obvious gouges, and said, "This is where we usually dig blue ore."

Yan Lu took the cactus thorn brought with her and inserted it directly into a corner of the stone. The cactus thorn added with the attacker was unusually hard. The tip of the cactus was directly inserted into the cactus. After a few hard moves by Yan Lu, a small stone was pried off.

The man who led the way looked at his worn-out blood blisters and then at Yan Lu. he exclaimed, "that's amazing!"

Yan Lu smiled at him, picked up the stone, looked at it first, polished one hand of blue gray matter, and handed it to Jing Lin.

Qu Zhengchao and his colleagues all leaned in and looked at each other in turns. They all felt that it was just a kind of colored stone and looked ordinary.

Later, all the people who came went up and tried to see if they could dig up stones. Basically, several base teams had weapons that Shi Lei bought from Jing Lin at that time. They were not as strong as Yan Lu, but they could still pry off one piece after several more attempts.

Lele was carried all the way in by the duck. now he has come down from the duck's back, holding Zong Zong like a small stove. he squatted beside uncle Zhiwen curiously to see him pry the stones. when the duck was idle, he fluttered his wings and flew past. he pushed Zhao Zhiwen aside, raised his foot, opened his claws, and pulled at the mountain. several stones burst out and fell down.

"That's great!" Zhao Zhiwen rushed it to compare his thumb.

The duck proudly held its head high, dropped its claws again, and scraped down several blue stones. Zhao Zhiwen was busy picking up stones.

Su Zhen hides the proud appearance of the ugly white-haired monster whose buttocks are going up into the sky. With a snort of cold, she chooses a place where no one swims in the past. Once her tail is smashed, she hears the crack of the smashed place. It cracks directly and can be picked out directly with a knife.

Seeing this scene, the little black dragon looked at his little tail and shook it twice.

The Baby Qiu who followed Long Zhang was the best. To know that it usually went underground when it was all right, it completely forgot its owner at the moment, swam to Su Zhen's side, paid attention, opened its mouth and bit off several pieces at the corner of the stone, then threw the stone in front of Su Zhen, pushed it with its tail, and a pair of Doudou eyes were shining.

The result is naturally rejected by Su Zhen.

Quack squatted on one side and stuck out his tongue to roll back all the stones scattered on the ground.

Everyone looked at it and thought it would be good to raise only animals. Each one was a little helper.

Because they didn't have tools to hold stones, they only tried and went back with the stones that had been removed by the animals.

After returning, they decided to stay here for a few days after discussion. After arranging the place for the rescued people, they also need to dig some stones to leave.

After that, they continued to interrogate several people in Dongge and asked them who they had been dealing with in the city.

East elder brother their life now all in the hands of the team, now is to ask what to say. These stones were all taken to the city to find a man named Wang Laoda. They also don't know what the other party used to do. They only know that he has a lot of connections. Now he has opened a shopping mall in the base and has been collecting some strange things for a long time, such as strange flowers and stones, bodies of animals and so on. In the past six months, an auction will occasionally be held. After much deliberation, they took the stone and made a deal with Wang.

After the deal, Wang only asked them where they found the stone and what use it was. Usefulness can be said that when they came, they naturally made a perfunctory excuse, saying only that they found it on the road. When they heard that he liked these things, they took a chance.

After listening to this, Wang didn't ask any more questions, only told them that they would bring all these stones to him in the future. Every time the east elder brother they brought stones can be exchanged for a batch of goods, enough for them to live for a period of time, but before long, they heard that every time Wang Lao big held an auction, these stones are auctioned as finale items, finally get things, don't know how much more than the east elder brother they exchange.

East elder brother they angry, of course, also want to directly to sell stones, but they have no backstage support, so take out is tantamount to a three-year-old child, holding a gold market, the deal has been so reluctantly done, east elder brother and others want to wait to get familiar with the power of the base and then change the trading partner.

Then through their efforts for a period of time, the distribution of some forces in the base gradually became clearer.

