This time they went out, the main material they needed to exchange was salt, led by Qu Zhengchao, and their destination was next door's province q, where there was the salt-producing resort city l.

When they first left the county seat two days ago, the road conditions were good because they were on the same road Shi lei had taken them back. However, when the route was changed on the third day, the road condition became difficult. Occasionally, there were cars stuck on the road, and then there were free-growing dead branches of vegetation everywhere. Some ground was cracked by the roots of the suddenly grown trees. Some cracks were too large to allow the cattle to stride over and the wheels would sink in. Fortunately, Qu Zhengchao was very ready. He used a car to pull a few iron plates as auxiliary tools and paved them on the cracks. Sometimes we will encounter the crooked branches of big trees blocking the way, so we have to cut down the branches with weapons.

Jing Lin asked Qu Zhengchao, "When you drove back, was it not the same all the way?"

Qu Zhengchao said: "It is true. The places where people are moving are fine. People will basically clean them up. Like some scenic mountain roads, the road conditions are even more difficult.

Unfortunately, this time they went to L city, they had to cross a winding mountain road, surrounded by deserted roads.


It was the sixth day of the journey. The big guys had just joined forces to clear the blocked branches and it was time for lunch.

The stove and pan were all placed on the car. Everyone spread out the stove on the side of the road. Firewood and other things were ready-made. Just pick up some around. Now the summer is long and there is very little rain. There are always plants and trees that can't bear the scorching sun and wither and die. It is still relatively easy to ignite.

Most of the people worked in a division of labor. Some squatted in front of the stove to light the fire, while others took pots, buckets and the like to line up in the front row of Jing Lin's car.

What is it, getting water?

At the beginning, everyone used the stove, and ate the prepared dry food with boiling water bubbles, so they made do with it three times a day, because they didn't have much water to bring, and only water from villages or drinkable rivers and lakes along the way could be supplied, so they had to save their use. they didn't dare to use much water for washing dishes or chopsticks, not to mention washing their faces and brushing their teeth. After a few days like this, everyone can't stand it.

Jing Lin's family can't stand it either. With so many little guys in his family, they need to use water every day. Besides, there is a beautiful duck that must use water to clean its feathers every day, and a small black dragon that likes to soak in the bath. On the day of leaving, it specially took out its bathtub and towel to show Jing Lin to bring it. Jing Lin's withholding of water for two days due to lack of water also made them very unhappy.

Hiding their grievances, Jing Lin could only hold back his mind and think about the array. He took out the pouring rain array and arranged it on a vacant lot. Then he saw that all around him were rustling, and it was raining heavily in that place.

Jing Lin put the little black dragon's bathtub into it and received a basin of rain soon. just after taking it out, the little black dragon, who hadn't bathed in nearly two days, jumped in with a "plop" and swam around comfortably in the bathtub.

The little black dragon floating in the bathtub still reminds Jing Lin that the rain is made of reiki and is drinkable.

Then there was a downpour, and the little black dragon was happy, as were his teammates. With this array, everyone will have no worries about water and can use it with arms extended.

So brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your clothes, wash your clothes, some people simply suggested to Jing Lin, come out for a few days, everyone has not bathed, simply they find a space to build a bath place, please Jing Lin to decorate a heating array-they call it, everyone burn some hot water to tidy up yourself.

Jing Lin's family had not bathed for several days. They used to bathe every day. They could not stand it any longer. They nodded happily when they heard the news and followed everyone's busy life.

So when I left that day, after leaving a stain on the ground, everyone was refreshed and a few wet clothes were hanging in front of each ox cart.

After that, Jing Lin provided water for everyone to be responsible for arranging the battle. He confiscated any expenses for this. After all, he also needed it for himself. With water, if you find some wild vegetables on the way, you can also eat a fresh stir-fry and drink some vegetable soup or something.

So although they have been on their way, they don't look at all dusty and weathered.

Qu Zhengchao thought about the refugees he saw when he followed Shi Lei back last time. At that time, the whole team was lifeless, but when he went out again, his teammates talked and laughed. Unlike those who traveled in the last days, they seemed to travel in groups. If they had a camera or something in their hand, it was estimated that they would be left behind along the way.


It used to take more than 20 hours to travel to L city by bus, passing through more than a dozen cities.

Along the way, Qu Zhengchao relied on the collected maps and took his team along the sparsely populated road as far as possible. One is for unknown reasons, the city is always more dangerous than the outside, the proportion of plant and animal variation in the city is much more than that in the rural mountain forest, and the temperament is probably not very gentle. Secondly, the displaced people in various cities are moving everywhere now. The evil nature is forced to be magnified infinitely by the environment. On their way back to the county seat, they encountered several robberies by the displaced people when crossing the city.

However, it is inevitable to pass through some villages or cities on the way. Fortunately, there are more than a hundred of them, and they are trained. They eat well and sleep well all the way. They are beyond the reach of the refugees struggling to feed and clothe themselves. When they are right, they take the lead and the other refugees disperse in a hubbub.

