Qu Zhengchao took a torch from the hand next to him and took a photo of it in the entrance of the cave. He found that under the entrance of the cave, there was a path with a ladder, extending downwards. The entrance of the cave could only be passed by an adult man.

"Get down."

Qu Zhengchao gave the man a push.

The man staggered and bent down to go down, and everyone followed, walking carefully.

The hole was dug very deep. The height was very low at the beginning. You had to bend your waist as much as possible or you would run into your head accidentally. The passage winds and changes. The more you go in, the higher the space, the wider the passage and the brick wall began to appear.

The number of them is so large that even though they have lowered their steps again and again in this passage, they can still feel the slight movement. Soon, when they walked to the side of a bend, a light suddenly appeared in front of the dark.

On the other side of the bend, clear footsteps were heard, and someone was coming towards them.

The torches in their hands had been blown out. Jing Lin immediately stopped and hid themselves in the darkness.

The light and shadow clearly went out, and the elongated figure twisted and beat on the cave wall. seeing the man getting closer and closer, when the other side turned the corner and just appeared in front of them, Quack jumped forward a small step. suddenly, the long tongue in his mouth jumped out of the cave, wrapped around the man's neck and dragged him up.

As soon as the man came over, several people rushed up, hands tied, mouth gagged. The voice didn't even make him give any sound. They could only look at the sudden appearance of a group of people with frightened eyes.

After finishing this man, Jing Lin looked at the probe and found that after turning this corner, he walked on to the central position of the whole basement: a broad hall.

In the scene they escorted people around the corner, and voices came from the front gradually. As the light became brighter and brighter, they also appeared completely at the entrance of the hall.

The hall is surrounded by brick walls, not so damp. The hall is very cluttered. There are various tables, chairs, bed boards and sofas. There are people in the hall. At a glance, most of them are old, weak, women and children. They are lying or sitting. They are basically asleep. Only a few young people are sitting at a table. When they appear in the hall, these people are talking casually and haven't responded yet.

Soon, however, they discovered the intruders and saw their bound companions.

"Mrding!"One of them, with a face of honesty and honesty, grabbed the knife on the table and took a step toward this side. He was held by the people behind him.

The sound of "Mrding" woke up all the people sleeping in the hall. The older one pushed the child behind him in fear, while the younger one stood in front of them as a protector, watching them with precaution.

Qu Zhengchao took off the grass ball from the mouths of the two men who were caught. He heard the man who brought them say with a bitter face, "Brother Dong, the brothers are all caught."

The man named Dongge changed his face a few times and asked, "Are the brothers all right?"

Mr ding's face was complicated: "Nothing, everyone is alive." It's a pity that there are only a few legs that can't be healed.

Dong Ge turned to Jing Lin and stared at Qu Zhengchao. "What do you want?"

Although Jing Lin and his family were victims, they did not want to embarrass them when they looked at the hall full of old, weak, women and children. Qu Zhengchao said: "My people have been bitten by your mice. We have come to get the antidote. Give me the antidote. If it is ok after eating, we will release your people."

East elder brother's eyes moved back and forth between the two sides for a few times, probably thinking that the opposite side was full of people, all of them were of prime age. if they fought, they would definitely suffer losses. the only way was: "well, I'll give you the antidote. I hope you can keep your word and let my brothers go."

Said, and turned to the corner of a cabinet rummaging, in a short time, turned out a small plastic bottle, containing half a bottle of transparent liquid.

Dongge unscrewed the bottle and sniffed it, which should not smell good, so he flashed it, then handed it to Qu Zhengchao on the lid and said, "just smear the whole body of the bitten person."

Qu Zhengchao took over and said with a half smile: "It seems that you are quite experienced." I didn't use that mouse to bite people and rob passers-by.

East elder brother's face was red, angry and ashamed, and he seemed to know that it was wrong to rob others. He set his eyes on the emaciated old and weak in the cave and said with difficulty, "We can't help it."

Some people on their side expressed sympathy, but most of them were mocking: you couldn't help robbing others?

When the antidote was found, they still had to save people. They did not want to talk much with the robbers, and they had to go back with the hostages.

But at this moment, the little black dragon, which had been hidden in Jing Lin's hat pocket, suddenly whispered to Jing Lin's ear, "there are still rooms hidden in this hall. there are many people inside, and many are dying."

The scope of Jing Lin's divine knowledge is not as wide as that of Little Black Dragon. His divine knowledge has been released all the way, but because of the large scope of the basement, Jing Lin could not observe the place near the hall entrance.