Peace base has three major forces, one is the local official forces, one is the local giant business alliance, one is just arrived at the base of foreign military forces, wang big forces is not small, but he seems to have no intention of participating in it, only focus on open their own shopping malls, is the object of the three forces have been wooing.

Qu Zhengchao asked: "military forces? Who is the person leading the team?"

"It's a man named Lu Yun."

Qu Zhengchao paused for a moment, then smiled and said to Jing Lin, "If it were him, it would be easy."

As mentioned earlier, since the last days, Qu Zhengchao has been touring in different places to help local official forces build bases. All these bases are under the supervision of the capital base. Therefore, these troops also have a monitoring role. This Lu Yun, who was briefly contacted during a handover, was a son of a government official. He was thrown into the army by his family for exercise. He was a bit unruly, but his sense of responsibility was quite strong.

The team members want to entrust the rescued people to the local base, and the admission tickets to the base will not be mentioned. At least they should have the basic guarantee to maintain their life during the period of raising their bodies, so the materials are indispensable.

They can only stay here for a few days. They don't have much time to select which forces are reliable and have acquaintances, which is much more convenient.

On the same day, they spent the rest of their time digging stones and preparing to take them to the peace base tomorrow to exchange them for materials.

Because they were afraid of another landslide in the process of digging, everyone dug carefully and did not dare to dig more. Finally, when they returned, they dug about 1,000,000 pounds of fist-sized stones. After listening, they actually didn't look much.

The next day, I told Dongge to draw a road map to the base, and marked out the location of Wang's shopping mall. I also asked him to describe Wang's appearance. A line of 20 or so people drove several carts and took stones to the city.

The village is relatively close to the city and is nearby. It takes more than an hour to get to the station by bus. However, the place where the peace base is located is an area newly developed by the city in recent years. It is used to build a large square, covering an area of more than 200 mu. It happens to be at the edge of the city, directly shortening the distance by half. Therefore, they can arrive at the base in more than two hours.

Because they left early, they drove into the cleaned, though slightly potholed, asphalt pavement from the grassy road after about 9 a. m.

On and off, some people appeared on the road, basically in groups, but also scattered personnel. To enter the base, they need to go through three checkpoints, one is to check into the city and the other is to check before entering the base. If these two checkpoints are passed, it only means that you have entered the range included by the base, and it does not mean that you have entered the real sphere of influence of the base. On the way, they saw many small stalls with strange things on them, such as plastic flowers and plants and colorful stones. The only thing that can be confirmed is that no one has anything to eat.

The third checkpoint, they don't have to go in for the time being, it's all in the big shopping mall, because boss Wang is within the scope of the second checkpoint, in the huge square outside the big shopping mall.

The square was planned as a different area, with many sheds or houses, wooden sheds, cloth sheds, even straw sheds, some made of colored steel and bamboo, and some red brick houses. After looking for a while, everyone asked several passers-by and finally came to Wang Da's shopping mall.

The word "shopping mall" sounds lofty, but in fact this is a concrete bungalow built only after the end of the world. It looks very shabby. The door of the entrance is simply hung with a wooden sign saying "Lao Wang Shopping Mall". The word is quite ugly.

The bullock carts were parked next to the shopping mall, and the stones were packed in sacks before they got on the carts. The others watched, and several of Jing Lin's men who could speak were able to lift the stones and walked in directly.

Behind the counter of the mall hung a huge price list, which, like Dawn Base, listed the exchange prices of commonly used living materials. Next to it was another one, with some names written in bold black and white. Basically, it was stained with the word "variation" and the exchange price was very high.

There was only a thin middle-aged man sitting at the counter. When Jing Lin entered, two young men were standing in front of the man, looking at the man nervously. While the man was holding a green stone in his hand, he looked at it carefully. after looking for a while, he frowned, threw the stone on the counter at random and let out a "dong".

I saw him leaning lazily on the chair and staring at the two men: "don't bring anything dyed to shame, will you? I don't accept everything here, Lao Wang."

The two young men's faces changed for a while, and one of them said with a strong smile: "Mr. Wang, how dare we fool you like this, or do you want to see it again?"

