The dozen or so people did not expect that these people would have been waiting for them to come. When they saw that the situation was wrong, they immediately turned and ran.

Zhao Zhiwen swung a whip and rushed straight at the last man's leg like a swimming snake. The man's legs were caught by the whip and fell to the ground at once. He let out a scream and drew a dozen people running in front to look back.

This delay was caught up by the people from Jing Lin's side. They could not escape. They were also vicious and turned to the nearest person with a knife and stabbed him.

The two sides immediately began to fight.

On Jing Lin's side, a black shadow jumped from the ground in the center of the team and attacked his front door. He swung sideways and the long knife in his hand followed him. The back of the knife knocked heavily on the black shadow, which fell to the ground.

The shadow attack speed is extremely fast, if it weren't for scene before they have small black dragon daily practice, have become accustomed to the speed of the almost no trace, otherwise on the shadow, I'm afraid the blow will fall through.

Several other shadows also attacked the people standing around the fire separately at the same time. Yan Fei knocked one dead directly. The speed of the shadow was not appreciated by them, but it was not for others. One of the night watchmen escaped the attack of the shadow by mistake, while the other one was not so lucky. He was thrown directly into his face by a shadow. The shadow grabbed his nose and held on. He screamed and soon fell to the ground convulsing.

Jing Lin was frightened and immediately picked the black shadow away from the man's face with the tip of the knife. The knife body turned around in the air, chasing the empty black shadow and chopped it down. The remaining ones were either knocked to death or chopped to death by him and Yan Fei.

There were only a dozen people on the other side of the team. They had more than a hundred people on their side and all of them had skills. Qu Zhengchao watched. Jing Lin and Yan Fei no longer had to go there. They hurried to check the situation of the fallen man.

The man's nose was covered with blood and his face fell to the ground in pain. His whole body twitched convulsively. His mouth opened and closed without making any sound. However, he was clearly sane and asked Jing Lin for help with painful eyes.

Jing Lin will only arrange a few arrays. Yan Fei is no better than him. They are all helpless in this situation. Jing Lin quickly shouted at the crowd, "Brother Shaogan, please come and have a look."

The dozen or so people were just caught. Zhao Shaogan heard the cry and ran quickly. The others also came running one after another.

Yan Fei gave up his position and urged Zhao Shaogan, "Do you want to see what happened to him?"

Zhao Shaogan asked about the situation and showed the man another look, speculating, "This is poisoning." Not sure of the toxicity of the drug, he did not dare to use it rashly to relieve him.

At this time, Jing Lin held a torch and looked at the two shadows still alive on the ground and found that it was a mouse. Unlike the mice that they destroyed in the second team in the future, the variation direction of those mice seems to be toward the body shape, while in front of this one, it is running at a speed, and the body is weaker than the former, so it will not be able to climb up until Jing Lin knocks on the back of a knife.

At this time, the two mice both made a "creaky" sound, struggling to run in situ, but failed to get up.

The dozen or so people were tied up at this time. The person bitten was from Fangbei Base. Yu Dafu dragged a man to the man's side. The two kitchen knives at his waist glistened under the jump of the fire. He kicked the half-dead mouse on the ground and asked, "You raised this animal and it was bitten by them. Will this poison eventually kill people? Is there a solution?"

The man didn't say a word, to the popularity of the north base even kicked him several feet, he also died with his mouth closed don't talk.

Yu Dafu was completely unhurried. He pulled out his kitchen knife, turned to the others and said smilingly, "My hand is itchy. I want to play with a few knives. The picture may be a little bloody. Brothers who don't like to watch it turn around."

The smile was clear and kind, but somehow it gave people a creepy feeling.

Xiang Zehua eyelid jump, the first turned around, others followed in the past many, also some people know Yu Dafu skill, want to see, especially the north base.

Jing Lin was still puzzled. Yan Fei pulled him around and took him to look at Lele in the car. Children should not see the bloody picture.

Then, as soon as they got into the car, they heard the man's painful screams from outside.

Su Zhen in the car moved her tail uncomfortably and said unhappily, "It stinks."

The shrieks lasted for a while, then suddenly stopped. Jing Lin heard Yu Dafu's gentle voice outside: "Is there anything you want to say?"

"We don't know!"

"Give us a break. We really don't know. We also caught these mice in the mountains at random."

The dozen or so men seemed to have been killed by tourist trap. For an instant they were all pleading for mercy and heard Yu Dafu say with mirth: "One by one, still dishonest."

Then there are several miserable cry.