Jing Lin's footsteps, the people behind him also stopped unknown so.

Jing Lin turned around and looked at Dong Ge: "Is there only people from your village in this basement?"

Dongge's pupil shrank with a jerk, and this slight change cannot escape Jing Lin's powerful divine knowledge.

Dongge said, "Only the people in our village are here."

Jing Lin nodded, followed the crowd turned and walked again. Behind the east elder brother just breathe a sigh of relief in my heart, but might as well a whip suddenly hit, his reaction is not slow, on a roll, escaped the whip, but the whip offensive is not slow, a barrage of follow up, let him hide very mess, finally face ruthlessly got a whip, blood suddenly emerged.

East elder brother back against the wall, feel burning pain on his face. He covered his face in his hands and glared at Zhao Zhiwen, who was holding a whip across the street."You said you would let us go if you gave us the antidote!" he said indignantly.

After being reminded by the little black dragon, Jing Lin pretended to turn around and leave, but at the same time he winked at Zhao Zhiwen. After long-term cooperation training, they had already reached a tacit understanding. One look from any of the four people could immediately make others understand. Therefore, when they turned around, they relaxed Dong Ge's vigilance and Zhao Zhiwen's whip came out immediately.

Jing Lin said: "This is to build up the premise that you are telling the truth. Do you think you have locked up so many people, really when we can't find them?"

The others were stunned by Zhao Zhiwen and Jing Lin's accident, but they quickly reacted and stood by to be their backup and ready to fight.

The old and weak in the hall also huddled together tightly against the wall for fear of being hurt.

At this point, with the people around the east elder brother, has stood with him.

East elder brother changed his honest appearance before, put down his blood-stained hands with a sullen face, and his voice became extremely vicious: "everyone is trying to have a good meal, isn't it kind?"

He knocked on the wall behind him, and there was an empty noise from his men. Then there was a gap in the wall, and more than 20 bruisers came out quickly from the inside and stared at them fiercely.

It turned out that the wall was disguised. A brick was pasted on the top of a door. After it was closed, it was integrated with the wall. If Dongge hadn't voluntarily exposed it, none of them would have been found except the small black dragon.

It seems that there is a lot of Gankun in this cave, and I don't know how many such doors are hidden.

Seeing that the battle was imminent, the human bodies on the opposite side were taller and stronger than their own. Jing Lin didn't want any unnecessary casualties, so he patted the little black dragon on the shoulder with a backhand, "It's going to be hard for you."

The little black dragon held on to his chest and chest. "Leave it to me."

After the little black dragon said, there was no sound, and in the innermost part of the hall, suddenly appeared a layer of water mist visible to the naked eye. Dongge and others did not know what the situation was. When they saw several Jing Lin attacking them, they immediately found that their arms seemed to weigh one thousand pounds and could not be lifted. Their legs, too, seemed to be topped by Mount Tai. They almost fell on their knees and were immediately flustered.

Nearly 30 of them, as if they had been fixed in place, could only watch each other's weapons greet them, pain and anger, but there was nothing they could do.

The little black dragon didn't stick to it for long, so Jing Lin urged everyone to tie up the people quickly. if they couldn't tie them up, they were knocked unconscious directly. fortunately, each of them had a lot of ropes, and it was more than enough to tie them up.

Zhao Zhiwen tied Dong Ge's legs and feet together and angrily patted him on the head several times. "Naughty, just tell the truth. It's a waste of my brother's time and I have to fight to be obedient. This is cool."

When all the people were tied up, the big guy began to grope around the wall for the brick door. After Jing Lin was able to move freely in the hall, God knew that he could expand the scope as he moved and found it quickly.

Finally, everyone found out all the doors and found that almost all the rooms around the hall were dug out, with bedding and furniture inside, which was much neater than the hall. moreover, many old, weak and young people also lived in these rooms, but they looked very good compared with those in the hall.

As soon as these people were caught, they saw the men tied up. They were angry and afraid. They all looked at Jing Lin with fierce eyes. They wanted to eat their appearance, including several children under the age of ten. The family was used to it. They used to bite and catch Jing Lin because of their small size. They had to be tied up and couldn't move, but they still cried incessantly.

Jing Lin and Yan Fei came to the last room according to the hint of the little black dragon. They used their gods to feel that there were countless shadows in the door. All of them were still. They looked each other in the eye and had a bad feeling in their hearts. When the door was opened, the torches lit up this small space, revealing the crowd inside.