On this day, they passed through a deserted village. It was getting dark. Qu Zhengchao let the team stay here for the night. After the carts were parked together, everyone first pulled out some forage around to feed the cows, and then began to prepare dinner.

Jing Lin entered an empty house and wanted to find some rotten tables and chairs to burn. He and Yan Fei happened to be in the night-watch group tonight. Night-watch people were not allowed to stay in the heating array because the environment was too comfortable and easy to doze off. Jing Lin wanted to build a fire to bake his hands at night. After all, the night was so long, the temperature was extremely low and it was not good to freeze for too long.

As a result, he went round several houses in a row without even finding a table leg.

He went to look for these people's firewood room, the firewood inside basically have no.

Looking at this situation, Jing Lin's brow wrinkled up unconsciously.

He found Qu Zhengchao and said to him, "Things are not right in this village."

It's been almost half a month since they came out, and they are not villages that have not gone through all the villagers to escape. The vacant houses, except for important food and other things like furniture, are all there. Who will take these things with him to escape, not to mention that even firewood is missing from every house in this village.

Xiang Zehua happened to be talking to Qu Zhengchao when he heard this and said, "Did he take something and flee to the mountains?"

Yan Fei also came at this time. His discovery was the same as that of Jing Lin. He said, "It is still wrong. Since they are fleeing, they are generally panic-stricken. Have you noticed that this village is too clean and tidy?"

When I first entered the village, Xiang Zehua felt that the village was very strange, so he couldn't help talking to Qu Zhengchao. now, through Yan Fei's reminding, he found that the village was completely different from some villages they had passed before. there were very few weeds on the ground of the village. a closer look revealed that many of them had only recently grown up, and the doors and windows of these houses were all open. but when you stepped forward to observe, you found that the locks of the doors and windows were all good without any damage.

This is very contradictory. You said that if they fled hastily, then the furniture would certainly not be taken away. But you said that they fled to the nearby mountains because they moved away everything because they were too close to each other. This proves that they did not leave hastily. There is no reason that they did not even have time to close the windows and lock the doors. If the contents were taken away by the people who stayed and collected here, there is no reason that the doors and windows are good.

Therefore, Jing Lin said, "It seems that it is specially created to give outsiders such as us the illusion that the village is uninhabited."

Qu Zhengchao, a soldier who has been on duty all the year round, just did not have time to observe the situation because he was arranging the parking of the team's bullock carts. When they were analyzing the situation in the scene, he also saw it in his eyes. He immediately answered, "The people in this village must be hiding somewhere. These appearances are lowering our vigilance. Maybe now they are hiding somewhere to observe secretly." Then he called out Yu Dafu, who was working in his team, "Deputy Chief of Staff Yu, please come here."

Yu Dafu was born to love the kitchen and was preparing to take care of a rabbit they caught during the day today. When he heard this, he came along with two knives and asked smilingly, "Is there anything Captain Qu has to say?"

Qu Zhengchao was quiet and told Yu Dafu what they found. They represent each base out of the small captain, all listen to Qu Zhengchao deployment, Qu Zhengchao let them to their players to pass on the message, there will be a situation tonight, let everyone don't show any abnormalities, how or how, just watch out at night, ready to fight.

As a result, the team members who got the message from the small team leader, although their nerves were tense, were still joking. The atmosphere looked very happy.

Jing Lin also gave Xie Wen a message, and then asked Lele to stay in the car and not come down, and asked all the other little guys not to show up. If there is any change in the evening, two of them must stay to look after Lele.

Then, when preparing dinner, Jing Lin and Yan Fei both released their gods and kept alert to the situation around them.

But until dinner was finished, there was no change around.

On that night, everyone saved the steps of washing up. After eating the meal, all the people who didn't arrive at the night shift climbed onto the bus and stayed, leaving Jing Lin and Yan Fei, as well as the other two teammates, on the night shift.

The light and shadow of the fire leaped on everyone's face. At first, the four of them chatted a few words. As the night deepened, everyone gradually stopped talking. All around them were the woodpile beeping and barking from time to time, and the noise of a mutant cow.


Within the scope of Jing Lin's divine knowledge, several palm-sized black figures suddenly appeared. They were extremely fast. They used the meadows, which were not luxuriant, as a cover and quickly ran towards the direction of the team.

And where the shadows began to appear, at the same time also walked out of the more than a dozen figures, arms in hand, down the figure is also positive to touch here.

They appeared silently and walked without a sound. If it weren't for Jing Lin's knowledge of cheating, maybe these people would have to wait to find them in the center of the team under the cover of night.

Seeing that a few palm-sized black shadows were about to come to the cattle team, Jing Lin whistled and his teammates waiting in the carriage lifted the curtain and jumped out of the car with their weapons almost at the same time.

Each of them held an unlighted torch in his hand, and as soon as he got off the bus, he leaned the torch towards the fire, thus lighting more and more torches.

It took less than a minute from the sudden rush out of the bullock carts to light the torches.

In the distance that more than a dozen people were stunned by this sudden change in situ, scene in their side but don't give those people any response, holding a torch with weapons blunt go up.

The originally quiet village suddenly became lively.

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