Last name is Wang, and the description in Dongge's mouth can be matched again. It seems that this person is Wang Da.

Over there, boss Wang snorted heavily in his nose: "throw them out."

Said, and I don't know where to come up with two strong man, a person to carry a, carrying the other side of the neck directly dragged to the door, the people violently to jilt to go out.


The two men had a roll on the ground and were thrown to seven meat and eight vegetable. They did not dare to say anything. They did not want any more stones. They helped each other and ran away despondently.

Wang rubbed his forehead and lifted his hand when he saw the scene approaching them."What am I doing here without changing anything? Why are you standing there?"

Jing Lin went in and put the sacks on the ground. Yan Fei took out one and put it on the counter, "exchange it."

Seeing something familiar, Wang sat up straight, picked it up and looked at it. then he looked thoughtfully at Jing Lin and said, "have you changed?"

Jing Lin pretended they didn't understand, "Who else?"

Wang said, "You don't know Cheng Dong?"

Everyone shook their heads: "I don't know."

Wang also no longer asked, the stone others like, but for him, it is of little use, at most for some materials, such as stone exactly from what hands, he is not interested in finding out, so cheng dong and others can always be safe.

However, when I saw the bags of stones brought by Jing Lin, I was shocked. Then I looked at this group of people and my eyes suddenly became abnormal.

He knew all about the characteristics of the stone, so he knew the difficulty of its mining and could not see anything from the quantity. But if he looked at the size of the stone, he could see that they were basically the same size. Such a hard thing could control the size of the stone when mining, so he could feel that these people had unusual strength.

Before, the stones he collected from Cheng Dong were either big or small, but they had never been so unified.

Stone Wang took it and Jing Lin listed the materials that needed to be exchanged one by one. Because they exchanged a lot of materials this time, Wang directly sent someone to the warehouse to take them.

I have to say that Wang looks like an ordinary person, but it is really not simple. He has almost everything here. Fresh rice is still rough toilet paper, and there are many common medicines and some scarce life-saving medicines. Some material quality is also divided into several sections and placed in different places to meet the needs of different levels of convertors.

When Mr. Wang asked people to prepare supplies for them, a line of six people dragged a transfiguration animal dripping with blood into the room, and a long blood trail snaked from the door to the counter.

The man who dragged the changed animal was a rough-looking man in his twenties. he put the dead changed animal aside and looked at Wang with his chin up."this thing, how many drugs can you change?"

The door was covered with blood. Wang was not angered either. he walked around the counter and squatted down to take a look. he stood up and waved at him: "I won't accept such a troublesome thing."

The rugged man glared at the striking price list and pointed at it."Isn't it written on the price list to accept animals as well?"

Wang looked at him pityingly: "you may not know that this strange animal you have is Mr. ou's daughter's pet cat."

The incident involved the forces of the base, and Wang Da, who seemed to have miraculous powers, also chose to stay away from right and wrong.

The rugged man's face turned green at once. He looked at his companions and knew they were in trouble.

At this moment, they also saw clearly that the changed animal turned out to be a mutant hawksbill cat, whose eyes widened as she died unsatisfied.

Just then, voices outside the store suddenly exploded, and a shrill young girl voice suddenly came: "Adele, where's my Adele!"

A young girl dressed in red rushed in, and when she saw the dead mutant cat on the ground, the whole people trembled and raised their whip to the rugged man's face.

His face was raw, and the rough man seemed to have a violent temper. The whip was forcefully endured.

The young girl called for hawksbill to be lifted up and said harshly when she left: "go back and tell you boss Lu, I will never give up until I have an account of this incident!"

After the girl left, the rough man covered his face with pain and snorted. He also smashed the iron counter violently and said bitterly, "We have been calculated!"

One of the little men frowned and said, "We came all the way here so ostentatiously. We must know everything we should know. Lugo must also know. Let's go home quickly."

They were about to leave when Qu Zhengchao made a hasty noise: "Please wait."

The six men turned around and heard Qu Zhengchao ask, "Is your brother Lu Yun?"