After seeing the situation inside, Jing Lin's eyes widened a little.

The little black dragon climbed onto his shoulder and looked inside. unfortunately, he shook his head and said, "two people have died inside."

Qu Zhengchao and his entourage also came up to this side. Seeing the situation in this room, they couldn't help opening their eyes. "Is this?"

Then he shouted at his brother at the back, "Come on, a few people."

The people in this house and this village are obviously not the same people, because these people have messy hair and are all scrawny. When they look at them with their slightly convex eyes, their eyes are numb. Almost everyone was naked. In this cold winter season, they were only wearing a thin, dirty, black clothes that did not show the original color. They had no shoes on their feet, hands and feet like firewood, and they were still chained and naked. The exposed soles and palms are all blue.

Almost all the members of the team had a flash of thought. Is it a monster?

But now is not the time to ponder this. All the people were helped out of the room by Jing Lin. There were 52 people, not counting the two who died, and all were men. Judging from their anklets, they are imprisoned here. Their anklets and bracelets are the same chain, which shows that as long as one person can't keep up with the pace movements, the movements of others will be disrupted and it is almost impossible to escape successfully.

When they came out, the old, weak and young, who had been huddled up in silence at the beginning, suddenly gave out loud cries, lurched towards the people and held some of them crying.

Jing Lin realized at this moment that when he saw the men tied up, they had no response. It turned out that these people were their relatives?

However, those who were originally numb were gradually affected by the cries of their loved ones. They were no longer expressionless and recovered from the abyss of despair. They also used crying to vent their pent-up negative emotions.

During this period, the team will not disturb them. Look through the living room and pass the clothes or bed sheets and quilt covers you find over to warm them up.

In the corner of the hall, Yu Dafu was extorting a confession again. The first person he operated on this time was the one who brought them to Mr ding.

"You lied to me." Yu Dafu rolled up his trouser leg in Mr ding's despair and said smilingly.

Mr ding's mouth was blocked and he could only whine and shake his head. Yu Dafu stared at the look of remorse in his eyes for mercy for a moment, just when the other party thought he would forget it, Yu Dafu moved the knife.

It is needless to say that the interrogation process was full of blood. However, seeing the horror of those who cried incessantly, they felt that even if they were dead, they deserved to die.

The nest was served, and Mr ding soon told the truth.

After the end of the day, a group of 10 miners working outside their village returned. Six months after the earthquake, some villagers accidentally found a small collapsed mountain in a nearby mountain. The mountain was blue and very hard. There happened to be a chemistry college student in the village, who took some effort to dig down a piece. After several studies, it was found that the stone would soften and become extremely hot after being poured with boiling water. The hot temperature could affect a certain range around it. If there was such a stone in winter, putting one in one corner of the room would be like turning on an air conditioner. After a blue stone the size of an adult's fist softens, the temperature can be maintained for at least a week.

This kind of stone has never appeared before and can be said to be a brand-new energy source.

The university student told the miners who discovered the stone about its various characteristics. At that time, the city where they were located was under construction. He wanted to exchange this thing for the villagers' right to live in the base.

However, several of the miners are unwilling to hand these things over to others, so it is better to hold on to them.

Stone is not a secret in the village. In order to keep this secret, they do not allow anyone in the village to leave. Some hold the same opinion with them, while others are totally opposed. Plants and animals mutate. Villages around mountain forests are completely unsafe. The safety of bases in urban areas is guaranteed. The opponents insist on leaving, but even if they promise not to tell the secrets of the stones, they will not be able to do so.

After a short tug of war in the village, some opponents disappeared, including the college student and his family. The rest stayed.

From that day on, they started digging holes in the ground, all of them lived in the ground, only occasionally came up to dig some weeds and didn't bother to go to other places, so they dug in the village, so these weeds were a lot lower than those outside, occasionally came up to clean the house, thinking that they could come back to live after peace.

If they knew that it was these details that exposed their disguise, they would not know what they would regret.

After the accommodation was completed, they began to dig the stones. However, the stone is too hard. An adult man may not be able to dig down a stone after half a day's digging. He doesn't know how many tools have been used, and people are half dead.

There were too few people in their village. One day, after the man named Dongge met the man who had stopped for a while in their village, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

After that, just like what happened to Jing Lin, he disguised the village as uninhabited, lowered the guard of passers-by, ambushed it in the middle of the night, took it back and turned it into their free labor, and the hands and feet of those people turned blue, which was the result of digging stones for a long time.