Yan Fei could not help but block Lele and Jing Lin from taking a look at the driving curtain. he saw several people lying at Yu Dafu's feet, with their legs only glistening with blood. He held a kitchen knife in his hand and compared it with several men on the ground. he said to their associates, "think it over, if you don't tell the truth again, my knife will slowly move upwards. when they are finished, it will be your turn."

Yan Fei lowered the curtain and his face was fine. Although the picture was a little bloody, it was much better this time than the impact they saw in the rat nest when killing rats.

It is said that Cui Lizhu used to be a strong businessman. He was good at business and was in love with Yu Dafu for more than ten years. Their son was unfortunately killed in the last days. After that, Yu Dafu was still the same Yu Dafu, but the knife he used to cut vegetables and meat turned into a knife to cut people. There is conscience, but there is also vicious. No wonder Fangbei Base can be established in the county seat.

Those people faced Yu Dafu with the same methods as the devil. Those who had their legs cut off were all right, thinking that their legs were no longer protected, so they still clung to each other and did not speak, but others did not. They watched a torture. The longer the torture lasted, the more they could not bear it.

Soon, someone couldn't carry it, and cried out in fear, "I said, I said!"

The first few people to suffer immediately opened their closed eyes and shouted angrily at the speaker to shut up.

However, the speaker had already been beaten by tourist trap, and he was only cowered. However, seeing the bloody kitchen knife on Yu Dafu's hand, he continued: "The poison won't kill anyone for a day or two, but it will die after a long time. Where we live, there is an antidote. The urine of rats can be removed."

Yu Dafu secretly nodded, it is good to detoxify, tube it is urine or what thing . . .

Yu Dafu asked him, "Where do you live?"

"Underground, almost 100 meters away from here."

"How many more?"

"Besides us, there are more than a hundred."

"To be precise, how much is one hundred? How many men? How many women? How many young adults are there? Where are the old people and children?"

The man all told the truth.

Naturally, Yu Dafu would not be foolish enough to believe it all. He shook his kitchen knife and said to the man, "Don't lie to me, or you will be the first person to be sliced."

After the questioning was over, Yu Dafu asked his staff to clean up the scene of the forced confession and coughed, saying that everyone staying in the car could come out.

The outside was full of acrid blood smell. Those who had their legs cut off were covered with grass. At this time, they had been knocked unconscious and thrown into the empty houses with their mouths blocked by grass. Those who were still in good condition were also thrown into the houses, leaving only the confessor to lead the way.

They all heard the confession clearly. If what he said was true or not for more than 100 people, just count the number of houses in the village. Finally, it was proved that he was telling the truth.

Hearing this, the man quickly explained, "I am really saying that not all the people in the village are underground, and many families have fled."

The number of people in Jing Lin's village is less than the actual number, so this situation is still expected.

To strike while the iron is hot, the dozen or so of them who came out with him should be clear. If they hadn't been back for a long time, they would surely have thought there was something wrong and would have been on guard. Then the antidote would be even harder to get.

Qu Zhengchao ordered: "Each base team should leave 15 people here, 10 people in the scattered teams, and a few in the changed animals. We will give you about five minutes."

Jing Lin's side, he and Yan Fei took a few people away in the past. Zhao Zhiwen and Yan Lu stayed behind and changed into animals. Jing Lin took away the little black dragon and Quack.

Almost five minutes later, all the teams were split up. The confessed man was bound with both hands and pleaded before being gagged: "Ladies and gentlemen, the world is sad now. We just want to rob something to eat. We were only going to let you go with the food and didn't want to do anything to you. We, the dozen or so people, and others in the village, are all out to do bad things. Please let them go when the time comes!"Say that finish, he looked at Yu Dafu with fear.

Yu Dafu patted his big belly and smiled, "I also picked people with the knife in my hand." If it is a good man, his knife will not be used on the other side.

The man on the other side of knife elder brother put the grass ball into the man's mouth: "If it weren't for the bad things you want to do for us, we wouldn't be as bad as you."

Everyone nodded approvingly, believing the man's words, and others promised that as long as they were sure that the people in their village would not do any little tricks, they would leave directly with the antidote and would not do anything.

The man who confessed immediately breathed a sigh of relief and gave them a grateful look.

The man walked in the front, and Qu Zhengchao followed with the others. They walked directly into the deep part of the village, where was a large deserted farmland. After walking for a while, it was estimated that the man stopped when it was about 100 meters old.

He kicked there with his foot and kicked away a piece of turf, revealing a piece of iron plate.

The iron plate was movable. Qu Zhengchao took the iron plate away and immediately leaked a dark hole.

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