It is estimated that few people do not know the names of the leaders of the three forces in the base. The little man nodded, "Yes."

Qu Zhengchao said: "Lu Yun and I have had several meetings in G province. Can we meet him? When you go back, you can first report my name. My name is Qu Zhengchao. He should have an impression."

The six men were brothers who had been with Lu Yun for a long time. They knew exactly where Lu Yun had been. They nodded hesitantly and promised that they would say it when they saw Lu Yun.

However, after hearing Qu Zhengchao's repeated exhortations that they should not rest here at night as soon as possible, when thinking of the disaster they had just caused, they just couldn't bear to say, "Wait."

After the six men left, Jing Lin prepared all the materials they exchanged, because they had to wait for Lu Yun to meet, so they stayed in the mall for the time being.

Wang also didn't drive them, let a person clean up the blood in front of them, and sat back at the counter.

By noon, there was no news of Lu Yun. As long as you go out, you are used to preparing some dry food, so you are not afraid of starving at noon, and after you have settled your lunch at will, you sit back and wait.

During this period, they also had the honor to look at the noon meal of Wang Da, white rice with cooked meat and potherb soup. It seems that even if people like Wang Da, who can still open stores in the last days, want to eat the most common vegetables before now, it seems impossible.

After waiting for half an afternoon, they finally saw the little man coming up with a tall young man.

Qu Zhengchao stood where he was and gave a military salute. After the other party returned one, a series of questions were asked: "Qu Zhengchao, is it really you? Aren't you supposed to go back to your hometown? Why did you come here?"

Qu Zhengchao said: "I have come to cooperate with you."

Lu Yun looked him up and down, including Jing Lin and them, then said, "This is not the place to talk. Please come with me first."

Jing Lin said hello to Wang Da long ago. They put the supplies away first. The rest of the brothers continued to stay here. They followed Lu Yun through the third checkpoint and entered the shopping mall.

The first floor of the shopping mall is very lively, with people moving in and out. Their mental outlook is much healthier than that of the outside.

Lu Yun took them to his office. After they all sat down, Lu Yun directly asked them, "What do you want to cooperate with?"

"This." Qu Zhengchao felt out a small piece of blue stone that had been in his pocket and put it in front of Lu Yun.

Lu Yun paused, picked it up, looked at it, and said, "This is a good thing. It's cold now, and the quantity of this stuff is very small every time it comes out. Many people in the base don't need it if they want to use it. The stone that Wang Laoda has been auctioning is not yours, is it?"

"No." Qu Zhengchao said, then gave a brief account of their arrival here, and finally said: "Our request is that we can tell you about the resources of this blue stone, but you have to accept those people and protect their right to live in the base for life."

Lu Yun immediately said: "This is no problem. As long as I live, they can live in the base for one day. If you really give me this stone resource, you will help me a lot. My brother was designed by local authorities this morning and offended Mr. Ou's daughter. I am worried about how to solve this problem. It is not difficult to have this stone."

Zhao Zhiwen asked curiously, "Why don't you two agree?"

Lu Yun sneered, "The world is not chaotic now. Many people have inflated their ambitions. They want to reshuffle their cards, break away from the capital's supervision and become king." When he was new here, he didn't know a lot of things, and the official side was always picky. this time, taking advantage of his brothers' hunting trip, he took out Mr. ou's daughter's pet and threw it half dead in the middle of the road. several people who came home saw it and thought they had found a cheap one. they took the cat with them to Wang da to change medicine.

I think I did it flawlessly, but I can't hide it from the eyes and ears of both parties. It is because I know that they are also the one being calculated that Miss Ou only gave his brother a whip. Of course, the subsequent apology is still indispensable.

When they heard this, they just shrugged their shoulders. The capital is currently the country's center of power. Friars like Wei Zhen, who are sent to help eliminate threatened mutating animals and plants, are trained and obey the country. The stability of the environment cannot be separated from the power of the state, but there are still people who want to jump out of it. Now all parts of the country should not be completely stabilized. Once stabilized, it is also time to free up their hands to clean up these dishonest ones. Then it is useless to cry dad and mother.

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