The village was busy for more than ten days. After planting wheat, it began to prepare the materials for going out.

When Jing Lin was worried about how to refit the car, Shi Lei sent someone to say that their base was cooperating with the owner of a beef cattle farm at the edge of the county town. Many of the cattle in his cattle farm had changed. They were bigger and stronger, stronger, and very convenient to pull the car. Therefore, it was not recommended to ride a bike this time out. It would be much easier to form a team of cattle to go out. Now, the base is leading the team, and the cattle can be rented or bought.

This is really a timely rain for them.

He informed the villagers that everyone went to the cattle farm in the county town to see the cattle. Yan Fei's family was not prepared to change oxen because of the carriage and its large size. As a result, when I visited the place, the cow was half as big and taller as before. Standing in front of you was just like sitting on a hill. It must be great to pull a cart, so I decided to buy one too. For these variant cattle, everyone who comes here wants to buy them directly. Although a cow is very expensive, it can be used for many purposes. It can pull things and cultivate land. It can be kept well for many years.

After setting the cattle they liked, everyone spent half a day to bring the food to the county seat and give it to the owner of the cattle farm for change. then they also bought enough building materials from Shi lei, most of which were colored steel and used to make carriages.

Later, Shi lei fixed the departure date, on October 1. Shi Lei is not going this time. He is based in the base and is led by knife elder brother, Qu Zhengchao and Fang Yazhou. He starts at about 9: 00 in the morning. No matter whether people come or not, he is out of date.

There were still nearly five days before the departure. After returning to the village, everyone was too busy to stop because they had to make carriages, enter the mountains to collect things and prepare things for themselves to use all the way.

Jing Lin's three families made three oxen and a carriage, and when the time came they went out, each driving a car, which could not only hold enough supplies but also have a place to sleep, better than the rest of the village.

Zhou Yujia also killed a pig.

Two pigs in her family have been kept for more than a year. They usually eat variation lettuce and so on. The food quality has been very good. He also lived in a poly-spiritual array. He ate, slept and ate delicious food every day. Therefore, the two pigs were fattened up. Many people put their efforts into killing the pigs. It took a lot of effort to press down the pigs. After killing the pigs, they weighed the meat one by one. It was nearly 500 kilograms, but that was 1,000 kilograms.

Everyone said that he had never seen such a big pig before. He must be the king of pigs. If he keeps it later, he can still gain weight.

In the past, there were not no such heavy pigs in the world, but people have kept them for many years. Zhou Yujia's two pigs have been like this for only one year, with obvious variation.

After killing the pig, the villagers came to buy some. Zhou Yu and Zhou Feifei made a lot of dried meat for the family to go out, leaving some for their own food and letting Jing Lin take the rest. Jing Lin used an iron barrel and arranged an ice array. Just put pork in the ice and put it on the bus.

Not only the ice matrix that freezes meat, but now it's freezing cold. Jing Lin has arranged an improved version of Yan matrix for the village at some time. Everyone slept in the middle of the night and kicked the quilt. The next day, Li Feiyu ran to ask if Jing Lin had arranged another magic array for the village. After Jing Lin told him, he turned around and left. Soon he brought a pile of things and asked Jing Lin, "Brother Jing Lin, can you help me set up one on the cart? Can you see enough of these things for me?"

Li Feiyu carried some good paper, salt and some packaged preserved fruits, which are difficult to change outside now. Jing Lin took the preserved fruits and told him to carry the other things back. Then he followed him to decorate the modified Yan array where he usually sat in his carriage.

This thing scene and Li Feiyu didn't hide from the villagers, so everyone soon knew, as long as it is to go out, all holding things to find scene in the layout of the law, with this warm law, when the time comes to go out as long as the shrinkage in the place, most of the time can not suffer from freezing.

Before leaving, the old carpenter in the village also finished the wooden oil press. everyone tried to squeeze the oil according to the steps written in the book, and found that it was feasible to squeeze the oil, although it took a little effort.

On the 30th of September, Jing Lin went to the 2nd squad.

Like them, Cao Sanye also changed a lot of variation cattle. in his words, it was for these cattle that he took out all the old books in the village. Once the trade materials are taken away, the village will have food rations for the next three months. therefore, when the things are ready, he will bring three flowers and his brothers into the mountain every day and try to bring back more prey. now there is no need to pick wild weeds and vegetables. after Jing Lin has arranged a gathering array, the pakchoi they planted will sprout, and then there will be weeping pakchoi to eat.

Jing Lin came to ask Cao Sanye if he would like to decorate the village with a revised Yan array. When asked about the effect of the array, Cao Sanye nodded like garlic and exchanged it for the pheasant hare he had just returned.

At the time of arranging the battle array in Jing Lin, Cao Sanye envied it. Seeing Jing Lin move hands and feet, and reading two more pithy sayings that he did not understand, a battle array became, and a pile of meat could be exchanged. It was a lot of money. If only he could have done it, he would still need to drill into the mountains so hard every day.

At the moment when the array was completed, the whole body warmed up suddenly. after Cao San felt the magic of the array again, he ran over to Jing Lin and asked, "brother, do you accept disciples? What do you think of my qualifications?"

Jing Lin clapped his hands and caught the dust from the clasp."I still know a little about it for the time being, so I won't be a mistake."