At the beginning, only Dongge and his team could do it themselves. At first, they would miss and get hurt. Later, they caught several mice stealing food. After a series of bites and detoxification of their own, they finally domesticated the mice for their own use. Those who have been bitten by rats can't move all over and can't talk. The rats attack quickly. After biting this one, almost no one can escape.

Gradually, the number of successes increased, and more and more people were caught. When they met Jing Lin, even though there were many of them, Dongge's people relied on a few mice and didn't take them to heart. Only then were they caught.

Naturally, they have always considered the situation of being arrested. When Yu Dafu first extorted a confession, Mr ding's false confession and others' angry drinking and scolding were all rehearsed countless times, including the hall being protected behind the back by young people, making Jing Lin think that they were the old and weak of their relatives. In fact, they were all threatened by their families and forced to practice many times. The purpose of these actions is to release the harmless side of a few people, or some grain, even if they can't beat each other, and to use the old and weak to stimulate each other's sympathy and give them a break. In this way, the secret of the stone will still be preserved by them. After the other party leaves, they will still live as they should.

As a matter of fact, Jing Lin was not really a very poor and ferocious person either. They chose to believe that Dongge and others only wanted food not to hurt people. They were also affected by the old and weak in the hall. If it were not for the small black dragon to remind them, they would have directly calculated and turned away from here at that time.

The families of the captured people and those who went out to dig mines were locked up here, making it impossible for them to escape successfully, and the old and weak were also threatened by their families, making them obedient to their poor survival ability, thus caring for each other and becoming the biggest obstacle for each other to escape.

In this, originally there were women too, but they were either killed to death or wasted to death.

Guan Shuangshuang looked at the strong family members of the men, threw out the tendrils and wrapped them around Dong Ge's neck. He said angrily, "It is also an old man and a child. Look at your family and look at them again. How could you have the heart to do this to them? Your conscience has been eaten by dogs!"

The veins stood out on Dongge's eminence swelled and his face became red due to suffocation. The tendrils became more and more tightly bound. When Dongge's neck was about to break, Yan Lu reached out and slapped Guan Shuangshuang on the back.

Guan Shuangshuang gnashed his teeth to recover his tendril and his eyes were red.

Qu Zhengchao asked: "Where is your base here?"

Mr ding, already dizzy with pain, said in a weak voice, "It's just south of the city. It's called Peace Base."

Yan Fei asked him, "Do you want to give these people to the base here?"

Qu Zhengchao sighed, "Otherwise, we wouldn't have brought them."

These people are also pitiful, but it is certainly unrealistic to take them away because they are too far away from their homes and their cars are so small and they travel across mountains and rivers.

When they discussed the whereabouts of these people, the rescued people had stopped crying. Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen went directly to break the chain and freed everyone so that they could put on their clothes.

These people are covered with wound chilblains everywhere. Since they were rescued, they are much warmer. Many people think they are still living in illusory dreams. They were very grateful to the small group of people. Some old people even knelt on the ground to kowtow to them. The small group of people couldn't stand it. They dodged and lifted people up one after another.

After that, half of the people left the cave with these people, while the other half stayed to look for the food they hid in Dongge.

Yan Lu and Zhao Zhiwen closed the chain and put it on the hands and feet of Dongge and others.

As for their families, watching them alive and kicking, they still have the strength to beat and scold them. Although they are not bound with iron chains, the rope is indispensable. Some even think that some people scold them too harshly. Let the rags and rotten clothes they found be lumped together to block their mouths.

These people are accomplices, have been caught still so arrogant, team members feel completely don't have to pity them.

When they got to the ground, Jing Lin arranged a heating array and a rain array. The team members helped to burn hot water and let them clean up. They also cooked some food for these people with the searched materials.

When cooking, everyone found that Dongge's ordinary life was really quite moist. There was a lot of big white rice, not to mention some dried and frozen meat. They were drinking human blood completely. However, these people have been hungry for too long, their intestines and stomach are definitely not good, and they cannot eat too much meat porridge at that time.

When Jing Lin bathed one of the little boys, he found that he was also green and purple, touching each other's ribs, waist and abdomen. Only after asking did he know that these were all made by adults and children in Dongge's village. These people lived underground all day long. When they seldom came up to watch the wind, they were in fact similar to prison. Gradually, their temperament was distorted, tyranny was rampant, and all sorts of emotions were vented on these captured people.

It seems that it is too mild to tie a rope and plug your mouth with rags. Jing Lin severely twisted the towel, but when it landed on the child, the strength was very light.

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