Jing Lin is also telling the truth. He doesn't know many arrays now. He has been studying many arrays in the array book, but many of them are still in confusion. If you want to know all the arrays in the array book, it will take at least ten to twenty years.

Three ye smell speech, can only regret to sigh.

Since the array arrangement did not require measuring the village area, it did not take much time to arrange the array. After arranging the array for all Cao Sanye's bullock carts, Jing Lin left and went to the county seat.

On the way to Xie Jia village, Xie Wen's bullock carts were also arranged, including the Long Zhang family at the back. When we arrived at Dawn Base, Jing Lin also arranged several revised Yan arrays by way of trade, basically covering the experimental plot and Shi Lei's residence.

The trial wheat has already begun to ear out and will enter the flowering stage in a few days. If this goes on, the harvest will be positive and the ability of the second generation wheat to seize the aura will be sufficient.

When these trial wheat crops are harvested, Shi lei will open the wheat seed exchange trade to the outside world. naturally, the source of wheat seed is the new harvest of Jing Lin village this year. they have already discussed the approximate exchange price. In the future, only the second generation of wheat seeds will be exchanged with foreign countries, and the next three or even four generations will not be exchanged with foreign countries. These are the basis for their future foothold in this world.

These things, when the time comes, cannot be handled in person. Shi Lei wants to develop his base in good faith and cooperation, so it is impossible to take advantage of the absence of the scene to move any thoughts. So Jing Lin had already spoken to Ma Renshan, and then let him take a few smart young people in the village and go directly to contact Shi Lei.


Because Jing Lin wanted to take Lele out, the duck would follow. Jing Lin asked the other members of the family whether to stay at home or go out with him. The rest said they would follow.

Su Zhen did not live near here before, but came from other cities. She walked everywhere and was also looking for opportunities. The hyoid grass was found after she came here. The reason why she later settled in Jing Lin's house was also because their village was like a natural aura field. The aura was very full and Jing Lin's affinity was very high, so she lived repeatedly. And the little black dragon, like Su Zhen, is also going out to look for opportunities. but it still has a few feet to grow.

Quack gave the reason that he was tired of visiting these hills in the village, so he wanted to go to other hills to step on the site. As for brown, it means he is where Su Zhen's sister is.

Jing Lin felt that although there are people outside who are specialized in capturing animals that have changed into animals, it is very dangerous to let them go out, but it is safer to let them look under his eyes rather than let them find opportunities for themselves.

With a wave of his hand, the family members were all taken out.

For Tang Hao's family, this time he brought Mimi and one of his daughters, while the other two stayed in the village.

Everyone went to bed very early that night, even Yan Fei, who was always pestering people a few days ago because he was not affectionate outside, didn't pull Jing Lin to pester him tonight and fell asleep with his arms around him.

The next day everyone got up early and set off from the village in foggy weather. At first light, they arrived at Dawn Base.

Chengguan Base was led by Xiang Zehua this time. Yesterday, he heard Shi Lei talk about the array similar to heating in Jing Lin. When Jing Lin arrived, he was already there. He immediately went over and respectfully asked Jing Lin to help them arrange the team. As for the reward materials, he had already sent for them.

Jing Lin's temporary warehouse at Dawn Base was always empty to them by Shi Lei, so Jing Lin directly asked them to put the materials into it, and then arranged the array for them.

When the battle array was being laid out in the scene, Yan Fei and Zhao Zhiwen shouted, "Lay out the battle array, lay out the battle array, bring your own heating array, and exchange it here."

All the people present have been trained together and learned the steps by heart. It is no secret that the scene will be arranged. At the moment, I heard Yan Fei shouting. People who didn't understand the array with heating surrounded me. After hearing what Yan Fei said, they took the materials from the car and lined up to register with Yan Fei. After Jing Lin arranged for the Chengguan motorcade, it was their turn.

No matter how many cars there are, it is impossible to arrange them all at once. These symbols were all drawn by him when he was at home, exercising and squeezing his spiritual power.

Each character has a time limit. The revised Yan array will last for about 10 days. After 10 days, the next round of array operators will be ready again.

The scattered fleets like Guan Shuangshuang and Jiang Hongtao exchange their own materials for the battle array, while the base as a whole is unified by the base.

The leader of Fangbei Base this time was Cui Lizhu's husband, a smiling, fat man named Yu Dafu, who used to be a chef in his hotel. His waist with two kitchen knives, also hung a string of knives, he took the base of people to Yan Lu registration exchange places here, to the material is a variety of food, also smiled and said to Yan Lu is he brought people to make, absolutely clean, rest assured to eat.

After Yu Dafu left, Xiang Zehua was still standing beside Yan Fei. He looked at Yu Dafu's back and said to Yan Fei, "Does he look like a normal man?"

Yan Fei nodded. "Looks like a nice guy."

"The temperament is really good." Xiang Zehua said, "But this is on the premise that he is not angry. Although he is fat, he is quite capable. Besides, he is very good at playing with knives. When the last days came, I saw him slice a man who wanted to insult Cui Ji with a knife. It was really piece by piece."

Speaking of which, Xiang Zehua felt a little queasy. Yan Fei imagined that the picture was really horrible.

However, Yan Fei also felt fine: "It seems that he is still a good man who loves his wife. However, in my opinion, whoever has bad intentions towards my lover is not legally bound now. It is estimated that the other person is also dead, but the method of death is different."

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